The Time for Separate Movements has Passed

VesicaPiscisAll of my blogs are inspired by something. Something I read, a conversation I had, a video I watched, something someone did, or often said. It’s a Vesica Pisces, which I wrote about in this blog. 

Todays blog is a combination of several of these things. You see, i recently watched a video on Youtube of a Q&A with a man I have grand respect for, talking about the shift in consciousness that we’re experiencing on this planet. I don’t want to say who it is, for i’m not sure that’s important.

What is important that what he said was basically that the shift is going to happen sometime in the next few years, and we pretty much just gotta wait for it, and if nothing happens, then all of the mayans and prophecies are wrong.

As I was sitting there, listening to that… It got me thinking… I need to write a blog about this.

I know, I used to say the exact same thing, and as i’ve been growing over the past year, my understanding of it has changed quite a bit. Yes, I do believe we’re in a window of opportunity, and yes, I do believe that the world is going to change, but not because some grand mysterious force in the universe said so… but because I said so, and You said so, and together, we both did something about it.

~ ~ ~

You might have seen “The Time for Separate Movements has Passed” floating around on the web in the past few months, around Pair O’ Dime Shift (I think its on one of the videos, as well as the Are You The One? Page).

It’s something i’ve discussed at great length with Ray and Marie, and those who have been working with us on the Spirit Kingdom Project.

Maybe it’s being a bit bold, but what we’re working on is an all-inclusive project to change the world. Something that EVERYONE can be a part of. The intent is to bring everyone together in Unity, and Love, and to create a better world across the board.

It’s not “My” plan, it’s not “Ray’s” plan, nor is even “Marie’s” plan… it’s all of ours, and for those who come from Love and Spirit will find it very easy to integrate with when that time comes.

It’s very simple, and also VERY complex, depending on how you want to see it.


This video describes that process, in a way that outlines the basic geometry of how it works… what it is we’re trying to do. When you get into the nitty gritty of what actually needs to happen first in order to get it moving… well, I’m going to save that for tomorrows blog.

I wrote an email recently to a woman who emailed us at Panic to Freedom about it, and i’m going to take some time to edit that email so that it’s “Blog Context Ready”, in relationship to THIS post, and I will be posting that one tomorrow.

So, if you’re interested in what we’re specifically doing right now, and the direction we’re going, check back tomorrow morning 🙂

In the mean time, there’s something more important I need to tell you.. or rather, i’d like to reiterate, and expand upon.

It’s up to all of us to change this world.

motherearthNo amount of prayer, wishful thinking, or claiming that “the universe will handle it!” is going to change the world. I know, I got sucked into the 2012 thing just like many of us did, I was REALLY hoping that people would start to wake up on a larger scale, that we wouldn’t have to push the world forward because people would just start getting it.

Seriously, if the ENTIRE WORLD woke up tomorrow with the awareness that everything was broken and had a desire to fix it, it wouldn’t take more than 3 days for us to do a complete overhaul on the way things are.

Instead, people wake up like zombies, go to work, and are even more miserable than before.

Now, maybe that’s not entirely true… I was absolutely shocked that in the first 4 days of tracking my blogs visitors (the past 4 days), the number of page views shot up from 300 to almost 4,000, in just a few short days.

The world does want to wake up, and now is the time. There are a LOT of people who are looking for something new, who desperately want to be a part of it, and to create a transformation on this planet. So it’s not fair of me to say that everyone is more depressed than ever before… but we are certainly having some hard times.

SpiritKingdomipadThe Time for Separate Movements has passed. It’s time for The One, the One that is All of Us, to create a new world together.

What does that mean?

I’ve met a lot of people who want to do their own thing. I remember going to meet up with a friend of mine several months back who kept saying “Oh yeah! I’d love to support you guys! I’m all about what you’re doing!” and when we sat down together, all she could talk about was how she wanted to have her own business that would serve as a means to feed herself and make sure that she was taken care of.

Don’t get me wrong, i’m all for supporting you, but when the opportunity arises for a co-creation, it needs to be a co-creation, not a “It’s my thing, and you have to support me so that I don’t have to support you back.”

So… the time for separate movements has passed… Ray’s words originally. I have to be honest with you, pretty much everything i write on this blog has been inspired by him and his vast wisdom of everything.

fingersvesicafirewaterBased on the conversations we’ve had…I think first it means that we need to learn how to recognize the One that is in All of Us, and that starts by finding it in someone. A lot of people will tell you that you have to find it in yourself first, before you can find it in someone else.

I think both happen simultaneously. When you find it in someone else, is when you find it in yourself. When you see it in yourself, is when you see it in someone else, or a large group, maybe you see and feel it in everyone!

It’s a powerful feeling…

Now we just need to get everyone to see it… to feel it.. to Know it…

Once we know it, then we can act from it, and create something new together.

higherselfRemember the Author and the Character? Well, if the Character is not receiving any new information from the Author, it will continue to replay the same stories over and over. Nothing new will ever happen.

If the Author (Spirit) can step in and write a new story, with the old ingredients in a new way to create something new… that is when we see grand change.

There is no current story on this planet that describes what we are trying to create, which means we all get to make it up as we go along… Stay tuned, i’ll tell you about it on my end tomorrow, and i’m looking forward to reading yours in the comments.

