Weekly Community Calls Happening Saturdays… :O That’s today!

~ Update ~ The call is now over, i’ve changed some of this blog to be in the past tense 🙂 

Today I thought i’d let you in on the happenings that we just started happening as of last week. A live-streamed video chat which everyone is invited to be a part of!

PTF Circle LogoThe call took place at Noon (which at the point of writing this is about 3 hours away from now), where we’ll be inviting members of Panic to Freedom to log in and chat with us. Everyone is welcome, and we will be actively looking at the comments to answer any questions that come up as well.

You’re invited to come tune in, and if you’re interested in participating in the call, all that is required is your participation in Panic to Freedom. We are currently relaunching the program, if this holds interest to you, please check out the Homepage and sign up for our relaunch email list.

Every week we’ll be posting edited versions of the chats on youtube, here’s our clip from last week!

When we have a login link for you, i’ll update this post with a link to it as well so that you can log in easily. Otherwise, Follow the Panic to Freedom facebook page or the Spirit Science Facebook page for links to tune in.

See you there!

5 thoughts on “Weekly Community Calls Happening Saturdays… :O That’s today!

  1. All I can say is it amazes me that you are doing what you do and it is my hope you continue to share all this meaningful stuff you share, you are deeply admired and respected by me. I have lived so much more life than you and yet my own accomplishments pale in comparison and yet you are not only exploring much of the same ideas and beliefs that I myself have you are bringing it to a large audience so effectively. Congratulations. Great things are manifesting all around because of the type of energies you are sharing with the web. Thank you.

  2. Hey, I love these chats, They create such open hearted connections.
    I love the vibe you guys are creating with this and I will def join you each week.

    Thank You

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