The Hobbit 2 ~ Movie Review

The Hobbit was one of the biggest anticipations of mine for the year! It was like a grand finale for the year and everything that’s been going on. 😀

The Hobbit 5See, for me the movie isn’t just a movie… it’s a reflection and representation of what’s going on in my life. When I first started working with Ray and building Panic to Freedom, that was right around when the first Hobbit came out, and we both went super stoked to go with each other because we’re two of the biggest nerds on the planet!

In addition to that though, afterwards we also read the book together, usually reading a chapter every time one of us would make meals, and we would alternate back and forth on reading. (We also read PatternMaster and Enders Game this year). I absolutely loved the book, it was a whimsical tale, very innocent and playful, and a very easy read at that.


I have a new rule for movie books

It’s better to have two enjoyable experiences, than one great one, and one that feels disappointing. 

If you haven’t read the book already, and there’s a movie coming out… watch the movie first. The book is always better… but the movie always seems enjoyable if you have no idea what it is going into it… So simply save the best for last, and both experiences are great! 


And before I go into my explanation as to why, I want to preface with this.

You can tell by the work that went into this that the people who were involved in the production were absolutely incredible. A huge amount of energy and love poured from their hearts, minds, and labor and into everything that they built, from the clothes, the weapons, the animations, the acting, the camera work, and of course, the directing.

If you were involved in the project in any way (which also means someone who worked on the Hobbit reads my blog….. *Fangirl scream*), i want to applaud you for your efforts, I see the incredible work that went into it, and you did an amazing job. Thank you.

The Hobbit 3

So, if there’s one thing i’ve learned… it’s that if there’s something Wonko with the seed… the tree grows all funky. Likewise, and perhaps more popular of a term – shit rolls downhill. What that ends up looking like in the results.. is something like a very dramatic climax where the animation budget seemed to run short just 20 minutes too soon… If you’ve seen it, you know what I mean.

The Hobbit 4As you might already know, the movie takes a different direction than the one in the book, It’s still intrinsically the same story, but with a whole layer of “Modern Movie-Making Magic” layered on top of it, which sometimes accounts for brilliant turns, and other times… not so brilliant ones.

As for brilliant ones, there are a few notable ones. First, Martin Freeman’s portrayal of Bilbo is magnificent. With these movies you can really see Bilbo look at his dark side, and the dark side of the world in a way that wasn’t in the original book, and fits VERY well in the film adaption.

I also really love the merging of the Silmarillion into this film. I haven’t read that one yet, but I really liked the merging of the rise of Sauron into this movie, as short as the scenes were. I was always wondered “what WAS Gandalf doing between Mirkwood, all the way to when he met up with them after the Dwarves reclaimed the mountain??” 

The Hobbit 1And on the other side of the coin, I’ve got all kinds of details I could nit-pick (which is where my frustration and confusion lies), the Overblown action scenes, lack of character development, the dwarves looked more like full-grown men half of the time, legolas’s vibe was really weird, and was he really even necessary to the story? What’s with the out of place love story? Why was the animation so bad in the last half hour, and where the hell did that extra barrel come from?!


So.. what’s with all these changes? Are we telling the story of the Hobbit, or some other story altogether? What I think happened was that somewhere in the early development, some big fat-cat producer decided that they’d be able to make more money if the movie was an action movie, which means Action! Action! Action!!!

And so a large portion of the script was changed to accommodate for extra violence at every turn, which subsequently removed a large portion of the growing story development stuff… (which, if you didn’t know – accounts for a large reason that gives the action scenes meaning at all! Without them, the action scenes are meaningless, and the movie feels empty).

It is for this reason that I still can’t decide if I REALLY liked this one… Yeah, it’s still a staple in my life, so much so that i’m learning the ending song “I see Fire” on piano, but i’ve walked out of the movie theater twice now with a feeling of twisty-ness at the bizarre additions to the movie.


In the end, I feel left with a movie that really had the potential to be great, and still by all accounts was still very good… but left me feeling less than I would have hoped for, with a replacement story for the one that I wanted to be told.

star wars pic

To be honest, the whole thing is reminding me a lot about Star Wars. The original trilogy was some of the best freaking movies out there!… And then they made prequels.

While Jacksons prequels are turning out a good solid plenty times better than Lucas’s, it still doesn’t change the fact that they’re following the same model. Are we making something for money? Or are we trying to tell a story?

This really just brings me back to that idea i’ve been saying for a while….

What is the core intention behind the thing that you’re making? 

Make sure you always get the seed right. If the seed is right, the tree grows beautiful and bears magnificent fruit. If you get the seed wrong, it might not turn out as majestic as it could have been.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And having said that, I’d like to bring it back around too…

Why watch the movies first? Well, i just recognized that with both Enders Game and the Hobbit, i probably would have enjoyed the movie far more if throughout the whole thing I wasn’t constantly feeling “I know what’s supposed to happen next, and it’s not what you’re showing me!”.

The Hobbit 2And yet, if you watch the movie, and then read the book, as you’re reading the book you’re thinking “Wow, this is delightfully different and much more engaging than the movie!”, and you’re given 2 great experiences, rather than one great one, followed by one that just doesn’t compare to the first.

You know…  just as much as i was left confused about how i felt, it was primarily because of the contrast to the book… I still knew that I loved it! It was awesome! A fantastical adventure, completely different than what I was expecting, a little weird, but a lot of fun nonetheless.

Such a weird feeling… But it makes sense to me.. Anyways, that’s what I got for the day 🙂

We are One,

Ps. Lucky Toilet Dwarves, hahahaha!   😛

12 thoughts on “The Hobbit 2 ~ Movie Review

  1. Haha. You make a great argument for watching the movie first! Always watch the movie adaptation first, so you won’t be disappointed the whole way through!

