How to Change the World

This post comes as a “Part 2” to “The Time for Separate Movements has passed.”

seedI had a lot of struggle writing this. Struggle can be a very good thing, the seedling struggles to break through the earth and into the sunlight for the first time…perhaps that’s what’s happening here.

I’ve been trying to frame and discuss in writing what it is that i’m working on.. Β what our plan is, our intention, what we’re trying to create, how we’re trying to do it. What’s important in creating it, what the big vision is in the future, what the short term vision is too…. And of course, doing it all without trying to say “This is my thing!” or making it seem like i have anything more than a small part in it all happening. I’d like to be a part of it, that’s it… And unfortunately after writing and writing, all I was left with was 5000 words of word-salad, which left me feeling uninspired and useless.

Not to mention, I got some negative comments from the “Time for Separate Movements has Passed” blog, which only made me more hesitant about writing this one. Please understand, most of you are amazing and awesome, thank you so much for writing comments, they lift my heart… It means all the world to me. And of course, as it often goes, 10 comments all get destroyed by one nasty one, at least in my head anyways.

I know, you’ll tell me “Just ignore them! They’re mean and stupid!”, but that doesn’t solve the problem. I want to respond to them, I want to love them, because I know the kind of pain they must be feeling in order to write such mean things.

It’s also hard sometimes, because reading all sorts of nasty comments gets me riled up and then I respond back out of frustration and then EVERYONE jumps on me and says “You’re not being spiritual! You’re a fraud!!”, to which i have only one response.


Followed by some breathing.

Β ~ ~ ~

handpaintPerhaps that brings me to the perfect place to start writing… What I want to create, at the top of the list, is a nurturing environment for accelerated learning and creation. In this, a development of a new kind of relationship with each other, where people are equals, and supportive of each other in what everyone is trying to achieve, rather than the old way of “Teacher-Student” or “Boss-Employee”. That way puts one person “higher” than the other, and gives people a sense of “power-over” each other too, which is fundamentally broken from its core.

Please understand too, if you can create teacher-student in a natural way, where BOTH are the teacher and BOTH are the student, then that is much more harmonious. Like the story of the Lion and the Mouse… that’s just not how it usually goes here on planet earth.

In addition to the above, I’d like to create it in a space that is just as much natural as it is high-tech, with the intention of continuing to merge our computers and technology with nature in a way that works. What could that look like…? Perhaps an example of this could be designing computers based on the geometry of the heart, and the brain.

rolypolyIt could also look like building a plant that used photosynthesis to turn the solar energy into electricity, providing free energy with the world. Perhaps it could even look like a Roly-Poly car, that would walk from place to place, and do away with roads and cars.

We could then tear up the roads and plant gardens where all of the roads were, so everyone could have free food.

Personally, I rather fancy the idea of a dragonfly plane, the biology and designs are right there in front of our eyes, all we need to do is look at it, and copy the design into a machine. Maybe even a machine that is built from bioelectric cells that we grew. We can grow organs now, so why can’t we build a giant bug or bird that we can ride inside and travel around in…or on?

growing organsWho knows! Maybe we could even just use our “growing organ” technology to grow hides like rabbit fur and leather, or even tiger skin, and then we can be the creators of our own furs and leathers and we don’t have to kill any animals ever again for our own selfish reasons! Doesn’t that make sense, no animals would have to die AND we could have all of the fur we want for all of the purposes we could imagine. But i’m getting ahead of myself.

I want to create a world of abundance, where there is more than enough for everyone. Where people aren’t worried about resources 24/7 and actually have time to think and figure out what they really want to be doing!

A lot of the problems we’re having today are resourced based. Part of the problem is that we don’t actually understand what Money is, or what it’s a representation of, or even how to create it. That’s a problem i’d like to solve, and something that i’m working on as you read this.

I made a video about it earlier this year – you can watch it here.Β 

How do i put this without freaking everyone out….. I’m not sure there is a way, so i’m just going to say it. Please understand that these are not all “my” ideas, they are simply ideas, and ones that my friends and I working together love to talk about πŸ™‚

I want to create a million dollars a month, every month, until money isn’t even a thing anymore, and everyone just has everything.

Now here’s the important part…. “Of what?” A million dollars is like a million inches, what could I possibly want a million dollars a month OF?! And just as importantly, what do I want a million dollars a month for?

SpiritKingdomipadI want a Million dollars a month of personal transformation, of you and I growing together, and I want to use it to build some amazing things with people I love, including You. I want to build Spirit Centers with You, with labs and studios where we can make movies and games and all of those things I wrote about above, dragonfly planes and computers that are designed like a brain, and completely change the way we do things as we know it!!!

giveawaymoneyI’d like to be able to stand on the sidewalk next to You giving out 100$ bills to everyone who passes. And then We could give thousands of 100$ bills to our friends so that they can walk around on the street handing out 100$ bills to everyone that walks passed!

Could you imagine the looks on peoples faces when you handed them 100$ and gave them a hug and told you that you loved them?


sorry, i couldn’t find a pic of a blimp dropping money on short notice πŸ˜›

What if we could drop 10 million dollars from a blimp overtop of every riot that happens in the world, with little notes attached to them that says “Love thy Neighbor, Give someone a Hug” (or something like that).

I’d like a million dollars a month so that You and I can buy all of Mcdonalds stock, and walk in to their board meeting and say “Well, me and my friends pretty much own the company, so we’re electing a new board… It’s all of us. All of you guys are fired.” and then we make the simple decision of transforming every Mcdonalds into an organic food place where all of the food served is grown on the roof or in the parking lot we tore up to make room for gardens.

Do you see where i’m coming from? Do you see why I could possibly want something so outlandish and seemingly extreme?


new age caravan

A lot of people have told me that “THE NEW AAAGGGEEE!!” will look like everyone getting up in raggedy old clothes and getting a horse and buggy and traveling the country side looking for the next berry-patch to sink your teeth into…

I’m sorry, but the new age that I want to help bring in, is one where EVERYONE wins. Everyone has access to the most advanced and best resources, access to the most amazing learning environments, and access to nurturing support from everyone around them, to help them when they need it, so that they can help them back.

So far, I don’t see any other way than creating an immense amount of resources, and giving it back to everyone by whatever means possible. Whether that be new technology, or simply dropping it from the sky.

Maybe i’m crazy, I don’t know… But there is one thing I do know.

We are One,

ps. I suppose you’re wondering… how exactly would one go about creating such a means of resources? That’s an excellent question, i’m glad you asked. I’ll explore it in a future blog, but for now… just think about what amazing technology you and i could create if we had the resources to do so πŸ™‚

115 thoughts on “How to Change the World

  1. Wow Jordan! You’re really that sensitive to criticism? You keep deleting my comment cause you can’t handle the truth. I used to have so much respect for you and these last two days, it just got destroyed. You’re never going to get anywhere with that attitude. Who’s going to join a community led by a coward who is hurt by words over the internet?

    Negative comments? Yes, in your head anyways. Others agreed with what I had to say and you could see it in the comments. You might have not liked it when I called you out on Ray’s smoking but was it really negative? If anything, it was bringing up a subject that might need some discussing to improve the life of others and that’s a step in a good direction. My comment wasn’t nasty, it was more like tough love. What really came off as nasty was your response and you got called out for it. I’m glad you recognize that it came out of your frustration and hope you really work on that. Good time for you to have some self-reflection. Obviously you see it doesn’t get you anything other than more frustration.

    Your ideas of building this utopia sound amazing and I hope they really pull through but can that really be achieved right now with the current system we have? Maybe we need to focus on changing that first. Weren’t you complaining about the dolphin-slaughtering in our discussion earlier? You say there is hardly any action for it yet you don’t give it the attention you feel it deserves. Walk the walk.

    What we need now is a revolution and I’m pretty sure it’s on its way. It’s going to involve a lot of people and I can guarantee you the people leading it will be able to handle more than a few nasty comments, rejection and pain. Pull down your skirt Jordan, your panties are showing.

    Great idea of redistributing your millions of dollars. Here’s a video explaining money

    1. Charlie, I’m sorry, It looks like something on WordPress just kept marking your comments as spam.

      I see where you’re coming from, and I see the courage it takes to post comments like yours. You are attacking my best friend, a man who I have a great deal of respect for, and a man that you know nothing about.

