Compelled to Write

Having this new blog puts me in a space of feeling like… “Wowsy! I really want to sit down and do some writing! Upon opening up the blog editor though, I find myself sitting here not sure what to write about. It’s like i’m missing half of the equation… the top half, to be specific.

And just like that, I know what i’m writing about.Β 

See, when you look at the geometry of the human body, you can see that we operate from 3 places. (Of course, depending on the perspective you could see all sorts of ways we operate… but we’re going to stick with 3 for right now).


The Top. The Bottom. and the Middle. Also popularly known as Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Here’s a picture to help it make more sense. I just grabbed this off of Google Images really fast, the image is depicting the traditional Buddhist understanding of the Chakras. (TheyΒ call them Dantians).

The Upper Dantian is the Mind, and encompasses the top 3 chakras. The Middle Dantian encompasses the Middle 3 Chakras, and the Lower Dantian encompasses the bottom 3 Chakras. And then they all overlap with each other, like a Vesica Pisces.

The reason i’m bringing this up is important to understand this “Mind/Body” back and forth we all have. There is a solid base of information here, so before we get caught up in all the woo-

Consider the Top Dantian where all of the thoughts, ideas, predictions, Β stuff like that both come in and go out. It’s your head, the world of your thoughts, makes sense, right?

Now your lower Body on the other hand, is where Action takes place. It’s your engine, where your power comes from. Where your drive to do and create come from. When you eat or drink anything, your lower body processes that fuel and turns it into energy, and provides your body with the power it needs to get tasks done.

Both of them have their states of emotions for various reasons. When guys get excited sexually, you might have heard the phrase they “think with their penis”, all of the blood goes down there and there’s none left in the brain to think logically anymore! πŸ˜›

And when you get really excited mentally you think of all sorts of ideas or projects or things you’d like to do… and sometimes, you don’t know how to get them started, or how to put them into action.

Now, of course there is always a constant flow and interaction between your “lower” dantians and your “upper” dantians, everything is connected, it’s not ONE or the OTHER. I’m simply using this as an example to demonstrate how energy flows in the body, I hope it’s making some sense. (Please, ask questions in the comments if its not).

Finally, we come to the middle. The Middle Dantian (which obviously connects with the Heart) is the balance between the two. It is what happens when You take the information from the top, and the information from the bottom, and puts them together. It is in Your heart that you put them together, and from that comes a space of awareness of what you really want.

For me, as I started writing this blog, I had this physical drive to write a blog. I very much wanted to write something, because I was excited to have a blog and a space to write… And as I started writing, that sparked an awareness in my head about the idea of Top, Bottom, Middle, to which I responded “Ahah! Now I know what to write about!”.

From there, it’s just a matter of maintaining the energy as much in the middle as possible, flowing it up and down from thoughts to words, back and forth until the process is complete.

See, if I was to go awry, i could get caught up in my head and write for hours and hours and hours until i completely burnt myself out, and never quite get to the point of the article. My energy would be bloated, completely stuffed up on One side or the Other, and never really finding that balance in the Middle.


That’s why the Heart is so important, it is You, taking the ingredients you have and putting them together in a way that creates something great, rather than something that is more of a chore to read, than an exciting thing to do.

You might recognize it as an Infinity… and it most certainly

And now that i’m done… How did I do?Β 


25 thoughts on “Compelled to Write

  1. Nice words.
    This makes me understand why certain thoughts put in action give me energy and other thoughts don’t. In and out the natural flow. πŸ˜‰

  2. hey jordan,

    great job on putting this together. just continue to write about your experiences, new information that comes your way and stuff that inspires you. i can’t wait to hear your story about how you found out HE is walking on earth πŸ˜‰


  3. Wow I can’t believe you just talked about this I just red and watch like 30 videos about something of this matter what I have come to learn is the sexual powerful energies and he had me pondering about breast-cancer in my own hypothesis I think that they have only half of the understanding of breast cancer the other half is separated to give you an understanding and to not keep ranting look at the symbol for breast cancer and other health subjects it’s a ribbon that’s crossed over in the ends aren’t touching anything but if you get the ends to touch what does it make whaaaala an infinity symbol back to the understanding of sexual energies the miniscule intention or orgasm that we get through sexual acts are nothing compared to the Infiniti spiritual energy that we can store within our own bodies

    p.s. Jordan I would love your synopsis on human evolution and 666 being transmuted in to 616 carbon-based understanding

  4. Well… thank you! That just explain to me something i, let’s say, was mulling over for quite some time. hmm, i’ll give that some more thoughts, well, should i say “more practice” since that’s what really makes understanding and balance possible. πŸ™‚ Thank you again for the inspiration! πŸ˜€

  5. Very informative, humorous and enlightening. If all humans think and perceive life events and situations like yours, may be the world will be less stressful and more peaceful to live in. Salamat po.

