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SpiritKingdomipadI received a comment recently from a guy with the username Zach Jordan. I don’t know if that’s his real name, it probably is, but either way he has AWESOME comments! He also has a blog, which you can check out here.

Either way, on the post “How to Change the World” he commented by pointing out some important things and bringing attention and questions to some of the things that i’ve said, and I wanted to share it and open up a discussion about it.  Below is his comment, among many…. all of which are very insightful. 🙂

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Jcommunismordan you are an amazing person with incredible ideas. But that doesn’t mean they are all morally right. The way you describe your dreams of the redistribution of wealth seem to be that you’re advocating communism. There isn’t anything wrong with the idea of communism, but in reality it doesn’t seem to work.

In any situation where a source of money exists there will be people with more money than others. Because if everyone has money then there is no value to it. When there’s no value to money then nobody can use it to purchase things and the whole concept that we humans have worked so hard to create to make trading functional would be destroyed.

Also as a very influential person in this movement I think you need to address that you are no leader. People look for a leader. Leaders gain power and power leads to corruptness. As a whole it should be everyones goal to retrogress to a time where everyone is equal and has a mutual understanding about laws resulting in little to no government in the future.

LMcdonalds_logoastly I don’t want to shut down all of your ideas, because you are my main inspiration for helping other in the first place and I’m very supportive of you, but I don’t believe your ideas on business like McDonald’s are correct. You see McDonald’s would’ve been shut down long ago if people didn’t enjoy the food.

Even if it is bad for you, people still like to go there. To buy up a business like that and shut it down, well that’s taking away freedom. It’s a persons choice to buy McDonald’s and I know you want everyone to have freedom so please consider revoking this plan in the future. If you take away something that people enjoy, 1) that’s taking away their freedom and 2) they don’t win in that situation.

I personally don’t care much for McDonald’s (worked there for 2 1/2 years). Your ideas are great but some have been done before and don’t work out. Look up some history and learn from those mistakes, you’ll be glad you did. I’d love to talk more about this with you. I am one of your biggest fans. Please respond or shoot me an email :) .


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My first response to this was written a little fast, which you can also see on the blog post How to Change the World. For this blog however i’ve been able to sit down and elaborate a lot more about what i meant in my short response…. so, here goes!

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First off, thank you for your response. It is very well written and speaks with awareness and asks some very real questions in a way that is kind and curios, rather than insulting and demeaning (which there is a lot of on the internet, ya know?). So thank you, your love and awareness shows in your written word.


I believe that if we can get the seed right, we can truly do anything in a way that is morally right, and works from its core. It works in a way where everyone wins, and everyone gets everything they want.. what they REALLY want, which means that it has to be aligned with the One that we All Are, with nature, with the planet. If it comes from a place of “you have less so that I can have more”, it’s broken. 

You mentioned that if everyone had money, it would have no value anymore. On the opposite end of the spectrum, and where i’m coming from, what if everyone was able to wake up and see what value truly was.

Then we could move our awareness of value away from “money”, and into everything. We could see the value of someones time, effort, and energy in creating whatever it is they create. Whether its growing food, making shoes, or building time machines 😛


Part of that takes awareness on everyones part, as well as education on shifting our old ideas about what money is, or what “value” means, into something new, into what it’s supposed to be.

In addition to it, it’s about framing things in a way that is actually exciting for people, and something that gets people really excited!

For example, the Mcdonalds idea. What if during the buyout of mcdonalds, instead of turning into a vibration of “taking away something that people like”, what if we put it out there as “Mcdonalds is changing and improving”, and we make things BETTER than they were, in every way, and we demonstrate that to people.

In addition to making healthy food, we could use the money that mcdonalds make to pay everyone a solid amount, instead of scraping the bottom of “minimum wage”, and part of working at mcdonalds was education on how to make really amazing, healthy and delicious food that you can make anywhere, for anyone. Everyone would want to work there, not because it’s the only option, but because it’s better than cooking school, and WE PAY YOU!!

All we need to do is take the problems, and put some effort and energy into making sure that we solve them from the bottom up, as well as the top down, having them meet in the middle… People will simply gravitate there.

Besides, if there’s one thing i’ve learned from everyone commenting, it’s that if were not pissing someone off, we’re not doing our job right :P Maybe we’ll get a few angry people along the way, but that can’t be helped. Haha!

(And simultaneously, i’d like to create and share a message that brings everyone together, and quells all of the anger… I believe its possible.. perhaps very difficult).


Finally, I know it probably sounds like i’m talking about communism or this or that, and i think it’s more like…. lets take ALL of the information that we know, all of the systems, democracy, communism, fascism, dictatorship, capitalism, socialism, the works, and take the best of the best of what works from all of them and put them into a soup.

Then, we add to the soup the question “How does nature do it?”, what if we built a system the way that monkeys in the jungle work, combined with ants in an anthill, combined with bees in a hive, combined with birds, combined with a pride of lions, and we implemented systems that felt right and worked right where everyone was happy.


Personally, i’m rather excited about a questing system. I want to build a World of Warcraft Real Life questing system where people who know how to do certain things can create quests for those who are learning. Like, lets say your at a spirit center and there’s one grand kitchen and there’s a super master chef in there today (and everyone KNOWS he’s the master chef) and he creates a quest that says “Someone go get 10 cabbages from the garden”, and then they go and do it!

Then everyone gets XP, and the chef gets his cabbages and he teaches everyone how to chop them and cook them and then everyone gets to eat. Maybe its also half restaurant, so anyone can come in and order food, and the other half is free for everyone who is working at the spirit center and a part of building it and making it happen.

Perhaps that’s a model that we can design and get functioning right in the spirit centers, and then duplicate it in mcdonalds all over the world….

What do you think?

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  1. Hello!

    I really like watching/reading what you have to say.
    Through my own journey (that started shortly after December of 2012) what you have said really opened my eyes and helped me find out even more.

    Thanks for everything that you guys do!

      1. Hi guys,
        I’m curious as to what this “click” at the end of last year caused. I can also relate to you guys; let’s be facebook friends and explore more on the subject as a group. My name is Jhonattan Arango -though there are two, my account is the one with the “plus” sign as the profile picture. Let’s get a good discussion going!