      In addition to that, your entire post is written with a sort of vitriol, which is rather obvious to see once you take a look, and yes, I know that you are doing it intentionally, despite your claim to otherwise.

      “Tough Love”, as you put it, is an excuse to not have to show respect, for it’s not “tough love”, what you’re doing is simply being mean, and attempting to point out my sensitivity as a weakness, or a flaw. I understand why you’re doing it, this is one of the biggest problems we have on this planet.

      For would the One who is All of Us really talk to itself that way?

      What we need now is not a revolution, but an Evolution, a transformation into the way that we treat each other at our core. Asking questions, instead of attacking, and showing respect towards each other is a requirement in moving forward, otherwise we are simply repeating the same paradigm over and over.

      As You Will.

      1. Nah. I see through your facade now. You’re a fuckin liar and I see it with your very first sentence. Such a sad excuse you used to try and cover it up. Good luck man, you’ll need it. Whenever ‘that guy’ (the messiah, second coming, Jesus) comes out of his isolation tank, I’m pretty sure he’ll call you a PUSSY to your face. Funny how you deleted that video. Don’t leave the kitchen, someone might say something awful.

        1. Okay this is none of my business I’m aware of that, but I just read the comments and I really can’t help myself from answering this.
          First, Charlie,I don’t think this is tough love,this is just being mean. If that’s tough love it’d be like stabbing someone and then saying ‘hey I love you,I stabbed you for your own good I swear’.
          But what I wanted to comment on is how SEXIST your comments are ! Calling someone a ‘pussy ‘ equal to call someone a woman if you don’t realized it,and in the way you use it,and this is a very expand thing nowadays,make it sounds like saying ‘hey you’re a woman,so you’re weak’,I’m sorry I just really can’t find this view on woman a very nice perspective to hold.
          Anyway it’s none of my business and I’m out of here,I just couldn’t help and had to answer this.
          Much love to all of you’
          May you have an amazing end of day’

        2. Hey Charlie,
          Your comments exude pain & suffering.
          How about not commenting until you come from a place of peace.

          We all find ourselves in that place of p& s sometimes. It is best not to communicate as one ends up sounding way off, as you do in your comments.

          Sending you love & light, and look forward to hearing you from a place of peace.


        3. Hey Charlie,
          Your comments exude pain & suffering.
          How about not commenting until you come from a place of peace.

          We all find ourselves in that place of p& s sometimes. It is best not to communicate as one ends up sounding way off, as you do in your comments.

          Sending you love & light, and look forward to hearing you from a place of peace.


        4. Dude, he explained himself and i think he did it very well, you are personally attacking him now for no reason, He is only human, of course he is going to react bad to negativity, that’s what negativity does, makes people feel bad…

          Are you going to call him liar and P… because he is trying his best to explain himself without getting hurtled with abuse? and don’t say it isn’t abuse when it obviously is.

          You need to learn to see the good in people, stop dedicating your life to seeing only the bad!

        5. hey whatever happened to that guy in the isolation tank? are you gonna give us an update anytime soon? i’m interested in finding out.

          1. That would be Ray Kamile the most amazing guy I’ve ever known. Search YouTube for Pair o Dime shift I know you’ll love it πŸ˜‰
            Another great blog Jordan! You are fucking Awesomeeee dude!!!:D

          2. Haha, actually, it is ray! Part of the video is invisible (not deleted) was because i never had the space to actually sit down and animate the story!

            But in a nutshell, i opened up the pod (which is a metaphor for a new awareness and the magic we create together) and ray jumped out and said ‘what are you doing animating stories about me and pods?! We’ve got work to do!! Lets go!!’ And so ive been very busy, and felt a little silly that i havent told the story yet.

            Ill get there, first were going to build a big animation and movie studio so that we can really do it justice! πŸ™‚

          3. He’s the most incredible guy i’ve ever met… and he can make it happen. Not alone, of course, but he has so much to offer and all he needs is some love and support to see it done.

          4. That was the best advertisement for a series ever. Having it follow the whole 2012 hype I thought it was going to be something huge. The series was only a fraction as popular as Spirit Science. FAIL

      2. Like a toroidal flow, we shall reach our heart and, as mentioned by Drunvalo Melchizedek and Bashar, if we find the core spot within us, we will be able to evolve each time we go through it, cuz that spot is like a portal. Each of us may be an individual alone, but we are all connected, right? Not only by the grid around the Earth, not just because we are brothers from our mother Earth, or under the same star bed, but also because we came from the same light. You, my friend, is doing your best.

        Thank you for sharing your experiences, frustrations and plans with us. I dearly hope that the spiritual centers can become a reality as quick as it became in you astral travels, and that you continue together with Ray, Atlantis King, Teal, Angel and many many others enlighted people that you befriended, to guide and enlight the path of people, just as you did with me.

        “When in darkness, put some light on you and move ahead. Those who will follow, will be in search of light. And also, you will find more lights on your path to join you”.


      3. This is interesting so I decided to look back at what was said. “Attacking?” I’m sorry but I’m going to have to disagree with you on this. He basically is saying to put the cigarette down. That sounds more like help than “attacking” to me. At the end of the day, everyone will interpret things however they see fit. Try playing a different role other than the “victim.”

        1. I guess it’s more about the way that it’s being said, and what the energy behind it is.

          See, if you come from a space of judgement, looking down on someone for doing something like smoking a cigarette comes off as an “I’m better than you, and this is what you SHOULD be doing” vibe. It’s a rather distasteful vibe, because it implies a sense of weakness and power, and it actually pushes in that direction, instead of towards equality.

          Also, it kind of implies that you think someone is so stupid that they couldn’t have already tried “Oh, i should just put the cigarette down”.

          Perhaps it’s not that easy. Perhaps the smoking is a representation OF something, rather than just something you’re doing for the hell of it. And if you can deal with that representation, if you can change the core of it (the reason for smoking), the smoking itself would change and could even go away too.

          Do you see how “Shut up idiot and stop smoking” has a different vibe that “I see that it’s causing you some pain, what can i do to alleviate that stress and support you in changing”?

          1. What I get from it is he used it to explain how no one is going to change because you ask them to. Everyone is going to change when they feel the time is right. But like Maria said, everyone will interpret it their own way. Charlie actually made some very good points but you were quick to shoot him down which led to all of this.

          2. Hey Jeffrey,

            Charlie didn’t say that though, and if he HAD, we would have been saying the exact same thing. I didn’t need to ask Ray to quit smoking, I am supporting him in changing, in creating the time being “right”, because clearly its not if it hasn’t happened yet, right?

      4. Hi Jordan, I see now the kind of comments that you were talking about. Ego can be really sneaky!!! All I can say is that if we don’t want to be more “infected” by ego, we need to close the door to it. I think that as soon as we feel drained by a message, we need to stop reading and put our energy to respond to a higher subject. You have crazy and wonderful ideas and they can really be in this world. EVERYTHING is possible!!! But it need all of our energy and ego will see it and will want to make us weak. I think it’s a waste of energy to read that kind of message and another waste to answer it even if it’s with love cause it’s ego… he doesn’t care if you give hate or love, he just want energy! lol.

        I love you and even if you’re not your higher self sometimes when ego is trying to get to you… it happens to all of us. But you’re on the stage with spot light and it shows it more. If I was a public face, i’m sure that I would be completly destroyed by the comments about who I was and what I am. You’re amazing! Thank you to continu to do your best, to inspired us to do it as well and to take the negative comments like an opportunity to reinforce your detachment towards it (I’m sure you’re already do).

