The Author and the Character

This is sort of a thought experiment that I wrote a while back in response to something on Facebook… it was something about how you create your own reality, and you chose everything that happened in your life, even the bad stuff like when you were attacked or what have you.

I didn’t like that… so i thought I would explore it with a dialogue about Spirit, and Body.

An interpretation of what is, based on the awareness of the Author, brought up through the character Raymond, in a discussion with the character Jordan, which is then read by you.

We’ll leave the Reader out of this one for now… I want to think about it more, because I hadn’t thought about it until Marie brought it up.

…Get ready for a doozy.

(but if you can make it all the way through, you totally win!)

~ ~ ~

You see, the Author writes the story. Not the character. The character simply lives it, or is it…perhaps.


It is William Shakespeare (Billy Wigglestick lol) that tells Macbeth what to do, as well as how and what he feels. It is also Shakespeare who decides who Macbeth interacts with, that’s not Macbeths call.

Such is the nature of Spirit, and the Ego.

The Ego, the Character – is a creation of Spirit, the Author. The Author of the story is what you might know as the field of Unity Consciousness. What string theory calls “The Unified Field”, and what is in the Heart of the Universe itself.

It is the One. The One that we all Are. The One that we are all striving to become.

This field is aware, and it is All encompassing. When I say All, I mean All. Everything that is and was and will be is a part of this field. It is infinitely large, and infinitely small.

It is Us. It is You, and it is I.

Everything is connected. 


Amazing Painting by my friend Tina! Click the pic to see more!

Now, as this field manifests, whole and complete, there is a particular creation that is drawing our attention. This is why we are talking about it today, why this character named Jordan is even writing about it in the first place.

We have created a separation from the Ego (Our physical manifestations and all of the mental and emotional programs and relationships we have developed based off of our understanding of the World we live in, with a very limited capacity for information storage (i.e. Our Developing Brains)), and Spirit.

I know that was a mouthful, so again but in short: We have created a separation between Ego and Spirit. We have blurred of the lines of which is which.

The Character has come to believe that it is the Author, while other Characters believe the Author is separate from them.

Both of these are the male and female problems we are facing. It is the cause of all major Religions, and the pacification of the people of the world. The man claiming to be God, without the Awareness of the One to back it up with their actions.

~ ~ ~ ~

I want to give you some examples of these two problems in action.

prayer1Ex.) How we write stories that the Author is separate from the Character.  You can see it when people pray to God for salvation, or when they blame God for the happenings in their life. God becomes a separate entity outside of you, and you are subject to the will of those outside of you, willing or not. 

~ ~ ~

An example of the other side of the coin – the Character believing they are the Author.. this is a story we sometimes have trouble seeing, and get very defensive about when someone calls them out.

My first thought is like in Bioshock, where this man creates a whole underwater city where there is only MAN AND SCIENCE!! Man claims rule over all reality, but ends up destroying everything and making a huge mess because there was no Spirit, no Love. Instead, just mindless destruction and power that drove everyone insane.


But that’s a slightly twisted example… So here’s an even more twisted one.


ugh… the vibe of this pic is awful. Even if it was someones fault, is this really any way to make someone feel okay about it to grow from the experience?

Have you ever seen someone online (or even in person) tell you that everything you’ve ever experienced was your fault?

I mean, lets say someone was raped, or tortured, or their baby was kidnapped. Some REALLY horrible experience. That would be rather traumatic for that person right? Yes, it is traumatic for the character. But is it their fault? Were they the cause?

We have to recognize that the character did not choose to get raped and have a miserable life. The character did not want to experience their baby being taken from them. I’m pretty sure the Jews didn’t want Hitler to take power either, at least they certainly wouldn’t have if they knew what he had planned for them.

Telling someone that it’s their fault something bad happened to them is saying that the people who were in the world trade center were responsible for the planes that hit them.

I’m sorry, i’m not buying it.