  2. If only it could happen! The world of greed and lust for power over others is exhausting! Thank you for your thoughts and sharing them….fight the good fight, live a good life.

  3. You are truly one enlightened being Jordan, I just love the way you express your thoughts through a channel of light, since when I read yours posts I can truly feel you are speaking to my spirit in kindness and love. Thank you for putting out your energy to all of us. May All Beings Be Blessed And Released From suffering. LIFE IS GOOD 🙂

  4. I have been saying this since i was 9 years old. I remember vividly, I walking around Denver with my parents and there was a homeless man sleeping under a tree. I asked “Whats wrong with him?”. My parents proceeded to tell me he was homeless because he was lazy, jobless and didn’t have anything to offer to society. I replied ” Maybe he just hasn’t found it yet.” I remember how they looked at me like it was wrong to feel bad for him. I dont believe anyone is worthless and if there is anything i hate about this society is that it teaches us to be selfish and not to worry about if others share the same quality of life as you do.

    Love your ideas and the vision you see.

  5. Hi, I really like the ideas you came up with in this text, but there is a major flaw everyone seems to be ignoring or surprisingly unaware of, the fact that McDonald’s has been burning down the Amazon rainforest (the “Earth’s lungs” as many people call it) to create space for its cattle and so on… in my opinion that’s much more important than the issue of obesity, which as Zach said in his message to you, is due to people’s own wrong decisions of over-eating at McDonald’s through their freedom. But what Zach doesn’t mention is the freedom of the countless people who lost their homes without consent or any incentives in South America in order to keep consumers happy and allow them to exercise their freedom.

  6. Interesting material to read indeed. Since humanity has some amount of intelligence, we always try to find/create something that works the best for all, then corruption happens. Why? Simply, we can try our best to analyse all the information available, we can make the biggest effort to gain all info, interpret it and make a conclusion, but our brain capacity is limited no matter how genius you are, it is still limited, therefore nobody really can analyse, process, interpret and make conclusions of ALL the information available, information is being created and shared every second, all over the world and in different languages.
    So we think we have all the info and we start building new stuff, like new systems to make everyone happy. It sounds really wonderful, but is still a daydream. We cannot make everyone happy even if we try. Everyone is different and every person has a different goal, some may have good goals some others… not so good. We came into this physical world to gain experience, we live in a mentality of more and less high and low and so on, money is only a counting tool, all the moral we put into it is nothing but the psychological result of our own experience with it.
    Anyway sharing ideas is always good to read/listen/watch, makes you think from another one’s point of view. Good post.

  7. Hey Jordan, big fan of your work and I wanted to digress a little about a certain subject. Do you know, or have heard what a resourced based economy is?

    I truly believe that this is the only way to truly save the world and have total and complete global abundance. The basis of this economy is going to be trading of resources. The essentials in life, Food, water, air and love will be provided in every society. Agriculture will be built up in the air with hydro ponics and aquaponics systems. There is no monetary value only trade between areas/societies. And non-essential items are rented, i.e boats, RV’s, even planes.

    Let me know how you feel about this idea. Many people know about this idea but dont seem to know the steps to get there. I really hope you get back to me on this one i feel it could be essential to a major shift in consciousness.
    -Anthony G

  8. Clicked on the link to read “How to change the world”

    Read this:

    Besides, if there’s one thing i’ve learned from everyone commenting, it’s that if were not pissing someone off, we’re not doing our job right.

    Guess that Charlie fellow really did a hell of a job on you eh?

  9. Hello Jordan. I’ve been following you since I first came across your spirit series in early 2012. I really enjoy what you have been sharing with the world and you have truly inspired me to become better.

    It’s kind of funny, as I was reading the comment that inspired this, I had a lot of the same thoughts that you later expressed in your post. BRAAAAIN WAAAAVEEEE!!~ xD

    Anyways, the thing I would like to add pertains to the money idea. I was inspired by a video a while back (I wish I could remember what it was called) but it goes a little something like this: Let’s teach our children to follow their dreams and answer their higher calling. Everyone will learn to do what they love and give freely of themselves, expecting nothing in return. The beauty is that everyone else will be doing the same thing. I believe this is the natural order. In this scenario, everyone will have their needs met and there will be no need for money or a trade system based off of value. Because when you really think about it, everything has value. Even something as repulsive as shit has value and gives back to the earth in the way of fertilizer, improving the quality of plant life. The reason that communism or any of our current models don’t work is because people are usually stuck doing jobs they hate for just enough to survive on.

    Lets learn to do what we love and have fun doing it while giving back to humanity! 🙂

    1. What if instead of us history we read the book of life the instructions to life and to be that special miracle we all are and to start doing that leaders are those who show the way those who show the people it is possible. I know for sure there are people out there living organic in peace and find themselves very important to this world. I think love is the solution to all our problems

  10. Though I l really like that idea of a world like that, there is one issue with it; who are you to decide what everybody wants? And I mean that in the nicest of ways. Here you are deciding that this is the best option for everyone, hover the way the world is at this moment is the exact way it is supposed to be right now.

    I actually have no doubt in my mind that the way you are describing this here, that’s how it will be some day. But it is not about that end result, it is about the journey going there, and we are on this journey now. People need to awaken at their own pace and we need to let them. So if they choose to eat food that we consider ‘bad’, it is their choice and it is neither good or bad. The only thing we can do is inspire them by making other choices, choices that are more aligned with who we really are.

    The universe is supposed be diverse, with some people making choices that you would never choose for yourself. This is how we get ideas for new things that we aspire (by seeing something you don’t want, you know better what you do want). This way we keep inspiring each other, be it by happy feelings or sad and angry feelings that are being triggered by other people’s choices. Even by the time we are in a place like this, there will always be things that you don’t like, because that is simply how the universe works, it’s the law of opposition. This is how we keep striving for better and wanting more, this is how we keep evolving to bigger expansion. It is an ever expanding universe.

