Love and Like

I don’t know exactly the right way to go about this, it’s an expansion into something I talked about before, of which i didn’t get a lot of feedback about.

Remember how i’ve expressed some frustration with some teachings in the  Spiritual Communities on the internet and what have you..?

facepalmI recognize that my blogs are less appealing when I come from that space of frustration, and I am doing my best to shift my public expressions into a manner that is approachable and readable, without needing to create a war and separation between myself and the things I’m talking about.

And yet, just because I Love, does not mean I always have to like.


Here’s what I mean, did you see the Spirit Science episode about the Sh*t Sandwich? You can watch it here to catch up. The basic idea is that if you have some sh*t on your sandwich, you certainly don’t have to like it…

Now i’m sure as you’re reading this you’re probably thinking “Well I don’t like the sh*t sandwich, and I also don’t find myself loving it either!”.

Love has been described by many as coming from a space of forgiveness or kindness or thankfulness towards something or someone has come into your life.

I have a different description of it, which was described to me by a man, and friend whom I regard to be incredibly wise and knowledgable when it comes to these things.

Love is the awareness of the Infinite Connection between All things. 

So for the sh*t sandwich, if you recognize its connections to you as well as everything else, you might recognize that you don’t particularly like it to eat, but you love that its a perfect fertilizer for the garden that makes your flowers grow big and smell amazing!

Seeing Love is recognizing the flow of energy between all things, and love is consciously making decisions that continues that flow for the good of All.

in loveNow, when you’re IN LOVE with someone, you are both pouring energy into each other, because you are aware of the connection between both of you and it feels so amazing!

Often there’s a stage of infatuation that happens early in love, it’s like one or both people are oozing with energy out of their whole body, and coming together with someone has enough spark it all bursts out in a huge downpour of love from one person to the other.

Left unmaintained, the downpour will slow down until it stops, and then everyone will fight each other because both of them stopped giving. It takes effort to maintain that stream of Love to grow together.

If you were not aware of that connection in the first place, you wouldn’t be in love. Acting in accordance with it IS the awareness that its there.

Like and Dislike are also forms of Love, each with their own set of physical reactions that we usually have towards each of them. (Eat the sandwich if you like it, Give it to the Dog if you don’t). 


Anyways, what i’m trying to get at here is that Love is something that just is when you become aware of someone or some thing, and much stronger if you see it in a meaningful way.

 Even Hate is a form of love, because you see the connection and then you react to it, and if you feel the connection is taken away, it’s all the worse. (Think Darth Vader… that’s what happened to him.)

What i’ve been thinking about today and what I’m writing about now, is that my intention is to share what resonates with me, and also to share with you an awareness of WHY it resonates with me.

I’m a little afraid, because I also want to share what I dislike, and WHY I dislike them, again to share an awareness of the big picture from my perspective. The fear comes from the feeling that if I talk about something that I don’t like or am pushing away on,  people will be upset or say that i’m doing something wrong or bad, because I shouldn’t talk about things that I don’t like.

Normally this wouldn’t be a problem out in the regular world of media, but I get classified under the “spiritual” category for internet-people to follow, so i’ve got some different “guidelines” to follow, or not follow, as i’m choosing to do now 😛

I seriously think that if we can just be open and honest about what we see is working and what we see isn’t working, we can actually change the problem, rather than pretend it isn’t there.

So without further adieux, here are several Facebook Photo Shares, some that I dislike, and some that I like, along with reasons/responses about WHY I feel the way I feel. It’s simply an objective view, I love everyone who made them,  and I have great respect for the intention to help. I feel it’s important that when we share things with the intention “to help people”, they should actually be helpful, and to do that we have to know what we’re talking about.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

MeditationBelieve it or not, I actually really like this one. It points out a very specific problem. While it doesn’t describe the solution, it certainly paints a picture at why so many people are struggling with this “inner peace” thing. As if it’s supposed to just happen on its own when you sit down and shut up.

Inner Peace comes with outer peace, and outer peace comes with Inner Peace. They are synonymous. What are you experiencing problems with that you need peace?

Recognize both the Inside and the Outside.

On the outside, maybe you’re fighting with a Friend.  On the inside, maybe you’ve having trouble feeling safe enough to be vulnerable with them… That’s okay, just recognize what it is.

