We’re all Human

You know… Today, I just want to be short and sweet.

We’re all Human.

Can that be good enough? We’re all learning, we’re all growing, and most importantly, we’re all doing the best that we can with what we have.

I do my best to try and live by what I talk about, being connected to those I interact with, being loving and kind, reflecting on everything to see how my interaction was, and how it could have been interpreted differently in order to grow as a person, and be able to share and do more with everyone i’m working with.

Have your own experience when interacting with or reading any of the stuff that I post or create, i know i’ve said that a lot, and i’d like to re-iterate it one more time 🙂

Everything you see by me is just my interpretation, energy and information that is flowing through me. Sometimes it looks like this, sometimes it looks like that, it’s always changing too – Which is why it’s so important that you take what you like, and use it as an ingredient in your own body of awareness.

And when we come together in the moment, our minds and hearts will blend and we’ll be able to see and understand on an even greater level than ever before.

Finally ~ I watched a video by Charlie is so Cool like, absolutely brilliant guy. I resonated with it so much, I would love to share it with you.

All of my love

9 thoughts on “We’re all Human

  1. lol, I like Charlie, He’s Funny.
    Yeah I think its sometimes nice to be less than perfect and lets just be present in the moment. Lets have fun and share our energy and see what comes from that?


  2. Hey Jordan, I just wanted to let you know that here in Port Angeles, WA, my friends and I admire your videos on Spirit Science and have shared them constantly so that now more and more people here are open to the ideas portrayed in your videos. Its amazing, almost like a conscious awakening of the PNW! When I was on my spiritual journey, I stumbled across the full movie of Spirit Science on Youtube and that was about a year ago. Ever since then, opportunities to learn have come into my experience along with amazing people. I just wanted to say Thank You. Thank you for lifting the spirits of those around the world. And if you are being criticized, oh well. Humans get defensive about things so easily because they have a hard time hearing the truth. Its the outcome of brainwash I guess 😛 My friend and I make homemade products and eventually want to open up a juice restaurant and a lounge with Spirit Science Sundays! (instead of football sundays??) hhahah Happy Holidays to you and your family.

    -Brittani Nichole Batchelor, 20

  3. Hi Jordan, that was a great description of how to take and dish out criticism. It must be hard to see so many people responding to you with such negativity, but you have held strong and never succumbed to the temptation of responding to negativity with negativity, thats exactly what these trolls whant. I have a theory on why these people respond with such aggravating snide comments, they want to distract you from the message you were just given. as soon as you start reading the negative replies, people flaunting their ignorance (by ignorance i simply mean un-informed in one particular subject, not their intelligence) it makes you sad or even angry that people cant even meet in a middle ground. when i watch a video or read a blog that has an amazing message, i feel so uplifted, so informed. but then i read the comments and all those feelings suddenly turn to anger and sadness. i quickly learnt that if you are going to hear feedback about something you love or simply enjoy, you have to be fully prepared for people to react negatively, even if the negativity is undeserved. thats the end of my little spiel, namaste
    p.s Jordan you are such a beacon of light, shining bright in the midst of darkness. you (and patchman) have been such an inspiration to me and many others. keep doing what your doing 🙂

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