What’s in a Name ~ Part 2


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A year ago I made a video on my Youtube Channel called “What’s in a Name?”, it was essentially an announcement video to the world about my recent “name change”, which went around this big long list from the previous year all the way from “Jordan Duchnycz” to “Jordan SpiritPatch” and a few others I think… Finally culminating in Jordan David.

And i’ve been meaning to do another one, because shortly after making that video I had yet another awakening and realized my true name.

It’s my birth name.

Please forgive me, i’m going to talk about myself for a minute. I don’t always like doing that, for fear that it makes me sound arrogant or what have you… but just go with it, i’ll bring it around by the end and you’ll see what i’m talking about 😛


Yup… That’s me 😛

I was born Jordan David Pearce on May 19th, 1991, only 22 years ago. Pearce is my mothers maiden name and my Biological Father died several months before I was born. It was very hard for my Mom. I love her so much.

When I was 4 she met the man who was to become my step-dad for life! I’d never had a dad up until that point, and they make a great couple. It was after their wedding when I was 5 that I became a Duchnycz (pronounced Dook (like Book) – Nitch).

I was raised to not like the name very much, which happened from a lot of programming that happened in school. A lot of kids made fun of my last name, which made me try and disown the name, push away from it… run away.

I’ve grown a lot in the past year around this idea of names and meaning. Names have a lot of meaning, far more than we think, and Duchnycz, whilst not my original biological name, is still a large part of my life, and I would never give it up, although i’ve tried.

SRC-Gurren-Lagann-12Simultaneously, I’ve been trying on Pearce again after 18 years of not using it at all… and it feels really good. I looked up the meaning of the name, and what I found is that it means “rock”. Unassuming, i know. I also like to relate it to Gurren Lagann…



I suppose it goes well with the name Jordan, which came from the name of the Egyptian river that everyone went to for nourishment thousands of years ago. Perhaps “Jordan Pearce” means polished rock from the River Jordan… It’s just an idea.

It’s not nearly as flattering as some names though… Ray’s full name translates to “Hand of God” 😛

I tried looking up Duchnycz but nobody on the internet seems to know.. I”ll have to ask my dad about it.

~ ~ ~

Everything has Meaning. Some things have meaning collectively, like a language, which is used as a representation to convey even greater meaning. People have asked about the “meaning of life”… i’d love to write a blog about it sometime… I’ll put it in the works.

All names have meaning too, and the names that you were given at birth have a very special connection and relationship to who you are. Your name is as beautiful as You Are, whether you See it or not.

hippyIntention is very important, should you decide to change your names. If you’ve been in the festival scene, you might know a lot of “Rainbow MoonBeam Star’s” or “Unicorn Rainbow Shine” or “SpiritWalker NightLife”…. or even just people with the last name “Love”.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with this, but it’s important to recognize WHY you (or someone you love) is changing their name. Honesty is very important too, because sometimes it’s hard to admit when the intention is off.


If you changed your name because you don’t like the original you have (perhaps because of the same programs that i described earlier, kids made ), then automatically that’s broken from the core. You’re pushing away on something, covering it up with something you pulled out of your ass and pretending that it’s for a “spiritual” reason, when really it’s just running away.

It’s okay, I did it too, and I know a lot of people who have and still don’t recognize that they did it…or push away on it when you tell them, or avoiding the problem.

In fact, i’ll bet a lot of people are getting riled up as they read this… or perhaps this is where they stopped reading. 😛

For many, its important to have that experience (changing the name and coming back around to the original), because it helps bring you full circle in order to see what’s really important, and that sometimes means looking deep at your roots and your family, and seeing the love that was really there.

Okay, one final Idea and then i’ll let you go!

Mother Resting Head on Infant's ChestIf someone see’s something in you, or you have a special connection with you, and they give you a name or a vibration that is a representation of a connection you have with them… that’s very powerful.

I think that’s one reason I’m comfortable with Drunvalo Melchizidek, who’s birth name is Bernard Perona. He didn’t name himself that to be spiritual. Some mayan elders in an ancient tribe way out in the amazon gave him that name because they saw that in him. That has so much more meaning and significance.