 If you can be in a space of friendship and compassion with them, and reconnect your energy, there isn’t a reason for the stress, and peace is created.

Maybe you have a problem you need solving… maybe you need some help with it? Just another thought 😛

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Wowsy! This one got like 1700 shares on Facebook! People eat it up, because it leaves you in a space of awe and wonder of what could be right around the corner…

But that’s where it leaves you. In awe and wonder, without any physical action or direction to take. “Dear Future, I am ready.”…. for what? What do you want to create? If you sit around waiting for something to happen, you’re going to be waiting a LOOOOONG Time!

This one has appeal though because it connects with everyones desire for something new.

And that begs the question, what does everyone want?… and what can we do to make it happen?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


This one is a trick. See if you can see it.

It starts with a warning, giving off a vibe that there is good and evil in the universe, very much like Darth Vader up there, and that you must choose which side to take, and you have to choose carefully.

Here’s where they trick you.

“School of Applied Spiritual Science”. 

It’s an advertisement for a business!! Ultimately, it leads people to see it, invoke a fear reaction, and are scared them into signing up for their course, and giving these guys your money.

Sure, maybe the lessons are great, and the principles of the School of Applied Spiritual Science is in alignment with the good of All… but if that’s true, they need to tell their marketing team that their promotions aren’t matching their core message.

Based on what i’m seeing here, i’ll choose to do something else I think… >__>

(Please understand that i’m not saying that the School of Applied Spiritual Science is in any way evil or bad, it’s just the vibe of the picture i’m talking about, I honestly don’t know anything about who they are as a group or business.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


This one is a little bit of a lopsided coin. It’s half right, but half misleading.

I think it’s good to focus on your problems, and while you are doing it, practice looking for opportunities and possibilities to change them into something different. If we never focus on what’s broken, how can we ever fix it?

Don’t tell people to ignore their problems, that’s how problems get worse!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


I love Teal, she has been a big part of my life for a few years now, and I’ve enjoyed being in her life and watching her grow.

This is a little confusing of a quote, and I have some trouble with it for a few reasons.

According to this, there is no such thing as a mistake, nor a punishment. Because of this, everything that happens to you is a benefit in some way, and you must look through the “ego’s illusion” for that benefit.

I believe that mistakes and punishment are very real, and they’re part of the problem. If I make a mistake, for example I am not considerate of someone’s feelings, and they get really mad… often the response is to punish me for it. Likewise, our ego’s programming is often if we make mistakes, someone needs to be punished. 

Sometimes we punish ourselves, and sometimes we punish the people we’re mad at. It’s our way of saying “I’m hurting and I don’t know what to do and my energy is exploding out like this!!!” It often can come out quite hurtful.

Now, I like what Teal says about finding the benefit, but we have to be clear here. The Punishment or Mistake itself is NOT the benefit. It is only when we become aware of it, and come to a space of desire to SHIFT it into something else, that we can create a powerful, positive benefit and transmutation of the frustrated or angry energy.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~

And Finally..

forgivenessAhhhhhhh…. This is just a breath of fresh air!

It’s describing Love, that connection that you have. When someone “punishes” or hurts you or is mean to you or even just accidentally does something that makes you feel sad…

Forgiveness is one of the most powerful forms of compassion… In true love, there is no fear.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So, i’d like to wrap this up by bringing it full circle. Love, and Like.

 As I wrote earlier, I love all of those posts above… but i don’t necessarily like all of them. You can probably tell which from my responses.

seeing_colours_by_EpicwishI think that Love comes with a responsibility of saying what is true in your heart, which means when you see something that doesn’t line up with the natural flow, that isn’t in alignment with the One that we All Are… if you truly SEE it for what it is, you are responsible (able to respond) for saying what it is and if you can, change it into something else.

This is an idea that i’d like to expand upon in a blog later on, for now i hope it will suffice.

Let me ask you, what was the intention behind some of these photo-shares? Some of them are genuinely there to help people, to act as a guiding light.

And I certainly know that some of them were also there for publicity. They were made to get shares online, so that someone could feel good about creating something that a LOT of people saw. If that is the core intent, often it is easier to tell than something that is genuine.

