Truth is Truth.

After looking at some of the past few blogs i’ve written, I feel like i’m on a sort of a streak of sharing my perspective about some of the teachings in the spiritual communities.  An objective view, for sure… I haven’t seen many people speaking like I am, save for the people I live with. Maybe we’re just crazy, I’m open to that possibility 😛

Speaking of spiritual teachings, here’s one that always drives me bonkers!! “Find out what your own personal truth is for you!”  Aghh, that one always drives me bonkers.

Truth is Truth. It’s True regardless of if you want it to be or not. I think Ghandi said it best here…

“Even if you’re a minority of One… Truth is Truth.”


There is no “Subjective Truth”, there is no “I can believe whatever feels right for me.” Doing that gets you into heaps of trouble.

What I mean is, if you’re jealous of somebody, and you lie to yourself and say that you’re NOT jealous, that doesn’t mean you’re genuinely not. It means you are, and you’re lying about it. That’s what true, even if you can’t see it.

This poses a problem for most people, because if someone see’s the reflection “I could be Jealous (or anything else)”, it is immediately met with a program that says “NONONO!! That’s not true, It’s THEM who have the problem, NOT ME!” 

If you’re genuinely interested in opening to Spirit and rewriting these programs, you have to be able to ask “Is that really true?” and find out for sure. If it is, that’s okay! The awareness of it is the first step to rewriting it. Once you’ve identified it, the rest is easy!

What I thought of just now in reflection of that line “Find your own Truth”, could apply to something like the Human History Movie. It’s absolutely crazy, but we don’t know if it’s True or Not, so you can decide for yourself if you want to believe in it.

And yet, if we can all acknowledge that the real Truth of the matter is “I don’t know”, then we can all believe what we want about it, play with all kinds of stories, and still share the same fundamental Truth that in all actuality, we don’t know, and that’s okay. 🙂

To bring this one around to the title, I think if you’re finding a lot of teachings or ideas that seem completely “contradictory by nature”, it simply means that there’s more to see about it, more to learn… to bring it all into Unity.

If the message you see and feel and share is succinct, clear, and whole, then it won’t be contradictory. It will all match itself perfectly. It will align with itself and everyone else, and it will make a beautiful flower that All will gather around.

Because what is a contradiction?

Modern Definition: A Combination of statements, ideas, or features of a situation that are opposed to one another.

opposing forces

It’s when two things are in Opposition with each other. They are not in balance, nor alignment with each other. They don’t recognize the inherent Unity behind each one, and so they must fight each other to no end.

And as we all know, fighting simply leads to more fighting.

The only way to win a war, is to not have one in the first place.

We are One. Let’s learn to act like it.

Jordan Pearce

37 thoughts on “Truth is Truth.

  1. hi Jordan 😀
    Thank U very much for writing 🙂 its so very awesome like SS 🙂

    i agree that : “TRUTH IS TRUTH” always,.
    but i dont think that, there is no subjective truth (atleast in the realm of Homo sapiens who’s physique is bound the the factor time).

    If there is only truthful people in the world, who never lies, then,. there can’t be love anymore. Human race will extinct.
    lets say, there lived a husband and wife. the wife got fire accidents n her face disfigured,. when there is true love, the husband may say, you look more beautiful than ever. and he means it. But if an outsider sees the woman, they cant see the beauty the husband saw, even if there is compassion. The husband didn’t lie, neither the outsider. But both are true. cos, TRUTH becomes subjective in the presence of love.
    ofcourse as you said, when the energy gets -ve, jealous, betrayal, all bad stuffs pop up and gets you into heaps of trouble. but, the solution is again love.

    “Whatever is done for love, always occurs beyond good or evil”. ~Friedrich Nietzche

    i think, perhaps the unity is not the absence of indifference, but respecting all possible difference in everyone and thus finding the balance = peace.
    like the ying-yan pic u added, the ying-yan either looks like both following each other or both swimming in opposite direction in peace.
    i would rather see as, they are swimming in opposite directions but still very happy with each other.
    cos, God has gifted free-will, which gives to whole infinite possibilities like the sun and the moon, soul and mind, man and woman, good and bad, right and left hemisphere,. Here, Everything holds some level of truth and some level of false.
    “When the probability of a truth being true is more, it becomes truth;
    When the probability of a truth being true is less, it becomes false.”
    ^this is my limited earthy 3d dual perception, which makes me to claim: this is my truth.