        By the way, I know someone who says that he can build a machine to give free energy…electro-magnetic stuff… something like that (have to work on my memorie sometimes lol). Anyway, he’s first language is English so it will be easier for him than me to talk about it if you’re interested. Thank again. Love

      5. Very well said, Jordan…
        It takes so much more courage just to continue on after hurtful comments like Charlie’s… I give you major props for standing up for yourself so eloquently. I hope Charlie takes a day or two to “cool down”, it would be a shame for him to miss out on your thought-provoking posts due to a minor misunderstanding. I would hope he’d have a good laugh at the irony in his words, and understand that being “sensitive” is all part of the human condition. I don’t think there’s any shame in feeling hurt by someone’s reaction to your life’s work, no matter how “nicely” it’s critiqued. I can count on one hand the people I know who can take criticism and just let it roll off their backs like it’s nothing…and none of them are under age 50. You’ve probably heard this countless times before, but you are wise and mature far beyond your years. Your videos/posts have inspired me and thousands of others…just that fact alone means you’re going to attract some unwanted attention and unwelcome accusations/criticism. Unfortunately that’s how “teh interwebz” works πŸ˜› Though, if you keep on doing what you’re doing, you’ll be totally fine.
        On the subject of your actual post, I’m 1000% with you! I’ve been dreaming about something similar to this for a while now, my dream was in the shape of an artist’s commune/meditation/learning center. Ever since I learned that you can literally reduce the crime rate in a population by getting 1% of it’s people to meditate…I’ve been pondering how to start making the dream a reality. I also have this loony idea revolving around singing crops! Hey, if they can do it at Damanhur, we can do it here too!!
        Anyway, keep sharing your truth with us, the great majority of us are glad to hear it! I think some of us just forget that YOU’RE human, too πŸ™‚

    2. There’s a better way to say what you want to say. Its ok to be wrong and not have everything figured out. Vulnerability is part of the deal. I respect and commend Jordan for having the strength to put this out there. We need sensitive leaders, and we need them to be imperfect so we can resonate together and be honest about the situation. Spirit Science has attracted 180,000 folks that needed something that it offered. That’s a great thing. The level of awareness in the comment you made is not that of a higher consciousness, so nothing is gained. I’ll gladly listen to your take on things and feel free to vent to me all of your dissatisfaction with other people. Totally not joking. Cheers.

    3. I think you’re being mean with no reason. I don’t know why people keep thinking Jordan is a perfect human being, because its clear that he isn’t! He is just another person, and the fact that he has really nice information to share, and is a really nice guy, doesn’t change it. And maybe, by thinking that he should be perfect, you make him think that he should be perfect. Trying to be a perfect person all the time is really, really, really hard, and impossible in this world. If you accept that he has flaws, that maybe he can’t take criticism, or whatever, believe me, you are gonna be happier for not having to put bad words in the world, and you will make him happier because he won’t have to worry about things like that. He is not Jesus, he is just a NORMAL PERSON, and he get mad sometimes. Accept it. And about the revolution thing, I kinda disagree with it, Charlie. I think is more of a slow revolution, and people learning to love each other and love the world. When we all start loving each other, the system won’t matter, because it will simply not exist anymore.

      1. as soon as he makes a little mistake everyone is like LIE LIE LIE LIE! YOU ARE A PUSSSSYYY!

        Oh well, I send my love to them πŸ™‚ Hope they learn the lesson

    4. Perhaps they were deleted so that the flooding of positive feelings and thoughts that came from reading this would not be immediately squelched by coming across your comment. For my experience, yours was the first one I saw after reading the blog/article and my high flying positive vibes were slightly hijacked by your comment. Just my experience. And, no worries…I quickly regained my happy place. But my train of thought took a hit.

    5. just an opinion, changing the current systems wont change anything, there is a common saying “you have to fight fire with fire” but the reality is the best way to fight fire is with water. to use the same systems except with different objectives is only going to treat the symptom of the overall problem. no problem created at a certain level of consciousness can be solved at the same level of consciousness. in my opinion a gen just an opinion, a positive overall change will happen quicker if people present a new positive system to the world or a group of people to start off with and say ‘hay this is how the world could be’, people who want a more positive life for them selves and others will abandon the old systems that are obviously not working for them and get on board with the new ones presented. this is much easier then fighting and giving fuel to a unnecessary battle that would be difficult to win “revolution” “protest” way, the reason why i don’t think protests work is because it makes the current systems look like a brick wall that cant be broken but this is just an illusion, but if you ignore it in a way however without loss of awareness,( does that make scene? probably not ) and move ford the old systems will disintegrate as less and less people pay attention to them,

    6. You should probably be worrying about your own accounts rather than spending so much time obviously attempting to break a person down. Do you care about anything that much? Do you have any ideas on how to change the world? Your expressions suggest that you spend alot of time on other people. Maybe try worrying about yourself and things that you care about rather than what other people are doing. If you’re “anti” anything, you have way too much time on your hands, same with nit picking at people. Many blessings to you Jordan, keep on keeping on. Anyone else who doesn’t like what he has to say, good luck in your endeavors, hopefully your future is filled with supportive individuals who show the respect that you lack.

  2. I have wonder if I was the only crazy person who thought about stuff like this and I’m not! You give me hope. I read your blogs everyday I can’t wait for me and my family to be a part of this growth.

  3. Hey Jordan I’m a huge fan of you work ^_^. I’ve been showing a lot of people I know Spirit Science. I’ve been feeling a great NEED to move in this direction lately. This idea sounds like a “post scarcity society\economy” meaning as a whole, everyone has access to all needs and even wants. That means education, information, clothing, food, entertainment, etc… One of the best examples I have seen of this is from the hit TV series “Star Trek”. Everyone working together for a common goal for all like minded thinkers (terrestrial or not) has access to free information (Internet and Networking) Replicators (3D Printing Technology is rapidly growing and becoming more widely available) holo decks (the next step in entertainment). Anyhow, enough rant πŸ˜‰ 3D printing in the hands of great thinketrs has already yielded extraordinary effects. A dad bought a. 3D Printer for his high school student son. That son turned around and built a thought controlled prosthetic limb. Food for thought.

  4. I live in Connecticut, the ‘richest’ state in the country yet everyone I bump into seems so miserable.. I just graduated highschool last year,I don’t have a job right now because I feel working at a dead end job for money is just so perpetual. I want to grow through the surface just like you have, without getting eaten or trampled on… Yet, There is always resistance, a struggle. Thankfully spirituality keeps our mind focused on the goal, working with one another in harmony.
    Like you said, We are One. We just need that one idea everyone can work with. You have a great deal of influence, so just remain true to yourself. You’re not the only ‘crazy’ one. Keep up the good work.
    My Regards,

  5. Hey Jordan,

    Maby there is a piece of land or a city that already exists somewhere on the planet that would want to be the first city of the future that could work as a inspiration for other cities. I guess a search for a proper good hearted investor would be good. The only thing that bothers me is that the people in my surroundings who has a lot of money is the ones that are keeping it for themselves the most. Almost as if a certain amount of money makes you not wanting to share it in a good way.

    Where are all the good hearted rich people? Do they exist?

    1. Since i believe the azure islands is a remenant of atlantis, i think someone should build a little spiritual community there πŸ™‚

      Infact, we need to past life regress some of the architects of Atlantis to bring back the technology, hehe πŸ™‚

  6. I’M IN!

    I’ve wanted this for so long and work every day to create it as much as I can with the people who surround me. It’s exhausting, for many people in my circle do not see things this way, or even believe that it’s an option so a lot of the time I find myself explaining, inspiring, exemplifying and guiding.

    There are those however who do see things this way, who do believe in the fact that we are all one. Some are strong. Many are lost. Some are teachers to me, some are students to me and I to them.

    I will do what is in my power to do to add to this project. I have already contacted you via Spirit Kingdom, and patiently wait for my reply.

    ’till then

    1. Hey Alexandra!

      Thank you πŸ™‚ I see you.

      I also wanted to let you know that we are backed up by like 400 emails on spirit kingdom, I ask for your patience as we are very busy too.

      Thank you again <3

  7. ‘Maybe i’m crazy, I don’t know…’
    Then I guess we’d need more ‘crazy’ people in this world ahah πŸ˜‰

    “Here’s To The Crazy Ones. The misfits. The rebels. The trouble-makers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules, and they have no respect for the status-quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify, or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world – are the ones who DO !” –

    It is an amazing vision for the future,shared by many I’m sure,and I’m sure that All Together we’ll make this future be a reality.