    If we would ever reach an end point; that is when we have truly failed (which is impossible 😉 )

  11. ive been reading a lot on the topics you discuss and i enjoy the levels of intelligence and wisdom it brings.
    a bit conflicting at times but still good food for thought.
    in this topic i saw that “soup” you refered to about combining all the best qualities of how the world is run and meshing them to make something everyone could work with. then referring to nature.
    this also has its conflict, ants/bees live by a queen and a single mind. monkeys and other prime apes live by a matriarch/patriarch system. lions another system of a single high rank leader.
    this article had someone who spoke of “leadership” ending in corruption. i admit thats usually true. but not always. kings, rulers, emperors and even presidents have existed and ruled with out corruption. its not easy by any level to be a leader. sometimes we must make sacrifice and get our hands dirty.
    some may see that as wrong or in fact corrupt…but at what cost did that ruler make
    that choice?
    i defend the few good leaders who did(or might have) ruled in our history whether present or ancient.
    the price of being a leader also comes with the fact that someone somewhere wants your position. this leads me to the ultimate drawback, greed.
    i once watched a movie that had a quote that struck me hard…frustrating yet somewhat enlightening.

    “either you die the hero or live long enough to become the villain”

    i think about that quote a lot.
    greed and sorrow are huge game changers in the hearts of humanity. and its caused the greatest of men fall and become corrupt.
    i admit 95% of the world today don’t like to think beyond what they cant reach or see. being someone who does think beyond my reach i notice the differences every single day.
    but deep down i know that there are “heroes” who have lived and stood strong against the test of time and corruption. whether in myth or fact. they may have lost everything but they remained standing tall.

    before i run off on a tangent ill sum up my thoughts.
    being someone who has spent my life researching and immersing myself in society learning how people think and feel. i have seen that many people want to be lead by a leader.
    they want to know a direction to go, they want to trust that they’re in the right hands of someone guiding them, whether its a divine being or someone close to them like a friend or lover.
    we are animals like everything else if we indeed look to nature than there is always going to be the leader of the pack and the leader will be challenged by a new comer and eventually that new comer will be the next leader as the cycle of life continues.
    the key to the question at hand is with how much of our world functions today how could a leader stand tall and not fall to corruption. especially with all that corrupt influences that actively exist today?
    that i am still trying to figure out myself.
    anyways all food for thought and something we can all ponder upon. sorry if my writing is poor. i dont do this very often(if at all) for some reason i was really driven to speak to everyone on this discussion.

  12. I think the problem is money. Money isn’t real and yet everything everyone needs to survive and be healthy requires money. If the reward for your contribution was appreciation instead of money we would be motivated by appreciation instead of something that is just a placeholder to be abused by those who have a lot of it. If there was no money, no trading, no value to have more of than someone else except appreciation then the only way to get ahead is to do more things that people appreciate. The reward system would be based on people liking you for what you do instead of liking you for what you have and can buy. There are so many people so far behind on money they don’t even feel like there is a reason to do anything because it is unlikely they will ever catch up or even get out of the hole. Try to live on minimum wage… However if there was no power based on money or owning things, anyone could immediately catch up and be equal or working their way to being very appreciated and that may motivate so many who don’t do anything in this system to be very productive while insuring that everyone had shelter, food, water and medicine. If everyone contributed because they like to be appreciated instead of only those who are way ahead of the poor, the average person would only have to contribute a fraction of the time the people trying to stay “ahead” of everyone else does now, and we would have an abundance. Unfortunately many people don’t learn until they are on their deathbed that fancy cars and owning better stuff and having more privileges doesn’t mean anything, and that really all you have when you leave here is what you think about what you did spiritually with your life and how you feel about your contribution to all those around you. If the system was setup to reward for the things like love and contribution, the things that people are most frequently contemplating when their life is over, then so many lives wouldn’t be wasted on the search for having “more”. To do that you need to get rid of the concept of “materialistic more” and instead have motivation that more closely achieves what other life does in their packs (which is only what is good for the species prevails) and make the pack of humans the global group. If having a better car (which is really just being able to prove you have more money) doesn’t bring as much respect as helping your species, then people could still have stuff they want, but they may be more interested in doing more to help others than acquiring something material. It’s not about taking away freedom, it is about creating a system in which people are motivated to do more worthwhile things than desire money.

  13. I have never agreed with everything you have posted and said. However, I will say what you write is very eye opening and deserves consideration. Many of the things may not have set well with me in my spiritual or scientific understanding, but thanks to that I have studied, researched, and grown in my understanding and spirituality. I have only recently started reading your blogs, and I am really excited about the idea of a spirit center. I have two questions. How can people like me contribute to the spirit center? Secondly, whether it is through the flower of life symbol, people overhearing me in conversation, or just running into people at the health food store or book store; I have ran into many spiritual people and fans of spirit science. When I do, it’s like a spiritual oasis in the desert. Have you made a way for people like myself that are awake and/or growing spiritually to meet and discuss ideas? I am not big on forums. It feels very impersonal. Thanks for taking the time to read my comment. _/\_ to anyone that wants email me peace and love.

  14. “Zhen-Shan-Ren” is the Law of the Cosmos

    Spirit Mind Body

    Some of my friends often ask me why I wanted to bring trouble to myself by going back to China, while the government is persecuting Falun Gong. I reply that it is because the Chinese government led by Jiang Zemin is breaking the law. These friends of mine always seem shocked to hear me say that. Could a government actually break the law? The answer is a resounding Yes. There are many different kinds of laws in the human world. There are rules within every family and every workplace. There are local regulations for each province or state, laws for each country, and also international laws. Higher laws override lower laws. Humans set forth all of these laws mentioned above. In addition, there are other laws governing natural phenomena that are not made by humans. These laws are not readily seen, but human beings can discover some of them through observation and experience. The examples of such laws include the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Laws of Newton. At the same time, there are also many natural laws that are unknown to humans. The higher the natural laws, the closer they are to the truth and the more difficult it is to discover them. These laws are much higher than the laws made by men, yet they govern every layer of spatial dimension from top to bottom, all the way down to the human world. In the past several thousand years, human civilization has only been able to advance by studying and summarizing natural laws. Human existence depends on following and obeying them. Anyone who violates these laws is punished. These facts are generally accepted by all human beings.