We Are One,

69 thoughts on “The Time for Separate Movements has Passed

  1. Just cause you don’t see it does not mean it’s not happening. People are waking up on a larger scale. I see it in my environment. The world can’t all wake up at once. That would ruin the fun in this game of life. Everyone gets the chance to be a teacher and as you know, waking up is just the first step to this lengthy journey. Plus the whole ‘feeling crazy’ part of waking up would be really ugly if it happened simultaneously across the globe. Remember when you woke up and you were just overwhelmed with this feeling of wanting to tell the whole world? Well there were others trying to tell you the same thing but it didn’t matter if they spelled the whole thing out for you, it wasn’t until you decided to make that change for yourself that you would come to realize what it’s all about. So the universe will handle it in time. How many times have you asked Ray to quit smoking cigarettes? And has he listened? No but he will one day when he sees the damage. In order for a change so positive to happen across our planet to happen, you should be aware that something negative with as much impact must happen first in this dualistic reality. The whole 2012 thing was huge but it definitely wasn’t meant for everyone to understand. Stay calm and have faith.

    1. My best theory: The universe is the world one sees outside the body that is constantly changing parallel universes (many many universes). As we work/play to find new ways to improve our universe, we are admitting that it is imperfect and needs the work. That’s the concept of a mortal reality; always more work to be done. Everything is constantly changing and forever will be (that is until your next consciousness/dream… perhaps). We can’t stay stagnant.

      Considering that, the world has already achieved utopia and total annihilation in countless other universes of our and others “pasts”, but since the “I am” [your perception as you read this] is not finished doing then we will constantly go with the ups and downs, just as our heart beats. Even if we achieve great heights, we will inevitably plummet (consciously or unconsciously) back down and continue our journey. We, the awake, get the opportunity to play special characters (not just the ‘poor little me’) where All the World Is A Stage. You will receive the essence of whatever you and your super conscious “higher self” focus upon.

      Every moment is relative, always the most important thing while not being important at all and everywhere in between. Mayan calendar, new years, birthday, etc. etc. etc., every moment is the moment. Our “project” (Earth) IS getting better, because we have chosen to look towards the positive and listen to our hearts. For countless other consciousnesses, the game is already over and we’ve/they’ve moved on. But so far, the “I am” is building and anticipating a big SURPRISE, but then again, once the surprise is known and we get used to it (whether it be heaven or not), we’ll enjoy our moment for a time and then be right back again interested in yet another new project (life, memory in the making, etc.).

      The world is already saved and perfect on a hardly different then the one I’m typing in now; but learning how to perceive that forever? So far it seems that we enjoy the fear of the unknown adventure more then a never changing perfection.

      No worries; you are in charge of your own adventure, your own universe. Change the world with the hands and mouth of the mind that creates the universe(s).

      All the Love

    2. Well said Charlie, I wanted to respond to Jordan but I think you have really summed it up nicely.

      I would only add it’s not a matter of trying to be any change, by waking up you are already being the change.

      Namaste guys, keep up the great work!

    3. Charlie, I’m afraid i have to ask you if you really know what you’re talking about?

      Where do you see the world getting better? is it in the Riots? Is it in the global trauma? Perhaps the dolphin-slaughtering is going to just get better without any action to change it? Or the mass pollution of the environment and expansion of destructive cities that actually break the natural flow of the world around us?

      I would love to have a city inside giant tree’s, that we grew from seeds that good men came together to create, alongside portal guns and flying boats, but no, “the universe” is not going to magically make that happen, it will have to be Us, Spirit flowing through Us.

      In addition to that, you don’t understand what’s actually going on here, with myself, Ray or even Marie, i’m not even sure you and I have ever met. I don’t ask Ray to quit smoking, but i am helping him to. I’m supporting him in his growth and transformation, and i’m shocked that you would think he doesn’t see it, or that you’d think it was an easy thing to do like *snap*.

      I’m not saying the bad stuff didn’t happen, nor am i saying that there aren’t good things happening too. I’m saying lets use it, the good and the bad, as inspiration and rocket fuel to blast us into space, but that means first lets build a rocket, because the magic rocks of jupiter aren’t going to beam down a ship anytime soon, at least not with the present data we have available.

      And should that change, should one day aliens come down in a ship and start helping us out… well, on that day we’ll have some new information, and maybe we’ll have something different to talk about.

      Other than that, the only other “universe handling it” situation i’m seeing is that we’ll all ascend at once in a flash. The planet will just get completely destroyed, we just have to wait till our pollutants melt the atmosphere and we’ll burn to a crisp, followed by delightfully freezing over… In fact, we have the nuclear technology to make that happen right now!! Why wait, right?

      …But i’m not exactly sure that feels right, at least, i’m not interested in going that way.

      Do you?

      1. Ouch Jordan, not a very nice reply to Charlie. Do you even know what you are talking about? The short of it is no, none of us know the answers right now, all that is clear is that we want better. Personally, I am not going to wait for the “aliens” to show us the way, we got ourselves in this mess, up to us to get out of it.

        1. You’re right, I was very direct about it, because I was a little offended by what charlie said.

          You are on the same page as me though, lets make it happen, rather than wait for “the universe” to handle it.

