Theres nothing like holding hands

You know, i’ve seen a lot of stuff out there from the Spiritual guru’s of tomorrow which seem to push a sort of.. “do it yourself” mentality… let me provide some examples to demonstrate what i’m talking about.

“Nobody is responsible for how you feel, once you know this – you take back all your power.”

“Self love is the root from which all positive creations grow.”

“Whenever you allow someone else to give you value, you lose confidence.”

Now, maybe i’m interpreting it wrong, but as I write this I have a dear friend sitting next to me, helping me out, and providing some powerful loving support. It is immeasurably valuable, and without it, I wouldn’t be writing this blog in the first place.

I’m also not sure that i’m losing confidence because of it… if anything, i’m gaining it.

(In response to the other 2 quotes) – I think we are all responsible for how all of us feel. You can’t deny that if i push you into the dirt, spit on you and call you an asshole, you’re probably not going to feel very good about it… Am I right?

Of course, you play a large role in how you feel, and so do I! If anything, that’s incentive to treat each other well.

I think at the core of what i’m trying to share is this message that we can all do it together, and in fact, in coming together with people we love, we can create powerful things. It is in fact a requirement for the creation of new things.

Don’t believe me? Try creating a baby with only one person.

When we create walls and seperation  between each other saying “I have my path and you have yours”, it limits the possibilities of what we can truly have together. Think about Frodo and Sam. Frodo tried to create a separation between them at the end of Fellowship, but Sam refused him, and made sure he saw the journey through to the end!

And this whole “Self Love” thing… how does it work anyways? Love is something that happens in the connection between you and someone or something, it’s a vesica pisces by default, it has to be.

The only thing that even comes close in my mind to what “self-love” could look like in physical manifestation, is masturbation…. AND YET, when you’re doing it, are you only thinking of yourself?

LOL, as I wrote that, we came up with a joke “The Jordan Blog, rated M for Masturbation”. HAAHAHAHAHAHA XD

Look, you don’t have to do it by yourself. It’s okay to keep a creation safe by maintaining who is a part of it, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it all alone.

That’s the only way we’re really going to change the world. We have enough people trying to do it themselves. It’s time for all of us to try doing it together, I think you’ll agree based on the results, that it’s the only real way to live 🙂

Everyone gets everything they want.

There’s nothing like holding hands with someone you love, someone who loves you…

It’s a feeling that I couldn’t replicate with a thousand years of holding my own hand.
Just sayin’

We are One


27 thoughts on “Theres nothing like holding hands

  1. A couple of months ago, my wife and I, had the fortune of taking our son to a trip to Turkey. It was amazing to enjoy the trip through my son’s eyes.
    The whole experience was great, and of course while traveling the most important things are the little details. And here you are highlighting one.
    We noticed that in Turkish culture it is just fine to hold hands with your friends. Even if they are your same gender and even if there is nothing sexual about it. We saw brothers and young people holding hands or embraced shoulder to shoulder while visiting museums and other places.
    I have to say that I am a little “culturally jealous”. LOL

    1. That is so true, I am from Azerbaijain, Baku, its near Turkey, We had that growing up. And it bonds people, friends, opens your heart chakra. 🙂 Before we came here to USA, we read a book about American way of living, to fit in, and we read that, you cant hold hands or they will think you are gays, that was odd to us. Men in the Turkey are very close too, they touch each other more than in USA, its not a manly thing they say, but I disagree, So just wanted to add, yes, Maybe we should spread and learn from other cultures more and be open minded. Thank you for reading 🙂

      I also want to invite you to facebook page, where more open minded people meet. ITs called, Depression doesn’t have to stop You. Its more of self growth, Looking forward to seeing you there.
      Blessings 🙂

  2. Jordan,
    You are inspiring. This post was fantastic, and I am in complete agreeance with what you stated here. When love is apart of what you do or is the whole motivation behind why you’re doing whatever it is you may be doing, the outcome is mindshatteringly positive. I wish more people would opperate from their heart and love, the world would be a much happier place. :o)
    Thank you for all you do!
    Love, light and joy

  3. Jordan, I thank you for the effective way you express your thoughts and truths, I am grateful for your being…… YOU! We resonate. I am certain there is science in the feeling you get when holding hands, oxytocin, neurotransmitions, blah blah ….. But there are no words (as yet) to describe the magical sense of love connecting, when hands touch and dance together, exploring each other…. sensual just does not cut it! There are feelings we are certain to discover as we continue the journey of (re)discovering our being. It shall be an exciting trip!! Namaste

  4. I Must disagree here. You are quite misreading Self and Self Love and to compare it in sexual context is inappropriate. Self, if we come out of gender identity is just self, it knows no male or female, you may call it a soul, that which is in everyone. Loving self means realising self so that you may see the same in others. Unless you have realised your own self you are not yet ready to love any one and how can you? How is that you going to hold the hand of someone and not know whats within him/her?