    Just like the movie The Last Airbender… had I not seen and loved the series, the movie would have been great, but instead I was blown away at how EVERYTHING was wrong throughout the whole movie… one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen, hands down.

    Now I will wait to read Ender’s Game until after I see the movie. Thank you!

    1. Watching Ender’s Game first is a VERY good idea. The book is super descriptive and it can be hard imagining what the hell is going on because it’s all situations that the vast majority of us have never been involved in. The movie is a great visual aid, and while it’s not a phenomenal film, it enhances the book.

  2. I can agree with all of this, but my only rebuttal is… everything(except Tauriel) in the movie is still Tolkiens story, even if it wasn’t in the original Hobbit book. All of the additions to the movie are stories from other books about middle earth. I understand why he Jackson did this. If the movie was strictly the book story, it would he boring. And I understand why Peter wanted to make a trilogy, since lotr was so successful. I think true Tolkien fans will appreciate all of this extra story. I sat in the theater for the first one and began crying because I literally felt like I was going home. I’m thankful for three more movies about the adventures in middle earth, especially if I get more story than I bargained for. I understand the excessive action too, since lotr got slammed for not enough (which makes no sense to me at all). But now I will patiently wait for part 3, and anticipate a grand finale.

    1. I hear that Sarah. I get the feeling of “It would be boring without all the action”

      My thoughts are like.. Action is good! There is certainly action in the Hobbit book and i think it should stay there. But In the time it takes to do a 30 minute action scene, if that was even half of the time, we could have all of the fun that we had in the book, PLUS the action, AND the animation budget wouldn’t have ran out.

      Remember how when Bilbo, Gandalf and the Dwarves entered Beorns place for the first time? How funny that was where they come in two at a time and Beorn was like “i’ve hardly heard 7 be counted as a dozen…” and then more walks in and gandalfs like “Well there’s actually 14” and beorns like “I’ve hardly heard a dozen be counted as 14” and then even more walk in 😛

      That was SO FUNNY! And it’s little things like that which add a TON of value and character development, and it hardly takes any time at all. That would have been 1 minute out of the movie, and a really good one at that. 🙂

  3. Hey Jordan! I haven’t even seen it yet, but I have seen part one like 20 times or so… lol.. Anyway, I see everyone going nuts in FB comments and so I decided to comment also. People get so crazy! Like really?? I enjoy all the videos and things you post. And I’m not going to judge., Like if you dont enjoy them, dont read/watch., right? But yea, so as for what may be wrong with the film.., I feel the biggest mistake was Peter Jackson handing the directers hat over to Guillermo Del Toro. I can see his perspective and unique eye in pretty much all the “weird” things about the new films. But, like you said, they are still fricken AWESOME! Keep up all this great stuff Jordan! Keep in mind, those of Us that like things may never feel compelled to comment! So they are the few, we are the many. 😉 much love

  4. I agree with the too much action part, made it so boring I fell asleep and slept through the movie! Watching it in 3d made me dizzy also.

  5. Jordan,

    I can’t disagree with your thoughts about the movie or the book movie concept. Yes the money grubs in corporate chairs are calling the shots, but I feel at least the message is getting out there. That’s something I have been battling for a while myself when it comes to spirituality and mainstream society.

    There are so many (too many in my opinion) who look at the mainstream entertainment industry and see nothing but corporate corruption ruining more and more things. Don’t worry I’m not including yourself in this scenario.

    But It took me a long time to figure out something really important that you mentioned in this blog, about reflecting ideals which are specific to our lives.
    And that important thing is, the message. To many people love to shoot the messenger without ever digesting the message as a whole. The core of the messages may not be coming through in full HD, but the gist of what society needs to pay attention to is coming through.

    Being an avid watcher/observer of mainstream entertainment myself I’ve come to find out that there are now loads of TV shows, Movies, Music, Books, and Movements that are bringing the message of another way to the forefront. Movies like Avatar, Prometheus, Hobbit, Matrix, Life of Pi, Cloud Atlas along with TV shows like Ancient Aliens, Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time, Perception, America Unearthed, The Tomorrow People, just to name a few. All of these, for those that are paying attention and even for those who don’t pay as much attention are still able to receive the message. I won’t even get into the movements that have helped evolve our collective consciousness (Hint Occupy).

    The fact that we as individuals are becoming more aware of this phenomena proves that it’s working. That’s an amazing feat for us when it comes to the past decade.
    I’m grateful that people are becoming more aware of these messages which continue to be broadcast through the entertainment industry, even if they don’t give us the whole message.

    All in all, if it was my decision I would rather have a movie that is made from a book be more of an expansion of the book instead of a detraction. However I’ll take whatever message that corporations will give us for now. Because people like you (With Spirit Science) are helping us and them free the ways for fresh creative budding artists to take over the role that just isn’t working any longer. As a business and for us as a society. It’s a blessing to be able to experience the transformation that has already begun and at the same time is always beginning.


  6. Hello! Firstly, I am very glad that I can see your beautiful The Hobbit 2 Reviews here. I totally agree with you. As what you have mentioned in your review, the experience they went through is really full of adventures and so many unexpectations, but it is very exciting and so magic indeed. Sometimes, I even want to try to act as the hobbit to go through an extraordinary experience just like that of The Hobbit film when I see so many film fans buying their cosplay costumes and accessories in the online stores, such as Fandomsky; Moviescostume and other stores to play their loved roles in the cosplay shows. That is really cool and impressive.

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