          1. Yes Jordan, I know very well what I am talking about. I do see the world changing for the better. Apparently a few others see it too.

            Thanks for answering my question of how many times you have asked Ray to quit smoking. Zero. If the time is now, then what are you waiting for? You already lost a friend this year due to something that was out of everyone’s hands but when you do have the power and control over something you decide to let it continue.

            Where do I see the world getting better? In the people. I see us waking up in my environment. In mass. (Read first two lines in my post) Riots? Yes….


            (that was just yesterday)

            Other riots can be pretty ugly but they are spreading awareness. Look how ugly Brazil has gotten about the World Cup being hosted there. Can you imagine the amount of people that will receive that message next year? Dolphin-slaughtering? Horrific. Western black rhino going extinct recently? Heart-breaking. Yet again, in this disaster, there are people getting the message. There are people taking action to help prevent this as well as the hundreds of other issues we have to include the global trauma and environmental destruction.

            Magic rocks of Jupiter? Aliens coming to help us out? I don’t know about you but I’m not trying to get to space just yet, I’m trying to stay grounded because it seems that we have a lot of problems to fix here first. Only you can think of that scenario. Destruction of our planet through the possibility of nuclear warfare? I’m going to take your question about that rhetorically, right? Why you would bring stuff up like that is beyond me.

            ‘The universe’ has handled itself pretty well so far hasn’t it? I mean, we still are here aren’t we? I remember awakening and realizing that every single thing has happened for a reason and if that is true for you as well, then what makes you think what is happening right now isn’t for a reason? Did ‘the universe’ not bring you to what you are today?

            I made you feel a little offended? Good thing I didn’t do it on purpose. I would hate to see that happen. Even when someone else called you out on your shit, you couldn’t resist to throw one last jab. Careful with those stones, we all know too well about your glass walls and today you continue to leave no doubt.

            If you don’t have faith in ‘the universe’ Jordan, then how do you expect ‘the universe’ to have faith in you?

            Hopefully you get it this time… stay calm and have faith.

          2. Often, “the Universe” is used as an excuse for inaction. “I don’t have to worry about it, the universe will handle it.”

            All i’m saying is that if we’re going to have faith in something, lets find out what that is first. Did the universe get me where I am today? Define what you mean. I got myself where I am with the help of everyone i’ve ever interacted with. In fact, a lot of where I came from was from the support of those around me.

            I have faith in my friends. I have faith in my ability to create, and I have faith that together, we can change the world.

            I get that people are seeing the dolphin slaughter, they’re seeing the riots, but there isn’t any action towards changing it, not yet, or at least, very little. Awake doesn’t just mean seeing it, it means being compelled to action through virtue and honor in love.

          3. [[ Not to be confused with Charlie from the previous reply (see: ]] 🙂


            Even though one sifts through dirt to find the gold, we can find value both in and within the vulgar. Yet, I’m guessing the gold is easier to trade with others… 😉

            I empathize, of course, while recognizing that what we refine attracts others such as jewelers to build upon or swindlers to lay claim to gold we would otherwise trade freely. I see you refining, and to your credit, debt free.

            And that’s capital I can appreciate! 😀

            In solidarity,
            – Charlie H

    4. Yes I agree with Charlie. Things have sped up dramatically and jsut because we cant always see it doesn’t meant it inst happening. The first steps can be so subtle that the person they are happening to might not even be aware. I know more and more people are opening up, and I live in Botswana!

  2. Hello Jordan i recently watched your spirit science video’s it was some thought provoking stuff i have researched alot of the material you covered, and just heard or vaughly knew of others. I would say it is all alot to take in but i just wanted to comment on this blog i definatly agree this is a crucial window of opportunity, and i also agree that we have to be the primary players and that call is being made. It feels today that everything is being turned upside down and this is leading a great many people to look around stop and think for a moment, every day the feeling grows stronger that we are much greater than we think we are. I feel we have much help from more enlightened beings than us wether they be multi dimensional or a physical advanced alien race, on the other side of that coin we have those that would wish to see us enslaved and impovrished forever living our lives in sheer terror. The old habits seem very entrenched and hard to break worldwide and also within myself and im sure many others to, anyway i just wanted to say keep doing what you are to unify as many as possible, these are days of great tests for us all, and many are looking for hints to help ignite what we all have inside. Love and well more love in a greater consciousness

  3. so, what are the next steps. how can we collectively get together and unite as one? I definitely agree. I know so many people who have this same vision of something better and fulfilling for the world, but it is true everyone has not united yet… ideas or direction?

  4. What video on youtube was it that you were watching that inspired this blog please? It’s not nice to keep all that info to yourself.

    1. Please understand that I have my reasons, and I actually wrote that reason in this article. Further, I could be inspired to share it with you, but not if you tell me i’m being “not nice” by withholding it. You’re not going to guilt me into sharing it 😛

      1. I understand why you would not want to share and and that you can’t be guilted into it. Perhaps some pictures of my kitty cat will inspire you?

        1. If Jordan doesn’t mind, I can tell you what video he is talking about.
          I respect whatever reason Jordan has to not share it, but, I consider it a very good source of information. In fact I would love that the whole world takes time to analyze this guy’s work. But that’s me and this is not my domain even though I love it as if it was mine!!!