Sure, those people in the building were CONNECTED to the whole vibration, and connected to the politics and money laundering and terrorist activities, simply because they were a part of everything that was happening, just as much as you or I was. That doesn’t mean that they (the individual) is responsible for it happening in the first place.

(That is… unless the entire experience was secretly planned and executed by a man inside the WTC buildings and just wanted to see what it would be like to hit himself in the face with a plane…. but that seems unreasonable.)

You are certainly responsible for what you do next.

In the ideal world, you, the Character, would be acting from a space of the Author of your life. That Awareness from the Author is the knowing and seeing of your infinite connection to everything, and recognizing all of the patterns and connections for what they Are. Thus, you would be As God, and act like Him.


But what does it all MEAN?! It certainly means something.

However, we are without that complete awareness, and so most of the time we are acting from a space of the Character, without Knowing or Seeing the Meaning and Connections within every vibration, every circumstance of life.

We are left to interpret or wonder what the signs in our life mean, often making up meanings which are not relevant to what truly IS (your own subjective truth?), and only going with that idea because it gets you what you [think you] want.

Sometimes, this looks like “Someone else has to lose something, in order for me to gain something.”. which is fundamentally broken from its core.

Everyone can have Everything they want.

You are OF God.

You contain All of God within you.

But you are not All of it.

Be Humble.

The way to shift this vibration is with humility. When someone is feeling down, instead of blaming them for their suffering, put your hand on their back. “I hear you brother”, “i feel you sister”, “I see what you’re going through”.

If someone is feeling down, it is NOT the time to kick them, and even if it feels like you’re helping, if you’re putting the weight back on them, it’s not supportive. It pushes responsibility away from you to act as someones support structure.


People need more examples of what it looks like to be loving.

Be the loving example for those you care about. Be a powerful instrument in their lives for transformation and well being. Don’t beat them over the head with a new-age stick, it doesn’t help anyone.

We are One,

35 thoughts on “The Author and the Character

  1. Thank you, as you keep inspiring us to just be our selves, a bigger reflection of you shines brighter and brighter. I am soo glad I chose to come in this time, and am grateful for this wave of change which is a result of our personal work. Hope to cross visual paths one day but rest assure that I know we are already together. With Loving energy, Chris. 🙂

  2. You are amazing! Ever since I discovered you on Youtube, my eyes have been opened and my life is now full of light, love and happiness. It’s nice to see some hope in humanity! Keep doing the good work!

    Much love from Norway <3

  3. Good Interpretation. I feel So much resonance with this Post.
    And I have my own Point of view of what is happening inside our heads.
    Total desconnection from source all the time.
    And we can go back to Source while Meditating.
    And Being Aware of People like if they were other Energies like us.
    A community of Brothers and Sisters with common sense and common Purpose.
    Which is LOVE. (The Frequency of Universal Geometry) (The Main Pattern of the Etire Universe) We have to open our Eyes to other different dimenssions.
    Namaste Jordan.

  4. Jordan, this is an awesome blog with very powerful thoughts. All your spirit science vids have been amazing to watch. Thanks. Love & Light.

  5. it’s wonderful that you exist, and take the time to bring up these existential conundrums. you are a Source of inspiration.

    however, in your post, you only identify two aspects of the incarnated human being, the ego, which is the subconscious portion of an incarnated human, and The All That Is.
    but we are so much more. we are multi-dimensional holographic representations of the One. individual but connected, a spark of the Divine Flame.

    we exist much like the russian dolls, the carved wooden dolls that are nested, one inside the other, from smallest to the largest. since we are third density beings [ sometimes fourth density, depends upon your state of being and awareness- we are still bouncing back and forth right now ] we are one of the smallest of russian dolls.

    there are a few other levels of our Being that are ‘higher’ up. you’ve heard of the Higher Self and/or the Soul. those are just two references to the greater portion of our Self.

