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I want to write about something sciencey, something exciting that is going to change the way our world works!

The only thing that comes to mind right off the top of my head is the topic of the new Spirit Science video, which, at the time of writing this i’m still working on it… It’s taking a really long time, and is a VERY big video.. almost 17 minutes.

I’ve had a really hard time putting this one together, in fact, it’s been part of the reason there hasn’t been a lot of spirit science videos this year. I’ll write more about Spirit Science later and what i’m trying to create with it, but in the mean time:

The topic of the video is “The God Particles”. It’s plural because I believe there are more than one… In fact, when you really map it out, there are 3. One is Male, One is Female, and One happens when the Male and Female come together in union.

As you can probably guess, one of them is the Vesica Pisces 😉

In modern sciencecollider, last year we had a discovery emerge from those brilliant souls working at CERN’s SuperCollider, in which they declared that the supercollider had detected the Higgs Boson, the particle they were all looking for for years.

In all of the Hype of the Higgs Boson, scientists were very excited to find what they described as “The God Particle”, which was supposed to provide all kinds of new information about how the universe works, and perhaps opened up some new information  and understanding to what Gravity is, among other aspects of reality that we’re still having trouble grasping.

Well.. they found it… but it didn’t really open a whole lot of doors. In a way, it was kind of a let down. Even Steven Hawking said that he wished they didn’t find the Higgs Boson, because it made science less exciting.


Finding the Boson took all of the magic out of the discovery, and it was “just another particle“, rather than “the great secret particle that unlocks the secrets of the universe.”

Because of that reason, among others, I believe that the Higgs Boson was not the God Particle. We really wanted it to be the Higgs Boson… we put a lot of stake in that being “the God Particle”... Turns out we have to turn our search elsewhere, perhaps we need some new information, perhaps we need to ask some new questions, to help explain these questions that have gone unanswered.

patchparticlesThat’s what this new Spirit Science is about. I believe that the “God Particle” is not a matter of size. It’s not a “Smallest Particle” so to speak, but more along the lines of a “Simplest Shape.”

A geometry so simple that ALL of the other geometries in existence build themselves based off of these simple forms. We already know about one of them, the Sphere. It’s so simple that it doesn’t even have edges, or points.

Beyond that though, the next “simplest geometry” modern science conceives is the Tetrahedron, ringing in at 6 points, 6 edges, and 4 faces.


In between the Sphere and the Tetrahedron there is a lot of room for simplification, and if we can describe the shapes in between all of them, from the Sphere to the Tetrahedron, we can demonstrate how the universe fits together from its most basic building blocks, and use the awareness and understanding of it to change the world.

I could just show you pictures of it right now, though i’m a little hesitant to because it takes a little bit of the magic out of the video that i’ve been working so hard on 😛 In the mean time however, I WILL say that it’s a geometry that has both particles, and waves, in a single form.

Wave-Particle Duality no more! 

Stay tuned for the new Spirit Science episode 😀 I’m pushing to try and get it out on December 21st… a fitting date, and it’s going to blow this whole thing wide open!

Jordan out!


33 thoughts on “Something Sciencey…

  1. If I remember correctly, Art and Science come from the root words “ars” (to combine) and “sci” (to separate).

    With regards to the CERN and their particle pursuits, this seems to fit nicely into Spirit Science as there are times when you zoom in on individual concepts, and then other times when you zoom out to discover synchronicities of source.

    Like a kaleidoscope, no many how many times you revisit a concept, it is always new because your perspective changes with each turn. 😉

  2. Excitement! No other words to describe it =D

    Can’t wait for this new video. Although it will come in Dec 21st, I’ll only be able to watch on 22nd, which is my b-day… so, it’s also a fitting gift from you haha.


  3. mystery, mystery schools, yods, some have thought about these in many ways I just like to think it is the mystery witnessing itself. once again we will be waiting to see the awesomeness that is spirit science along with jordans hard work turning into excellence in motion.

  4. The problem as I see it with the CERN doomahicky is that it is rooted in materialist science, or the science of matter over energy rather than that of energy over matter. Build a bigger reactor and they will find smaller particles. Anybody who has played with explosives knows that the larger the bang the smaller the bits and pieces left over.
    The real key is as you say geometry and I just read somewhere..lets see if I can find it….here it is, this might be of interest to you.
    it is the discovery of geometry defining particles.

  5. I kinda sucks, everyone is all excited on the journey to find a new particle, put alot of time and a crap load of money in to research. Then we find a new particle that has physics on its head, yet most scientist are unsatisfied, and only a few handful are excited. *sigh* I don’t need to know how important a certain particle is (even thought the Higgs is super cool) I know in my heart that everything is important and connected, we are all made from the same thing Energy. ^_^

  6. Jordan I don’t know if you will ever read this but 2 years a go I came across spirit science and seen your life I set out to go on my own Spirit Quest! And after things started to get better and he rama so much better. One video has transformed my life with my heart beating and a tear in my eye I say thank you!

  7. A friend of mine shared your post on facebook, and I’m just wondering where you’re coming from. Do you know much about physics or chemistry? Because everything you wrote above sounds like sheer speculation and appears to me completely out of touch with reality. But it is imaginative and poetic, which is nice.
    I say these things not as a challenge or insult, but out of real curiosity. I am a science student and honestly what I read a moment ago seemed like gibberish.

  8. Your blogs are a pleasure to read. You combine substance with playfulness in a beautiful way. I’m sure a lot of people are learning a lot of concepts they never thought they’d be interested in. Thank you!

  9. I look forward to with great anticipation Any and all new Spirit Science eps ; this one you are alluding to certainly has my interests peaked. Keep up the Awesome work 🙂

  10. You have sparked a thirst to know more, I have always sort after knowledge wherever I can, you have made things a lot more interesting… Growing up in South Africa, my only joy as a child was reading encyclopaedias, basic education tends to want all man to conform, I choose never to be a drone… Spirit science has opened up a new gate way of thinking,limitless possibilities, practial applications… Keep up the good work Jordan 21st december let’s See what u got! Looking 4ward

  11. Me and my boyfriend are the mortal incarnation of yin soul and yan soul. Yahweh and lucifer, and yan wants to blend. It happens on the 21, so you guys get to see what is happening to me and his energies on the day it happens.

    Stay tuned because we aren’t even close to the crescendo. Just wait until we talk about the exterior threat that this is all stemming from and why this shift is needed to survive.

    The soul of Ohm

  12. yep I was waiting from many days for new video, awesome.
    I got eBooks on sacred geometry, pyramids and all these type of things.
    Its just a matter that I haven’t started reading them. But soon I will because I know it will help me in my Mech. Engineering.
    Have wonderful day.
    Namaste 🙂

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