  5. How do I guide my children. I’ve been pumped with fear this past week thinking about the other side of this opportunity as more and more was revealed. 17 and 21 are the ages. How do you tell them that it’s the beginning and not the end? I am at a loss. Do I trust with prayers and intentions that they will know what to do?
    I worry I haven’t meditated enough or I’m not doing it the right way. I haven’t meditated in awhile. I know we all need to do this together. I will forward the site.
    Thank you. Sites like this give me hope that we’ll get through this:-)

    1. You can’t make your children, or anyone else have an awakening. I have two boys, 23 and 15, so I understand what you are saying. Worrying will just attract more of the negative into all of your lives. I also have difficulty with just sitting and silencing my mind to meditate, but I am now gentle with myself about it. I do what works for me. Intentions, affirmations, and gratitude and a positive attitude go a long way. I also have become very active in a spiritual community where I take classes, and have the encouragement and support of a loving group of people. I have wonderful new friends who are positive, and avoid negativity. The further I delve into all this, the more positive changes have happened in my life, and my kids can see this. Your children will benefit from the changes you make in yourself and your interactions with them as well.

  6. I completely agree that in order to bring change we all need to stop the divisive process of working on our own, or against each other. Each of us has different pieces of the puzzle. I am a Druid Guardian. I have made my life and path work about protecting people from the black magick and negative energy forms that surround us.

    Your work has been an inspiration, guiding me back to working with Grove and Circle. Spirit Science was a powerful reminder of the fact that i came back to incarnation to help people and guide them to Awakening. Thank you deeply for reminding me what is really important.

    I hear your call to action and manifestation. I have studied with various traditions, and at this time I am forming my own tradition. Metal Druidry, or the American Druidic Order of the Great Lakes. Let me know what my people can do to help, we manifest positive action and intention for the good of all.

  7. I share with people whether they like it or not…lol. Usually in a sneaky way so they don’t realize what I am doing. Often they start telling me about some new thing or some other thing and I will stand there thinking…didn’t I tell you that…a few months ago? I hold my tongue because nobody likes to think their grand idea was seeded. Oh, I get lots of secret joy from it, trust me…I just don’t care anymore. I keep the laughing to a minimum…because…well…they medicate you if you have too much fun.


  8. I’m introducing Gamyfication in my school in Złotoria, Poland and it works WONDERS (my students actually work alone and try to get the problems right to get EXP which gives them extra points on tests (for free). The thing is – because they do the exercises alone, they know how to do the tests and thus don’t need the extra points – but they still do it tho 😉

    Tomorrow I’ll start an extra class using an mmo I’ve played a long time ago (Adventure Quest Worlds). Hope it works 😀

      1. Unfortunately I was stopped by the great wall of technology (our internet and computers at school SUCK), so I gave my students homework (play the game and do sth). Furthermore, They won’t write a test for the end of the next part of the book but a writing…

        Do you sometimes also get this feeling, when you look at the screen or sth and it feels further than normal? I have that right now… strange… it makes me see how small material things are compared to the creations our mind can push to existance… 🙂

  9. There are certainly many stages to waking up, it seems the experience takes one through the full gamut of emotions from shock and anger through fear to eventually end up in peaceful awareness. When you reach that later stage you realize that your journey is yours and yours alone and that it is no better or worse than anyone else’s.
    It is easy to criticize what is wrong with the world, trust me, I have done a lot of that, but it is a lot more difficult to know how to make something that has the potential to be far better than what we already have. Especially since the biggest problem is that it involves everybody and being somewhat harmonious and many in their states of greed and selfishness are most definitely in a dis-harmonious state. But they too will either eventually come around to singing the same song as we or they shall perish. It may be a cold and hard statement, but death is, in my opinion, a chance to do it over again and not make the same mistakes.