    The laws made by a wicked government often violate the basic natural laws. Obeying a wicked government’s laws usually means going against the basic morality of mankind and the laws of the universe. Following a government’s laws while violating the universe’s laws will cause far more severe consequences than the other way around. This is because the laws of the universe are closest to the truth. In the 20th century, the best example of the negative effects caused by following a government’s laws rather than the natural laws occurred at Zhumadian in the Chinese province in Henan in 1973. The resulting damage from this occurrence was even more severe than the Chernobyl Incident. The local government at that time ignored the natural laws and ordered for the construction of a large-scale dam in a place where no dam should have been built. Their idea of holding the water back violated the long-standing policy of leading the water which had been set forth in the Dayu era (translator’s note: Dayu was a legendary Chinese ruler who is credited with controlling the effects of the Great Flood). A break in the dam caused the death of 60,000 people in just two short hours. The final fatality count reached over 200,000. The sad reality is that in China, disasters caused by the government’s orders overriding natural and scientific laws are numerous. The most typical example is the “Great Leap Forward” in the 1950s. In an attempt to surpass England and the US in industrial productivity in three years, massive numbers of farmers were ordered to give up farming and turn to steel manufacturing. As a result, many farmlands were abandoned and produced no harvest. In place of the harvest, the fruits of their labor were batches of scrap iron. In the year of 1958, the official county records of Tianshui in the Chinese province of Gansu, one of the areas hit hardest by the resultant famine, reflect instances where people were eating the dead.

    Before the fall of the Berlin Wall, many East Berlin residents attempted to cross the Wall to escape the brutal rule of the Communist Party, which was in violation with the laws of the government. The soldiers assigned to guard the wall obeyed the orders of their superiors and shot and killed a few people who were attempting to make the illegal cross. Nevertheless, These soldiers did not go unpunished. After the fall of the Wall, two soldiers were officially charged with murder. They tried to defend themselves, saying they were simply following the orders of their superiors. The prosecutors responded by saying, ‘There is no justification for murder in any situation!’ The Nazis followed the orders of the third Reich and Hitler to the best of their abilities when they killed millions of Jews in World War II. But because of this, they violated higher laws. While World War II ended long ago, the search for Nazi war criminals continues to this day. No matter where they try to hide themselves, the Israeli people will track them down one by one, and try them in courts of law because they violated the basic morality of humankind.

    Master Li said, ‘beings in the past couldn’t know – and weren’t allowed to know – about the Fa of the cosmos.’ There are many different principles in this world and in this universe. It is possible for a person to follow so-called laws of a country on the surface but violate the higher laws, the natural laws that one could not readily see, including ‘Zhen-Shan-Ren,’ the highest of laws in the cosmos. The Dafa (the Great Law) will not change or waver based on the wishes of a human being.

    Master Li said, ‘No one is worthy of testing the Fa of the cosmos. This is because no matter how high a being’s realm and level in this cosmos, he is still a being within this cosmos, and was created by the Fa. In other words, even his existence was created by this Fa.’ One day while I was trying to figure out the connection between the 64 trigrams of the I-Ching (Book of Changes) and the 64 codons coding for different amino acids, I was suddenly enlightened to the fact that the most basic component of our bodies contains the characteristics of ‘Zhen-Shan-Ren.’ Each codon coding for one amino acid (which makes up protein) contains three nucleotides. In every case, the first nucleotide is usually fixed and unchanging and very accurate, representing ‘truthfulness.’ That is, once this first nucleotide of the codon changes, it represents another amino acid. The second nucleotide connects the first and third, and can be slightly variable, representing ‘compassion.’ The final nucleotide can be highly variable, representing ‘forbearance.’ Going against ‘Zhen-Shan-Ren’ is in essence going against your own foundation for life.

    Furthermore, Jiang Zemin is the sole mastermind behind the persecution against Falun Gong. He is using the dark side of the Chinese people to direct this dark comedy that goes against the best interests of human beings, nature and science. The persecution has nothing to do with the Chinese laws. While persecuting Falun Gong, Jiang Zemin has pushed ignorant masses closer and closer to the edge of an abyss. Since July 22nd of 1999, his dark motives can be clearly seen from the lies that he has fabricated against Falun Gong, including the latest ‘Tiananmen Self-Immolation Event.’

    Using our wisdom to awaken those people who are being deceived by Jiang Zemin is the undeniable responsibility of all the cultivators.

    Cultivation within Fa Rectification

    Our goal is not reaching consummation and flying up into the heavens. We are the basic particles within the Fa-rectification process. Master Li said, ‘What’s most extraordinary about you is that you’re able to keep up with the Fa-rectification.’ I have been enlightened to a brand new meaning of Fa-rectification. The purpose of cultivation is not to reach consummation and fly up into the heavens. Consummation is the result of cultivation within Fa-rectification. Our cultivation becomes meaningful only after the rectification of Fa in the human world and in heavens is complete. Only when a person cultivates herself in the process of Fa-rectification, can she truly achieve the state where she will ‘gain things naturally without pursuing them.’ That is the only way for a practitioner to eliminate the attachment to reaching consummation completely, and become a truly selfless defender of the universe.

    Some of my friends make fun of me by saying, ‘You cannot see or hear anything out of the ordinary, so why are you so devoted and dedicated to Falun Gong?’ I tell them that I have gained a deeper understanding and appreciation for ‘Zhen-Shan-Ren’, the laws of the cosmos, precisely because I could not see or hear anything out of the ordinary. I gained that appreciation and understanding because of the persecution of Falun Gong by Jiang Zemin’s government, because of the ignorant and passive reactions of the Chinese people, and because of the gradual awakening of people from all over the world. The courage and selflessness displayed by the Chinese practitioners when they come forward one by one to protect the Fa helped to bring that appreciation and understanding to an even higher level.

    Once, when I was talking to my family members in China, they told me while weeping, ‘We already know that your teacher is good and Falun Dafa is good. Just forget about your arrest and detention in Shenzhen City. We beg you to please stop causing problems for us.’ I replied, ‘That is something that I definitely can not do. If I listen to you, I would please some members of our family and obey the rules of our family. But I would have broken higher laws because there are so many other people who have the right to hear the truth about Falun Gong. It is a crime for any person who has heard the laws of the cosmos but does nothing to clarify the truth. If you are punished by the Chinese government because of me, then in the future you will be compensated accordingly.’

    The vocabulary of a genuine cultivator contains no such words as ‘suicide’ or ‘self-immolation’.

