How We Write Blogs

There’s a process that I move through… actually, it’s a process that WE move through that makes this blog happen every day. It moves through Me, and through You, and then back to Me, and back to You, and continues on and on in this manner every day.

In, and Out.

It’s kind of like food, or breathing. Inhale, Exhale.


See, I spend my time online often looking at (inhaling), all manner of thoughts in the form of internet writings and videos that I see from you and everyone else. Everything written is a representation of a thought and feeling, whether its a structure, framework, idea, painting, or delightful story. It could be one persons interpretation, or a combination of many peoples input and ideas and thoughts, all together.


Breathe in the colors, breathe out some ideas 🙂

As i’m looking around on Facebook, DeviantArt, Newgrounds, Gizmodo, Kotaku, Spirit Science’s pages and website and forums… I see all manner of things, and integrate them into my awareness, birth a response born from the information that I just created, and then express them back out.

It is the stuff from the external world that is the spark for my imagination to run wild with them. Without that external input, I would have no reference point of communication.

As I breathe out, and share all of my thoughts on the web, you then read them and do the exact same thing… that is, if you can actually READ the blog all the way through…

…Which, I’m not sure how many people actually do. I have a hard time reading on the internet sometimes.. so maybe there’s only 4 of you out there who are reading all of my wordy words…. Thank you for being here, thank you for taking the time. 🙂

paintingtogetherAs you think about these thoughts and they connect with your awareness, you have a reaction and reflection to it, at any level of awareness that you integrate it at…. and then what’s next is up to you.

Do you decide to write a comment?

Do you simply press the back button?

Perhaps you decide, that you’d like to re-read some of the earlier blogs, to get a better idea of what my message is and see if You see what i I’m sharing with you.

By the way, I love receiving comments, they inspire me to respond back, though sometimes there’s so many that I just don’t have the time to respond, for that I apologize.

We are One,

255 thoughts on “How We Write Blogs

  1. It seems that your message is the same message that is coming to me from different directions, in different words and presentation. I heard the words within and now they are appearing in my external world. To be honest, I am happy that this is occurring right now. I was in somewhat of a despair for some months, thinking that I am alone as a person who thinks of these things, who cares about these things. I saw people, how they behaved hatefully and moronically and how little they understood and it just boiled my rage. It was torture. Hell, really. I admit, I love that analogy about the seed being covered in dirt and reaching the light eventually.

    I was afraid to wake up in case the nightmare proved to be true. Then again, realizing that once awake the nightmare transforms into something manageable. The up and down of my reality though really pisses me off. Once I decided to go down my path, everything in my life ascended so fast to such high vibrations that stayed for 3 months, peaking many times, truly a life changing event! …and then it exploded (or rather imploded). For two years I was depressed and the fact that I was so fixed on the preceding experience and how great it was I could not let go of how shitty it felt to be where I was. I just now begin to come back into reality and awareness. Part of that is thanks to you, friend.

    Anyway, I was listening to someone who described his perception of what he called creative spirit, god. He talked about the scalar relationship between everything in existence. Basically, starting from the atom, that is conscious, he talked about how they come together to form molecules. Every atom has, by default, half of it’s consciousness devoted to seeing itself as “I the atom”, an individual. When they connect, the other half of consciousness is used now by the molecule to see itself as “I the molecule”, while the two or more atoms still see themselves as “I the atom”, but also as “We the atoms = I the molecule”. And it goes on and on, every time you go from atom to molecule, molecule to tissue, tissue to organ, organ to body, body to species, species to planet, to solar system, to galaxy, to universe, to multiverse etc. Basically, that is how we are connected. We really are just one being, multileveled, multidimensional and every component is an individual, as well as a part of the whole. I personally like this bit of information, especially how it blends in with what you find and present. God, the first consciousness to emerge from the void, was alone, with love. Since that is basically the catalyst of creation, loneliness with love, it created by taking of itself to create spirits to keep it company. Individuals, but still part of a whole, of one essence. So we are those individuals, but we are also collectives, conglomerations of consciousness, all the way from subatomic particles to multiverses and beyond. Being in alignment, thus, would mean to be in sync with ALL the scales making you up and those YOU make up. Interesting to see my inner kaleidoscope shifting all the time. Great images may appear. The worst thing to me is accepting the popular belief about things, without question It has caused us a great amount of pain, it being giving our minds away to the whims of others, be it politicians, parents or whoever else would impose a worldview upon you. They feed us fear, we feed them fear, we all fear each other, we all fear ourselves, fear fear fear. Everywhere in our culture, FEAR. Everything upside down or downside up, older people just give up on life and try to teach their beliefs of a broken heart as fact to their young, spoiling some with pessimism. All this pain and suffering is SO UNNECESSARY! It pisses me off to a great extent, just how easy it is to avoid all that. Yet humans LOVE to complicate things. I would know, I AM ONE! To be honest, some times I feel like the agent Smith when he went into a human body to interact with the real world and said at one point” It is hard to even think in your bodies”. I really need to realign. It is great that I found you. Much of your content helps in some way or another.