    Keep up the amazing work ‘ πŸ™‚

  8. Dear Jordan, this is the first time I reply one of you posts or videos, I’ve been following you since I saw the first Spirit Science video like 4 months ago and I can’t stop, I’ve shared your videos and other stuff trying to make everybody aware of the world we live in and the amazing things we already have and could have. I’ve seen almost all of them and Pair O’Dime Shift too.
    I don’t agree with everything that Charlie said and to be honest with you I haven’t read those “nasty comments” but one thing I’ve notice is you’ve been a little different these days.
    As a leader one has to show strength and be an example for others but, we are human after all and sometimes we can get frustrated, tired or speechless and that is to be an example too.
    I love the idea of a world where we could use our natural resources and technology in an harmonic way, if all the money spent for war and stuff were invested in this kind of technology we were probably already living in that world. Actually I was talking to a friend this morning that thinks like me, well, like us and he told me “technology and nature could never be friends” and I so disagreed with him cause I think just like you and there is a way and we will get there.
    Keep on doing the great job you’ve done so far.
    I send you a huuuge hug from Uruguay πŸ™‚

    With love

    1. Thank you Frederico, that means a lot!

      Can you tell me what you mean when you mean when you say i’ve been different? I mean, i recognize it and i feel it, and i’d like to get your interpretation too!

  9. So I guess we both tap into the same energy Jordan. How marvelous, to think that two humans who have never met before have dreamt the same thing. I wonder what this indicates about the human race in general… πŸ˜€

    I see floating cities, not even touching the ground, allowing nature to grow unhindered. We have personal god damn jetpacks, because who is to say that this is impossible? If my mind can think of it, it can be acomplished. Otherwise, I would not be able to conceive this idea! The universe is not interested in teasing anyone by holding a carrot just outside of your reach and observing you jump up and down like a moron. If you can conceive it, it is fair game, you can create it, as far as the universe in general is concerned. Why would anyone deny themselves this thing?

    Nanosuites to support failing bodies until the biological systems have recovered, thus increasing our healing capabilities, sort of like a crutch for the ones most weakened by disease. Cancer will be blown off like nothing, proper diets will be the only norm, maybe somehow allowing humans to evolve beyond the need for food in the future. Everything would change. As in that image of the history of earth, the destruction and rebirth that goes in a spiral, we would finally move into the heart zone. Understand that we can only observe the 4th dimension because our essence is of a higher dimension, otherwise we would not be able to observe it as we actually can. Getting off track, but honestly, I don’t really have anyone in my immediate social environment that would listen and understand to a point of being able to offer an answer different from a typical “this or that is impossible” and other low vibrations. Guess my ego really took advantage of the feeling of loneliness so I created this reality. I really feel like a being that is contracted, confined to a dense reality, so I yearn for the open instantly thought manifesting realm, which I guess would be my definition of home. Not a place in time and space, just a certain vibrational state. I guess what I dislike about this realm we inhabit is the constant up and down like a sine wave. It may sometimes feel like being dragged through a valley of cactuses, if not in a harmonious state. The whole bloody world seems to be against you, while the ego is just going apeshit, just flinging excrements into any fan it can find so that it creates an ideal reality for itself, which if fueled by hate of self can become a real hell, from which I am currently shifting. Not a nice place folks, not a nice place… Would this be a case of trying to understand ballance by understanding disballance? I hope so! Anything as long as it makes this experience worth it in my mind! xD

    Damn, thanks for bringing all these concepts to my attention through your videos, they really help by acting as rails on which new ideas can slide in my head. Especially the sacred geometry really felt good to my mind, for some reasons. I actually started automatically visualising patterns, organising my thoughts and feeling a sensation of closure, like something big was coming to an end. Most of this post was written on auto pilot, so it may be viewed as a bit chaotic πŸ˜›

    1. Oh and Jordan, the 10 good ones being demolished by a bad one could potentially be a belief that can be changed. From where I stand it seems like a loop, but then again I also have a part standing on the mountain top, yelling directions at me, that I often do not hear, because of… reasons. 4th dimensional directions to navigate the 3rd. Sounds legit πŸ˜›

    2. Ilya… thank you. Reading your words took me to another time, another space. I was out of my body, floating in an endless abyss of beauty. I feel You.

      Your ideas for the nano suites are amazing, keep on dreaming. Together we are seeing this through, and i look forward to the day we are connected physically as well.

      Oh, and get ready for the next SS video, it should be the most epic one yet!!

  10. Jordan, I wish to meet with you over coffee. I live in LA, if you’re ever around and free to meet this particular version of yourself, I’d love to pick your brain a bit and have a laugh or two. I live with a group of young artists in a house here in Burbank where music is played every day, meditation is a common activity, and dreams are casted and worked on, on the daily. I think you’d love it. And we’d sure love some inspiration. Anyhow, happy holidays, brother. Namaste.

  11. Great ideas. and even if you are someone thinking all of this was nonsense….it should have at least got you thinking about a perfect beneficial future is for all of us. and its really not that far from reach! we just all have to see it first, and then let it manifest.

    peace &love

  12. Dear Jordan,
    I look forward to reading your posts everyday. I am hooked to your videos as they were made from a place with in you which is pure love.
    Your recent blogs too and you show so much courage to open up yourself and write as your mind produces these thoughts.
    If Federico describes you as sounding different, I believe it is because you are using a different type of media to put forward your message.

    These blogs are beautifully written. Pure in innocence, love, and filled with good intention. They are reaching thousands of readers on a daily basis.
    Thank you for this.
    You are absolutely all goodness. Know you are loved, blessed and never stop being you.


  13. Jordan, first and foremost, any and all struggles we go through in life, through endurance, in time build character…Character becomes courage, strength and persistence…Often we experience loss in many different ways and how it turns out is based on what we choose to do…or choose not to do. We are all on the journey of the hero! What builds greatness, YES I said GREATNESS is NEVER SURRENDERING to them, those people or they…Staying Strong and Standing Firm in regard to your hope’s and dream’s for a better reality. Ephesians 6
    The Armor of God

    10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 13 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. 14 Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, 15 and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. 16 In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 17 Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

    18 And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people. Ever wonder why movies like Star Wars, The Matrix or Avatar impact us so greatly? Why Star Trek has such longstanding appeal through all walks of life? All myth or mythology weather ancient or current has some basis in fact. We are infinite energy beings, this reality is mere conscious projection…Peace, Phil “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” Albert Einstein Please seek out further inspiration

  14. Sorry for all of the bible scripture, although somewhat appropriate under the circumstances. I am very spiritual not religious. Thank GOD for copy and paste, lol Peace, Joy and Love surrounds us all…Combined with knowledge, wisdom and a health portion of common sense. Awesome for everyone to check out, I recently discovered Cymatics This seems to so jive with Sacred geometry…Phil

  15. this entry is titled how to change the world. the first part is about personal issues that could have been written in a diary. the second part is about a fantasy with animals and the money. okayyyyyy. enough internet for today

  16. Hey Jordan I’ve been following you and spirit science for awhile now. I feel you and others around have a wonderful vision for the future. I wish people would be more considerate of others. I have not read the negative comments except on this particular post. I have faith in you. I have faith in me. I have faith in all of human kind. I have a feeling of oneness with everyone and I think it’s because of that connection that when someone negative enters out life we feel it, feed from it and sometimes we manifest it in ourselves. For real, I think your light is beautiful. Just remember when you shine a light that bright into a stagnant unlit cave. You are bound to stir up creatures that have never seen nor like the light. Never give up, continue this journey. I hope one day our paths will cross.

    May peace always be in your heart.

  17. just love yourself a little more completely each day, and the trolls will no longer have the power to hurt you. they reflect the hurt you have experienced previously. are you still threatened by 10 year old bullies? nope, me neither. a keyboard and a monitor do not give people intelligence nor courage. those come when you actually grow up, and stop hurting others for pleasure because you’re unable to love yourself.

    you know so many people dig what you do- and we love you anyway you are. let that be the message, and let the trolls shit in someone else’s soup.

    on topic, here’s a 42 minute vid of Fernando Vossa with his echo of what WE are about to manifest- it’s amazing and inspiring, kinda what you do- a marriage of spirit and technology:

    i finally had time and put together a response to the ‘Author’ post too. it doesn’t answer
    all of it, but it’s a start.
    Much Love,

  18. Jordan, if people aren’t attacking you, if you don’t have to struggle to do something, if you don’t run into some hardships, you’re not doing it right! Try not to attach to people that don’t lift you up. It’s hard but it can be done. Try instantly doing positive affirmations or have your favorite music or people handy. All of this is bigger than us and a lot of people aren’t ready. When they don’t understand they will try to lash out our control you. But that doesn’t take away from who you are, and nothing, nothing can damage your soul. Keep being true to yourself, you help a lot of people. You’ll be happier because you did. Pray for the people that hurt you. Their life must be pretty miserable if all they have to do with their time is send negativity to others. Remember that love always overpowers hate. In the long run you’ll remember the experiences that made you feel good. Keep your chin up. You’re made of pure awesomeness. Sending love and light your way.

