Merry Christmas

Lol, i had a placeholder blog here this morning that just said “Merry Christmas Blog”, I meant to set it to post later in the afternoon at 1pm, but i think i goofed and had it set to 1am!

Silly me πŸ˜›

rubik-originalChristmas this year has been really hectic and busy, mostly because we’ve been trying to create so much with very few hands and sometimes no idea about what the next step is and what the next “thing” is that we need to put into place… It kinda reminds me of a Rubix Cube.

Speaking of Rubix cubes, i found myself playing with one this morning for several hours. A very fun christmas morning indeed!

This cube… it really is an ingenious “toy”, if you could call it that. The object of course to try and solve the puzzle by matching all of the sides up together. Something I didn’t know until this morning, that the first side is actually somewhat easy to get.

When you’re only focusing on one side, you don’t care about all of the other pieces, and you can put full care and regard into getting this one face…

As soon as you start to incorporate a second face into it, you have to break everything you had in order to make them work together. So far I can’t get past 1 face complete… granted I’ve only been playing with it for a little bit, so i’ll write more when I know more.

problemsolvingIt’s funny, this whole philosophy is what’s been making balancing all of our projects a challenge. Not a bad thing, just hard, we’ve never done it before… and there’s a lot of “faces” to it. There’s the social media aspects, the video editing content, the web programming, the mental-emotional connections between all of us that keeps us on the same page and brings us close together and more in sync.

It’s like a large scale version of a rubix cube for everything that’s going on in your lives.. and once you have one face done, then something else has to break in order to move forward and get the second one… but pay attention, you want to be able to bring the first face back..

rubix-cubeOr maybe it’s about doing everything all at once, having an awareness of where every single block is at the same time, and move them all in relationship to each other so that at the end, everything just slides into place…

Oh boy… i’ve got some practicing to do.

Maybe solving a Rubix Cube will lead to the understanding of how to solve problems in real life a little easier too… I like to think so πŸ™‚ It’s an exersize of the brain in so many ways.

And of course, obligatory christmas message:

Christmas is not about the thing you get, but the connections and love between each other. The things are simply representations of what that love and connection looks like.

Merry Christmas everyone <3

Jordan Ray Marie Painting

22 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Jordan,
    Wishing you a wonderfully peaceful, relaxing day full of simmering excitement with just a pinch of high adventure thrown in for taste. Be well Bro, Love YOU !!!

  2. Wonderful message Jordan!

    A big merry Christmas to you and your family, and friends! and a happiest new year! bring on 2014!!!!

  3. I think that is an amazing analogy. Rubix cubes are challenging because every move drastically affects the cube. Every move must be thought through thoroughly in order to get the placement of the blocks correctly. Just as life is a movement by movement rubix cube, coming together to form its most perfect image.

  4. Things cannot represent love. Christmas is about selflessness.
    Love is selfless.
    Things represent matter.
    Matter represents the self.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Jordan, you are wonderful. Thank you for all of your great blogs and works. It has been a real inspiration for me. I am continuisly growing spiritually and it is so amazing and exciting at the same time. This winter, all I’ve ever thought about and done is to shine my light and love, love, love. And now it’s getting much easier for me to tune into that vibration. And just by tuning in, everything around me does always, somehow, transform into something great- no matter what the circumstances are. I suceed to strengthen the bonds and connections to all life around me and within me. The Spirit science series, Bashar, Thrive and much more has truly shined light into my life and helped me get to this point. Thank you! It gives me so much love and joy. And I wish you all a lovely christmas and a happy new year of 2014, greetings from Iceland!

  6. Hello, well yeah man, nice look back onto this important aspect, yep, we keep our connections and correlations with an order of representation, by either giving to make a statement about these things, or by creating a movement of those part of these connections and correlations. One way, I found, (by the way this is referring to that little contemplating you had there with how things work like a RubixCube, and how you think the process might be) is to move along the original face, or aspect of focus, that means whatever project or part of the “story” you had focus on to complete, keep your focus on that and slowly use the build you made out of it to help extend the feeling of focus and active-ness or passive-ness to the completion of this other thing you found that could then be added to the original aspect you had in focus. Yeah, that all should be understood, I don’t know if it made sense. But yeah, well aside from that explanation that I just wanted to say, also have a nice time, all of ya guys ya.

  7. Got me thinking that maybe I am solving my own Rubick’s cube. I Had a side ready, then it broke apart, now I have to make a new side while restoring the previous. I guess that in a sense everyone that is here occupying a “time slot” of existence and going through the awakening process will have to do it in one way or the other. Something that should manifest as soon as possible is some kind of place for such people to meet and interact. The worst part about this whole ordeal is feeling alone, like you are the only one who thinks this way. Even though you know many things, they feel useless, because everyone else is on a different wave and they understand perhaps 10% of what you are trying to say.

    So a happy 2014 to all of you fine people and may your creations be as awe inspiring as your essence!

  8. Thank you for the Inspiration Jordan, I haven’t played with Rubix cube since i was a kid, even then i could only get one side and that was it. I also think it really fits nicely with our approach to life. If you just focus on one side of your life and stress about keeping that one face together, its gonna cause you trouble. I like the approach of acknowledging how jumbled all the blocks are, be conscious of where everything lies. The start moving to a greater whole, being aware that if you make a move multiple blocks at the same time. Slowly but surely, everything will slide into place πŸ™‚

    Then Christmas for me is a time to be Joyous and Loving, not just to your Family, but to everyone, everyone you meet while walking on the street or meet in a shop. It is the celebration of Life!
    When I was with my family, I also realized how fortunate I am to have a really Loving Family, obvious there are disagreements now and then, but like you said J, its Cherishing those Connections and Love we share for each other. Thats the Greatest Gift of All.


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