    I believe it was Buckminister Fuller who said “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” I see many things wrong with our present system of governance, the first is that it is governing and we are governed. It pre-supposes that we as human beings require a leader to tell us what to do. And while for many, if not most, in the world this is true, I liken that to them being asleep and unaware of their own potential to be authentic sovereigns in their own right.
    So, I have thought long and hard about democracy and the so called democratic countries in the world and their goose-stepping enthusiasm for a totalitarian police state. Sure you get to vote, but heads or tales, it is still the same coin serving the same corporate interests. I have concluded that this is one part conspiracy and one part just a failure of an inept system of politics. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, and when we vote someone into a position of power with a majority government, we end up with corrupt politics. So, it is my desire to take the power out of politics thereby removing the corrupting factor. As well as creating a more democratic system of governance, what I call Anarchist Democracy, or a democracy without leaders.
    Now one thing I am fully aware of is that such a system cannot be dictated, it must rise from grass roots beginnings if it is to have any meaning and potential. So how do we get our present political systems to change from one that serves an elitist few to one that serves the masses. Well, as Bucky said; Build it.
    Not that easy, as I do not have the physical territory to build such a government. And as much as I can, I share my ideas and they seem to take traction with a lot of people, but it is far from happening. And then I realized that there is some place that I can build it. And that is the Internet. As an avid Facebook user I notice that I am being advertised to and data is produced via my input that is then sold to marketing companies. A lot of people hate this, and I believe rightly so. We produce all this information that FB profits from but doesn’t share any of the profits with us. Some people have massive followings on FB and other social media and what do they get out of all this marketing info that is produced, out of all the ads that are shown on their wall. Nada. Zilch. They get their posts censored, limits on how many friends they have or even banished from adding more friends which seems to me to be anathema to social media.
    What I want to do, is create a social media experience that is run on anarchistic democratic principles. Where users can get paid for being on it, paid for the traffic and content they produce, that provides everything they need through open source software even a proxy portal for surfing the web anonymously. It would need to be decentralized and I was thinking that it could be built using bit torrent technology. Shares would be sold via crowd sourcing, one share per person and they then get a chance to vote on how the thing is built and run. Elections would require a majority of 65% at least for a decision to be made. It would use Bitcoin as its own currency and even produce a constitution of sorts.
    This just scratches the surface of some of my ideas with this, there is much more that I could go on about, but for the sake of brevity…oops, it might be too late for that…oh well. The one thing I know for sure is that I cannot do this by myself. I also know that if this has any value as an idea it would catch on eventually and hopefully the right people working together could bring it to fruition. And if it did succeed then it might become a template for real world political systems.
    What do they say; go big or go home. 😉
    What are your thoughts?
    Your friend

    1. I too have been thinking about this whole government thing, the “power” needs to go back to the people, somehow. As soon as someone is in charge, whether a good person or bad, there are problems, as they try and push their ideas on someone else. Look what happened to Jebus. I had thought of creating a party called the People’s Party which would be entirely governed by people, from different walks of life, and making sure every area of life is covered. But then I realised that would never go hand in hand with the current governments, they’d all have to be scrapped and start over. A bit too ambitious me though…

  10. I have been working on writing out ideas (mostly of a political nature) on how we could actually set up a global system that would solve the problems all the different movements are currently working on.

    To sum it up in a catchphrase: Curiosity and gardens will save the world.

    Basically we need to combine the best of “liberal” and “conservative” ideas into something that will be sustainable on the local level and on the global level. It comes down to a lot of common sense (like having enviromental scientists run the global economy so that our resoruces are not depleted), but the hard part is getting people to accept that two opposite sides can both have good ideas. It is also difficult for most people to think outside of their own neighborhood/state/country.

    The work I’ve done so far is posted on this blog:

    I’d love to hear feedback and work with others; there’s no way I’m doing this by myself 😉

  11. I can see this awakening in our country (in Finland) too. Those still asleep are in passive-mode, they know that something is happening, but don’t know how to name it.
    My spiritual path begun four years ago, and I wouldn’t believe that I could ever achieve what i have achieved now 🙂
    I would like to know what are your next goals, how would you like to change the world? Light and love, Hanna

  12. If the Mayan were then we are gonna have to wait untill the earth explode and form a new earth with another chance of succeeding .

  13. Hey Jordan and everyone 🙂 i agree, see, since i started on a spiritual path about a year ago I was lost before then. Tbh, everything was bad! But I happened upon Spirit Science, and for me, everything g fell into place and it all made sense. I returned to the North of England to visit some friends and one of my best friends.

    So I walk into my best friend’s place amd we just started off chatting, amd then I started to talk to him about my changes. And it was like he total y understood. He was going through an awakening, just like i was a year ago… It was an amazing conversation and we sat there for hours.

    Another one of my friends was finding himself too. It’s pretty epic 🙂

    Jordan, everything works out in the end cus people connect with each other and like the story with the pictures shown in Aussie and then In Britain… its like that 🙂 it’s working!!!! The idea is spreading! Keep up the good work brother amd never lose sight, cus we are ONE. Rome wasnt built in a day!

    Much love to you all!


  14. I think the #1 way to make one big movement is to start explaining to everyone why we’re all so much the same. If there is still need for an “us vs. them” then let’s say the “them” is people that believe we’re different from each other. Did that make any sense? lol

    Possibly exploring some darker people and events in history and explaining how even “they” were trying to do good in their own way would be appropriate. Find the “villains” in our world and explain how even they are trying to do good and ARE good. Ultimately explaining why there is no “them” or “bad” people. Just people. I will write a book about this when the timing is right in my life.

    We all have the same ultimate desires but with very different details and methods of obtaining them.

  15. I believe a “mass” awakening had commenced. In the same affect I also believe that many are fighting it tooth and nail. We must “work hard” to fight for those fighting their own consciousness. Namaste.

  16. I work on a farm, I have a vision to bring people to it and connect them to the environment, people need to be inspired to change themselves, I know that I have the support of my guides and you guys. we need to help people find their spirits…now. we need to shake people out of there laziness, no more passivity, no more avoiding peoples toes, the time is now. every individual on this earth needs to blast others with their powerful hearts all of the time, stick that power chakra out and your heart chakra out and blast every person you interact with.. ITS TIME!