    Though, Truth and Love looks distant, even in our earth, one thing can bring them to harmony : its Righteousness 🙂

    idk if it makes sense,. just thought like responding.
    Love you my dear bro 🙂

    ~pradee 😀 hi5

    1. Hey Pradee! Thanks for the comment.
      Consider that if both the husband and the outsider had come from a space of awareness, they would be able to see beauty in the woman regardless of how long they had known her. They would see a beautiful soul who had been injured, and needs a lot of love and support, and they could give that to her simply by looking, and seeing what she needs.

      Truth is not subjective to Love, neither is Love subject to Truth. They are the Male and Female of the same thing, and in order to recognize one, the other is automatically recognized.

    2. well said pradee! truth can be subjective in the presence of love. I like jordans reply too but i feel like everyones inner beauty is what should be focused on. The traditional image of “beautiful” as far as symmetry & lack of obscurity goes is flawed but most “un/less concious” people would still say that she is not beautiful. So is that pretty much what jordan said? in order to see her as “beautiful” we have to see the truth & love of her inner beauty?

      1. Exactly, it’s something for all of us to strive for.

        And you know what, Truth is also seeing that yes, her physical face is mangled… and yet nothing she has ever done… nothing that has been done to her, has damaged her soul in any way.

  2. It’s OK to not know. This is the creed of all science. Yet beneath all method to find sense in this world, it is within that the truth lies. Thank you for your words as always. I will be listening.

  3. I would think that this saying would mostly apply to those Questions we don’t have answers to since the dawn of time,like ‘What is the meaning of life ? ‘
    Theses questions that just speak to your heart and that really depends on how we see the world,because depending on how we see the world,we see that question differently,and the answer will always be based on our experience.If someone force you to says ‘the meaning of life is to make money’ and it just doesn’t go with your heart and you’re here like ”ehhhh …nops ” and so in that circumstances you can be told ‘then follow your heart,find your truth on this matter” .Maybe here Truth isn’t the perfect word ,maybe it’ll be mostly like you said a personal opinion,because the truth on that question ,if we want a truth would be that we don’t know,and that each person has it’s opinion.
    I love what you wrote on the ‘contradiction in nature’ of many things,I feel that often it’s like two person being at opposite side of a room and watching at the same object,they try to describe it to each other but they don’t describe the same thing as depending on the place they are in the room ,their perceptions of this object change,so that both are really talking about their truth, and it might seems to go one against the other,but if we find the unity in this,and the two person decide to talk and share their perceptions they will both have a better idea ,a better view ,of the object in question ,a sort of 3d view instead of a drawing I guess in a way ahah,it’ll add dimension to it ‘

    1. That’s a really good way of putting it, looking at it from a larger dimension to earn a greater understanding of it.

      I remember this story from a chicken soup book i read when i was 13… *go into reminiscent mode*

      It’s a story of a father who held up a ball between his son and his daughter. The boy said it’s painted blue, but the girl shouts NO! It’s painted green!

      They start to fight each other, and the father laughs and turns the direction of the ball, and the kids realize that the truth is that it’s both, green and blue. Their bickering was simply because they wanted to be right… turns out they both were 🙂

  4. Interesting. Happily challenging as always. =)
    I believe that “find your own truth” has a meaning when you consider that principal : it is impossible for one to see/feel/experience the world in the EXACT same manner then another. It’s the nature of life here on Earth. Being together… yet distinct. That’s the whole fun, if we can say so!
    It’s like if we’re inside a translucid soap bubble, a filter created by our different life experiences/essence/emotions/body/thoughts patterns. A simple exemple : the same event can happen on 2 differents days and i will react to it differently depending if i’m happy or depressed, depending of the way my bubble will filter the world for me on that particular moment.

    I believe that “find your own truth” is there to express that. And also to challenge people at seeking what feels right for them within themselves and not just following blindly someone else believe system b/c we’re all unique.

    Let’s say we’re ONE. But I cannot conceive that ONENESS in the exact same way that you do! Even if i “agree” with that concept, there is NO full agreement, since i don’t experience that concept the way you do. We can talk about it, share our mutual experiences, our feelings, we can feel connections be created between us, but we still won’t be one, i still won’t be you and you still won’t be me and you still won’t be able to feel 100% how i do about that subject b/c you are you and you have your own emotions, your own thoughts. I’m pretty sure that none of us is exactly right too, I feel like there is always a greatest truth that can be find. Truth is sort of … temporary to me.

    Last question ; If we are all one, how can a part of it knows it all? How can a cell figure out how the whole body is feeling? How can a heart cell know what it is to be a lung cell as long as its still a heart cell, doing a heart cell job?
    How can truth not be subjective then? Note that subjective DOESN’T mean that you can change it. A heart cell is a heart cell and it will be its whole life, no matter how it tries to change that. The only thing a cell can do to heal and grow, is becoming MORE ITSELF. A person who is jalous and denies it, DENIES IT. That has nothing to do, to my view point, with the truth being subjective.

