Farewell Movember Stash!

I have a secret to tell you.


Almost everything you’re reading was written over a week ago. As i’m writing this, I know that it’s not going to be posted until next week, which means as YOU’RE reading this, I’m existing in a future reality that hasn’t happened yet for me as I read it.

I guess I just write so many blogs that they pile up and now I’ve got a weeks worth of writing all planned out 🙂 It’s been a really healthy practice for me in the communication zone. I never used to enjoy writing.

It’s kind of fun to think about, we’re making a connection through time and space, to the moment that I wrote this to the time that you read this, two different times, connected through the experience of these words which appear before you.

How cool!


~ ~ ~

Anyways, My Movember Stash got out of control so i lopped it off (it’s Dec 4th as I write this) and I’ve decided it’s time to go. I’ve honestly never had a mustache before, especially a handlebar, so this is a big one for me!… On top of that, i’ve never shared that with the world… so it’s even more scary! 😮

Anyways, here’s the before and after 🙂 For those who are new to this blog… now you know what I look like 😛

nostache stache

Now i probably shouldn’t end this without saying something smart…or thought provoking… Hmmm..

Oh! Okay I got it!

This whole Movember thing, to be honest, i only jumped on it halfway through November, maybe around the 20th or so. The reason I did was actually because of a friend of mine, Chris Masterton, designer of the Spirit Shirts and co-creator with Ray and I on that project.

See, up until that point there was nobody around me who was doing “Movember”, at least that i was close with, so i didn’t care. After a Skype call with chris however, he sparked an inspiration in me to do it, so i did 🙂

Just one more example of how your actions are inspired by everything all around you, and you inspire something else… Look, you’re reading a blog about it now! How crazy!!! 😛


15 thoughts on “Farewell Movember Stash!

      1. To be rude. Some people just get a kick out of knowing they “showed someone up” on the Internet – because it matters so much, right? Lol.

        Whatev – I thought this post was adorable. Plus, not really something I’ve ever thought about, writing transcending space and time by connecting two completely different people in completely different times with a common interest. When I first encountered Spirit Science, it was like June 2012, and it was the first time I had ever heard any of those theories, and they spoke to me on a spiritual level. Not only did they connect the dots for me between my traditional Christian and unconventional cosmic views, they helped me to understand on a new level who I was, who we all were. That moment opened up a whole new world for me for the very first time.

        However, you had created those videos months before, and had been in that world for (I’m guessing here) years before you began teaching about it. The moment in time you opened yourself up to the ideas about Sacred Geometry and everything it concerns changed a point in time for me, years later, that profoundly affected my life without you even doing it.

        Writing is a powerful tool, indeed. It connects us not just to each other in this generation, but to the minds of generations past. How long has it been since Charles Dickens or Oscar Wilde or Jane Austen died, and we still enter into their very thought and ideas directly, over a century later, connecting with them across the expanse of our existence. Not to mention ancient writers like Biblical prophets, Egyptian scribes, and Greek heroes.

        This is getting wordy. Anyway, thank you for starting this blog. So grateful for your thoughts and your writing. People who think they need to “correct” you just don’t understand that we’re all on different points in our journey. I empathize that negativity, or even the IDEA that someone MAY harbor any negative feelings about you is difficult – it is for me too, as a fellow Taurus-teetering-on-Gemini (May 18, 1990 🙂 )

  1. What a beautiful sight to behold. You look wonderful with, and without the ‘stache. Nothing makes us happier than source expressing itself honestly, as it does lead to universal love. ~Love from all divine to another divine ~

  2. Hey hello Jordan ..

    Brother you always look great .. And I was thrilled to see that you always think differently.. While I was about to read your blog I was not hoping to read this insight .( I was shocked by your secret ). But I always get amazed to see that your perception and the way you perceive things are way different .. The other day I was watching a vedio where you answered some people very nicely and politely.. Even after they were trying make fun of you and your vedios .. The point is Jordan ..you are an inspiration for many young generation and I am glad that universe gave all my answers through you..
    Take care brother ..

  3. Nice to see you pushing your “own” online boundaries!
    It’s the first step to a brave new world!
    It’s appreciated , so don’t give it a second thought….

  4. Nice handlebars Jordan!

    Around here we call it No Shave November. So all the guys end up getting grizzly faced and the ladies get hairy legs LMAO!!!

    Anyway I just wanted to say that I love that you have started this blog. And your opening statement about writing these a week ahead of time got me thinking about when I use to be an active writer. And so came the question I want to ask you. Back when I wrote a lot I had a close friend who would write along with me taking turns creating stories and sharing them with each other, often times interconnecting them. It was brilliant fun! But my friend has moved on to bigger and better things and hasn’t been able to write with me. So that vesica piscis flow of creativity came to an end. And it became harder and harder for me to craft stories, and now I no longer write. Not that I dont want to. But I cannot seem to build that inspiration I once had.

    So my question. Have you ever experienced something like this? How to you reconnect to that energy and inspiration? Ive tried many things but nothing has yet worked for me.

    Sorry for the wall of text.
    Peace and Love!

    1. I think you answered your own question! That inspiration came when you had someone to grow with… So, find another someone, or, recconect with the one that you found that original inspiration with 🙂

  5. Nice Handle Bars J

    I have also experienced this inspiration peer pressure, I’ve noticed that we tend to want to do thing more for others than when considering it for ourselves.
    I also wasn’t bothered by the Movember scene, i’ve never really had much beard or stache. But after checking the other guys in my office, i decided to give it a go, Mine didnt grow very fast or very equidistantly :-p
    I ended up with some hairy patches on my faces/chin, it looked kinda funny…
    We had a good laugh and I shaved it all off again end of Nov.

    As for the writing in to the future, kinda reminds me of a movie, the Lake House, that was an interesting play on non-linear time continuum.

    Thanks For Sharing

  6. Jordan, I loved to see what you actually look like. You can rock the stach or not. But I think its more important what you are trying to do and get what you believe to be the truth out there. I am a fellow seeker of truth and I have seen many of your spirit science videos on youtube. I hope we can all learn to love each other some day. 🙂

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