  17. Jordan, you are amazing! everything you say resonates with me so much & you have truly helped me to help myself and change my life. i seriously hope our paths cross one day so i can give you a huge hug and thank you! <3

  18. I agree on co-creation, and have passed many examples on people like that girl you talk about that didn’t actually co-create, the thing is that it needs to be the right group of people to co-create with, the ones with who you have the best communication and with who you connect in the same ideas, without that there is no co-creation. And one thing more, internet is keeping us connected and synchronized, but to physically co-create you need to be in the same room. 🙂 That’s how you create your local movement with the same global idea connecting them into ONE big movement… 🙂 Thx Ray… 🙂

  19. Unfortunately there seems to be no easy solutions. I wish I could wave a magic wand and transform the world as it is, into a world of abundance, with no suffering or pollution. I wish I could, I wish we all could as one shift everything together into proper alignment where all species coexist peacefully with each other and all nature. A world where technology is only helpful, to all species…or not utilized. A world without the need to kill. Perhaps a quantum jump…into a parallel universe where it has already come to pass for the blueprints of a complete transformation. Perhaps worldwide crystal education to help stabilize and reverse all negativity. Perhaps legalizing marijuana and distributing it to everyone freely. Perhaps doing away with all systems of economics. Eliminate currency all together and there is no longer a top 1% 5% 10% those that have it all, instantly loose it all. No power, No possessions, No control… We all start doing exactly what we want and need to do to create a Utopia. Jesus said how difficult it would be for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. “Jesus said that it was easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to go to heaven.” Not being religious only embracing truth and spirituality. Several years ago while enjoying the effects of marijuana lead to this very simple conclusion – Everything we do, is merely a substitute for something else we could or should be doing… I understand your post Jordan. I understand all these other response posts. I believe that we need…A return to the basic way we as humans were meant to coexist with nature. Humanity will otherwise take and take until there is nothing left. People will destroy each other for survival. Only after a long period of time will people begin to work together again to rebuild social stability. We must have #1.Strong Spirituality #2.Advanced thoughts of Morality #3. Common sense #4. Ancient native indigenous knowledge and wisdom I suggest we return this continent to its original inhabitants…take an online vote. Peace, Phil

  20. ~Namaste my dear fellow souls/soul :3 yes me, and yes you, and yes YOUME, I have decided not to talk with myself this way ever again. I know this is just me talking to myself, and this is you talking to yourself, and everybody just talks to themselves wich are actually me :33 So if we move from here to the bigger picture I would recommend you all, especially myself, that only thing we can do is stop typing this to us, you, me. :3 So its all a great paradox, all a big hoax, all misunderstanding and misleading of my soul. You need to let go this great mass totality of information and enjoy the this moment, and this, and this, and this one too. :33 Don`t get all that excited and all that euphoric about all, it will come at the perfect time in perfect place in this material dimension. We CAN do something about it THIS moment and instant – but it would just not be natural :33 It would be forced change :3 It would be more a change because of the CHANGE, and not because we ALL understand the CHANGE :333 Every drop in this ocean needs to understand WHY to change into other aggregate state or it will come back as a rain to that ocean infinite times over and over. So we need to wake up every part of the infinite fractal of us. And how do we do all that?! Just laugh and enjoy in totality of information :))) And trust me (trust yourself hihihi), if all of us FEEL this way it is happening and we CANT do anything to speed things up or slow them down. They are happening and the expansion is great no doubt about that :33 Doubt is the worst thing we can have here :33 And if you doubt other people, that tells you something about you – not them :33 Cause thats YOU who YOU doubting at :333 LOTS of salutations from Serbia, we have many awakened drops in this ocean. :))) And I give you guys much love, strength and good vibration to deal with YOU :333 Thanks about everything . . . /bow /hug fjufjufjufshshshhss~ :3

  21. Hi Jordan,

    The world is changing in a big way, from the pole shift, to everyone’s awareness, depends on each individual evolution’s, some slower than others, some faster, our bodies has changed too. We are already in it. You have done some great work in your Spirit Science video series, that helps clarify some fundamentals stepping stone to understand some of the story of our world in spiritual way. I really enjoyed your video series.

    The greatest physical threat to our world stability is pole shifts, which actually affect the global warming, it will take a while to get really pear shaped, then the people or nation that uses nuclear power without really understanding the catastrophic consequences if anything to go wrong. Should the worst happen, then the population will just have to deal with it. We know dying isn’t the end, if most of us dies then we’ll go somewhere else, different dimensions.

    Back to who’s going to do what…there are many things we all can do, the key is being connected, then, the power that be will let us know which road to go to do what we have to do for our contribution to our world.