    1. Thank you Llya for your words. I’m glad they are coming from somewhere else. I felt them being apart of me as I read them. You may never see this message but I know others will. Jordan as well has been my friend in the darkness. It’s time for us to start to grow. Presently, this is the way to do so

  2. Aww! I always read all your “wordy words” Jordan 🙂 I look forward to it every day. In the last few months I have learnt so much from you. My life really has changed for the better and I feel so grateful 🙂 I would love to meet you some day for a really big hug <3

  3. you are changing the world, jordan! you have helped me change & save myself. you have a beautiful destiny and it is so inspiring to see you so active in making real changes. if it wasn’t for spirit science, i don’t think i would have much hope left in the world. i just hope you know just how powerful what you are doing is. <3 <3 <3

  4. Thank you, I am struggling to find time to write my blog that I think is important but may be a little edgy. I am just starting out and need to have some more entries before I promote it. This is great timing because it is a day before my bday and I really need to find a great present for myself and this seems to be it.

    Speaking of time…one of my favorite quotes that I have been tinkering with

    “Forever is, as forever, ever was.
    Eternity reaps its own reward.
    ‘Rocks sit in men’s eyes as if made of stone:
    immobile, cold, not alive’, and for one reason only.
    Until awakened to the light of Divine Love
    the human form will continue to
    focus through the physical eyes.
    When the winepress of time is no more,
    and all is Divine Timing, man will have arrived
    at the banks of the Great Ganges River in India,
    flowing effervescently from Heaven to Earth
    and back again to the Divine.
    And So It Is.”

    I forget where I found it…sorry…but I have a picture of Babaji next to it. 😀

  5. Hi Jordan I actually wrote over a paragraph and was continuing to write covering many aspects of my life and studies but really I could just sum it up with thank you thank you for opening my mind too many new things you’ve been a great example to me . I’ve seen many cycles come to an end and new ones start I’ve learned to transmute emotions and energy and encountered many people like minded. Thank you if you’re ever in my neck of the woods around North Carolina or Tennessee I’ll take you out for a bite to eat . and any spelling or punctuation errors I’m sorry I’m using speech to text