    I’d love to hear a response to that. 🙂
    I really enjoy your blogs, i hope you don’t mind for my comments. It helps me grow.
    Happily, LilianeG

    1. Hey Liliane,

      I have a very simple answer for you.

      We are One, which means every strand of your hair, every cell in your body, every subatomic particle in the mole on your butt is intimately connected with every fiber of my being (which yes, includes the particles in the moles on my butt too!).

      If you don’t see it, that’s okay. The practice of raising ones awareness and personal transformation is to create the awareness of the intimate and infinite connections between all things, including each other. We then can come to a space with each other where we DO know what each other is feeling, and we DO understand in like manner with each other…

      Essentially, there is no separation, no need for secrets, no lies, no exaggerations between each other. Everything simply is, and we can learn to communicate clearly and openly, allowing for us to come from a space of creation, rather than arguing about what’s true or not.

      For your final question about the cells in the body… It’s all energy! It’s constantly moving and transmuting. It’s YOUR awareness that’s moving through all of the cells simultaneously, and YOU know whether your lungs are having a hard time or your heart is. The physical cells are not the whole picture, it’s just the 3rd dimensional representation of the energy on the next dimension.

      As a cell becomes “more itself” (as you say), all i’m left with to interpret is that it becomes more in tune with itself, which is everything around it, in addition to everything inside it.

      Love the message! Thanks for taking the time <3

  5. Hey Jordan,

    I think what you’re referring to is the idea of subjectivity vs. objectivity, and when it is appropriate to use the term “truth”. Yes there are truths that serve mankind as a whole, the development of which we call science, but then aren’t there also subjective truths?

    As you used for an example one may be jealous in a situation, and that would be the truth regardless of what they want to believe, however, the same situation may not make a different individual jealous which would mean that being jealous in that situation is a subjective truth. Essentially I’m proposing the idea that when people say “personal truth” they actually mean either subjective truth or just to be honest with yourself.

    In terms of objective truths I would like to pose the idea that although they are reliable as far as we can observe physically, I don’t believe we should ever buy into them 100%. I say this because, as science has shown, ideas that were considered truths and facts have been proven wrong by further evidence time and time again. Since we don’t know 100% what will hold true through time wouldn’t it be best to not actually consider anything (or most things) true but only act based on what holds the most weight/resonates with you as making sense, while also coming from an honest point of view and giving all ideas a fair chance before writing them off as not true?

    I consider this train of thought in terms of truth sometimes: if everything we’ve ever perceived corresponds to the thought of perceiving it, is it possible that none of it is real and whatever “You” are is just having thoughts (which could get into the nature of spirit or other topics… not my point though). If that’s the case then what can we consider to be real and how do we even know we exist? If you follow this idea the way I do then it proves that the mere fact that we are thinking proves the fact the we exist, and whether or not we understand how such an existence works is irrelevant. I think this might be how Descartes derived the idea “I think therefore I am”… that’s some extra food for thought.

    Anyways sorry about the long post, my mind wouldn’t stop and I could have kept going. Also I love spirit science and keep doing what you’re doing Namaste brother!

    -Mateusz Mikunda

  6. Jordan,
    Respect you for years now. Enjoy your Spirit Science work.
    I absolutely LOVE your choice of topic for today’s blog. Inspires me to respond…

    I have also spent a lot of time milling over spiritual teachings and thinking about truth. I started, and continue, writing a book that I have titled, “Beautiful Truth” (Facebook page where I collect ideas from time to time) that is stories about my life – told in my quirky way.
    I have found great peace in letting go of the idea of a fundamental truth. If we are all powerful co-creators, maybe there is less right and wrong than we have been led to believe? If someone believes in something strongly enough, it becomes true “for them”. It does not make it true for you. It would be very loving and compassionate to allow their version of the truth that they have chosen but WITHOUT forfeiting your version at the same time. A “live and let live” attitude. Stand strong and peacefully in your own version of the truth (from your present energetic vibration). I believe that the world would be transformed by this. It makes sense to me that truth appears differently from different energetic vibration levels. So the best thing you can do for yourself and the world is raise your energetic vibration. Just your presence will encourage others who come into contact with you (I use the term “contact” loosely because it is not an uncommon belief that we are all in contact with each other in every moment) without you doing anything more than “existing” in your highest expression, being yourself. This concept is what I have termed the “Beautiful Truth”. All one need to do is be your Self (that highest version Self).

