“We are One”はなんですか

The verbalization of this title is “We are One” Wa Nan Desuka, which translates to “What does We Are One mean?” or “What is We Are One?”

If you’re new to this blog, often in many posts I sign it:

We Are One,
*my, or someones name here*

I feel like it’s a good way to bring everything around full circle, that You are reading something that You wrote.


Do you remember the blog post called “The Author and the Character”, I described how there is You, the Author of the story, and then there is you, the character.

Note the differences is the way of writing them. You with a capital, like “God”, and you with a lowercase… like “god”.

A subtle difference for sure, and yet a great and important difference between the two, the awarenes
s of which allows for a much more intimate understanding and perception of what is… the lack of awareness of which allows for someone to feel like they are being more “spiritual” than someone else… which is sometimes the case too.

For the words, the spelling, are simply a representation of an idea that spans as great and majestic as the universe itself.

You is Spirit. It is the infinite connection that you have to EVERYTHING, in mind, body, and spirit. It is perfect and whole and flowing and complete. It is One single awareness at its grandest, made up of an infinite web of energy and movement and creation and life! It is all of the cosmos and all of the dimensions and all of the music and all of the art!


And All of it, is within You. It is what You are made of, it is what you are a part of. That’s an important piece, it’s also outside you, just as much as it is inside you. It’s happening all around you, the inside is synonymous with the outside, they constantly flow through each other.

It’s all constantly happening, and its ever changing, and you are a part of the entire picture. You are the drop of water in the ocean, or the leaf on the tree. You are also a Tree Yourself, and you are also Fruit. You are Divine. You are a part of the All. You are Majestic, and You are beautiful.

And You are One with Everything. There is no separation.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Now… you (lowercase) on the other hand, is the ego – you are simply a combination of a few ingredients put together by You I wrote about above. we are still young as a developing species, we are having some trouble finding love for ourselves, because we think we’re supposed to do it all alone, every leaf for themselves, instead of serving the tree’s highest purpose, which is the natural way.

Do You see the difference between the two? For that matter… do you? (lol, this is fun!)

Now that you see the difference, see that the way to create true magic is to put them together. The Ego and Spirit, coming together as One. The Ego listens to Spirit and strives to become as grand as it is. It is Fibonacci striving for Phi – here’s a video.

To bring this right-round baby, see then that in order to grow, we must connect with the One that we all Are, and Are a part of. That takes looking at all of us, as a whole.


What that looks like on the 3rd dimension, is the recognition and support of those around you. The strengthening of relationships and the building of intimate bridges between All of us.

We Are One, is the awareness that we are all intimately connected, and the more we recognize it, the stronger we become, the more supported we become, and the more change we will be able to bring to this planet.

The Time for Separate Movements has Passed!
We Are One,


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11 thoughts on ““We are One”はなんですか

    1. Just delete the “http//” part from the url, and the link should work…
      … You didn’t like this article? :/
      Too bad, I quite enjoyed it. It explained the Author and Character idea further (even if it’s not a complicated one)… It does help to make you think differently. 🙂

  1. Very well said. I meditated upon this idea recently and came to the same understanding. You are truly a buddha. Therefore I must be a buddha. Therefore everyone is a buddha.

  2. I’m desperate to find, to know that the truth of my purpose is no longer hidden to all of you. For those who hear and see to see that the true creations that inspiration is molding deep within. The foundations are set and the pillars are moving into place as all the disbelief’s and doubts finally melt away. The course that is set upon which I sail toward the dawn seeks those who are willing to lead us all back home.

    For now I wrote alone as the reflecting lights sparkle back toward my eyes to move me closer to home. But my deepest baring of thoughts and dreams wait silently to become more than hope, more than faith, until the only thing left and the only thing that remains, is the crisp clarity that can only come from us doing the work together.

    So let the healing be done, let the songs of mystery finally be sung, as I patiently observe every symbol and sign, till we once are one again. Together working toward healing that which is no longer needed.

    This is a message, a secret code at best, looking to find it’s solver which can only be found written inside the soul. It’s not for the weary or the greed, the corrupt or ego stuff, it’s designed from beyond my knowing and beyond where I’m currently flowing.

    But if thou looks deep and is honest with what their true intentions seek, the answer will blind you from having darkened eyes to become insightfull again. There is the clue with how & when the circle can mended through peace.

    When all of us finally recognize what we had been creating all along, but it wasn’t ever mine or yours alone. Together is the answer, I’ll give you that one for free, but how spirit will bring it about is to each of us our own our heart’s deepest needs to be. I’ll see you when the time has happened upon us both. The time that’s beyond our current perceptive scope, but never separate from hope.

    God Bless

  3. The way I see it is that I am everything I see around me inside and oit for all of eternity fractaling into its self. I am all that is good and all that is bad everything is a creation of my own imagination. I jave moticed how I am literally tje same as everyone else. I jave done every gpod and bad thing to some degree and I’ve realised the causes of these decisions. I see my nody as being merely a poimt of view imto life. I don’t think I have a purpose othar than to experience bevause that os the only way for life to be perfect. You are not supposed to be happy or be some one great you are just supposed to experience as much as you can the good and bad. I feel that when I die thos point of view vanishes but I am still alive as everything else I. The universe. I feel like in a past life I was everything that has ever existed, exists, and ever will exist. And you don’t need tp meditate or be ” spiritual to understand this you kust need tp experience life that is the best way to learn the truth ( especially experiencing the bad) and that’s when you realize that life is a pointless joke and you are basically gpd bored and playing with it self and that’s when you see the neauty of everything and you realize how impossibly infinate everything is and how significant bit insignificant you really are and how there is so much life everywhere inside and out abd its all different yet its all the same and you just have to laugh at it because you realize life is a paradox and it will never make sense and that’s the point because once you figure it out there’s npthing left. So thays the amswer to life its that there is mo amswer and there is no question it just is and always will be

  4. Wow. Thanks Jordan. This is an Amazing Realization.
    This Post Opens my mind again. My understanding is Expanding. And Thanks For thr Marie’s blog link. 😉

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