We are One,

All of my Love,

137 thoughts on “Love and Like

  1. Oh Jordan, thank you so much for sharing with us humans. I will spread the light that you have so revealed and reminded us. I love this, read it thoroughly, and it helped me at this very moment get out of my present funk!
    Blessed be!

  2. Great info as usual I guess I needed to hear that today. Growing up in a Christian home made me feel anytime something bad happened god was punishing me. Now I can see it is all apart of the journey. But you hope once you get the lesson for the bad thing to cease but it’s still there. Is the reason it’s still there is because I have not truly learned all I could learn from it or does negative forces use these situations to bind you in a spell or cycle sometimes? – caught In a trap

  3. Not eloquent with the word to verbalise like you do…However I love listening to you via your heart is full just at the fact that such a young person yet no doubt old soul can shine and share such jewels… As for commenting re FB, like you I can be cynical of reasons and why’s and wherefores.. yet I find so much can be said without ‘aiming’ it at some one with the hope that never the less in the ethers it is meant for them.. and just maybe they hear the when I Feel the love and i’m not around to hug who has to do.. I actually was ready to write a comment yesterday on your page.. something I don’t normally do for lack of clarity in the use of my words.. it was simple.. LOVE YOU…look forward to hearing more from you..

  4. Hi Jordan! I disagree with you about Teal’s quote, because I look at all that I’m creating as a benefit for me, so I don’t see mistakes or punishment. Your blog is wonderful & thought provoking, thank you! In Love, Paula.

  5. Jordan,

    You are absolutely right at pointing out some of the irrelevant quotes synced with pictures. The problem is that not many people really do care to progress through spirituality and very few have curiosity and real urge to know more about our existence and our self and our reality, but they sort of give that vague acknowledgement to it and seek it only when they need a feel good factor. They think we human have a special sect of people who devote their livies to spirituality and look at them as if they are at some higher planes and never actively participate or question or debate over it.

    Most will just like anything on internet which sounds good to them without giving a thought about it just becuase it’s been posted by some known spiritual organisation. Interestingly, the advertisers and marketing campaigners know this.

  6. Thank you for taking the initiative to share the truth In this way. My heart doesn’t always lead me down the path of least resistance, sometimes my truth is difficult to give or take, but I believe the truth to be the only way to heal and grow. a plant must struggle if it wishes to grow, it can look for help from the beings that can; I see humanity as no different than a plant in that way. Thank you, Jordan, for sharing your truth; inspiring me to share mine. Much Love.

  7. Hey Jordan.

    Your poo sandwich analogy is one of my favorite things EVER. It’s really helped me and is an easy way to put things into perspective.

    Just wanted you to know. 😀


  8. Hi Jordan,

    I liked and I loved your post of today. Thank you for it. It really resonated with me.

    It really bothers me when I see that some people are trying to ignore their problem to look for the opportunities, or the solutions as if their were disconnected, as totally different things. As you said, if you don’t understand what is causing the problem, or look for what the problem is all about, how do you think you can move on from it? And more important, learn for it. I think if you don’t face the problem, it will happen again, and again … the loop. And I think it bothers me so much, because I grew up in this environment, and it took me some time to be able to see this dynamic, understand it in order to change my way of dealing with my life in my daily routine, and sometimes, I am back in the loop … and I wake up again, and see what lead me to that moment and be able to go deeper in the layer that I didn’t see before. Anyhow …

    I wish that more and more people could learn how to deal with their struggles and problems in a more restorative way, without trying to ignore them, because this kind of reaction is a reaction o violence toward yourself. If we keep being violent towards ourselves, how we expect to really Love someone else? or even Love ourselves?

    I think this understanding is a really important step in our evolution as humankind.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and creating the space to talk about them.

    Much Love, Light and Gratitude,


  9. Your comments on love bring me to share the insight I come to in the reflection to your statement on likes and love.

    The entire universe is love. Love is the binding force of all creation. The universe loves us so much that it will even go as far as to cater to our beliefs that it doesn’t love us.

    With that said, I would like you to research the idea of what altruistic love means. We all associate love with the idea of falling in love or falling in love to be the most ideal aspect of what love actually is but this is only a fraction of love. Some people would even argue that the ideal of falling in love isn’t really a reflection of what love really is.