    Right now, many Chinese practitioners are being brutally beaten for refusing to give up their beliefs. Some practitioners have literally been beaten to death. When the 58-year-old Chen Zixiu was beaten so badly that she was on the verge of death, she did not think of committing suicide. When Zhao Jinhua was enduring tremendous amounts of pain with wounds covering her entire body from being beaten, she did not think of committing suicide. A genuine practitioner will use her last drop of blood to promote ‘Zhen-Shan-Ren.’ She will use her last breath to say that Falun Dafa is good. Her final deed is filled with benevolent thoughts of bringing salvation to the people in the future. In comparison, the act of suicide and self-immolation is so laughable and shameless.

    Whenever I think of how the painful suffering and sacrifices made by the Falun Gong practitioners are bringing the most wonderful new era to the humankind, I feel overwhelmed with joy.

    At the dawn of the new era for the mankind, let us take our final step well on the course of our cultivation within Fa-rectification! Copyright @ 2000-2013 All Rights Reserved

  15. Hello Jordan, it looks like you are getting more focused on what you want to write about! That’s good.

    We know there are two forces in the world. Positive and negative. As you have said yourself, neither are inherently good or bad. Things simply happen, and then we interpret them. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

    If we achieved a society of peace and love, would our children know what negative energy was? Would they know what to do when they encountered it? When you spoke of the Lumarians that was certainly the type of society they were living in until they were intercepted by an outside force. Together they faced a large problem as opposites, but neither won in the end.

    True freedom may exist in the perception of the world. To rise and meet the energy that comes to you, and then to channel it to the proper outlets. Much like martial artists. Think of it of if you were standing on the infinity sign, you would want to be in the middle where all the streams cross. Not on one end or the other, it allows you to live proactively instead of re-actively.

    When you take away the freedom of choice, that is not freedom. People will choose to make unhealthy choices even when surrounded by love, but we have no right to limit their horizon. Just as others have no right to prevent us from making healthy choices. The human brain is a complicated thing, and any society built on the foundation that does not take that into account is destined to crumble.

    What does this mean for you? A lot of things actually, it makes what you want to do more realistic if you keep these things things in mind. Making the world a better place is not out of our hands, it’s something we can channel in to, if we do it right. Maybe start by picking one project that will act as a good foundation for what you want and see if you attract others. Instead of taking away McDonalds, why not start a chain that does serve healthy food? You know a lot of talented people, do you think they would be willing to exchange their knowledge? Make a group for it. Change happens slowly, it has to, otherwise it is frightening to many people. We’re headed in the right direction. Start with something new, revolutionary, if it is truly what people want, they will abandon the old. There will be no battle to fight.

  16. My Understanding of Fa-Rectification – Part 1

    Cultivation Insights

    Author: A Yue Feng

    I am going to discuss my personal understanding of Fa-rectification from three aspects.

    1. Some Ideas about Fa-Rectification

    Teacher says: “What are we rectifying in the Fa? We rectify all that which has deviated from Dafa.” Thus we are straightening out all that is warped and so, it seems to me, Fa-rectification covers a wide-open range and is not limited to any one certain area. Let’s put it this way: To go to appeal and clarify the truth to the Chinese government is only one alternative on our action items list. Meanwhile, shouldn’t we help rectify the Fa in other areas? The reason is as follows. Fa-rectification is not a single or narrow concept. Appealing to the Chinese government to get it to change its position can only yield a shallow gain, since even if it did so the Fa would not be fully rectified. Without rectifying the totality, human beings would still be living in an environment that has mutated and is somewhat warped. That would only be a single piece and not full Fa-rectification.

    Then you may think “What shall I do?” or “All we can do is such and such and other things are out of our reach”. I hope the principle in Teacher’s statement about the correlation between the deviation of human beings and their moral degeneration is clear to all of us. Doesn’t it follow, then, that the warped human beings should gradually return, gradually be rectified, to righteousness during our moral sublimation due to the vast population of cultivators? The answer is definitely yes, per the cosmic principle of Dafa. Its manifestation will be the arrival of New Science. The new genuine science will steadily replace the deviant existing science, because everything in human society changes along with the moral status. As the human moral level goes up and up, it is bound to lead to a revolution in science. This is the Fa-rectification process outside of China. Its importance is as great as, or even greater than Fa-rectification inside China. Its’ being greater is in the sense that there is no political persecution on us here forcing us to do something.

    So what shall we do? Most of us practitioners in North America are in science-related fields. Teacher says: “Later lots of Dafa practitioners will be enlightened and become experts or scholars.” Many people took that as referring to the next life or future generations. But remember Teacher’s saying that he won’t be here next life and that he would finish up everything in Fa-rectification before going away from this world. Therefore, Fa-rectification should be at this time and in all places and not confined to any single sphere, since Teacher says that, in the future, human languages, clothing, science, literature, culture, living situations, and so forth are all going to be different and brand-new. Then shouldn’t we rectify Fa right now in each and every area? Shouldn’t each one of us accomplish something now in our own area of specialty?

    Talking about this may cause headaches in many people: “My line of work doesn’t stand out; it’s not very promising”. Of course, it’s not so easy for something to qualify as “cultivation practice during Fa-rectification”. But according to the cosmic principle of Dafa, the genuine right stuff will show up as the proper result of human beings’ moral sublimation. It seems to be very difficult as long as we are blocked by the outer shell of human concepts. To an everyday person, it is almost unimaginable that our body can be changed/purified in the course of our individual cultivation. The key is to transform one’s thoughts first. The same rule applies to the integrated cultivation of all of us. We all need to transform our thoughts first; then we can make the breakthrough that will change our condition. Only by using this process to become assimilated with the Dafa principle, will we then have wisdom. If we think we can’t or that it’s impossible, then we’ll be stuck there; we are not meeting the requirements of the cosmic law and so do not have the wisdom to break off this “shell”. Only if we forsake those limited thoughts, then we can go on.

    Actually rectifying Fa is to be done under these warped conditions. It’s not up to the gods to act or the Master to wave his hand to change everything. The Gods’ acts are only to symbolize the phenomena of cosmic change, while the solid steps are to be done by humans. This understanding comes to me from Teacher’s saying that we are tied closely to Fa-rectification. If the change is done by the Master’s waving a hand, then we will all be re-created and lose our own identities. Without any exception, every one of us is in the warped environment; all of us are in the midst of mutated modern concepts. Nobody can say that he is a practitioner and so he is out of and above it; so long as we have not reached consummation, every one is in it. Thus, it’s up to us to take action – to forsake the bad things, to transform the mutated thoughts, and to rectify the warped conditions together with fellow practitioners. This is my general idea of the process of Fa-rectification; it is the process of cultivation practice, while Fa is nurturing and establishing us.