    but for your question posed above, “are we responsible for all of the creations of our lives, even the ‘bad’ stuff?” – i have to say that we decide at a higher level what to live through. some of it is karmic, some of it is just pure growth challenges at a Soul level.
    so yes, we do create our reality.

    but you’re looking at this through the eyes of duality- yet to the Soul there is no good or bad- it all just IS- everything is experience, soul growth, to live through while incarnate.

    if you believe there is a good way to die and a bad way to die, that’s polarity consciousness. it doesn’t matter to the Soul, because as a Being who has re-incarnated hundreds or thousands of times, you would have died in almost every conceivable way.

    so no good, no bad. if you go there, then you believe in victim consciousness, and there are no victims either. all greater actions betweens individuals have been agreed upon prior to incarnation. so your parents, siblings, major players, all agreed upon for maximum growth potential, or by karmic debt/credit.

    and it’s all happening NOW, all of those thousands of lives- because there really is no time, we break it down this way to appear as if we are living moment to moment, for greater possibility of growth.

    and then there’s Free Will, if aware enough, you chose your reality- you become Conscious, and start to create your life with awareness and intention. you can pull yourself off a pre-chosen life path [ timeline ], and begin to create and manifest consciously. like the God that you are…

    please notice i did not say pre-destined. that is different- it is the Free Will aspect that allows us to create freely if we so choose.

    okay, enuf. there’s sooo much more. huge major concepts in a tiny blog space.

    many thanks to you for even broaching this subject. and for the millions of awesome things you’ve done to date. and are doing. and will do… you little holographic manifestation of God, you!

    much love to you!!

    1. Jordan, I’m so glad that you have a blog! Lovin’ it. I tell everyone interested in conscious evolution about you and Spirit Science right away, and recommend it on my website too!

      Robb, that was so well said! Do you write? I want to read. 🙂

    2. Hey Robb! I love this! Honestly, I am with you completely on this!

      I think what could use some further discussion and exploration is the Ego. In this blog, i tried to describe the ego as the physical body and everything that comes along with it, including the mental, physical and even emotional programs.

      You wrote “the ego, which is the subconscious portion of an incarnated human”

      I believe the ego is more than just your subconscious, but far more encompassing for the human body, conscious or unconscious.

      When you factor that in, and say that the ego is part of and connected to all of the Russian dolls you described… we’re saying the exact same thing. 🙂

      I suppose I should also ask some questions about what you mean when you say russian dolls. Are you describing one russian doll per dimension, or a russian doll with many different aspects of the personality and levels of awareness?

      It’s exciting to think about 🙂

      I love you brother! Keep on writing <3

  6. Thank you Jordan for the wonderful article. It certainly put my recent situation into perspective for me. I have been quite sick for a week and I had been blaming it on myself, thinking I must have done something wrong. But now I see that blaming myself only makes me feel worse. I need to live each day without judging myself. I am quick to forgive others, not so much with myself. Thanks again.

    1. Thank you Linda!

      Your comment makes me think of this!

      The Author writes the story, whether that was You consciously deciding what to create, or something that came into your experience and you were forced to deal with.

      If it truly is “your fault”, as in, you were the cause, whether you made a mistake or you intended to do something, and the outcome was not to your liking, you do indeed need to take responsibility for it. And then change it to be what You want it to be, or add new ingredients to make it right.

      Even if it wasn’t your “fault”, You still play a large role in it, and you can still change it into what you want it to be 🙂

      All the best!