    I am so onside with your idea of “I do not know”. I have coined a phrase “Freedom in not knowing”. We are more free to evolve if we can let go of our desire to be “right” and just not know. But we are always free to approach the world with being right. My hypothesis is that your world has less potential to give you an abundant experience with ease and grace when you cling to being right.
    By embracing uncertainty and being free to “not know”, your potential to evolve is much HIGHER.
    Thank you for the inspiration to collect these thoughts that have been bouncing around my head in recent weeks.
    Love, Angele

  7. Cool point about jealousy. Noticing self-deceptive patterns is one of I most important practices to live in truth. Keep writing like this its really cool!

  8. Truth is Truth! I agree but we can’t be talking about it . Truth unfolds the layers of our belief until when there is nothing left, just like onion. We all are made up of our individual beleif system through which we perceive and know things. we can’t form a perception without a beleif system of our self, that is must, that is the core. Even if we succeed in changing our beleif system we are still giving a dimension to truth. To yearn for truth is like yearning for Sun. To see the truth is like seeing at sun with naked eyes. You will burn the closer you get to it untill eventually you have turned into ashes, why struggle? Isn’t it enough that we all know there is Truth? To question it is like flashing a torch light at the Sun. Truth is always upon us, it is witnessing us within time and space. What else do we need? So what if we can’t grab the truth we always got chilled beers!!! 🙂

  9. Jordan, I just have a question, if you have an idea or thought that you would like to share with you where should I send it? 🙂

  10. And btw, your awesome. You save lifes, cure depression, spreding love and get people thinking. You probably already know that but I just wanted to say it.

  11. Okay, correct me if I’m wrong but is not fiboncci just a vibration from a different perspective? A viberation is fibonacci from the side? And if that is it. Are not all dimensions except the first non perfection? Nothing is perfect. As in that nothing is perfect and the only thing that is perfect is just “Nothing”? Sorry for my half bad english hope you understand. Maybe you could have brought it up in any video in that case it is my mistake and I just forgot it: P

    I have all these thoughts, but I dare not say them to anyone. Every time they have tried to explain something so it has just been that they’ve said that I’m crazy in the head and should stop thinking. Then came the video “Fake it to make it after all” and gave me brain orgasm xD But still, have noone that I can get confirmation from and therefore I turn me to you. I can take criticism so then say that everything is wrong if you think its wrong. Truth is Truth 😉

  12. Jordan i like/love the things you make.

    i am missing the thumbs up FB button. is it on purpose ?

    Wishing you the best for the future creations!

    Best regards,

  13. Jordan you are so amazing, your teaching are wonderful. I’ve seen spirit science, panic to freedom, and now this you are truly inspiring to me, and I can feel your love for what you do all the way over here ! In NJ that is. Jordan I just thought I tell you your awesome !

  14. Hi Jorden and everyone else here leaving some great comments… Concerning truth, I recently uncovered some truth which seems to directly effect us all in a very serious way…We all need to come together colectively and with concentrated thoughts and actions bring a balance to the world…things are way out of balance and that is the truth…Thanks, Phil

  15. Jorden, I have also discovered this video clip from 60 years ago. “We have developed speed, but we have shut ourselves in. Machinery that gives abundance has left us in want. Our knowledge has made us cynical. Our cleverness, hard and unkind. We think too much and feel too little. More than machinery we need humanity. “-Charlie Chaplin My Grandfather Loved Charlie Chaplin and now I truly understand why… aside from his classic comedy which stands the test of time. This should be viewed by everyone & perhaps injected into one of your pair o dime shift episodes. Thanks, I believe that circumstances are changing for the better! Phil

  16. True is true to true. There is no truth but the subjective truth, as strange as it seems. Ask any two individuals their individual definition of seemingly common concepts, like knowledge… What is knowledge? At the end of the conversation, there’ll be different definitions.
    Point being: There’s that which one knows through what one has experienced, and only through our experiences can we view things from an empathetic point of view. Only through having been in the shoes of the truthseeker can one see the truth that one seeks.
    Only through being what we all are can we experience what we comprehend, and through comprehension comes experience. A wonderful cycle of learning.
    Nuerogenesis, nueroplasticity and nuero-linguistic programming. We learn our truths and relate others’ truths to our own through how we’ve programmed our brains. We see our conceptions, which can be shattered at the simple act of changing the point of reference, until shattering, they seem infallible.
    This is where fear can come in to wreak havoc. The act of being scared of change being the potential catalyst for staying in a system that is inherently delusion or destructive. It’s far out. Gotta love and appreciate it, though, the rather absurd natural order of things and whatnot. ^_^

  17. When people say “find your own truth”, I think what it means is that, in our spiritual spiritual journey, we may find some truth that speak to you for that stage. But Later, we may discard that truth that we thought that was true. So the difinition of the word “truth” is not the same.

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