    2. Rectifying Fa in Scientific Fields

    “What today’s scientific and technology community has discovered is sufficient to change our present textbooks” (Zhuan Falun). Nobody is systematically compiling such findings and boldly challenging authority. “Humans are drifting with the science so as to keep the status quo for their benefits and positions. Nobody is willing to rock the boat” (“Lectures in United States”). Hearing these words, we are, of course, not to go to extremes. Teacher says: “I am not against science.” But what message do we take from this? In accordance with Teacher’s saying that “Fa-rectification in the universe will not slow down in its progress by humans’ cultivation”, I think that, on the other hand, the changes won’t fail to happen even if you, he, or I can’t conceive of it. During the moral sublimation, new things for human beings should appear; this is per the cosmic principle. Teacher says, in his article “Remaking of Humankind,” that “ The authentic reality will definitely bring about new sciences and new understandings. The Cosmic Law will make its appearance in the world once again.”

    In Lecture One of Zhuan Falun, Teacher talks about pre-historical civilizations with many examples. In his “Lecture at Los Angeles”, he touched upon the concept of Heaven and the origins of oil /seawater /diamond /gold so as to help us break off the shells of ordinary people’s thinking. Then what do we as practitioners realize from these teachings, as well as from his mentioning of the city made of lights, lie detectors, the Bermuda triangle, the Egyptian pyramids, the Moon being man-made and hollow, and the rest? Isn’t Master trying to give us future scientists some hints? We seem to pay little attention to or overlook Teacher’s remark that we will be the pioneers in each area of the future science. Isn’t there some clue as to how to look at other dimensions, when we hear that “a mirage may appear only under foggy conditions”?

    We learn in Zhuan Falun that if we go beyond a single point and look at the whole plane, then we can see the physical existence of another dimension. There has already been some breakthrough to the other dimension. Electromagnetic waves cannot be seen or felt; aren’t they in another dimension? Science has discovered many real examples and laid down some foundation. It’s just nobody has followed up along this new line of thinking. So isn’t it also Fa-rectification in terms of reality?

    When Teacher lectured on the ancient Chinese medicines, he described someone’s using the “Yellow Liquid Drug (YLD)” to pull teeth. The YLD fumes were inhaled in this dimension but traveled in another dimension to the tooth in order to separate it from the gum. Then it seemed very easy to remove the tooth in this dimension. Its theory is similar to that for the Qigong treatment of illnesses. In this dimension, no YLD fumes would be consumed. I am able to and have duplicated this YLD from herbs. Those who have the Celestial Eye may try to take a look at this YLD’s action in the other dimension. And biochemists may perform lab analyses of the YLD. But you cannot have any meaningful results from the lab analyses, because its medicinal effects are represented not only in this dimension but are also tied to another dimension. Ancient Chinese science is multi-dimensional and cross-functional; it is not as simple as modern medicine’s single-dimensional development. Then what’s the hint from this YLD story? I don’t think that Teacher was just chatting with us. The YLD’s theory is totally different than that of the modern but mutated science. Think about it: Can single-dimensional treatments have the same excellent effects as two- or multi-dimensional treatments? Gradual human moral degeneration has caused tighter and tighter closure of dimensions, now down to only a single dimension. According to the Master, the ancient humans had high enough moral standards that the Gods allowed them the manifestation of many truths. But too many good substances are out of bounds for modern human beings and medicines are becoming more and more restricted. A little bit more elaboration on the YLD: from this dimension the YLD seems to be composed of several herbs. Actually this is an illusion because the truth is that the corresponding herbal substances in another dimension are responsible for the effects. Also, the YLD actually works the human body in another dimension, not the body in this dimension. Specifically, the medicine in another dimension causes its effects on the body in another dimension. So the apparently magical effect we see in this dimension is only a surface illusion reflecting events in other dimensions.

    I would like to explain that I am making this YLD not for experimental purposes, not for money, not just to satisfy someone’s curiosity, and not for showing-off. It is for supporting the schedule of Fa-rectification so as to facilitate connecting up future scientists’ thoughts and the new way of thinking. It’s for the purpose of supporting our mutual efforts to help human beings go back to the righteous way of scientific research.

    3. Rectifying Fa in the Warped Environment

    Teacher’s poem “Sailing in the Righteous Fa Boat” goes like this:
    Is it True? Is it Mystical? Shall one cultivate?
    One’s deep in trance and losing awareness.
    Be conscious to get out of this state!

    Those who are members of a religion should reflect on themselves. They already know that cultivating Falun Dafa is good and have started the practice. But some are still blissfully going deep into trance and losing awareness, not really cultivating his/her own main spirit. They should be made aware of this fact. You may think that this is related only to the religious and we have nothing to do with it. Actually we are all in it. This warped Big Religion, Modern Science, controls us all. We have been learning from and educated by it. And we wrongly try to validate Dafa on the basis of modern science. What a mistake! I think that rectifying Fa scientifically is not to use this science for validating Fa. We should not use theories from the mutated science but use Dafa principles to explain our inventions and discoveries. Everything comes from Dafa, including our wisdom. We should not try to polish it by painting it with the warped science. Why don’t we do Fa-rectification straightforwardly and magnificently? We are in a mutated environment. To do Fa-rectification in it we must bind closely with the Dafa at every moment. This is the only way we won’t drift. The Fa-rectifying process is our cultivating process; Fa is in the process of nurturing and establishing us as well. All are one. We are practicing cultivation during Fa-rectification and both are in step. We are closely tied with Fa-rectification and so at its end we’ll reach consummation. (Please notice that this article is only my personal opinion.)