    There are so many things, for example: the possibility of discovering free electricity for the world from dark energy, ( someone would pick up Nikola Tesla’s work & hopefully do this ) in the next 40 years, creating city under water, discovery of tree & plants energy, new form of fish/vege/cow/sheep farming etc if we are losing major land mass, ( now that Japan has polluted the pacific ocean with nuclear waste, it won’t be long before the whole oceans in this world will be affected, no more tuna sashimi lol! ) ..endless possibilities


  22. Jordan, keep doing what you are doing! You are on the right path! Do not be discouraged…You have accomplished a great deal! This here is a domino effect in action. May very well lead to a few big blockbuster Hollywood movies, which might just speed up the whole process considerably. Perhaps inspire a whole new generation to take up the torch of spirituality over stupidity, freedom over oppression and become an active movement toward planet wide liberty through LOVE. Peace, Phil

  23. Oh it seems you finaly starts to get it. And maybe you will be the Maitreya. Indeed the cosmic energy, the shift towards a new epoch arrived, but it just means the flow changed, new things arrived, new are, but people will still be people, changeing views or learning or growing up is up to themself, if you listen you will hear. As yourself is a prove of that. Even Maitreya needs to grow up before venturing into the world and do his “job” how could he show us courage, when he wouldn´t even know how desparete for us is to live day by day in this world. Even the creator god was one of us, maybe the first one, maybe all mighty and so on, but certainly no different then us. And look at the new pope, certainly profe for me that a new era arives, but it won´t be nice and many hardship will occure and we will certainly risks our lives.
    Yet that is what it means to be alive to live. to use our life. So keep going.

    1. You don’t need to wait for someone special to show you the way, it’s in your heart. Don’t wait, just go and do it, there are plenty of inspiring stories out there, if we all do our bit, we can make a difference 🙂

  24. I want to know what – as a 22 year old male who has just finished his university degree and now has a year to do whatever he wants – can do to help this change happen. I’ve practiced martial arts for 7 years and have experienced ‘awareness’ and ‘energy’ and ‘intuition’, and also practice reiki occasionally after being attuned 2 years ago by an amazing reiki master. I feel like I have some capability to help the world along and I am hearing what you are saying Jordan, but I feel like I lack direction and I’m not quite sure how I can help. What would be awesome is a brain storming session or ‘how to’ type video that can help people get off their ass and start involving themselves in the change that we wish for. I know it sounds like I’m lazy and I could do it myself but I think there could be a lot of people out there, like me, who have good lives and are busy and comfortable and still traveling on the tracks of society. These people need some transitional coercion to persuade them to devote themselves to making the world a better place and rousing the minds of those who are still asleep. Perhaps I’m rambling but all I’m really asking for is some guidance; how do we do it Jordan?

  25. now it is the time for all of us to gather as much as we can from information, we have to know our self , we have to know the plant that we are living in , for us whom want to be part of the change it is the time to observe and do what we can to rise our consciousness , it is the time to be a Side and observe , read about the past and searching in the present to find what we need in the future.
    we have to hold our ground right now and let the universe to do its stuff , and when the time comes the universe will let us know and we will for sure know what to do .

  26. Hey Jordan, it’s really great to watch you grow and influence the world around you and be influenced by the world around you.

    I had a similar experience in Tokyo. There is a subway station that was full of young and original local businesses, a whole village full of people living their dreams and connecting with each other (something that rarely happens in Tokyo) and the government and some big companies wanted to turn it into a clone of the other big city centers. They started rebuilding a lot of buildings and making them much more expensive so the small shops couldn’t afford it and fast food restaurants came in instead. It went from 95% local to 60% local in about 2 years. The problem is that the town is famous for being special but most people who visit don’t know that the local business is what makes it special and they end up going to starbucks. I had a bunch of ideas and I had conversations with over 50 shop owners and prominent people in the town about these ideas. The plan was to start a volunteer advertising campeign that would try and draw all the visitors away from the chain stores and into the local shops. They all seemed to agree with me, they all thought my ideas were great and they all said they wanted to get invovled, until I actually started. They all kind of expected me to save this town for them, one guy even called me (half serious) the foreign-savior of {town name}. At the same time most of them really just thought that nothing could be done because the same thing has happened to other areas before and no one managed to stop it.

    Since then I’ve been out looking for people who are actually ready to DO something positive and do it TOGETHER and I’ve found a few in various cities in Asia (and NYC, where I’m from). I hope to go to Europe and find some more eventually.

    I really like this concept that you guys have been talking about and I want to help.I don’t know how to get your attention through all you many many comments other than saying every few weeks : “I know some places you need to check out and we need to talk about it. Trust me.”

    PS, Rays ideas (particularly about masucline and feminine) are really new to me and make a lot of sense, thank you for introducing me to those ideas.

  27. Hi everyone!
    Thx Jordan for your good blog, i’m a big fan of your work. The only thing i want to say to all the good people in here is dont worry. It really doesn’t matter if we notice the change or not. We know our eyes have opened to the situation the world is in and because it has happened to us it will happen to others. It is just a matter of time. But it’s true that we can’t force other people to wake up, we just have to believe it will happen. We have to focus on ourself as a part of the whole, because our eyes arent fully open yet and the more they open, the more effect it will have on other people. Be a strong part of the unity keep going on the good path, spread love to everyone and everything & other hearts will open. I hope this makes sense & that my english is good enough to understand.

    Respect & much much love all the way from Iceland 🙂 Peace out!! Hjalti

  28. I think our world is gradually co-creating our vision…on a big and small scale we have many people coming to understand democracy and sustainability. Yes, we still face the old world of money, fear and concentrated power but people are realising their own potential and becoming empowered to be their own voice as well as a shared one with their local community and all of humanity. It’s a progress in the making!

