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sbPuzzledProblem Solving is probably one of the biggest challenges we face today as a species, both individually, and working with groups.

I think one of the reasons why is because in the typical system (as imposed by our democratic way of doing things) we work by a “Tell me what to do” model, where one person is the boss and the other person is the employee. I wrote about it briefly in this blog from last week.

The problem is that when we do it this way, we eliminate free thought to take place,

I saw some comments or some vibe in the first few weeks of this blog  emerging from the depths of my mind which felt sort of like… “Hey, this message is different than before. You used to say think for yourself, and now you’re saying Truth is Truth”. because we turn off our own input of awareness in favor of someone else’s.

And the truth is, i’m saying both, and i’d like to take some time to explore what those things mean.

I’d like to start by addressing the fear that my message may sound like i’m telling you what to think or believe. You should follow what’s in your heart and explore and grow exactly how you want to grow.

sharedawarenessJust as important, we all need to practice cultivating a shared awareness with each other, and coming to a space of seeing and awareness about what is in any moment.

Remember how just above I mentioned turning off your awareness in favor of someone else’s, and how that’s broken? Well, I believe i know a fix for it.

When you hear something, or read something from someone else… Test it against your own awareness and understanding. Sometimes, it’ll be something you just get instantly, like snapping your fingers, you understand what someone is saying, and there is a strong resonation.

Other times however, you might find yourself feeling contradictory, or as if what someone saying is not lining up with what you believe. You may even feel that way about  the stuff you’re reading from me. That’s great, and I welcome that feeling of disconnectedness.

Usually what happens when someone feels that way is they just make a snap decision to fundamentally disagree with the input, and subsequently the person they are sharing in communicating with. If there is no space to ask questions, and really test the ideas thoroughly… there can be no growth.

It’s a little harder to do in a blog-type environment, because it’s a very one-way communication. Despite the comments, this website is still my domain 🙂 These are all just my thoughts and perspective, or rather, my awareness about these thoughts and perspectives that i’ve come to or have been shown…

And one powerful lesson for me is that… Truth is Truth. In fact, here’s a blog about it 🙂

Truth is the actual representation of what a vibration is and means. If you and I see some grass, we can look at it together and say “It’s grass”. It just is, we don’t have to exaggerate or lie or tell stories about the grass to defend our viewpoints, it can simply be grass and we can have a shared awareness about it.

It’s like… sometimes you hear people say “I believe what is true for me personally”, and usually that is said as a defense for “I will make sure I get what I want, regardless of if it’s the right thing to do.” 


In the heart, all things are One.

It’s the mind that makes up the stories and the lies about it usually out of fear or trying to defend something that makes one feel powerful, but in the heart, everything is One. And so coming from a space of shared awareness in your Heart is coming into alignment with everything as it is, and coming in alignment with everyone and everything around you in the purest and truest way.

If everyone was in their heart all around you, there would be no need for secrets, because everyone would just get it, they wouldn’t have to hide because everyone would be supportive and loving.


I feel like asking.. what is the purpose of thinking? Why do we think?

If we think to share our thoughts, feelings and ideas with everyone, so that everyone can be the reflection that refines our awareness of what is to encompass everyone and everything and then everyone can have everything, then we really are thinking for everyone! And if we can think for everyone… well, there simply ceases to be any more separateness.

What does it mean to think for someone else?


These are Playstations all co-processing data together for the air force. It’s pretty cool, imagine what kind of power people could have if we all put our focus and energy onto one singular idea. It’s like group meditation taken to the next level!

What if it’s not to imply that you have to figure out things so that they don’t have to, but that you can co-process data together. You can think together. If you are having a problem, wouldn’t it be great to have a friend who can help you solve it with you?

Likewise, if a friend is having a problem, or needs something figured out and is having a hard time, wouldn’t it be a great feeling to be able to support them by lending them some time, effort, and energy on your part to make their day better?

See, it’s really not all that complicated, we just need to take a step back and breathe.

Who are you thinking for, and why?

14 thoughts on “Solving Problems

  1. I think we “think” (ha!) because as humans we are curious and social creatures. Because of our personalities / life experiences / cultural norms, some of us approach thinking in very different ways. Sometimes it’s hard to wrap my mind around the concept of thought on a global perspective, so this was a very intriguing post for me to read. Maybe we are all interconnected, like the monkeys learning the new skills on the island and then magically it seems all monkeys in the area/ mainland learned the same skill without connection. It would be amazing to learn someday how (because I believe it’s true) human minds are interconnected through thought and spiritual manifestation. Anyway, I’ve even a huge fan of your work for almost a year now. I can definitely say your writing and work in Spirit Science has shifted the way I see things in a beautiful and fantastic way. I have spent a lot of time encouraging others to open their minds to new possibilities, and maybe sneak a few crystals in their back pockets while I’m at it 🙂 so thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You are the catalist for our generation in spiritual expansion.