  7. I love the post, Jordan! have something I would like to add from my own experiences too! I believe that, as I think you explained in one of your Toolbox posts, humankind as a whole as well as each individual goes through their own cycle of alignment and un-alignment, in with Phi and out with Phi, light periods and dark periods. This is not to come from a duality perspective, though, as the path of this cycle is just that: one path but fluctuating back and forth, like a wavelength. When people go into the alleged “dark” period, they often feel as if it were bad. This is normal: it does feel bad when you have hurtful experiences.
    However, an unaligned, dual perspective is not one of suffering, but of learning. Every experience you have had merits something to be learned from. On the flipside, when we are in alignment, the “light” period, we are in a space where we can use the knowledge we uncovered during the” dark ” period to create new things, leading to more experiences, and the cycle continues. It is most certainly not entirely your fault if something bad happens to you, but if you can learn something from it, I call it worthwhile (well, I guess that depends on the situation ;D)
    The only overarching cosmic reason, if you are looking for one, that an experience might feel bad is for the universe to get your attention, since sometimes when presented with a good experience to learn from the message is not seen. Its just a way for the universe to prod us along; since stagnation on the path of growth can lead to harsher-seeming ways to get our attention (ex: most of what is happening in the world on a global scale)
    But God only does this out of love, no one wants to see their creations, their children, themselves in a different reality, give up on life. And when people who are farther along can help, to give compassion to those struggling and jumpstart their lives back to full speed, everybody wins.

    Hats of to you,

  8. Great thoughts lead to great things, our combined thoughts become our shared reality “This field is aware, and it is All encompassing. When I say All, I mean All. Everything that is and was and will be is a part of this field. It is infinitely large, and infinitely small.” Hey Jordan, good morning, beautiful morning from NY…I enjoyed what you wrote, (read it aloud to my girl) and as a matter of fact was just discussing the nature of the universe with my girl over breakfast. Very interesting how the author reveals self to character through other characters, and that is kind of funny because I have been called a real character, lol for thinking way outside of the restrained proverbial box. I am sure that you can relate. The character is the story and in order to have a story must interact with other characters. The author is the character ie many characters! Have a great day! Phil Oh and perhaps you might enjoy this video clip I recently discovered from 60 years ago –

  9. Maybe you can use the same 2 pictures to provide 4 perspectives of The All that you speak about at the beginning.

    This one idea can be expressed infinitely, this is just my current thought. Enjoy!

    Viewing, The All:

    1. Close Up (Galaxy)

    2. Really Far (Point)

    Also becomes, The All:

    1. Close Up (Point)

    2. Really Far (Galaxy)

    Close Up = O Really Far = . is also Close up = . Really Far = O

  10. “Telling someone that it’s their fault something bad happened to them is saying that the people who were in the world trade center were responsible for the planes that hit them.

    I’m sorry, i’m not buying it.”

    How does this not go against what you say in the “Thoughts” video you have on YouTube where you very animatedly point at the viewer and say, “No matter what happened yadda yadda, it’s >>>YOUR<<< fault."

    I know you don't mean to contradict yourself, but now I am left with confusion as to how you intended to come across in-depth.

    1. The way I understand it, is that we are always responsible for our feelings and the situations we place ourselves in. Whether we are happy, sad, angry, or at peace is a direct reflection of our own actions and contemplation.

      However, that being said, we do exist in a collective consciousness and we affect others around us just as they affect us.
      I do not believe that we bring about all of the outside forces that interact with us, though sometimes this is the case. It is certainly arguable that an individual with a positive attitude brings about positive experiences, while a consistent negative attitude can create unfortunate events. But these instances are more on the personal level and the reaction that you exert. Two people can look at the same object or event and see it completely differently, one positive and one negative.

      Moving on to personal responsibility and 9/11;
      Without being too insensitive on a certainly sensitive topic, it seems as though the unfortunate victims of 9/11 were responsible for their presence inside of the buildings. However, that is not to say that they caused the horrific events that unfolded. There were people on their way to work that day who were inexplicably running late, hitting every possible obstacle in their path which ultimately prevented them from being in the building when everything unfolded. Perhaps it was their “fault” that they avoided the catastrophe, whether it be through their reactions to the obstacles in their way or as a result of the route they took that day.

      I think what part of the message is, is that we are responsible for the situations we put ourselves in, but not necessarily for the actions that happen to and around us.

