Means of Creation

This morning I was thinking of what it means to be a creator, and it sparked an idea which I thought would be perfect for a blog.

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A beautiful painting by akirakirai on DA

First, what does it mean to be a Creator… and Second, how does one Create?

I have an idea you may already know all of this, and yet, it can’t hurt to integrate just 1 more perspective, right?

So here we go!

To see where the modern world was at, I checked out the modern definition of “Creator” just to see what they said. Pretty spot on, i think.

a person or thing that brings something into existence.

Someone who can create… Create what? Create anything! Create a Child, create Art, create technology, create feelings in others through stories, the list is practically endless, and the truth is that we are all creators in at least some ways.

createI believe that being a creator goes a lot farther than that though. I feel that the more we can create, the more in tune we are with Spirit, the more barriers we can all break together. 

You can’t create without at least one person or thing that you are reflecting, as it’s a vesica pisces. Energy has to move back and forth between you. Without anything to merge ideas and thoughts with, nothing changes, nothing new happens.

See, the means of creation is literally, two or more coming together to create something new. As I mentioned in a previous blog, if you think that’s wrong, I would love a demonstration of someone having a baby with only one parent… It just doesn’t work.

fibonacciThis is the Fibonacci Spiral, which continually evolves by merging the previous two numbers, to create something new. It’s constantly growing and evolving into greater and greater magnitudes.

That actually makes me think of another spiral or number sequence… which are Binary Sequences. Binary is the opposite of Fibonacci, instead of merging together to grow, it is a form of replication.

1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, you get the idea. It’s constantly doubling.

This is also how things grow, and in order to grow something big, you need both fibonacci and binary.

stevesFor example, it was Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak that came together and made fibonacci happen when they invented the first Apple Computer.

Once they had a solid business, Binary played a large role in evolving Apple by essentially saying “Do this same task for setting up the computer and selling it, over and over and over.”

There were no new ingredients after a certain point, with the exception of new models and devices.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to support mass marketing in its current form. It’s awful, we shouldn’t be paying 10 cents to slave labor in taiwan so that we can sell something at 1000x the price back overseas. That is an unequal exchange, and we need to fix the problem so that value exchange is even across the planet.

It’s simply recognizing these different patterns and different ways of thinking. If we can see them, we can learn how to utilize them in a way that works for everyone.

Maybe i’ll write a blog later on, more specific on how to create… (ask some questions, please! It gives me a jumping off point). But in the mean-time, I think i’m going to wrap this up.

Try putting this into practice, add some new ingredients in your life. Go actively seeking for that which you want, and add it into your life, whatever that looks like for you, make it happen.

You’ll be surprised at how much can change from the smallest addition to the field of awareness and interaction that is your life.

We are One,


23 thoughts on “Means of Creation

  1. That explains a lot about creativity..thanks. I come to learn that creating something does require an input from other source. Like you can create something from knowledge that you have acquired in the past from someone or be that person present for direct input, the latter is more effective.

  2. I’m an artist and I agree that by creating things you do become more in tune with Spirit. By creating things not only do you express your inner self, but this expression in turn inspires other people. My dad recently saw a painting I’d made and said I’d put so much into it that he could almost see my soul. He then went on to paint many paintings himself as I had inspired him to create!

    By making your videos and now writing this blog you have also inspired so many many people through your creation. I can’t thank you enough for everything 🙂 <3

    1. I love it!! That’s exactly how this blog started too, I saw some things I related to which caused me to think, and i thought all these thoughts and wanted somewhere to put them!

      Here I am! 😛

  3. Some days ago we had a discussion with friend that remind me a lot of what you wrote. It was though about the term ‘Artist’ instead of Creator. We used the word artist in maybe a different way than maybe many would consider it.While we talked we end up defining Art to be any act of creation,so that in a way being an Artist would just be to create, to inspire,to translate ideas and intangible notions that would for example be in one’s head space in something more concrete-like maybe. What remind me of what you wrote is that we come to the idea that maybe Art is just really Art when it is shared.You take something that is not tangible, translate it to 3d,share it, and by sharing it you convey something but it only become ‘alive’ when someone else will see it,give it it’s own meaning.By that way it expand. If you do art and put it in your kitchen,will it really be art ? be alive ? doesn’t it come alive when people start to relate to it,and so they mix what they perceive in it with what the person wanted to create at the start,putting their meaning with your meaning. And in a way it create a circle, you take an intangible idea,you translate it in 3d,you share it,people experience it,and more ideas/more awareness, more ‘something’ is created by who you shared your art with just by having been able to see it and relate to it and in this way the circle is done as you come back once again to intangible just as in the start, but in a sort of expansive fashion,as more awareness than in the start was created just by making two different energy come in contact. And here we were using Art for anything that is like an act of creation and in this sense creation/art really becomes a sort of mirror of the universe who expand itself as infinite.They both reflect each others like two mirrors put in front of the other ,but by each reflection ,a reaction is create and so movement is create and there’s this sort of movement forward that wouldn’t have been possible if two haven’t come in contact. Oh well,I’m not even sure the way I explained it this time made as much sense as when we talked about it with my friend.
    Anyway,great post 🙂 Thank you for sharing it with us’