  29. Believe it or not Chap, you are not the first person (or group) to do that. Lots of people have tried to varying degrees, Including myself. It’s not about claiming there is one movement and getting people to join it; it’s about making the one movement effective. Seems to me the key is bringing people together, bridging the gap, getting everyone to cooperate, opening discussions with the power players and getting each power to build a bridge and combine functionality.

  30. Hi Jordan, just to let you know that here in Québec, there’s a lot of people who’s waking up more and more. Yes, that’s true that I still feel alone sometimes cause it seems like there’s nobody conscious around me. And when I start to look at all the mess in this world, I can be a bit desperate. But when I feel like it’s to big or that I just don’t know how I’m going to make it, I just breath deeply and I do my best to listen and follow my heart. Babies steps will become giants steps if I just continu regardless of the fear in my head. Nothing have to be complicated, we don’t need to panic with how and when we’re going to make it. We are infinit and we just need to take actions with following our heart and what’s going to happen is the best for us (our evolution) whatever it is. I’m not waiting for a miracle to happen, that’s for sure. I change the world by really changing myself. The faster I change, the sooner it have a benefic effect on the world.

    Since last year, I am not the same person that I was…at all! Even if the people around me see the same person and think they know me, I’m another person in this body (same soul), with all the memories cause I’ve change personnality through love. I still have a lot of growth to do to stay always in that love, but I’m so proud of me!!! I’ve been through hell cause I chose to evolve with having a really hard time to face and let go of some big parts of my previous personnality who wasn’t serving the higher purpose and almost died by the resistance, but the Universe loves me apparently (still here with all the crazy circompstances!) and I found MY motivation to trancend and that’s what everyones need to do to really change the world. All that to say that even if the people around think that I’m the same cause of my apparence, or cause of something that I say at the time, they have no idea what I’ve been through and how much i’ve changed in me. I find it a bit hard to continu my evolution from where I am right now when others want to bring me in the past cause they don’t understand the principal of really changing personnality that quickly, but I take it like a part of my learning process. I’m like a ninja! lol You don’t see me cause I found the best place to hide to do my best moves. And it will change everything like that! Without you see it coming! ;p

    We are warriors of light and love and we don’t need to focus our energy on anything else than that to have solutions and take actions cause that’s where the answers are and our true salvation. I come from far and I believe that everyone will awake at his own time with a big personnal motivation. A lot of people are saying that i’m an inspiration to them when I share my experience of life and I always respond that I’m glad if I helped and I thank them cause we learn from everyone.

    The universe knows what he’s doing. Yes, everything happens for a reason and let me tell you that I know that EVERYTHING is possible if you’re open to it.

    I thank you personnaly, Jordan, for everything that you have created, it helped me so much to reinforce what I was believing in. I felt less alone with all your videos and those with who you’re associated with. I hope I brought you at least a little bit of light and love cause that was my intentions (with doing my best). Sometimes it just help to remember what we already know to apply it more… And I hope that my English is comprehensive… cause I speak french (québécois)! lol If there something that I can help with to change the world in addition with what I do everyday, it will be my pleasure.

    I send all of you (Jordan and everyone who’s reading this) a big hug with all my love.

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  33. Hey Jordan, nice article 😀 I feel you so much but trying to a bit more… I think it is very nice to read someone who is not only complaining about something but also doing something actively about it. But I strongly feel, that such thinking is only one of the stages that can evolve to let’s say higher level.
    As someone who is on the path of exploring the reality and myself I am just curious if you can find any truth in some of my next believes.
    The assertion I most agree with is: we need to learn how to recognize the One that is in All of Us, and that starts by finding it in someone. I think both happen simultaneously. When you find it in someone else, is when you find it in yourself. ” and that is at the same time the basis of my disagreement.
    You said in the article (let me rephrase that a bit) that people are selfish (want to receive without giving – applying on the part about business). I believe each person in the universe is born with mission to grow into enlighten – our soul (or heart or psyche depending to whom you refer) is our guide who gives us instruction what, where, how and how much to explore, by letting us feel the sincere wishes (not talking here about wishes that grows from the fear in order to defend us from pain). If we hear our wishes we are trying to do our best to fulfill them, yes the ways that we choose for fulfillment are not always the best – and we feel those “wrong ways” through feelings like pain, sadness, anger, jealousy,… But those fillings are not bad because those feelings let us to evolve, to get one step forward to enlightenment – they tell us HEEY YOU, YES YOU – you want this but you made it in such way that you feel unhappy now, so what are going to now?! Also actions that grows from such feeling are also not bad. They allowing us to experience ourselves in emotional sense in behavior that we believe at that particular moment is the best to reach our wishes, and again that feelings that we have guide us to move forward. If we stop at any of stage of moving forward because we feel we need some safety, we need it with a reason, and that reason is exploration of rules about which we have wrong belief and in truth moves us in the opposite direction from what we desire (subconsciously we think the opposite). So the selfishness is only one of the stages towards enlightenment. And all of us are on that path.
    So my question is are you on a stage where you feel that you need to help everyone to join in one and you feel like you have failed when someone disagrees with you or you can let go of that burden and accept that we are all one since time immemorial, it is just we can’t be aware of all of us at the same time? It is like enjoying your writings just because they are and maybe someone who is ready enough will find it and accept that and those who are not yet ready will be at right time for them to understand you fully.

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