  2. Love this, wrote something similar on my blog a few days ago. I believe we “think” the way we do so we can manifest those thoughts in our lives. If more than one person wishes to manifest the same thing well, two is better than one and it becomes easier for those things to manifest in their reality. I think that’s why some people try to make others believe as they do. For example, my aunt tries to sway me to go to church, not because she is concerned with my well being, but because she wants others to support her belief so she can manifest these beliefs with others. She longs for shared awareness with others who share her view point, even those who don’t share her view point. That could also be why we group up so easily, like in high school. lol.

  3. What excites me it to know that “Truth” can never be altered it is pure reality, pure imagination, pure emotion, intelligence and the absolute of what is. That being said our perceptions as human beings are limited by beliefs, ideas, theories, myths and stories all fit and packaged within our personal awareness and understanding. Science is becoming so much more exciting presently as we delve further into the unseen mystery of the fabric of all existence. Science, religion and the arts are uniting incredibly well presently and our collective understanding of our selves and all our surroundings is genuinely changing. That is to say our perception is changing the “Truth” has never changed and never will however how we influence the future does have a very important part to play for the future of life as we know it. There is a permanent record of of all reality found in the womb of “LIT” life its self. This absolute is permanently etched in the record of existence and the ability to tap into it and read it’s record is something that I believe is to come to the future generations of humanity. Presently, prophets, psychics, fantasy writers, dreamers and mystics and such possibly do tap into this record however that is very debatable and for certain there is indeed a lot of fraud found within these disciplines. In my opinion in the purest of the meaning of Truth there is only One and yet “Truth” can never be changed however the action of blending Truth with LOVE can change from within each soul and it is my understanding that the greatest power in existence is “LOVE” however to understand LOVE is to understand life perfectly and within our short physical presence on Earth it appears few if any actually live in Harmony with LOVE and yet all of us our bound by Truth. If one wishes to free their own souls from the lies, confusion, chaos of our present existence One must go deep within their own souls and find that place of Perfection where the reality of who you are and what is your purpose is perfectly established and is guiding us all through this human experience. That is the plain old truth as I see it. I have been following you Jordan for several years and i thank you for all the excellent work you have done and the big risks you have taken in order to put your views out there in the Web for us to enjoy and educate ourselves.

  4. This is something I’m still working through. To feel so much compassion and love for others while allowing that intention to overcrowd the person you are feeling a need to help is what I’m working on. It’s one thing to know what you feel can help them, but if they can’t see that vision then there might be instead a sever resistance to said advice. I do believe however that if I know what is true and have experienced that truth for myself then all I really need to do is continue pursuing such truth and in the course of doing that the people who I love will begin to find answers within their own lives and if I’m blessed enough then they may come to me to help them out. It’s not a matter of me knowing better then others, instead it’s more about me not knowing the others well enough which makes me feel the need to interject with my own understanding. That’s not fair and that as I said at the beginning of this comment is what I’m working on currently. Thank you for giving me the courage and platform to share this thought that I was thinking with you and your extended family who peruse your blog thoughts.

    God Bless

  5. hey! just need to spread some negativity to balance up all the positive replies:
    exactly what are you trying to say here? I’ve read the post twice, but still find it rather confusing. probably because it’s somewhat hastily written and seems to make things more complicated than they need to be. I mean if the question this post is really about is “HOW TO SOLVE PROBLEMS?” and the answer is “BY SHARING THEM WITH YOUR FRIENDS”, then most of the content is unnecessary. and what if you don’t have any friends? or if your friends are stupid, negative a**holes and you really don’t know how to get new friends that aren’t stupid, negative a**holes? also, the answer does not shed very much light on how to tackle any of the big issues in life that everyone seems to struggle with. just saying. otherwise, keep up the good work! peace love &… something. i forgot what.

    1. I beleive the way the blogs subject matter is put is to actually make you think. Everyone wants knowledge spoon fed to them nowadays or like jordan said to be told what to think. He asks the right questions which should help get the gears moving in the right direction for you. Next ask yourself those questions and see what you come up with. Point well taken.

    2. Hey Superdude! To be honest I read your post twice though and I’m finding it a little confusing, I think because it seems a little hastily written. If the questions is “What are you trying to say here?” and “What if your friends are jerks?” then most of the content here is unnecessary.

      I guess my answer to you is 1) Lets create a shared awareness with each other and develop powerful intimate relationships with each other to solve our problems together, rather than trying to constantly do everything as an island.

      and 2) Find some better friends?