  19. I feel the need to respond to this blog, because I felt drawn to it…but I don’t really know what to say. It was very useful. Thank you. If I only knew the “what”. πŸ™‚ You get braver and find more at what feels like the same speed as my fiancΓ© and I. It’s pretty wonderful. Love from Arizona!

  20. Hey everyone! I have two questions that have bothered me in a while. The questions I am going to ask are; 1. who is asking the questions? 2. And who is responding?
    Right now I feel, that I have asked this two question to myself. When I talk to someone, I suddenly get the feeling that I am actually talking to myself. And in a way I get the feeling, that the one I am talking to, answers me back within me. On the outside world he (the one I am talking to) says something, I often disagree. But within me, I receive a genius answer that I feel was coming from him. So when I am listing at you guys, it feels like I am listing at myself. I have the knowledge of oneness, but still haven’t got the full wisdom. I know that we all are one, but I don’t fully understand it. I know that everything is connected, but still can’t physically see the connection in everything yet.
    I ask my self, when we are one why do we sometimes dislike ourselves? Why do we treat ourselves bad and talk negativity. Why did we get divided in the first place or how did Oneness become billions ( how can 1 become billion, if you think mathematically). At the beginning I thought that we lost the connection somehow. But again I thought that we can’t lose the connection. It’s impossible. We have been , are and always will be connected. We have just forgotten the connection and just have to try remember it.

    I am norwegian and I am sorry if my english isn’t perfect. But I don’t think that is the point here. And I am also sorry if my reply/comment didn’t make any sense to you. Sometimes I do ask myself, ”what the hell am I talking about and where the hell did that came from.” But now I understand that I am on the way on my enlightment and start to understand everything step by step. I have a lot of things to say and could right for 10 hours and still not be finished. But I don’t know if anyone is interested and it is kind of difficult to explain too. When I talk with my family or friends about this thing, they never seem interested and changes always the subject. This is the first time I have subscribed on a website on the internet.

    If anyone feels the same as I feel or kind of know what I am talking about, please give me a hint or a reply. πŸ˜€

  21. Jordan & Supportive Family Tribe,

    Thank You 444 your great courage, creative brilliance, openness, vulnerability to express and feel from others to learn and continue grow in your evolution understanding truth!… I honor, respect and appreciate in the highest your mission and intentions!… Know that I and oh so many others love You and what You are doing, keep up the grand rippling and don’t go into reclusiveness, give yourself what You need to regenerate and renew clearing and building Your blocks of silver and gold!…

    Looking 444ward to meeting You sometime and know also that we as a society need the personal connection with Mother Earth to feel fully alive and to sit in circle and clear any blocks with one another, not by venting/clearing over technology…

    I also am Co-Creating the off grid space here in the Northwest where top sport companies and high tech companies reside if You’d like to come help and visit or stay ANYTIME and for however long is needed or wanting!??!…

    Abundance Of Health, Love & Wealth To You & The Family Light LoveS~ NAMASTE

    ~Ren Strong aka Mr. Soloflex – Red Cosmic Skywalker- The Painter – SuperFelix

  22. [[ Again… not to be confused with Charlie from previous replies (see: ]] πŸ™‚

    I’ve responded previously with emphasis on the right brain, so this one will include more of the left:

    If cognitive dissonance results in stress (often subconscious) within an individual, then we can reasonably expect its reflection on a societal level to be likewise disharmonious.

    This relates to the blog entry in that whatever world we co-create will naturally also have individual zones of preference (vesica piscis). This can mean high-tech or raw nature and all shades in between for example. What keeps these different perspectives in peaceful coexistence then (in short), is a consistent, voluntary, and mutual respect for the golden rule.

    Correct me if I missed something, but from what I gather from your blogs and videos, this idea is implicit to your goal for understanding rather than being right or wrong. ( πŸ˜‰

  23. Love this blog, your ideas, your vision, we really need more people thinking like you Jordan. The spirit science videos completely changed the way I look at life and I really can’t thank you guys enough. Keep doing your thing man it’s great!

  24. Hey my friend Jordan πŸ˜€
    Thank you very much for your awesome blog and your awesomeness πŸ˜€ You are always an inspiring human being. I just felt like saying the following,. its just my view.
    When i was watching the vids year back,. when you were traveling – you looked more a free spirited, who follows his heart, who less mind the people who hinder his path. now, when i read your words, i felt still you are free spirited but with little additional attributes. You have the pure unity consciousness that is : “Everyone is responsible for everything happening in and out of everyone”. Perhaps You feel the deep responsibility for the all happenings and you want to change it for the better for everyone. Thats indeed an amazing thing,.
    Thousands of people are reading books, but you were the one who wanted to animate, create SS. The reason why you were animator (in first place) while reading our Drunvalo’s book, the reason why you have such a potential to grasp intricate stuffs and recreate it as an easily understandable awesome visual information – You know the reason for all these.
    I think,
    “A person has (and given) power over something, when he doesn’t control it and when he is not controlled by it”.
    You have (and given) great potentials Jordan, Sometimes its good to see things in a detached manner. As attachment towards accomplishing one’s purpose, detachment can also sometimes favor the pursuit.
    The reason why i always think that you an awesome person is: You are man of Action, you don’t simply preach, but practice. I think, that is the most difficult and wonderful thing. That’s distinguishes you from many people. Thats why many many people follow your lead.
    I do believe that every single person is responsible for everything. If i see spiritual people like Jesus, Buddha, etc,. I cud never find that they are solely and directly responsible for the negative actions of humanity. they actually helped humanity. Every being requires his/her own time to realize the truths said by truthful people.
    When i was reading that your comment : “perhaps the title is not a match”. i felt like ,. ahh! Jordan.
    If you have little more time pls chk the dialogue spoken from 1:11:15 – 1:11:42. in this vid:
    its from a movie (Korean). the conversation is between a Village Head and a North Korean war captain (who initially couldn’t managed his fellow crew men). as you can see, when the captain asks, “how you manage your people (inspite of all turmoils and maintain peace) ?”, the old and wise village head says: “I just feed them a lot”.
    this is the reality. Ofcourse, Love change things., Here, feeding – food and money, all are expressions of love (that can provide more life time to a human being and enables him to understand the truth. that, love is all). And this action driven by pure divine universal intention can not just change the world but keeps it in harmony as long it could. You knew this already.
    i think, the title suits the purpose of blog well. this is my perception. other person may think its not. but, wats matter is,. its your blog, Than anyone else, the one who spent more effort and time on this is you and you have such above mentioned pure divine intention, so if you think its right, then,…
    Also, Being open abt one’s feeling is a brave thing. but if our intention is purely good, its ok not to open it to everyone. some times, silence has equal impact as sound. being silent is an also brave act. again,. you know this already.

    As always ‘Be a Strong hearted and minded spirit Jordan’. A strong heart emerges from a wound. perhaps experience like this is needed, to make a sweet heart to transform into a more stronger spirit that could heal everyone with his energy.

    Keep being awesome Jordan, don’t let anything disturb your awesome spirit, cos you don’t do such to anyone πŸ˜€ love you my friend. sorry i have written a lot, and take your time. Time is more valuable thingy,. lets make it more productive πŸ˜€ FTW πŸ˜€

    -pradee πŸ™‚

  25. You totally uplifted my mood because I have been learning about too many negative events going on in our world. I love the way you think it is really inspiring and if everyone was on the path you are we would probably be closer to equality, peace, and treating our planet more like a home and less like a resource than we are today. Unfortunately as we know technology is being made for uncivil reasons as well as the right ones so it is a little chaotic here. However, there has to be chaos before new order, and that really is up to every person individually and as a whole to decide what this planet will become. Your optimism is so contagious, Thank you πŸ™‚
    PS, your spirit science videos are amazing!