    There are generally two approaches adopted by people discovery to self. They commune in sex first and then wonder about love and there are those who find love first and then enter into sex. They both work just fine!

    1. If You are Everyone, how can you see your own Soul if not in the reflection of someone else?

      I’m totally with you, Self-Love should mean loving the ALL that you Are, because you are a part of the ALL. People misinterpret this, and they make it very selfish and one-sided in their spiritual journey.

      Even if you don’t love yourself first, you can learn to love if you find someone that you love. I know many couples who hated themselves but loved others enough to grow for them, to change for them. In fact one of the most profound things you can say… is “You make me want to be a better person.”

      How powerful is that?

      1. Jordan,

        The attempt is to introspect with mind and come closer to real self every day. The self that is all. Why would I have an urge to see it when I am all then?

        I will naturally feel inhumane to pick another person as my subject to know the soul, even if i’ll conclude something I would still not be able to realise it.

        Get my point..

  5. Only If you learn to love yourself, accept yourself and get to experience your uniqueness. you can really unselfishly love someone else.
    Because Is it really love if you try to “get” from the person you “love” like e.g. get into a relationship with someone because you have the need to feel secure, powerful, connected with the world around you,..?

    Ill try to exlain it better
    You can try and find a girlfriend because you want to impress your friends and
    show them how good you are with women.
    You can try and find a girlfriend because you’re on a journey and you want to
    share that journey with someone.
    I think the last option is only possible if you are at peace with your self.

    Just my point of view !
    Love your blog

    Thank you so much for spirit science… changed my life

    1. Hey Tom!

      Thank you for the comment, I know what you’re trying to say. I have some questions i’d like to ask.

      If you’re finding a girlfriend because you want to impress your friends… who are you doing it for?

      You’re doing it for you.. right? Because you have the need to feel secure or powerful as you said… I might use the word validated.

      If you’re finding a girlfriend because you’re looking for someone to share a journey with… Who are you doing it for?

      Personally, I would answer that i’d be doing it for both of us, because it’s not just about me anymore. It’s about both of us, together, and its important that both of us get what we want.

      I see it as doing it for a bigger reason than you alone. Doing it for someone you love, or for the needs of the many.

      1. that’s right !
        But do you think that someone who is not in tune with himself, who doesn’t like himself feels the “need” to “give” something to somebody else other then himself? the main thing on their minds would be their inner dialogue, always wondering if people would like them, accept them, finding ways to get validation from the external world. They are focused inward.
        I think the need to create something beautiful (with the right motivation, not for your ego)with and for others only develops on a stage that you are really accepting yourself and are in tune with yourself.

        I’ve been dealing with this myself for a long period of time (still do), and It wasn’t untiI I decided it was time to turn my life completely around, that with music, sports, spirit science, meditation, reading about this topic, etc… i’ve really found myself and started to like who I am. and with the help of a whole lot of new friends that i’ve made I feel that I start opening up to the world, turning my focus outward, on creating. I never experienced the world the way I do now, before.

        I think I had a shift in consciousness?
        I hope you understand what I’m trying to say

        Thank you

  6. I’ve been thinking about this concept so much lately, so how synchronistic for me to have read this.

    We are all connected. The ripple I make affects the collective, no doubt.

    However, each of us have the responsibility of maintaining the role of “dominant creator” in our own lives. Many people simply roll with the punches and choose to be passively carried along based on the bumps and waves of the collective. This is a negatively codependent practice that is rooted in a lack of self-worth or trust in ones self.

    Personally, I believe a big part of the shift happening is about individuals waking up to this responsibility, and recognizing the true synergy of the collective when we all prioritize our personal experience of creating and exploring, while simultaneously encouraging others to do the same.

    Just my two cents 😉

    By the way, I think you’re wonderful. I don’t comment on your posts and videos all that often, but I’ve been following you a long time and am very inspired by what you do. So…thank you.


  7. Jordan: I love your vision. As Edgar Cayce said a long time ago, “thoughts are things” and that is the beginning of creation, or mind is the builder. We can change our world to a better earth or new age or golden age. It takes a level of pure love consciousness like yours to begin the process and many more are on the band wagon each day. It is an exciting time to be alive and quite refreshing to read articles like yours to get out of the old modes and into the new. Thank you so much for the article and keep on keepin on, you rock.

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  9. We’re all doing our own things, together! 😀
    Infinite individual manifestations of existence, totally alone, but totally together.
    We’re all united by the fact that we exist together, as magical, spectacular and wondrous as unity is, the illusion of multiplicity is what allows us to truly appreciate the unity. 😀

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