Pain, Resistance, and Birth

Okay, i’m working hard on that other blog (part 2 from yesterday) and i’m having a little bit of a hard time with framing it all in a way that makes sense and doesn’t go on for 400 pages, so I thought i’d shift gears for a day to explore something I just read with you.

opposing forces

This is a reflection and combination of two vibrations, one – this previous blog where I basically said “Look, if something is contradictory, there’s a deeper meaning to it that brings the two halves into a whole. Lets not push the contradictions individually, lets bring them together to understand the bigger picture.”

The second – I just finished reading Teals latest blog “Is Pain a Necessary Part of Birth?“, and it actually really got me thinking. I’ve been reading a lot of Teals blogs lately, It’s interesting to have another reference point of awareness to help me see where my own dots aren’t connecting.

Teal mentioned: I’m interested to hear your perspective (the reader) on this subject and on the dichotomous answer I was given.”  – And so, as a reader, and also part-time blogger, here we go!

See, in this latest blog, she described an astral afternoon-tea with a some Spirit’s lounging around a fireplace sipping tea that went into a conversation about Pain, Resistance, and Birth. Teals interpretation of the data described it like this;

birthing“They informed me that all pain is the result of some form of resistance and that if a woman could fully allow herself to give herself over to the process of life moving through her, her tissues would not resist the opening and the child would be birthed without pain.

But then they informed me that the pain Is a necessary part of birth.  I was taken aback and asked them to explain further.  They said that great creations are born of great contrast.  They explained that when a woman is in the extreme amount of pain that occurs with birth, she is deep in the contrast. 

It is a “dramatically accelerated process of creation” whereby the intensity of contrast gives rise to an intensity of creation that is capable of bringing forth a new point of perspective within the universe (a new life).”

As I read that, I saw the dichotomy clearly, both sides of the coin made sense individually. I’ve read of underwater human birthing with dolphins present gives rise to a woman having orgasms when they give birth, rather than excruciating amounts of pain.

After thinking about it for a minute though… It made sense to me. It’s still ONE thing, which in our heads we have separated into two.

All we have to do is look at a guitar string.

guitarstringsWhen you pull on a guitar string, the string resists your pull. It is pulled tight, and so it has a resistance. You create a big contrast, the string where you’ve pulled it, the string where it was, and also the equal distance on the opposite side of the direction that you’ve pulled it.

Upon releasing the string, you create what Teal described very well as “A Dramatically accelerated process of creation”, where the intensity of contrast in the string moving back and forth so rapidly gives rise to an intensity of creation. In this case, soundand perhaps even Music.

The problem with physical birth, is that we’ve got so much stress and so much pain already from growing up, all of the separateness and disconnectedness, the music we make from giving birth is not a happy song, in fact, it doesn’t sound good, or feel good at all. In fact, it’s quite painful to listen to, let alone to play.

Were we in a different state, more loving, more compassionate, if the world was in a harmonious place and everyone loved everyone… well, beautiful, orgasmic births might be  a part of everyday life. We wouldn’t have to get a dolphin in the room every time a baby was born.

I’d like to wrap this up by trying to simplify it, one more step.

I guess what it all comes down to is the understanding of what resistance, and what pain really even are.tension.view

Resistance, pressure, tension, or even stress, is a pulling, pushing, squishing, or stretching, of a thing. This can come from outside you, and it can also come from inside you. Usually, it’s reflected in both.

The pain comes from feeling the pressure, and being in a state of inability to deal with that much pressure at all. A little pressure is fine, and depending on your support structure, a lot of pressure can be fine too, but when we are unable to support the amount of pressure that we’re feeling? . . . You guessed it. The guitar string snaps.


Maybe with the awareness of the pain, we can find out where the resistance actually is coming from, and then we can take action to change it, to put something in place that can actually support the pressure, and that starts with asking some questions.

plantbirthSee, It’s not just physical birthing, but ALL manner of birthing! Every new idea, every strum of a chord, every new job, every new painting, or piece of technology, every new relationship! All of them are “birthings” of a new creation, a new “thing” coming into manifestation. (In fact, Ray and I made a video about it which you can watch here).

Teal wrote at the end of her blog, that because you’re in pain, you are experiencing a contrast of how beautiful and wonderful everything will be. I like it a lot, it sounds great, I also feel that it’s missing a very important piece.

Just because you’re in pain does not mean that you will be magically rewarded and everything will become wonderful, without any action or focused energy and attention.

Being in pain is an indication that there is some resistance or tension or pressure happening in your life, around you, on you, in you. Its an indication that if you want to create something magic, like a beautiful sound, you’ll have to actually do something about it. Maybe it’s changing the strings, or playing them differently, or learning a new song, or even a new

When you do that thing, when you create the contrast of feeling the pain, and doing something about it, back and forth, soon you begin to create a powerful song that is inspiring and uplifting to all those around you.

The only question left is…  what song do you want to play?

We are One,

ps. Thank you to Teal for writing her blog yesterday!

25 thoughts on “Pain, Resistance, and Birth

  1. Woah, this is very deep man. I will admit I am really out of balance at the moment. Even after watching The Grand Misconception >.< . I get an idea for writing, yet the next thing I know the idea "dies"; or I plan to continue a story only to have that "die". I will say, if it is a pain, it is quite an annoying one. However whenever I read your blogs I feel that a large portion of my imbalance starts to return to normal, so than you ^_^, keep it up.