    I can’t afford to stop studying the Fa, because I know that I am in a warped, mutated environment. My thoughts, my mind and body, are all immersed in wickedness. I can hardly do anything righteously. Constant study of Dafa makes me aware of my own degree of being warped or wicked. I try to rectify my thoughts while sensing that no single molecule is good. Like last time when I was trapped in the devil’s cave, I have constantly tried my best to break away from the mounds of mutated trash. Meanwhile, I sensed the high-level Fa-principles and realized many things that should not be shared or communicated to others. Alas! Cultivation is so wonderful: As soon as your thoughts reach the standard, then wisdom will come; if you stay at a lower level, the status quo will never change. It’s as simple and thin as a sheet of paper, so easy to punch through it when you are there. It took me so long to realize that enduring tribulations and risks in the cultivation of righteous Fa ended up with removal of the one very last layer of clothes, figuratively speaking. We shall actively take charge in cultivation and in Fa-rectification. We won’t be misled by the warped things but will transform our thoughts first. When our thoughts match up to the Dafa’s standard, then we will have wisdom. Having no change in status and being wrapped up by the “shells”, we will be far away from our goal, which will seem to be in sight but up in the sky. When it is all finished, we may feel like we are just awaking from a dream separated from reality by a distance as thin as a piece of paper, while twinkling stars are so bright in the heavenly sky.

    Master states in the preface, “Lunyu”, of Zhuan Falun that “In order to explore this domain, humankind must fundamentally change its conventional thinking.” And that “If human beings are able to take a fresh look at themselves as well as the universe and change their rigid mentalities, humankind will make a leap forward. The Buddha Fa enables humankind to understand the immeasurable and boundless world.”

    (Delivered at the New York City Dafa Experience-Sharing Conference on 04/22/2000)

    (Translated from:

  17. Hi Jordan! I just wanted to say thank you so much for this. Not only did you acknowledge my ideas and take the time to comment, but you shared it with everyone! I read through the comments and many people do see flaws in both my and your thinking, but that’s what it’s all about. The first step is awareness. I love playing a part in the role of informing and intriguing people. Once the thoughts are transferred to everyone and the masses are aware, then we can truly make this change. I feel we are getting very close to the next step, which is actually changing the world! Thanks Jordan so much for your love and support and publicizing my blog. I can see a very positive change in everyones future.

  18. Hi Jordan. Big fan of the Spirit Science series. I agree with Anthony, the world you describe is similar to The Venus Project (Resource Based Economy) do check it out

    This is an ultra futuristic world where the use of money is eliminated because scarcity is eliminated. It is a world so technologically and spiritually advanced, that abundance is not a choice, but a way of life. The Earth therefore is a common heritage of all people and everyone has access to goods and services without the use of money. All infrastructure are based on the patterns of nature.

    Though I say this, I still can’t really comprehend the idea that we can live in a world without money!

  19. Sorry if this comes across the wrong way but everything that guy said was bad ideas backwards thinking just in a nice tone. Its like someone smiling rubbing you gently while saying your a horrible person i wish yiud drop dead. Same effect…..mcdonals is garbage and shutting them down would help humans life spans increase thsts a fact. Who cares if people like it were evolving and soon people will like whats healthy what gives thier kives longevity not the opposite. Communism doesnt work but ensururing that everyone has the basic needs at the least will improve society as a whole….I feel like saying duuuuh after all these points bevause every thinking concious person knows it closer to the truth than not. ( in my jordan voice) and last but not least who is he/ she to tell you what you should do jordan? The world needs great not good and conciously moral leaders as examples to follow. Duuuhhhh!!! Its nice of you jordan to submit to the masses once in a while and show your diversity and skills when it comes to reasoning with the yang……you dont have to tell them the people will.

    1. Hello i would just like to say that the taking away of a company shouldn’t ever be necessary when improvement can be made because as you said people will eventually naturally move away from what is bad for them however before that there are those who may still want it even though it is bad for them there are many people who smoke and drink alcohol both of which are bad for your body however removing them entirely would end disastrously in the current world it’s a matter of educating people to the dangers and allowing them to make decisions for themselves so long as those decisions wont hurt others thank you for reading

  20. Wow! It’s really inspiring to hear someone else elaborate on that! You see, I’m an avid gamer and I like to dream about this ideal society of mine especially when I was a kid. Thinking that when I grow up, I want to build or mold a small part of society and see if it’s really possible to bring my ideals into reality. I want to rant more about it but this comment will turn into a novel LOL. But to hear another individual with the same ideals as me and my best friend… I am so glad! There may be some details that are different but the whole essence of it is the same. Thank you for this post! I’ll read this in its entirety and watch the video soon! More power to you. 🙂

  21. Greetings,

    There are so many blocks that seem to appear from outside observers when it comes to changing the world. Many times they will reveal the same response and usually they come from a multiple array of people. It’s fascinating in all actuality. A few things stand out for me when it comes to changing the world. Ok not a few. How about 10? 🙂

    1) When did it become wrong to hold a vision in which feels so natural to come to fruition as we follow the guidance received by God? Regardless of your beliefs when I say God I mean Love because I feel they are one and the same.

    2) Why is there a need to control every aspect of how it is done? I’m not saying to not have a plan or a major goal to achieve. Nor am I saying not to pursue it using all your heart. Instead I’m saying can’t we work on something without the need to feel some type of control of how the creation is being brought into the world? (That’s something that I’m working on myself. ) This may allow us to see the many ways these creations are being brought into our life clearly now instead of having a constant want for grasping at it’s invisible potential.

    3) To learn from the multiple ways history has used when it comes to better aligning ourselves with the most purest of intentions is the best idea we can look into. Finding all of those aspects that failed to benefit humanity equally while using a pervading justice toward peace is where we as a collective consciousness can brainstorm together using mind, body, and soul to understand what was needed then and what is needed now.

    4) Well of course you couldn’t do number 3 if you didn’t have trust toward one another when working together and the only way for us to create that type of trust is by knowing, feeling, and being truth. Which would mean each of us would bring truth to the table for discussion, truth in which we have experienced ourselves, from there we would then find a new relation toward each other, because of the similar concepts that each of us had experienced separately and now are revealing to each other.

    5) Believing is easy when you are going spiritual guru toward the world while leaving the rest of daily living to be left in the dust. But if we were to take a collection of our experiences and use a thorough analysis of them we may be able to find where those experiences helped us strengthen our particular beliefs while also showing us those things that were minimally at best projections of our own wants and desires instead of any type of personal experienced belief. I would hope from there we would have a much better grasp to believe in ourselves because of the experiences we no longer projected, but instead experienced personally.