  26. The idea of equality is broken, it stems from our desire to create a fair world within the belief in fairness, and anything that attempts equality will miss the boat and turn into more of the same within a generation or two, if not a year or two. We currently connect to one another from our wounds, which in psychology is called enmeshment and codependency…fairness and equality is unity from the wound. Instead, I suggest Carl Jung’s individuation process, shadow work, and his anima/animas work, which all delve inside to discover personal power through unique expression….our individuality and uniqueness is what makes us one, not our sameness/equality.

    I appreciate your desire for transformation Jordan, but without changing the foundational patterns within the Self, a new house cannot be built, the answer is within, not in an external comparison or system of fairness. We are not equal, but we are unique. πŸ™‚

      1. Equality is a measurement, cost benefit analysis, and is thus a mind/ego thing…win, lose, draw and dominant, submissive, equal. Old game, old rules; it’s time to leave it behind and learn the rules of unity — the One supports the One. Uniting from the wound is the old game, uniting from full individuation is the new game, their rules do not mix well, because they’re two different games; of course there is a bridge that must be built, that is what shadow work, anima/animas work, and individuation is all about though.

  27. Jordan,

    I have a theory here. Maybe I am completely wrong but bear with me.

    I think that part of the problem here is that some people made of you some kind of public figure. You gave yourself to the community as a person who share himself. You share your information; you gave knowledge to the people. Opened eyes all over the place. You clearly transformed this information and knowledge into wisdom, and you are using that to change the world. Not only yours but ours too.
    Now, with that being said. A lot of people feel you as a mentor, even as a teacher or simply a person that they admire more than what they can admit. They want to hear more from you. Listen to your take on every single subject that they have researched or have come to by any other medium. The world is swimming in information but the wisdom is scarce.
    Obviously you fall in love with your life, you fall in love with your friends and here is where the jealousy starts. You showed the world that you can live and work with passion and that awesome things come from that.
    You are a Batman for a lot of people, and lately it seems that you been putting yourself in the Robin role and been talking a lot about your Batman (Ray).
    Of course, I dare to say this, but I do understand your admiration towards him. I understand it because I trust your words, but I really don’t have the same perception of him than you. He got to be awesome, I mean, Pair o’ dime shift, Panic to Freedom, and your words about him. But you know what? People don’t know him as you do. And people don’t know him as they do you (even though that is pure perception too)
    So, People are expecting to be invited to the party, because you always shared your knowledge, your wisdom and opened so many eyes. They want to share and feel what you feel. And in reality… Aren’t we ONE??? People feel you, man!
    Understand this, people needs you, people will want to see through your eyes. It’s up to you if you want to continue sharing. We live in a world that is pretty jealous and possessive.
    Everybody have their own perception of you, Ray, Marie, and everybody else. Not everybody has awakened the same way. Not everybody is completely awakened. Not everybody has read the same books, watched the same videos. We all got here from different roads.
    And then we have instant gratification embedded in our societies. They are expecting you to be on the phone 24/7 to tell them how to think, how to live. Give the address of this new community that you are creating. Write down the shopping list.
    I think that we (as a community) are at a crossroads. We have to live the message. You are a messenger but this is not what is important. The important thing is the message, and you have done a terrific job not converting this into an institution that will naturally have to do bad things in order to survive. We are not interested on that. People must know this.
    Please don’t mind me if I am sounding harsh or negative, I am not trying to criticize but to understand everyone. And I want to help materializing our dreams… Now…
    So, is not only a rant, I also have an idea. Hopefully you guys like this. Why don’t we get our hands dirty?
    We need to work on the community. On the ground. Materializing. An organization without organizations. Every mayor city. Not as a tour so you guys can talk to us and show how cool you are. This is not a concert, this is our Evolution/Revolution, both sides. You are, of course, not required to show up in every city, but you can get some limbs everywhere. Remember we don’t have/need money.
    Have some time a day, say… 15 minutes, and skype with somebody from our community that you don’t know. Maybe somebody that is interested on helping or just anybody. This way, you can kind of touch the waters of what is the perception that people have of you, what they read, how they found you, how they see our future. You will see that in less than two weeks you will not believe the things that you have inspired on people. I am sure that there will be lovely fans, freaky moments, enlightened conversations, but is going to be fun.
    You can also pick and choose people to collect information on these “Spirit Science” free community events on a parks. You just need to schedule them on your website/facebook, Meetup, etc.
    Mind-like people will gather and you know what happens with that energy. Then we get feedback. Who knows what can happen after that. Is like the Venus project inventory of resources.
    We can find communities, products, skill sets, and what not. (I had to say “and what not”, everybody uses it now)
    It will be just like right now, but now we will be a very well-oiled machine with unbelievable reach. Next thing you know we have the man power to do amazing things as a collective. We can then have faculties that can reach out of the box thinking towards different subjects: Social, Technology, Art, etc. There is where the new constitution will be written, that is how the first dragonfly plane will reach the skies.
    Do you remember Kony2012? Do you remember how good of a message and idea that was? (I am not talking about putting military anywhere but have the power to hold the government accountable) Well I think that the flaw was that there was an official messenger. The plan went clockwork, but the media knew that they just needed to discredit the messenger to bring the message down. Don’t put yourself in that situation. Let’s materialize the message and let’s do it community style.
    Trust me. When we have the power to act on anything (I really think that only one boycott is going to be necessary to start getting the rest of the corporations in line to start doing the right thing) they are going to throw you to Bill Maher, and then Jimmy something, and then the other Jimmy, and so on… Just to discredit the whole message/community. Just like Charlie tried. Everybody wants to inspire people the way you did. There are reasons to be jealous and try to steal or kill the spotlight.
    Give a huge hug to Ray, He is getting a lot of heat because of your admiration towards him. I am sure he is a great Batman. I am curios to meet him or to experience more of him though videos or articles. I bet that I will enjoy his light the same way that I enjoy yours and the same way that you enjoy his.
    With Unity, Love and Respect.
    We are ONE!

    1. Hi jordan,

      I watched this video, It has a lot of information about creating this world that everyone is hoping for. It is some basic ideas, kind of what you are proposing in this blog.
      It is long, and it starts talking about history, and free energy, of course, it is preparing the average joe to understand some concepts. But towards the end it talks about the Ubuntu project. Please check it out, it might give you some fresh ideas.

      I am also still interested in your thoughts about this long comment that I posted. I would like to see what you think. I liked what you did with the open forum with the panic to freedom members. (I am thinking about joining, as you said, everybody has some panic).

      Thanks for your work!


  28. Jordan you are an amazing person with incredible ideas. But that doesn’t mean they are all morally right. The way you describe your dreams of the redistribution of wealth seem to be that you’re advocating communism. There isn’t anything wrong with the idea of communism, but in reality it doesn’t seem to work. In any situation where a source of money exists there will be people with more money than others. Because if everyone has money then there is no value to it. When there’s no value to money then nobody can use it to purchase things and the whole concept that we humans have worked so hard to create to make trading functional would be destroyed.

    Also as a very influential person in this movement I think you need to address that you are no leader. People look for a leader. Leaders gain power and power leads to corruptness. As a whole it should be everyones goal to retrogress to a time where everyone is equal and has a mutual understanding about laws resulting in little to no government in the future.

    Lastly I don’t want to shut down all of your ideas, because you are my main inspiration for helping other in the first place and I’m very supportive of you, but I don’t believe your ideas on business like McDonald’s are correct. You see McDonald’s would’ve been shut down long ago if people didn’t enjoy the food. Even if it is bad for you, people still like to go there. To buy up a business like that and shut it down, well that’s taking away freedom. It’s a persons choice to buy McDonald’s and I know you want everyone to have freedom so please consider revoking this plan in the future. If you take away something that people enjoy, 1) that’s taking away their freedom and 2) they don’t win in that situation. I personally don’t care much for McDonald’s (worked there for 2 1/2 years). Your ideas are great but some have been done before and don’t work out. Look up some history and learn from those mistakes, you’ll be glad you did. I’d love to talk more about this with you. I am one of your biggest fans. Please respond or shoot me an email :).