  6. Well, I guess I’ll leave a comment since you like to read them 🙂 I want you to know that I read every single one of your blogs. That I have no idea what is real and what is not half the time in my life, and that I have had so many spiritual experiences and realizations over the past few months that everything in my existence has become both more meaningful, and more intense – sometimes in ways that feel good & sometimes in ways that don’t…. but always in ways that I know will eventually work together for good. And I know it all already is right now, no matter how confused i may sometimes be, I know that despite my own shortcomings & failures, everything is working together for a greater purpose in so many ways i cant see/understand yet. Your life, blog, videos, and efforts to bring love joy purpose and unity back into humanity inspire me beyond words. They are a huge reason I was ever able to slowly break free from a life rules by fear, anxiety, insecurity, addiction and self-hate. Still working through many things. But slowly but surely, feeling more inspired, less alone. Doing my best to live on day at a time. Still learning, still growing, and still flawed in so many ways. But I know we are all in this together. I know there is still so much for me to work through, and i still struggle often with low moods and lack of faith and doubt of what is and is not real… but deep down i know that this is. I know that unconditional love, is it. period. And as I strive to embody that more and more… I know that peace and truth will continue to be revealed within my heart. No matter how crazy things get sometimes, nothing could ever make me give up. And in many ways, that faith is something for which i have you, Teal, and others i have met in person or found online to thank for. Your efforts to help people like me come out of darkness and into the light has filled me with so much gratitude… and even when I’m not allowing myself to feel grateful, still so much hope. And that hope always remains… it has always been in my heart deep down, and honestly, no matter how low i have felt, the hope i have had in unconditional love is one thing that has never left. It gives me a reason to go on, and a reason to believe that I can give something meaningful with my life, and I can someday give back to others the way you have given to me. Looking forward to the future, but first I know that the most important and meaningful thing i can do is to learn to have patience, have faith, and simply rest in the peace of seeking to enjoy life and embody love RIGHT NOW. Sometimes I feel stupid commenting, like I am trying my best but don’t really get it, don’t really know what’s going on or am out of the loop of the spiritual community at large. And honestly… in many ways i probably am. I don’t want to speak it into existence or proclaim statements of self-doubt, but in many ways I am not egoless, and i am still struggling to integrate all that i have learned and experienced with my own average everyday life. Because no matter how many realizations and experiences I have had, I still feel overwhelmed sometimes, I am still finding myself again, and I still all too often find myself falling into feelings of being alone lost and confused. But giving up has never been an option, and never will be. And that is something I can say with certainty 🙂 I know it is all part of the journey, and I know that no matter how hard sometimes things may seem… i am where i need to be and am trying the very best i know how. I want to love in a way beyond myself, and serve others the way people like you have given to me. In beginning to find a love within myself that is bigger and greater than i could ever imagine, I have found the most meaningful thing to ever touch my life… and am also realizing that it’s not about me, at all. That i am nothing in and of myself, but am everything when i go beyond myself, and begin to realize how deeply interconnected we all truly are to eachother, the earth, the universe, and the Source from which we came. And the more i experience this, the more all i want to do is share it with the world. But first… I know i have to focus on integrating it for me, learning to love & accept and embody these truths myself. You inspire me, and your work is changing my life. I know that individually i am just a drop in the ocean, a grain of sand in the sahara….but when it comes down to it, we are one. I know this deep down, no matter how hard it may be sometimes for me in my human mind to understand or feel worthy to be a part of. I know that I am… even when i don’t allow myself to feel it. So thank you… so much for all that you do and all that you are <3 My words are not enough and never will be. Even this comment feels so rambley and static and inadequate in comparison to the depth of gratitude and humility i wish i could convey on a page. Someday… i hope to know how. Someday i hope to release whatever barriers and fears and doubts and bitterness and pain i am still holding onto and letting get in the way of full expression of who i truly am and who i truly want to be.. but first, i know i have to find that truth within. But ultimately…. this comment was meant to say, that your videos, life, online chats and blog give me so. much. hope. And more often than not, i feel that your words are literally speaking directly to my heart. Probably because… what you write is TRUE. And it is love. oneness. The true reality of what is. What i know in my heart, but still struggle to comprehend. But someday, I know I will 🙂 And the best thing I know i can do, is start with today. Just keep seeking, creating, and striving to live in love. I know that time is nothing in the perspective of the infinite, and i know that as long as i continue to strive to be REAL & to seek love, truth, compassion & non-judgement above all else… eventually my confusion will fade into clarity, my doubts into discernment, and my fears into freedom 😉 and maybe someday whatever journey i am on will make sense, even to me.

  7. First off I love your videos, I love your blog, I love spirit science. I do try to read all the way through, although at times…. I have a short attention span…. SQUIRLLLLL… Anyway I digress. I want to post this here as I couldn’t send it on the appropriate site, hopefully you’ll see it and perhaps respond???
    so here it goes.