    The love you have for your brothers and sisters is altruistic love. The love you have for your friends, your parents, your animals and plants you share existence with is altruistic love. The compassion you find for all the strangers you never had the opportunity to interact with is altruistic love. Love that withstands the test of time is true and altruistic. Love is unconditional and infinite. Falling in love is a temporary condition that can lead to altruistic love yes, but it too can be such a source of suffering.

    Love is attachment filled and all that we experience of it we will lose. Finding a way to love and manage our attachment between the balance of dis-attachment is the learning curve we all must face in life. I pray that people can be more mindful in their understanding of love in regard to partnering up with one an other. Time has everything to do with creating such a binding force as understanding and realization; this can open up to deeper aspects of altruistic love, and can help people who fall in love find a deeper sense of this love for one an other and all sentient being.

    Krishna Murti has some interesting thoughts on preference, likes and dislikes as well as love. You should learn his teachings in his book; The Awakening of Intelligence

    Geshe Rinpoche also has some profound teachings on love in her book; The Mystery of Love and Emptiness

    Our consciousness moment to moment discerns between preferences and attaches in memory as sentiment . Happiness , joy and love can be enlightened through the scrutiny of this sentiment.

    I hope whomever reads this can use this in their own growth toward liberation. I love you all. Nameste!

  10. Concerning mistakes and punishments. The thing you described is very much the same in the game of Go (Wei’Qi / Baduk). This is a fun game of sharing, trading, building, fighting, surrending and most importantly – about the connection of everything. Everything has meaning and is connected. The lessons from the go board (goban) are based on mistake->punishment, but only when you see it or face a stronger opponent 🙂

    I would really like to play a game of Go with all of you someday…
    I’m ZyBeX86 on – come and play with me sometime 🙂

  11. I have really no words, all I can say thank you. I really appreciate what you do, don’t ever give up always move forward, just remember every one of us has different view of things.we all are connected, namaste

  12. my thoughts is that alot of people have a hard time understanding what i call the (infinite’s) thees are feelings such as love or hate, or words like always, and never, can’t, amongst others .

    By saying this when one speaks of love most of the time it is perspective love.

    Ware as you are speaking as the finite energy of understanding and love which one must have one to have the other.

    some achieve this thru having so much love that they are willing to understand. and some achieve this through understanding so they can love

    but this is to completely respectively understand someone or all things. or said object you love. simply in short : walk a mile in their shoes and want to do it again!

    Buddhist say god is simply energy taking all forms to experience.
    so when you u understand that a poo covered blade of grass is god experiencing oneself just as you are god experiencing oneself also. and i believe this understanding and love for all is what you are talking about and i agree completely if so.

    AS for people throwing adds on the internet with certain innuendos telling people they are not good enough so you must go here learn this. oldest trick in the book. let me reference organized religion here lol

    yoda says only a sith uses definites but yoda say’d only

  13. Can I just say it makes me so happy to see you using emoticons. I’m not sure why but people seem to dislike them. ;△; I’ve used them as long as I have used the internet and probably always will.

    I liked hearing your thoughts on the quote pictures. ^-^ Their ideas and messages can be debatable and I enjoy seeing discussions and discussing them.

  14. I love and like the forgiveness quote for me compassion and forgiveness is the answer to all our problems, diferences and separation, God becomes flesh every time a human practice compassion and forgiveness 🙂

  15. First off I would like to say fantastic blog! I had a quick question which
    I’d like to ask if you don’t mind. I was interested to find
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  16. Dear Jordan,

    The approach you are taking with helping others to see the truth that lies hidden behind the different contexts which life shares with us is a breath of fresh air just like the quote by Twain reflects. Seeing the truth of what problems each of us are carrying secretly or bringing the awareness of this possible secrecy to our attention again, can only help each of us benefit from becoming aware of them. And with an inspiring glance toward the fear we rather dance around in ignorance we are inspired by your approach to use our loving intentions instead of judgement to finally transform these specific situations in which each of us find ourselves currently. To see with open eyes using an open heart reveals the truth which continuously shines brightly before us in our own personal lives. That is, if one dares to look through the illusion of ego’s distracting attractions to the core of the shining truth which is eternally illuminated from within us all. In short, thank you for your videos, your art, your blogs, your projects, and most of all for reflecting that which lives inside my own personal heart.