    1. Hey Zach!

      I’m sorry for taking some time to get back to this comment. It stood out when I first read it and I haven’t been giving myself the space to respond to a lot of comments.

      I’d actually like to make a blog about this, and perhaps I will too.

      I think that as long as the seed is right, we can do it in a way that IS morally right, and works from its core. It has to be aligned with the One that we All Are, with nature, with the planet, but if it is – it will work.

      For example, the Mcdonalds idea. What if during the buyout of mcdonalds, instead of turning into a vibration of “taking away something that people like”, what if we put it out there as “Mcdonalds is changing and improving”, and we make things BETTER than they were, in every way. A way that the majority of people on the planet can get on board with and enjoy and support.

      All we need to do is take the problems, and put some effort and energy into making sure that we solve them from the bottom up.

      Besides, if there’s one thing i’ve learned from everyone commenting, it’s that if were not pissing someone off, we’re not doing our job right πŸ˜›

      Finally, I know it probably sounds like i’m talking about communism or this or that, and i think it’s more like…. lets take ALL of the information that we know about, all of the systems, democracy, communism, the works, and take the best of the best of what works from all of them and put them into a soup.

      Then, we add to the soup the question “How does nature do it?”, what if we built a system the way that monkeys in the jungle work, combined with ants, combined with birds, combined with lions, and we implemented systems that felt right and worked right where everyone was happy.

      Personally, i’m rather excited about a questing system. I want to build a World of Warcraft Real Life questing system where people who know how to do certain things can create quests for those who are learning. Like, lets say your at a spirit center and there’s one grand kitchen and there’s a super master chef in there today (and everyone KNOWS he’s the master chef) and he creates a quest that says “Someone go get 10 cabbages from the garden”, and then they go and do it!

      Then everyone gets XP, and the chef gets his cabbages and he teaches everyone how to chop them and cook them and then everyone gets to eat. Maybe its also half restaurant, so anyone can come in and order food, and the other half is free for everyone who is working at the spirit center and a part of building it and making it happen.

      Cool huh? πŸ˜€

      1. I think that’s a great idea, sounds like so much fun. You’re totally right about taking ideas from nature and applying it to ourselves. If you think of a new design for the world that is easily customizable to fit the needs of everyone then that would be perfect. I also think if everyone was at a mutual understanding of how the world should function, just maybe we can make some serious improvements. I really appreciate you taking the time to acknowledge my comment, I understand you have thousands of people trying to communicate with you on a daily basis. Knowing that I may have brought new ideas to the table for the layout of the future of the world gives me a wonderful feeling inside :). If you need help with anything at all please let me know. Also I have some great ideas if you ever have time to email me please do!!!!


  29. By the way Jordan I have a genius idea on make large amounts of food and crops for people. It this simple greenhouse creation I’ve invented and I’d love to tell you about it. I have a way to create a self-sustaining environment to grow unlimited plants. This could be the savior of the human race! Anyway get back to me :).

      1. Yes Aquaponics! It’s a long-shot but I’d really like to possibly start an aquaponics and greenhouse business. You see if everyone has access to a solar-powered (free energy) greenhouse. Which could be built anywhere. Then there will be much more food for people everywhere. This will help to solve hunger problems and maybe even inspire people to start growing community gardens/greenhouse to make food for large sums of people. My hope would be to one day be involved in some sort of world farming company that would supply the world with crops they need. I could eventually do it for no cost (it would cost money at first). But once it becomes a success it will truly change the world.

  30. Hey Jordan

    I really enjoy your blogs, I find them deeply inspiring. It feels So good that there are others out there that feel the same. Wanting to be more, push the boundary, and build a new way of life, the current mold of society doesn’t work for me. Like people doing jobs they dislike and moaning and bitching about every second. My Question is, if you despise it so much, why do it? Why put yourself through that suffering?
    The answer is always the same. It pays well, or I need the money, which may be valid, and its a symptom of the exploitation of the corporatocracy.
    But Surely there are better ways to go about it, to find a better way, or maybe even a compromise you can happily live with. I guess they’re scared, scared of the unknown, scared of not knowing if they will be better off or worse off.

    Another thing I’ve seen happening in the corporate scene, (in which i work, although i suspect not for long anymore) Is the sentiment of, its fine if the company has me work a lot of overtime/on weekends/on holidays/takes over my life (so i have no time and energy for myself or my loved ones) as long as they pay me for it. But Like Ray said, in the video about money, its a representation, if your toatal being is so consumed by the vested interest of the corporate, whos goal is to secure and make more money, it doesn’t really help what they pay you. what you gonna do with it?
    So I’m not saying money is bad, I see it as a materialized tool which facilitates an exchange of energy. So them paying you for your extra time and effort is Fair, all fine and well, but I have a problem with justifying abuse because they paid you for it.
    In what world does that make sense?

    Sorry for the rant, i guess this helped me process my own thoughts and feelings. I have learnt something of myself through this blog, and I thank you for that.
    I actually wanted to say that I LOVE YOUR IDEAS, It feels like they comes from a space of deep connection and deep love for everyone, and the vision of building our new world, the evolution of our new society.

    I have tried/considered this notion of living without money, but a lot of the scenarios end up in exclusion and isolation from everyone. We definitely don’t need more segregation from each other, we need more Inclusion and more sharing. I have a motto which i use a lot around of my friend and even new people i meet. Sharing Is Caring.

    I have recently heard a saying: It is really difficult to just stop the current system/model that isnt working, you have to overlay a newer system which makes the older one obsolete. So contrary to what we have been told to believe…
    Money does Not make the world go round, people do.
    Money does not make the food on the farms grow
    Money does not make engineers build better technological systems.
    Money does not make the doctors and surgeons save countless lives
    etc.. etc..

    So we need to introduce something that makes this virtual tool of exchange obsolete, and your idea of flooding the market is genius. Cause if everyone has a limitless supply of money, whats the point of exchanging it?
    We would not stop our jobs, doing what we’re already doing, to help other and better society, In actual fact it will open us up to greater potentials and greater feats, find a better job or even have the courage to find our true calling. cause we wont Fear the virtual restraints of money.

    These are really exciting times we are living in and loving every moment of it.

    Much Love to all you Beautiful People

  31. Hi Jordan, Don’t listen to horrible people like that.. Your an inspiration πŸ˜€ I love your videos, they always make me feel gooey inside hehe.. keep it up sweetheart!!
    All my love xxxxxxxx

  32. Jordan. You are super fucking awesome! I see you. Yeah! Excitement for all of this. Thank you for what you do! I will help in any way, money or labor or anything! Im a part of what you do. Thank you again! I speak through my heart!

  33. Oh contrast, it’s hard sometimes to embrace until growth happens and u realize why. I love your ideas. I follow you Jordan, and Ray and teal etc. I can’t wait to help. I’m studying Ayurvedic medicine and wellness as well as energy and I am an Empath. I can read tarot, just a few skills I can share if anyone needs. I’m so excited to see this evolution reach new heights. I’m on board, sign me up. You are brave to share as much as you do publicly ?Jordan and Ray, don’t let the contrast bring you down, just push into that highest vibration and you’ll keep soaring. Love, Amanda Payne

  34. Hiya Jordan, I’ve just been reading through some of your writing and by gosh you know what your talking about! I totally understand and respect you for letting yourself be and sharing it to the rest of the world! I also wanted to advise you to read a book, ‘the power of your subconscious mind’ I think it will answer a lot of your questions and help you along your way of life and career! It’s all words at the end of the day it’s what we do with them, happiness and virtue compliment each other πŸ™‚ hope your well sending peace, love, hope and good will, Helen x

  35. Hi Jordan πŸ™‚

    I support your ideas completely
    I absolutely agree that we CAN merge technology with nature, as it is already being done more and more (and we’ve always had taken example on Nature anyways, for there is nothing else to do it from! ) . Also what we can imagine from that onwards is WAY beyond measure! πŸ˜€

    I am very optimistic concerning your project of Spirit Centers, all the vision and the enthousiasm behind it I share πŸ™‚
    I’d love to meet you and join the project πŸ™‚ Now not ready… Another now will be πŸ™‚

    Stay crazy πŸ˜‰

  36. So… this is the first time I’ve commented on anything you’ve put forth thus far. I’ve been watching spirit science for years and take every opportunity to watch them again, showing them to friends and strangers alike. After all this time I’ve noticed how deeply negativity affects you Jordan, and people often act as if you’re unjust when certain comments upset you. It seems to me as if your being put on a pedestal, people have a higher expectation of you. Which I can understand, after all you are a hero of mine as well, but it’s as if you’ve been forced into the “superior” teacher role rather than people taking it as an equal sharing ideas.