    Much Love,
    My Name is Megan, I hale from rural Wyoming.
    I am writing this out of pure inspired desire to help, in whatever way I can. First off a little bit about me, at the moment I am a secretary in the real-estate business. I will be looking into getting a license in the next three to four years; however, my first love is art, I’ll explain because I am also a mom, and while I place my family first it is out of my love of art that I can be a good mom. Art in all forms is a motivating aspect of my life and while I haven’t been motivated or inspired lately I feel propelled to write this and reach out to lend whatever help I can. It is through art that I am able to teach my children about life, it is through art that am able to explain my mind and emotions accurately to people, it is through art that I am essentially able to breath. I first picked up pencil and paper at the age of two and haven’t really ever put it down since. I want to say I am an eager helper, I can be very creative ( I love to crochet if that helps) and I have a larger than life imagination not bound by my past experiences, the more I mature the more of an eternal optimist I seem to become, and I learn quickly (worked well in school haha) so while I may not have sufficient talent or skill at the moment I am willing to dedicate my free time to learning, so I offer you my talents in whatever way you can most use them. I have a background in concept art, and am in love with water colors at the moment. I have had an interesting past, but who hasn’t, I love to share my experiences and the lessons I have learned, I hope to someday be a motivational speaker on spirituality and I fully believe in the law of attraction, which is why I am here on your site, synchronicities abound 🙂 Ill keep this sort of short because I know you are extremely busy, and I know it’s often hard to reply to each request you get but I would be thrilled if you did but if you can’t I completely understand.
    Again much love and I look forward to being of service to all 🙂
    Peace, love, light.

    Again I hope to get the chance to help, I have been having the desire to do so for so long and I finally took the plunge to offer my services today, so whatever comes of this I wish to help and grow and also help others to grow as well.
    Again haling from beautiful windy Wyoming. Much love.


  9. I look forward to your blogs everyday. 🙂 thanks for sharing :)!have much love and respect for your dedication. you inspire me to be myself, and I appreciate that greatly.
    I must say I am always curious about being in your presence, I think I idolize all of the knowledge you have acquired and put you on a pedestal. I know that you and I are equal, however I haven’t found the inspiration to commit as you have everyday; by sharing your perspective on daily life, you help me relate to you, and learn from you.
    🙂 <3

  10. Keep on keepin’ on, man. Literally expanding consciousness. I don’t reckon there’s too awful much else better to do. I mean, we’re all here now, there then, wherever and whenever it may be, we all have unlimited potential realities that we can manifest at any point. Like the sandwich from the first Spirit Science video, the constant channeling of other dimensions through everything and everyone we find ourselves surrounded by, simultaneously being that channel of other dimensions through ourselves. It’s fun, both to talk about and experience.
    Hmm, this is my first comment on this here blog, which makes me think I should’ve commented on that there other piece you wrote, about thought based computing. Dang, that’d be cool. Thoughts’n’stuff’n’infinite variations of existence bubbling into and out of eachother. Neat. 😀

  11. Jordan,

    You do awesome things! I love it all. The unique expression of Universe in your genius. Blogs, videos, impact. You provide lot of contrasts, growth options, spreading Love (Living One Vibrational Energy) through it all, hence unifying, integrating us. I feel deeply grateful.

    Keep on doing Epic shit =) Namasté

  12. Jordan,

    I’m ready to quit the rat race. I’m disgusted by it. I’m disgusted by the slavery and the greed and the apathy and the scared feelings. I want to quit my job, but I still need to support myself. What do you suggest? I wouldn’t mind blogging, I wouldn’t mind learning how to run a website. Any resources or tips that you can help with?

  13. You wanted answers… There you go.
    After reading this I realize I don’t necessary have to comment only if I have something meaningful to say, something productive let’s say.
    When I watched the first Spirit Science I was amazed how you summed up a whole book like “The Secret” in just one video or at least you transmitted me the same feeling, how couldn’t I fall for your work then hehe. You gave me the push I needed to get back in track on my spiritual path. I thank you so much for that 🙂

    With love

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  15. Beautifully inspiring thank you. It makes so much sence, the inhale and exhale. This is the base of everything yea. Thank you for reminding me of how the simplicity of the breath can accomplish the most amazing things

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