      1. hi Jordan! thanks for the reply! I was actually really impressed you took the time to answer me. really appreciate it, man 🙂 thought I’d just clarify a few things for you, if I was being unclear before.

        I started checking out spirit science and similar stuff in 2012, because I actually thought something was about to happen that year. so did my parents. in retrospect, I see these feelings were just telling me that my life needed a change, and not that the change was coming, as I was quite depressed without even realizing it myself. I continued hoping even after 2012 had passed, and somewhat sadly, still do. but in june this year it all got to be a little bit too much for me. so, believing that I had done something wrong, since this change I wanted so bad never really happened, I went mad and jumped from a forth floor window, breaking my back, among other things. two months later my mother died. and during this period, several of my friends also attempted suicide (two succeeded), one of them got cancer (and has tried to commit suicide twice since). oh, and I almost forgot, my grandmother got cancer as well. so, of course I’m trying to solve a personal issues here, searching the web for some advice. and I do like your stuff, so I was hoping for at least a little bit of enlightenment.
        (BTW, I’m also seeing a psychiatrist, so no need to recommend that. come to think of it, I met with her as recently as this morning. a really nice visit. during which she tried to get me on medication for schizophrenics, which she thought would be beneficial for me, as I complained about sleeping problems, depression, and told her I had stopped drinking and smoking (tobacco that is), hoping it would lift my spirits and help me get through this rough patch. obviously these are really strong indicators for being schizophrenic, and not of depression – my bad – so I probably should go ahead and chemically lobotomize myself.)

        1) ok, so you want a powerful, intimate relationship with me? cool, bro. I’d actually really like that. I could also use some advice. most of my friends, as I wrote above, have ended up depressed alcoholics, or are having problems with drugs. so that would be really nice, even if it was just via the internet. plus, you seem like a really nice upbeat person, and have an interesting perspective on things.

        2) I’m really trying to get new friends, which I’ve learnt isn’t as easy as when you were a child. but I still don’t want to give up hope in my friends struggling with addiction, brain damage/epilepsy as the result of it, and depression caused by unemployment/feelings of not fitting in with society, though they probably aren’t going to be the best help for me right now, and in many ways are a**holes that don’t seem to care about anything.

        sorry if it got a bit personal, and I really don’t mean to offend you. as I said before, I like your writing. and I’m happy for your reply. it’s just that I ‘m kind of angry right now. mostly at my psychiatrist. and a little bit at the rest of this unbalanced mess of a world as well.

        my best wishes,

  6. Spirit Science is one of my all time favorite creations. My life goal is taking the truths and understanding I have grasped and being a particle in the ever growing wave that has been rippling through our generation, spreading spiritual awakenings. I’m driven to not just keep that knowledge for my own development and transcendence but to me it is of vital importance to make an impact, even if its small scale, on the awareness humans can gain as a spiritual beings, that feeding the spirit through balance of the mental, physical and spiritual is THE way of life, if one is ignored we are array. I have a need, more than a want, but a life purpose feeling to purge what I understand, releasing it into my environment. No matter where people are on their individual path I know I can assist, from introducing someone to the very idea that they are a spiritual being to guiding an already developing being to greater transcendence. What I fell in love with was how comprehensive Spirit Science taught each subject. I get easily overwhelmed, seeing clearer in a big picture perspective and finding it difficult to break these subjects down into portions the majority can swallow. Once I found the connection to everything as One, it became hard to express or teach one without the other. I first learned by a Reiki master who recognized me as an Empath and helped me transform the sadness of the world I was sponging in and taking on into becoming a protected vessel that could manipulate energy I so easily tap into, and healing pain, blocks, and closed life force. I am finally creating the collective I’ve mused over for too long but am so quickly overwhelmed. My dream is to attain a center where people can receive coaching individual to who and where they are, and find those services all under the same roof. From classes to discussions to energy healing, guided meditation, yoga, astrology, etc. I am beginning online rather than feeling the weight that guilts me when I do not feel as if I am doing my job. So until a space is manifest, I am going to do everything within my current reach, online or local, on call. I have a tendency to critique myself harshly and set very high standards on myself, not others, which is taking me longer to get the first step out there (the website). I have met so many people that fit into my vision and are enthusiastic about this mission but what I need to figure out is getting past the paralysis and getting it out there. I’ve been filling notebooks with ideas and draft after draft of how I’ll organize the site and what to integrate. I do have fears of not succeeding in my visual, I am hoping the site will be a step ladder toward the growth that will make my big plan goal possible. Spirit Science is beautiful in every way. Can you offer any advice?

  7. Its like you read my thoughts! You seem to know so much about this, like you wrote the guide in it or something. I feel that you simply can do with a few % to power the message house a little bit, however instead of that, that is excellent blog. An excellent read. I will definitely be back.

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