      Sometimes ignoring a “bad” feeling that you have can lead to unfortunate experiences around you. The same thing can be said about missing out on positive experiences because you ignored a “good” feeling. However, sometimes things in the physical world can happen without rhyme or reason, but that is not to say that you caused it.

      I think the overall message is that you are responsible for your own suffering, contentment, growth, and atrophy. The focus is on your personal growth and your perception of the world within and around you. In that sense, you are personally responsible for all of your experiences. Blaming someone else for your reaction to an event is just you running away from your personal responsibility. No one can make you feel any way that you do not want to feel. Sure, people can illicit reactions out of others, or provoke situations. But ultimately it is your own doing that determines how you react to those situations.

      As this corresponds to the physical world around us, some energies are stronger than others. Which is why I do not think it is correct to say that you are responsible for the events that play out around you, though you can and do have a direct influence. (Keyword, “Event” vs. “Experiences”)

      We all have some responsibility (though not all) to the events that happen to and around us, but unless the event was intentionally put in motion by you it was not your doing. As an example; Perhaps as a result of choosing to take a certain route home one evening, I encounter an unfriendly individual, (or you could say the opposite, that I meet a wonderful individual) who will leave a lasting impact on my evening and life. – I was responsible for where I was, the intention I had to take a certain route back home brought me to the location of that individual. However, I was not responsible for the positive or negative energies that already existed within that potential individual.

      I do think that at a certain point of knowing yourself and your impact on the environment within and around you, that all things are possible and you can diffuse or influence ANY situation through your own love and understanding, maybe without even saying one word.

      I do not profess to know anything other than my intuitive understanding, which may arguably be a subjective issue. (Unless intuition is just a split second of our interaction with the Akashic Field).

      Anyway, I hope this was helpful in some manner, and if not I enjoyed writing a reply. Bottom line, bad things can and do happen to good and bad people, but it is how the individual reacts to those events that allows for growth, understanding, and love. I wish you well on your journey, Thomadeus.

      1. If I sent you an email (which I actually sent you two already), how long would it normally take you to read it, assuming you open your emails one at a time in the order they were sent?

  11. I haven’t had the time to respond until now, sorry for the gap in communication. So let’s start a bit of a dialogue that serves a greater purpose. That’s pretty much what you’re all about, right?

    Since it is the somewhat theme of the blogpost, let’s talk about the Ego a bit more, put the litter bugger into context. The Ego is referred to as the Lower Self, and is sort of an ‘operating system’ from the earlier, primitive days of mankind. It was meant to protect the incarnated individual, so it is the operating system of the lower three chakras, the chakras of survival, reproduction and will.

    When we incarnate, there are three atoms we bring with us. These three atoms settle in what the Taoists call the Dantians, and due to the three atoms, the Dantian are collection points for Chi. There is the Upper Dantian in the pineal gland, the Middle Dantian in the heart, and the Lower Dantian of the solar plexus. The electromagnetic fields generated by the Chi act as ‘operating systems‘ for each of the three Dan Tien. So that would mean we have three ‘minds’: the Higher mind of the three upper chakras, the Lower mind of the three lower chakras, and the Heart Mind, the most powerful since it is the center and uses and balances the three Dantian.

    You’re familiar with the electro-magnetic field of the brain, and studies over the last decade by the Heart Math Institute have proven that the EM-field of the heart is 500 times stronger than that of the brain. Likewise, there is a field associated with the Lower Dan Tien. The Taoists call this area the cauldron, it is a repository of Chi, of pranic energy that is in-between the solar plexus and the spine. It is known as the will, and its energy is potent, and is used in Chi Gong. This is the field of the Lower Self, the residence of the Ego.

    The Ego is also associated with the Shadow, and we all must acknowledge those aspects of our selves that have been deemed socially unacceptable, but are generated and created by our old society, actually fed and used by the controlling interests of our society; churches, governments, media outlets and the food producers. These controllers feed the fear, anger, hatred, insecurity, shame and guilt- the emotional energy generated by the endocrine system as hormones, felt within the body and used by the Lower Self, the Ego.

