Heart-Speak and Word-Salad

I was up late tonight… (or rather,) I’m up late tonight… (or maybe even)… I’m up late every night, and this particular night I had a thought about a particular blog.. and felt compelled to write it.

One, because I couldn’t sleep, and two because I didn’t know if this thought would be around for me to jot it down in the morning.

Anyways, here’s the thought.

Non-effective_listeningWhen communicating with anyone, i’ve always found that the best way to do it is to genuinely listen, share something unique and original based on the reflection you’re experiencing in the moment.

I know this may sound like a “Well Duh!” kind of thing, but there’s something more specific i’m trying to get at here.

It’s actually something I see a lot in the new age world, but it turns out there’s a lot of catch-phrases that we tend to “regurgitate” from time to time in our daily conversations, which keeps us separate and isolated. Sometimes it goes beyond catchphrases, and its full stories and ideas repeated over and over, and stretched into 20 minute videos or 2 hour speeches and seminars.

The new age one is my favorite, so i’m going to use it as an example.

Here goes:


We are here to collectively explore the universal consciousness of all things through activating the awareness of the truth that lies within the sacred space of the heart in the unified field through the quantum density of the 3rd dimension through our reflective nature of each other by sharing in the co-creative nature of the reality that we are a part of manifesting through our highest consciousness within the planets higher frequency for all eternity and change the world!!!!!!!!

Okay…. What did I just say?

I just made that up, pulled it straight out of my @$$! It sounds great, right?

empty shell

Right! But it just doesn’t mean anything, it’s empty, it has no substance, and everyone will read it and make up their own meaning. I know, we’re supposed to find our own meaning? Maybe that’s an important part of it, but when you hear someone saying it often what it means coming from them is “I want to sound smart and for people to like me!”, i’ve certainly done it, I know from experience 😛

Sometimes I still catch myself doing it even today. It’s not something to be upset about, it’s just something recognize, and an opportunity to grow and speak from an ever stronger place of meaning and awareness.


Thus, if what you SAY and what you MEAN are two different things, they don’t match, and people are left to try and interpret or make up their own meaning because who they were listening to didn’t speak from a place of wholeness. (When what you say, do, and mean, all match 🙂

I suppose there’s nothing really wrong with that, but as i mentioned in “solving problems”, there is a power in communication when you can share one idea that everyone who hears it all understand the same thing.

As in, the vibration that i’m sharing is the same one that you’re interpreting. What we are communicating about matches… or the modern way of saying it:

“Bro we are on the same wavelength dude!”

So, let me try one more time at expressing something as i did above, but this time with some actual meaning… (you know, from the heart).

I love you. 

What else really is there? 😛

Really, I guess it comes down to 2 things.

Less Words, and More Meaning. 

We are One,

I’d like to thank my friend Ray for this blog, a lot of this was inspired by stuff he’s been sharing with me over the past year of working together…. Wait, what am I saying? Most of this stuff comes from him! Haha, check out our series Pair O’ Dime Shift if you haven’t seen it already. He’s awesome!!

Here’s a funny picture 🙂


9 thoughts on “Heart-Speak and Word-Salad

  1. Communication can be the hardest thing sometimes. I do like the less is more approach. I love you is perfect!!! Sums it all up in a sweet little bow. Live love learn. Namaste

  2. it’s also important to remember not everyone is good at communicating. i know it takes me a lot of trys and a lot of forethought to express what i mean. most times it just comes out as a confusing jumbled mess. i think it’s fair to say some people dont mean to sound like douche bags, they just arent good at expressing themselves clearly.

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