    I wanted to comment on this in particular though because this utopian vision of society intrigues me. I’ve had a similar vision myself, would it work? From people that are set in society the way it is probably not. But I can dream. lol I dream of a place where there is no money, and children learn at their own speed in their own way. Where art and science and meditation are of equal importance. Self sufficient communities with community tended gardens, solar trams so no cars or roads. I don’t think people need government or police, we can police ourselves. I believe that was touched upon in the Thrive movie.

    These ideas are crazy I know. I’ve always thought of myself as an idealist.

    As far as money goes, money is unnecessary. We’ve become slaves to money, when all it should have been was a tool. As a society we’ve come to equate money with happiness, but all money is is a means to an end.
    I also find the idea of fusing technology and nature fascinating as well. The field of study I want to end up in is in fact biotechnology or bioengineering as well as my many other interests.

    Well I ended up rambling quite a bit but I feel better having sent you some love and positive vibration. I have only physically met one other individual working toward raising their level of consciousness, he was the one that got me into spirit science actually. Spending time with him really propelled me in my journey and I was wondering if you know of a way to meet other like minded individuals in my area. suggestions?

  37. Dude, you hafta understand that no matter what people say, you’re the only one there at the end of the day. You matter so much more than what you give yourself credit for. What you’re doing is AMAZING. I’m so glad you’re able to help people awaken. Though, I fear that you need to work more on yourself as well. If you get all screwy whenever someone says something mean, you’re honestly reflecting that back on yourself. You can’t take what these people say to heart. Instead of writing immediately back in frustration, wait a while, think about their comment, maybe think about what aspects are right and which ones are wrong. And once you understand from their perspective, you can reply more evenly. Trust me… I’ve been on tumblr for a while and whenever I post about something, and someone says a mean comment, I do exactly that and I approach them from a nicer stand point. It has better results.
    Well, not all the time, but you’re the stronger person in this conversation anyways.
    You’re not a guru or a spiritual god or whatever… if you were, you probably wouldn’t even be in this dimension. You’re still learning like the rest of us. Don’t be so hard on yourself for not knowing and being human. We were taught to be competitive. It’s somewhat locked in our minds.
    I hope i was somewhat of help. After all, it’s not what we say that matters… It’s what you want to do about it that does.

  38. Hello!
    I… I donΒ΄t ven know where to start here.
    A Big THANK YOU !!! maybe? SS has changed my life , as many lifes before an after (as i can see trough all comments here) Is Something amazing what it has been done here.. i really .. is just.. amazing! πŸ˜€ I thank you to all!,, all of you all the people here making this possible.

    IΒ΄m glad to know a little bit more of “the man behind the mask” impulsing all of this.
    Frustration? Riled up, feeling damage for negative comments?, destroyed?..
    pheew! just when i was starting to think he was not human at all! So IΒ΄m glad (in some sore of way) also of knowing and realize, as all of us , he can have his own shitty days and his own balttles to “figth”.
    Personally i have had the same situation when trying to show SS magic to someone else. I feel very sad and unconffortable sometimes (there are many “Charlies” out there) and the thing is.. they never change! ..right? you can open your heart in so many levels , forgive, support, attend, and care about them with all you have… (as the many , many , comments dedicated to him right here) and what? , nothing seems to change.
    There is when the limit comes out and suddenly make you ask yourself.. Is this really worth it? Do I have what it takes to “change” someone elseΒ΄s heart? , is this all negative energy iΒ΄m receiving, something iΒ΄m paying back , like a “Karma” thing or so?

    I really believe (now) that everybody in the world can change and be the best and we as a part of the whole universe can really make a change into anything! in ayway! .. but what about when you face this kind of situations? what should we do?

    So far I have came to a partial conclusion (maybe very wrong one BTW) but, I think.. people not always can change through words or “good will” but trough experience!! … want to know something about one particular subject? (called SS or any other Stuff) LIVE ON TO IT!!. experience it!, before talking about the right or wrong about it, live it first! you will then realize IT WORKS! , otherways it will be very difficult to understand and adopt for yourself and applied on your life (talking of any kind of knowledge)
    Unffortunetely , those kind of people is so affraid to many things , and also as the previous “invitations to understand” the invitations for “try it out” will fail as well. .. but sometimes.. Just sometimes you will find a silly heart, breave enough to say “OK!, letΒ΄s do this thing!” and when this happens, you will be changing his life forever.

    Sorry for the little fairy tale here, but truly wanted you to know this story, because was the stoy of my life a year ago, and here I am! πŸ™‚ …One year later… willing to experience more and more, open to discover new knowledge every day! Thanks to all stubborn fellas out there, dedicating thousands of comments to somebody un-willing to open himself to new worlds , thanks to the particular creator and the crew behind of all of this stuff.

    So so many thanks to everyone for changing lives in their way! Taking and overcomming all those nasty comments every day, falling and standing up to keep in the game again.! You guys represent a lot to me! I respect you and I love you.

    Almost forgot!! This is For Charlie..
    Live From your Heart!! – Experience It! – you will find the true sense of all things from there.

    With sincere love.
    IsaΓ­ Azael

  39. You got mail. I mean comments. See above ^ Or if your in wordpress I guess like a page ago? Or maybe mine comes to the top πŸ™‚ I don’t get comments, but i’m getting off track

    Abundance grants peace, and abundance would be terrific. And I don’t think your writing this out of worry or fear of the journey that it would take to get there or even the logistics, obviously you didn’t go into a specific plan here. A beautiful admirable pipe dream more like it πŸ™‚

    That’s where I can tell the criticism fails. You can bark logistics all day man, but you have to have a dream. A hope, a wish, and what better wish could you have then to give people what they need? To end the cruelty and the pain, and animals to – and the earth and all of it all at once.

    Of course, the world isn’t there yet but I agree – there is no despair. So don’t worry about the negative stuff – it barely serves anyways.

    I got to this article from serendipity, clicking and clicking. and learned from the comments you did spirit science or had some part in it. So, I wanted to share a story with you. I realized one day out of the blue that i was not my body. That my body was this thing that somehow contained me, and that everything was different from that moment forward.

    And i began to realize that all was one. That there was no limit to me, like a drop of water in an ocean and I thought to myself one day I was a tree. And I felt the sun feeding me, and I was one with that tree, you know? And after that i felt like I was one with everything. And i started seeing more! seeing the energy all around and finally I started on intuition, and then i started talking about it! and it was incredible! i met so many people I could really talk about this with, and they knew it to!

    And one of them said, hey, here is spirit science, my teacher showed it to us in school! and i thought, wow. the thought realm. brilliant. how fucking brilliant. Thank god somebody made an animation of this. And as i learned a bizzillion things about websites and animation and graphic art i thought you did incredible. in the whole thing.

    So yeah, that was an unrelated rant. just wanted to drop some light. we’re all one and all and who doesn’t love another reflection? πŸ™‚

    Namaste. πŸ™‚

  40. The stuff you’re discussing in your article sounds a lot like what the folks over at the Venus project are trying to achieve. Creating abundance through technology and moving towards a resource based economy.

  41. Hey there ,

    All the respect for all the work done till now! I am eager to meet all of you soon enough i hope, in the future and share with you my ideas of the new future that we all feel it comes with fast steps. I would like, like many others i suppose, to speak more face to face than using internet. I wish to all the team my respect , regards and love.

    See y’all.

  42. I wish I could have a verbal conversation with you. I imagine it would be astonishing, well for me at least. I still have so much to learn that I fear I wouldn’t have anything of substance to add to this imaginary “conversation” we could have. Perhaps I am really craving the connection to spiritually driven beings. Until then I will just continue sifting through knowledge as it comes. In this universe, so infinite the possibilities…
    and so it is

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