  4. I was told about the Fibonacci sequence in elementary school by my librarian but i had no idea (& still dont fully recognize) of the big meaning behind it. Ive recently started drawing sacred geometry & the fibonacci spiral & have been loving it! 🙂

  5. Hi Jordan, I love the spirit science series in all of it’s simplicity, animation and complexity. Very heart felt and deeply spiritual. It is with a spirit of gratitude that I say ((Thank You)) for all of your time and effort. I have watched many of the episodes over and over…I now vibrate at a much higher frequency. Although I have always been a big science fiction fan, science enthusiast so to many I seemed to be a space cadet with a tough Brooklyn NY edge. I enjoy this new blog as well as Para dime shift series and Love Teal Scott, Lilou Mace, Gregg Braden recently Sadhguru, infinite water, V sauce 1,2 & yet to watch 3. Today I discovered Russel Brand. As we expand through experience and communication, may we all experience blissful joy and in doing so transform this world. Have a great night, Phil

  6. Hello there, Jordan. I hope this message finds you well. :3 I want to first start like many of the rest by saying thank you for all you have already done, and are still doing.

    You mentioned that you wanted questions on “how to create” to give you a springboard. So my first question, or perhaps simply clarification, is , do you consider creation the same as manifestation? As in, when you talk about creation, are you talking about manifestation? I can see how they are mostly similar, but if you want to talk semantics, they can also be slightly different.

    Who knows, maybe there is absolutely no difference; I just have never really thought of what I do in terms of “creation.” Synonyms, man. Because I’d be very interested to see your explanation of how you manifest, “in general.” I’ve been trying to explain my process beyond, “You just /feel/ it.” Because that’s not really helpful for people who don’t know what you’re talking about. xD

    Anyway, I hope I may have helped give you an idea, and/or to hear back from you. If not, on either accounts, hakuna matata, yo. All the love to you. <3 -Kendall

    1. Hello to all and much love and respect to the entire universe. Grateful for spirit science, our whole conscious community, and for waking up everyday! Woohoo!

      I liked your question Kendall so felt inspired to put down a perspective.
      Manifestation! A term being used alot rite now and sometimes I hear it thrown around as a concept or almost like a magical thing ;of putting an intention out there and waiting/hoping/ expecting it for it to ‘manifest’ or appear. While I can’t argue that sometimes it does seem to work out that way, I’ve come to understand it In another light which has been really helpful!

      Let’s say {for example}I want to manifest a car~ to own, to have, to drive, to do with that which pleases me. simply writing about it here or In a journal or in prayers is one way to go about it, but I think a more effective way would be : taking proactive steps of DOING, towards making that goal a tangible reality.

      ” I KNOW im gonna have a car because I have been working and putting funds aside week by week , saving up the required amount in order to purchase this model off of this lot for this price.” It is in this *knowing*of you having done every step necessary to ensure that car is gonna be in your driveway that = it actually happens!
      It takes action.. Anyone following ? 🙂
      I hope this is helpful to someone somewhere someday! It has been for me.

      And.. So happy to know and realize that together we are Manifesting a new world, a new paradigm , brought about by us actively creating and putting in new systems of commerce n fair trade,guilds , information sharing, communal living, earth stewardship, and not supporting those which are not based on love and equality. What a lovely existence, we are now being given the oppurtunity to create! What part will you play ?

      it brings me great joy to be amongst you all, creators!. Ajomitakyasin. Peace to all

  7. Hello Jordan.. today I saw your response to these people questioning in the most rude and offensive manner. You were polite, elegant and honest. Whenever you said “I see you, I understand your game, I see where you’re coming from… I just won’t go there”.. or something like that.. I felt deeply connected to this. Ever since I started working with shamans and deep meditation I’ve started to “see” these “energy games” if you will, we all play. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Greetings Jordan. Wow, (you probably get this alot) I love Spirit Science and the ideas you and your friends share ^_^. I know your busy with many great things but I will say I am chomping at the bit for the next Spirit Science or Pair O Dime Shift episode; anyway once I found you had a daily blog, I couldn’t resist stopping by. I enjoy this discussion on what it means to be a creator. Makes alot of sense that creating something doesn’t take one individual. A perfect example that I personally experience is getting a tattoo, you need the artist to help create the image that you envision on your skin. Oh, would like to mention your vid on the Flower of Life helped me decide on which tattoo I wanted thank you :). Here is a pic of it Another thing I want to thank you for is after watching Spirit Science, I was inspired to discuss metaphysical/spiritual views and ideas on deviantart; I hope that I will be able to share future discussions with you in the future ^_^.

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