    6) Some may say hope is worthless, yet without having quotes, songs, books, speeches, movies, blogs, etc….then we would not be here going over the many things our history (meaning all of us) has gotten wrong time and time again so we can finally fix that which has consistently run broken for far to long a time. Talking of hopes and dreams can be one of the most helpful things for any of us anywhere to share with each other.

    7) Education needs an evolution of it’s own, but one in which we can help steer it to fruition instead of us letting go of the wheel. It seems apparent that many people have brought a system into place and quickly let it run itself which is now desperately in need of some helping hands to guide it toward smoother terrain.

    8) If we are here to work together then ego needs to take a backseat. I feel taking the most humble of approaches is going to prove way more beneficial and will achieve the utmost success. When each of us who can see the problems can admit that they don’t have all the answers and that they may make mistakes along the way then we won’t keep our defenses up as we all proceed. This is something that has been reflected throughout history to be very difficult to accomplish. Do this and peace is right around the corner.

    9) Which leads me to the next idea of we are ready. The time isn’t around the corner actually it’s right now. The changes are happening because many of us are aware and ready for them. Solving the issues in this world becomes daunting when we try to fixate on every issue at once. This is that repetitive response thing I mentioned earlier one that seems to come up whenever people want to talk about peace in the world or fixing things.

    10) Gratitude and appreciation for everything that humanity has accomplished so far when it comes to evolving the consciousness, along with all the work people throughout history have put in to making peace not only a possibility but now something inevitable will bring the truth of the situation full circle. Not only will we become more inspired to believe that we are ready for peace, each of us might even come together out of sheer appreciation for the intention alone.

    Some may agree and some may not, but please know that I believe in this intention and from my own personal experience when it comes to this goal, these are a few of the insights that I have gained while looking into bringing peace to the world.

    God Bless

  22. I don’t think the monetary system will change unless we change ourselves. If we remove money, something else will just replace it. It will only be once we have changed as a whole that we will create a new system.

  23. In the topic of freedom and/or spiritualtiy there always comes a time when someone will mention communism. It’s like a dirty word that makes people shake in their boots. What I find crazy about this is that communism, when you break it down, is essentially just sharing. The idea isn’t a bad idea. It has simply been corrupted by bad people.Just because in the past a good idea turned out bad because of bad people, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try it again.

  24. What a great post! Thank you.

    2 things… =)

    1. Have you heard of a resource based economy? Check out The Venus Project…if you haven’t already.

    2. I’ve never seen a more perfect example of how to start a movement than in this video:
    Dare to follow if the path is genuine and strikes you as true, it’s only together that we can achieve great changes.

    (I don’t mean for these to be related…I’m not saying follow Jacque Fresco.. 😉 Although there does seem to be some genuinely lovely ideas within the Venus Project.)

  25. A lot of people are starting and experimenting with new communal living. Not the commune, or new age model, but something completely new based not on democracy (the bully rule) but on consensus. Where everyone would have their private nest to retreat to, have their stuff, and work from if they want. I’ve been toying with the idea myself, to live part time in and experiment to see what works. I envision a location that is beautiful, clean, self sufficient, where devalued arts will be valued, such as crafts, music, art, cooking, and other forms of bringing inspiration and beauty into the physical universe, finances for staff and land requirements to the community, and a broad skill-base where individuals can test their hands at . Where there are no gurus, or dogmatic righteousness. Where we live in harmony with larger society and everyone has a voice, is valued, and can be supported to become empowered, financially independent in their own right and can empower the community.
    Where people join not due to a “need” but to simply share space with others who are also high vibrational, drama free, and self empowered.

  26. [I imagine you’ll appreciate this from a perspective of synchronicity]: 😉
    On the subject of money:

    As a unit of exchange, perhaps it might be more constructive to associate physical currency (financial capital) with an energetic equivalent such as the chakras. Using the same principles of energy flow and blockage in diagramming different forms of capital. It might look something like this:

    Sahasrara: … Spiritual Capital? — (Karma? I don’t know how one would quantify or exchange this exactly, maybe it’s rather an indication of how strong your “signal” or self-awareness to source is?) Hmm, rough start — moving on…

    Ajna: Human Capital — (wisdom/knowledge/literacy) Also rather amorphous in how one would measure this, but it can definitely be exchanged, such as how one can trade time and money for lessons, etc.

    Vishuddha: Cultural Capital — (artworks/performances/ceremonies) The value can be based on mutual values and/or personal ones, yet it’s traded frequently throughout the world.

    Anahata: Social Capital — (social networks/influence/legitimacy) We’re getting better at measuring the quality and quantity of this kind of capital through metrics, etc., and if you’ve ever introduced two people or were introduced yourself, than your social capital just accrued interest! 😀

    Manipura: Material Capital — (tools/resources/food) Can be more confidently measured as it pertains to physical goods, and when traded for other forms of material capital we can call that bartering.

    Swadhisthana: Financial Capital — (money/insurance/stocks) Measured? Check. Exchangeable? Check. Oversimplified? Most likely… 😉 And finally…

    Muladhara: Natural Capital — (land&water/plants&animals/time&labor) Yay, living things that we can measure and trade… like seeds (we’ve always known life has value but our levels of respecting that value have… fluctuated…).

    It’s not perfect (definitions would probably help), but for the sake of brevity this works as a starting point for a chakra-based economic system (if any of this remotely made sense than AWESOME!). Since reading the post and comments, I figured this would be an appropriate place to share. Enjoy, and feel free to suggest improvements, etc. if you found this at all interesting or valuable. 🙂

    -Charlie H

  27. We haven’t yet arrived to that level of understanding that can make us come to grips with the true value of resources, and the true value of human beings.

    Money was invented as a means to evolve from killing each other for resources to >>> using a trading system to get the resources that we wanted. It was already a step ahead. Now we need to take another step: that of understanding how to organize and grow resources and use them wisely, instead of just getting them.

    And It looks pretty easy, but increase the scale to the entire world, and it gets as hard as hell to implement
    A few more generations will need to be educated in that sense until evolution naturally brings us to the next stage.

    Anyway, that’s my 2 cents on the matter,
    Thanks for everything Jordan, your articles remind me to always keep my mind open!!

  28. “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
    To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
    ― Richard Buckminster Fuller

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