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On the last “Learning from Each Other” blog, one of the first comments I got on Facebook was something akin to:Β Β “I don’t feel like this was about rapid knowledge gain. You just described finding a mentor.”

And with that, I decided I was going to write a part 2, it was clear to me I needed to (or at least wanted to) expand on this topic a little further.

In the previous blog, I talked about finding someone who knows how to do what you want to do, and asking them for help or following them around so that you can learn from them. It’s a natural part of learning, growing from the information passed down by those who came before you.

There are 2 topics I’d like to explore deeper into today. What does “Power-leveling” mean, and creating a friendship where both you and your friend are both the teachers, and the students. As in, the energy doesn’t just flow in one direction. Lets start with this one.

Office life

In “Learning From Each Other” part 1, I mainly described going to someone in seeking knowledge or information from someone or somewhere that has or iswhat you’re looking for. On the other side of that coin, what happens when someone comes to you?

I’ve had, and continue to have the opportunity to really explore that on a level that I don’t believe many people have. Not everyone has hundreds of people messaging them on a daily basis… It’s unfortunate too, because if everyone was emailing each other, my emails would be manageable and everyone else’s emails would be less lonely.. I’m working on a solution to that one…

Recognize that if you’re in a “teacher” role, as in, someone is coming to you for information, the goal of the “teacher” should be seeing your student rise above you and become greater than you ever hoped you could possibly be.

sharingI know that’s hard for some to imagine, because from most people I’ve talked to in my life, including my own experiences, there were usually only a small handful of teachers out of all of them that were so incredible that they actually made sure to see the students grow and change and become something fantastic and great over the course of their year(s) together.

I have a fear that i suddenly insulted all of my old teachers… and then I feel okay because i’m sure not a one of them reads this blog πŸ˜›

(And if you are reading this… don’t worry, You were one of the good ones πŸ™‚

What is a teacher?Β And that’s a conversation for another time I think.Β What i’m describing here and the modern definition and role of a “teacher” are two different things… I recognize that i’m blurring the lines a little bit.

young grasshopper

So, lets say that you do it. You support the one you’re teaching enough to see the young Grasshopper surpass the Master by a landslide… then what? Are you done?

Or do you switch roles? And then you become the new grasshopper, and your previous student is now your Master.

In talking about connections and friendships, if these kinds of relationships are garnered and strengthened by the relationships (the way we relate) that we have… we can grow immensely and with ease. You enter into a space of flowing back and forth, Male, Female, Male, Female, Master, Student, Master, Student.

Until there are no more teachers, nor students.

There is only the Master Student. The Master of Learning, and sharing what you’ve learned.

Shall I write more about Power-Leveling? Or does this pretty much make sense?


15 thoughts on “Learning from Each Other 2

  1. It made sense to me.lol Simply straight and forward aye? I believe if that person missed something from the subtleness of the last blog that they may see the full circle now. I think a solution to your problem is to have a Spirit science forum or something of that nature. It would allow people to do exactly this have student/teacher vice versa relationships with themselves and anyone connected to this site. Keepin on keep oning.lol and thanks. you’ve inspired me to start my own blog. πŸ™‚

  2. Theoretically this sounds cool, and I’m sure it could work in some fields, but I’m not sure if can be applied to everything. Take for instance my martial arts master, who is spiritually so far ahead of me that I don’t see how I could teach him anything. Or are you proposing that it’s better to learn from/teach someone who is closer to your level so that there can be more of an exchange like you have talked about?

    1. The experience of being your “master” is also an experience worth being taught. πŸ™‚
      Everybody has something to teach to somebody… I’m not saying everybody would be interested, but I think the experience of the connection between people are lessons themselves… Even though nobody sees them that way. πŸ™‚

      1. That is true. For that to happen though, is nothing different from a normal master-student relationship. It seems like Jordan is getting at something else that is more, though, otherwise there would be no need for the blog.

    2. have you asked your master if he learns from you?
      as I see it, when I am in the teaching position, I am learning how to clearly get my information across most effectively to the specific student. various peoples presences around me spark different thoughts, and in turn feelings and reactions that I don’t believe I would have experienced otherwise.
      which makes me wonder if a student- teacher, teacher- student exchange could happen at the same time.
      I guess it may have something to do with the way each person learns and teaches individually.

    3. That is an excellent question!!

      My feelings about that is like… No, you don’t have to be close at all, in fact, you can be so far the opposite extremes of each other, and actually the connection and together brings you both into a balance where each of you are opposite πŸ™‚

      Think of it this way though, if you’re learning kung-fu from a master, but he is a horrible chef, and you are an amazing chef, then you can learn kung-fu from him, and he can learn how to cook from you!

  3. i think it is important to also note that as information is shared between self and self, two, or more people, that information is being added to the collective consciousness. power leveling looks different to me when thought of as tapping into this collective consciousness via conversation, learning programs, etc. power struggle, pride, and whatever else that is counterproductive to emerging awareness goes away when one thinks of the information they are getting as being filtered through a search engine set to specific settings (a human being that is put together in a specific genetic, cultural, and societal way). it gets even cooler when those settings get overridden by the evolution of the engine (the human) itself due to the way the information builds on itself. then creation begins. which leads to more information being added to the collective consciousness which allows for more growth and evolution…

  4. I like this and I see this as a very important tool to learning, and understanding. I like the fact that you organize opportunities for everyone to communicate via webcams, I think this can and should be done as much as possible as I have only had the opportunity to participate once.
    It would also be great to create centers throughout the states and beyond where we can congregate, communicate and explore ourselves and each other… maybe a local farm, or a local trailhead (that’s where my forte lies). I believe that physical communication is important because of the amount of immediate feedback we all can receive from each other. I enjoy this site because it give me points to reflect upon, and I would love to get excited with other people that also enjoy these points, in the physical.
    Thank you for sharing your ideas and inspiration

  5. I love the exchange taking place nether teacher nor student just humans begin amagin that a symbiotic relation. Thank you for all the love u share, excellent Christmas example. Peace Love n Happiness my brothers n sisters : )

  6. I love the exchange taking place nether teacher nor student just humans being Human amagin that, ; ) a symbiotic relation. Thank you for all the love u share, excellent Christmas example. Peace Love n Happiness my brothers n sisters : )

  7. I Really Really Like this model, we are all Teachers, Lets Share our ideas, and learn off each other. With this there is a free exchange in energy, it creates a flow, which leads to great Exploration, of the ideas, and ourselves. I sometimes don’t understand something fully, and me sharing it with others, and their views mixing with mine, it adds new ingredients to mine, I actually get it. That’s the beauty of it.
    I also think Physical interaction is really important, cause there just so much more involved, the immediate feedback, the emotional expression, the body language and innuendos. You can get carried by the exciting energy in a group conversation.

    Much Love and Happiness to You All too πŸ™‚

  8. As a student of painting and sculpture for many years, I had many a enlightening experience just watching and listening. As One of my more successful teachers stated to me in my first semester in his class,

    “You are only as good as your best teacher”

    20 years later and this statement has yet to be deconstructed for me!

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