  6. I love it! I actually was in the process of making sense of this same diagram of the 3 upper, middle and lower dantian areas about 3 months ago. It’s such an amazing feeling when all chakras are aligned and all 3 areas are working in harmony with each other. I still fall in and out of that alignment but it is getting easier to regain the connection and fall back into the creative flow of the Self. Through my experience, and this I know You know, the key is in the breath. When I begin to get too excited and begin thinking with too much of one Dantian area, I quickly fall out of alignment and realize that my breath has fallen out of a calm, collected nsync flow…once I regain my composure through my breath, all my thoughts, feelings and creativity begin to flow in unison with each other once again πŸ™‚
    Thank you for the reminder of this! <3 Namaste

  7. Thank you for sharing …
    Keep on writing because you are a teacher to some of us.
    You have inspired me to write more often.

  8. Idk if you’ll believe it or not, but a couple days ago i caught myself looking at my girlfriend’s body and how it was almost divided into 3 parts.

    So as soon as I saw your “just grabbed this off of Google Images really fast” picture MY JAW DROPPED!

    Thank you for your time :]

  9. You are so sweet! You come from this really innocent, heart felt, teaching sort of place with all your stuff and it’s such a pleasure to watch. You remind me very much of how I am in the world, but are you finding it harder and harder to have a light heart? I kind of am….

  10. What do you think it means when the middle Dantian seems to be expressing a pressure which is naturally associated in the mind with pain…though more a psychosomatic/spiritual type than biological/medical? Would you say this is a falling out of alignment with the upper and lower regions or perhaps that there’s an overflow of information or something entirely different? Thoughts would be much appreciated. Lovely post as always Jordan, Keep writing. Best x

  11. Thanks for your post. Actually i think that the harmony which happens in your heart is when the pace of 1st and 3rd is the same(in balance ). It is sometimes hard for me to hear my heart when doing a creative project but as a musician always when i listen more to my intuition the results are great.

  12. It reminded me to the labyrinth.
    Bringing the Chakras in the labyrinth order.

    3, 2, 1, 4, 7, 6, 5

    Anyways, its great to find out that you are writing.
    I send you a big hug!

  13. We all have had that feeling of staring down that blog editor and not really knowing, yet being compelled to, write. Shine strong, you are doing just fine. I keep a notepad on me and just jot down those little flashes of true sight when they happen. That way when I finally do get that third Dantian urge, I just open up my notepad and go.

    As for Dantians, I think the reason the mind/body duality is so hard is that most of us live in a place where we are but a point in the infinite infinity of touching points we call the universe. People see themselves and find themselves at one point and say, “I am thinking with my brain right now because I am in that upper circle.” Balance seems to occur when people find themselves in the center knowing all three in that Pisces formation. However, miraculous people like yourself transcend that plane and are connected to all points at once by flowing through them outside of the confines of time.

    It is a joy to listen to your voice as always. Til next time~

  14. I was actually just meditating and felt that my left and right sides seemed quite uneven. can that happen too? my right side seemed quite dim or my left overactive, I wasn’t sure. The thought came to me that it was probably my internship since I have an engineering job when I am more of a creative person and was previously going to school for design (its a long story). Anyways, I imagined that I was in water and that the two densities of energy would create an equilibrium. I have no idea why I thought that would solve the problem but its sort of worked haha. is the heart the connection between left and right brain too? maybe if i looked to my heart to equalize my left and right sides? idk

    But I loved the post Jordan! keep em coming πŸ™‚

  15. I am new to this whole spirit science thing. I am looking for the truth and i feel like I am getting closer. Thanls for the read and keep it up.

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