    The Creator and Its universe has a triune nature. As above, so below; so mankind also has a triune nature, so there’s Creator, Soul and man; Body, Mind and Soul; Mind, Heart and Will. The Ego has its function, otherwise it would not exist.

    The whole purpose of incarnating is so that the Creator might know Itself more perfectly. Endowed with Free Will to fulfill this goal, a holographic, lower density reflection of Divine Will, so we are able to create just as the Creator of All Things. Thus we are able to tap into Divine Will, should we desire.
    But for millennia we have been living and creating unconsciously. Now that we have moved through the Kali Yuga, the 5,125 year cycle of unconsciousness, we are ready to move into a cycle of conscious creation, the Satya Yuga. So we don’t need the Lower Self as much any more, and it’s time to heal our hurts, reintegrate, and accept those negative emotions.

    I have been in discussions where people have claimed that the Ego is ‘the enemy’ and that it ‘must be killed!‘ yikes!! No aspect of Creation is unintentional, wasteful or without purpose. However, to progress beyond the survival stage of existence and evolve spiritually, we must integrate those ‘darker’ aspects of our selves.

    All of us, right now, must release and integrate all the places within ourselves that have been hidden from the Light. Now is the time to clear, purify, and cleanse. We can do this not only by acknowledging and directly examining our emotional, mental and psychological issues, but also by calling in the power and presence of our Higher Self, and opening to the higher frequencies that are now pouring into the planet daily.

    Once we begin to awaken, we are able to look directly into the negativity with the Light of Truth. We begin to realize that there’s more to life than just our individual thoughts, emotions and beliefs. We start to seek others of like-mind to improve our lives, their lives, and the world in general. We begin to acknowledge our creative genius.

    We look inward in meditation and contemplation, and we begin to more clearly see the outward world, and in addition to opening up our higher energy centers, we begin focusing on the higher dimensions. We become aware of more than our selves as individuals, we realize we are part of a Greater Whole.

    We realize we are multi-dimensional Beings, holographic models of the Creator- we are mini-gods! And so we are also endowed with all of the power to create, within the Laws of the Creator’s universe. We incarnated into the third density, to further the Creator’s Will to manifest more solid creations, and play with melding the spiritual and mundane.

    Now, freshly out of the old Kali Yuga and moving ever more rapidly into the New Age, we just have to remember Who We Are, What We Are, and begin to create consciously and manifest a new world that reflects the true nature of our origins – a world based upon Love that furthers spiritual progression, the reason we exist in the first place.

    But without the darkness, there can be no light. God, Source, Tao, whatever your label- It is All There Is, there is nothing that is not God. God exists all across the spectrum of light and frequency. The last five thousand years have not been punishment nor a waste of time. Likewise your experiences are valuable, and are not to be judged as punishment, so you are not a victim.

    We incarnated into the third density, and polarization is one of the aspects of the lower densities. The good news is, since living and creating unconsciously for a period, our progression into a greater, more loving, more spiritually evolved society will be faster and more glorious.

    Yeah, I’m an optimist.

    Much Love,

    1. WOW!!!
      Robb what an amazing way to explain and clarify. I was having some trouble wrapping my mind around what Jordan was saying as I am at a point in my life where I am finally becoming aware of how my choices and thoughts create my reality, good or bad, although I am starting to see them as being the same thing. i.e is this what I want to experience right now… if not then change my thoughts and feelings and move forward. I’ll admit it, i have told people straight up that they are there own worst enemy or best friend, they choose what they allow to happen to them on all levels, and how they REact to any situation is entirely in their hands, I tell them that they need to become conscious of their thoughts and feelings and go from there, becuase it is only through this realization of our creative power that they can begin to gain control of their reality and make it what they desire, good or bad. I am not much into sympathy for sympathies sake, as i believe it can be a gateway into a whole slew of manipulative and controlling problems if not given out carefully and consciously. Does this mean that I won’t be sympathetic for those in need, not in the least, but merely that I become conscious of when i feel the time for sympathy is needed and when it starts to become a problematic habit.