    God Bless

  17. Great blog.

    I got here from a link at Form Less Instrumental on FB. But, I think that ur a bit ‘glass-half empty’ on the “Choose Wisely” placard. Personally, I did not see that as an ad for a business. I thought that the sub-caption was a fictitious, wouldn’t-it-be-nice mandatory tag. (And the message is vitally important for an animal which uses just 10% of their brain.)

    You made me wonder, so I goggled it; got right back to FB, and found another site that I like, and I still am not sure that it is a for-profit business. (BTW, I too would not attend any Spiritual school which charged money. It seems oximoronic.)

    Keep-up the good work,

  18. I appreciate your putting yourself out there and speaking your truth. And thank you for putting together a forum to share ideas, experiences and feelings. You’re post is very relevant to a struggle of mine, which I found myself looking at again just yesterday. I have strong “seeker” and “teacher” tendencies, which works out okay some times. However, one challenge that I have with my “teacher” tendency is that I some times miss the opportunity to relate to and connect with another human being; and I unintentionally invalidate other people’s feelings and experiences. In the effort to share whatever insight I think I might have gained and with the intention of helping others (or so I tell myself, some times I’m not sure), I start falling short in the empathy, humility and openness departments, also in introspection. The words “right”, “wrong”, “misleading” and “half-right” in your post read to me as though there’s a “correct” way of understanding something, in this case, reality. I have found that, when I try to pin down reality into “absolute truths” or when I think I have The Answer that can satisfy all the complexities of life, I inevitably end up on the slippery slope towards delusions of grandeur. This is not an exaggeration of where I have found myself. It has taken me many hard life lessons to get to the point where I can see when I’m on this trajectory, and it’s hard work to stay off of it, especially if I’m around people who share my version of reality or, more realistically, have ones that read/appear similar to my version. If we can agree that words lend themselves to interpretation, how do I really know what someone means unless I dialogue with that person and come to an understanding of what is meant? The same can be said of my reading your post and possibly misunderstanding what you mean when you use the words “right”, “wrong” or “misleading”. Without a dialogue with you, I see your words only from MY frame of reference. Without communication with you, who is the only person who could help me get to a deeper understanding of you and where you’re coming from, my interpretation of your words mostly reflect on ME and what I’m about, where I am in my journey and what my struggles are. It’s for this reason that I think the quotes/expressions in question are most useful when they are looked at as opportunities for each of us to look at ourselves, to celebrate where we are in our respective journeys and also to look at what resonates with us and what triggers us. These quotes/expressions can serve as our mirrors. If there’s communication (with the authors of those quotes or with you), I then would have the opportunity to play both “teacher” and “learner” (which look to me as opposite sides of the same coin). This often helps me to keep myself in perspective, and it helps me to focus on the things that are most important to me, like growing in my capacity to relate to others, also to give and receive love and forgiveness. In my journey, I am learning to become comfortable with “good enough”, rather than the “perfect”, “superior” or “absolute” that I’ve been in the habit of looking for (in life, in myself and in others). In situations where I have been down and out, I’ve been fortunate to have people who were willing to stretch/expand and even give up (for the moment) their own understandings of reality, so that they could relate and be present for what I was going through; and I have had to do some stretching and relating of my own to be able to receive what was being offered to me (which was profound to me because I never thought of receiving love as taking effort). What ultimately helped me to survive and to heal wasn’t that these people came with words of wisdom that were “superior” or “absolute”. What helped me was the LOVE that I learned to see and experience in their “good enough” efforts. The quotes/expressions as well as your post are good enough for me. They are good enough because they are providing great opportunities to have another look at my battle with pride; to help me to openly share my experiences/feelings/struggles; to grow in love and self-acceptance (and away from self-centeredness and perfectionism); and to grow in appreciation for your and other people’s efforts. So thank you for sharing, and thank you for reading. And the teacher in me hopes that what I’m sharing will be good-enough helpful to others in their journey as well. 😉

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