  2. Jordan,
    I admire you and your work, as well as that of those around you! I watch most things I can find on the Spirit Science site, read Phoenix’s blog daily and gave a workshop at Scott Love’s Three Days of Light festival this year. I hoped you might watch my 4 minute video- I have no expectations of you, but any way you could help me spread the message of light that I’m trying to help you and everyone spread… Would be AMAZING!

    Thank you for EVERYTHING,

  3. this has made a lot of sense ive been through a rough year do to my choices and trying to mask my pain. ive come to realize the only true experiance we have on earth is our emotional experiance

  4. Hey Jordan, I like that you have started your own blog. I was originally drawn to spirit science back when it was only ten episodes or less because it was written from your voice. A lot of people were drawn to your energy and what you were saying, soon we were hearing all kinds of different voices at once. I lost interest because it felt like a whirlwind, it had become less humble and more demanding. Less open minded and more ‘this is the reality of things.’

    You offered information and asked people to think for themselves. To come up with their own answers, their own interpretation and apply what they found useful to their lives. So far this has been a little all over the place, but at least in your own voice. Truth rests inside everyone. Spirituality must be balanced with science to apply truth. Some things we cannot prove yet, which is alright, we can work toward exploring it. Maybe it will be right, maybe it will be wrong, but there are no stupid questions. Only when we claim fact to the unknown do we lose possibility.

  5. Pain has helped me see what is truly important in life. When the pain gets so bad I want to end it all, its LOVE that keeps me here.

  6. This is great but, there’s something you are also missing. Pain is not good or bad it is also an indicator (learned by reading this) that some aspect of your life must be changed that does not allign you with your heart, higher self, and the source. It gives you the opportunity to make a change in your life that will make you even happier than before and it will be your choice to accept that change or to not until “the string snaps.”

  7. I have been practicing massage therapy for 23 years, and pain is often involved with the therapy I do. Whether the client is experiencing pain before they show up on my table, or whether they notice pain while receiving massage, seems like I’m always using pain for information. So, I’ve given a lot of thought to ‘what is pain’?

    Simply put, pain is communication. In our modern culture I believe we have lost what evolutionarily we knew, which is, how to listen to our bodies, minds, spirits. There are so many types of pain with loads of subtle nuances. Tuning in and interpreting the messages might be easier than we think.

    Emotional pain is often stuffed, negated, or denied. The system is not designed for that, and so our physical bodies take the load and the tension is transferred, I believe through our connective tissue. I truly believe that each of us is equipped internally to decipher the messages, and make the necessary adjustments. Yes, often you will still need to seek help from other people or tools. Assuming pain is bad and running around trying to find someone or some pill to make it go away is a cultural norm now, and I’d like to see that change. The truth is, we know more about our own pain than anyone. We are, after all, walking, living, breathing bio-feedback machines.

  8. Jordan,

    I love your perceptions and interpretations. Please listen to this song created on the heartbeat of an yet unborn child, welcoming it to take her time and just leave it me and hold on to love.



    1. Ah, thank you for sharing Gerben, that was delightful! 😀

      I have to admit though, I feel a mixed response on the use of the heartbeat sample. When listening for concept, I understand that it’s an indexical representation and brings the song so much more connection and an intimate nature to both the subject and the lyrics. Yet, when listening critically, I find myself focusing on one or the other as opposed to both at the same time together.

  9. Awesome blog post!

    “Just because you’re in pain does not mean that you will be magically rewarded and everything will become wonderful, without any action or focused energy and attention.”
    That’s exactly what I thought yesterday when reading Teal’s blog. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Depressions are like fire, Where every belief burns to the ground, its like a snake shredding it’s skin, it might be painfully, but joust as physical “death” might be uncomfortable , so is the tearing down of egos belifes, no belief is true. but instead of looking that unarguable fact in the face the spiritual community rather hit the snooze button and go back to sleep where everything is num and cozy, instead of the uncomfortable thing of waking up,
    Many people know not to be caught in hell but few know not to be caught in heaven, reality is not going from here to there, but when there comes here.
    I guess the point of the dream is dreaming, not wake up, you might have a bad dream and you might have a good one, where everybody merge with spirals and unity consciousness or what ever sound grand and blissful (life’s only purpose is not to joust copy a big buzz, i mean come on!)!), its still a dream, its all a dream. you’re hart is the most effective prison cell invented in this universe, I like it joust as much as the next guy, but its no more real then the things “I don’t like”
    You don’t show you’re fist at an storm for its destructive elements, you all probably laugh when kids those such behavior, in the same way I look at self supposed gurus when talking about this manner.
    A storm is one of the most creative process in nature, maybe the storm in you is to!
    Hope this post isnt abusive in any way, nobody likes to have their beliefs fucked with I know, i wanted to share this obvious truth, and it will be the truth here on earth, in any dimension or at the buddhic plane if you will
    You exist, the rest of it is belife and preferences,

    With respect and Love!

  11. I am 38 weeks pregnant, and throughout the whole process of growing a human i have thought how am i able to transecend the suffering of birth. The gods of procreation told me the same thing that resistance is what will be happening, it is my job to surrender and not fight; allow my body to open fully to physical form of life passing through me. If any of you are interested watch the documentary “the business of being born” and “orgasmic birth”…. it’s not the dolphin that makes the birth orgasmic, its the complete surrender to the resistance that feels great. I can’t wait to experience this and i am so grateful to be a woman this lifetime.

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