      I have had my own trials of self victimization and I do not tolerate it in myself or others, don’t get me wrong I am very empathetic and supportive but in my mind there is no victim only creator. It took me a lot of self caused painful experiences to realize this and to come to where I am, and yet i see I have quite a bit to learn still.

      I am truly desiring to awaken and it seems a slow and often painful process, if I sink back into old habits and let my mind go there, so to speak if i fall into my character and stay there stubbornly becuase I refuse to accept my responsibility in the outcomes, however every time I read post like this it helps me to see that little by little it is happening and it is an exhilarating feeling to say the least. I can’t thank you enough for your response to this as it resonates to highly with what I am learning and feel and know to be true. thank you!!!

      Much respect and love Robb,
      Thank you for your insights they were extremely helpful today!

      What a wonderful post, I have been following you for a couple years, and recently started truly following. You are such a beautiful soul! I can say that I agree with the majority of your post, I believe it is accurate, however, i feel that it is slightly flawed in the fact that while a person may at times need an empathetic/sympathetic ear and caring shoulder that if not paired with a solid foundation of understanding their role in the situation it can lead to a quagmire of self blame, pity and victim hood, it can also lead to a manipulative habit of being an energetic vampire, so to speak. I can only attest to this from personal experiences with myself and others. This does in no way mean that I am not a caring person, but that I put the responsibility of the persons thoughts, and feelings back in their lap as it something they need to be completely aware of and accountable for. I understand that as a unified field of consciousness, yes there are things outside our immediate control, but I don’t let the buck stop there, we are creators, made in the image and likeness of source, experiencing source as only we can. Sometimes it requires a rude awakening to see and understand that, each person is different and requires a different method that I believe we have all chosen to use to help us in our awakening process, some may see it as good and some may see it as bad, in reality it is all the same. You are absolutely correct in the FACT that we need to be supportive and loving! I just think it needs to be paired with the reminder that we are creators of our reality and that each thought and feeling we have is creating the web of our reality in each moment, and that no matter how drastic or dire the situation appears there is and always can be a very attainable silver lining.

      From my own personal experiences i have always found it helpful in my dark nights of the soul to be reminded of this, as it helps me keep my focus on the breaking dawn so much more clearly. It also helps to remind me that people are wonderful caring beings, but that they require respect and love and unfortunately sympathy can be one of those things that can be highly addictive if not paired with a solid understanding of our nature. Sort of like drugs can be useful if used correctly, unfortunately in our current condition as a species we are in the use, use, use mode and it can be hard to determine who genuinely needs it i.e sympathy and who is just feeding off it. I guess my whole point to this is Awesome post, but I would add to just remember to be a gentle reminder to people of our true nature and capabilities, else sympathy and pain become an addiction that is very hard to overcome.

      Much love and respect,
      Please keep up the amazing work you already do, it is such an inspiration to see you grow and share!!!!

      Cuddles and hugs

      1. Jordan I believe I need to apologize, I had a rather eye opening experience today with a close friend of mine who was in fact going through some very difficult times. I realize that I came across as haughty in my post, my apologies.
        To my friend today, sympathy and understanding where desperately needed and in fact the only heart felt choice to make, I couldn’t bare to bring myself to tell them anything but how much I understood their pain and what they are going through, yes I told them to create their reality from here on out, but it was not needed to bring to light in the time of pain a truth which is already known, and make it seem they should have known better or listened. So again my apologies for sounding like a complete insensitive butt head.
        What a beautiful thing it is to be there for someone when they truly need you, especially when they feel that your energy and vibration will be an aide to help lift them out the negative and hurtful despair they have found themselves in. Jordan I understand your post first hand now and again I offer my most heartfelt apologies for not seeing it earlier.

        Peace and love

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