Not to mention, a lot of what Drunvalo describes is very enlightening and amazing things, he helped me put a lot into perspective and connect a lot of mental-dots in my journey.

Think about it, that’s the way your connection with your parents is. The name they gave you is the name that bonds you to them from the moment of your birth! Sometimes, THEY don’t even know what it means, but it does have meaning. Explore it!

~ ~ ~ ~

Anyways, names are just the beginning. When you start to look at what things inherently mean, rather than just what someone says it’s supposed to mean, things start making a LOT of sense as to why things are the way they are.

We are One,
Jordan David Duchnycz Pearce


61 thoughts on “What’s in a Name ~ Part 2

    1. In the spirit of this post, I came back to watch the video in the link you sent since we share a name. (I thought you might like to know since it can feel good to know your message was received) 😉

      What does that mean exactly? I’m not sure yet, but I know in the past I tended to avoid others with the same name as me (for reasons I’m sure you can relate to…?).

      After reading and watching the video on the subject of names, I figured that specific aspect (the sharing and passing down of names through generations) was something worth mentioning. 🙂

    2. Are you being fucked by this Melchizedek guy? Like, is he literally telling you that humanity is/was a “female species”, but then got turned “male” by martians so that he can fuck you like a female, all the while appealing to your apparent need for validation from a father-figure? Ie. “Look, ‘Daddy’, I’m making you proud! When I let you fuck my hole it is me engendering the true nature of the human race (female), and also I get to make new-Thoth happy by letting him cum Inside of me! I love you, naughty daddy. Fuck me again while I smoke some more CRYSTAL meth, paid for by crystal worship shirts.” My advice: RUN as fast as you can. I have been in destructive relationships, (though not so delusional)….he’s going to give you a disease at some point. They all, THEY ALL, CHEAT.

      1. Whoa man. You appear to have some serious judgement or issues within. Your comment is hilarious but probably not in th way you may intend. The male and female aspects of universal codes have little to do with genitalia. There is male and female within all of us. I hope you find peace ✌️ 🙏

  1. Makes a ton of sense, I feel a similar situation. I still go by the name I was born with, however once I had a dream that helped me discover my totem, I was completely change. And ever since my other names are “The Fox”, “Fox”, “Tenko”, Or “TenkoSama”. It makes me feel really good using these names. ^_^

    1. “I am THE Honorable TenkoSama, a deity of the Imperial Family. I am a Prison of War Camp, and God himself. I’m not sure how this corresponds to foxes, probably because I didn’t do any research, nor do I understand basic Japanese. Heil TenkoSama, the Non-Fox ruler of the Royal Family! It makes me feel REALLY GOOD to use this name, because I am REALLY ARROGANT. Arigatō gozaimashita. Watashi wa ahodesu.”

      — User TenkoSama, Year of our Lord, 2013

  2. Jordan,

    I have to say it again, you are an inspiration. I remember when I looked at the meaning of my name “Nicholas” for the first time. It completely blew my mind. I loved it! I never went through a time that I didn’t like my name but after reading the meaning I knew it had struck a vibration within me that would stick with me for a very long time.

    Nicholas: Victory of the people

    I wish there was a way to meet, I would thuroughly enjoy discussing all the knowledge you’ve acquired over the past couple of years. You’re a great man!

    Love, Light and Joy

  3. Hi Jordan

    Great blog . I believe what Drunvalo says about your name being an imprint of that moment you were born .
    You stepfather’s name Duchnycz seem to be of a Slavic origin. If it is then you may be surprised to learn that Duch in many Slavic languages means ghost or a spirit.
    Nycz mean a person that understands spirits . ( I am not a language expert so take this with some reservations )

    So See you can’t escape the meaning of your name even if you try


  4. “Duchnycz” is a slavic name. Probably of Polish or Ukranian origin. “Duch” means spirit and also breath. Just like in “David Duchovny”. So your name means something like “the spirited one”. Quite a perfect fit for someone who started The Spirit Science, I would say!

      1. It’s less about the surname (slavic) origin but more about the meaning IMHO.

        Duch (Duh) = Spirit, [word]
        nycz (nić, nič), [slavic word ending construction] = comming from or belonging to

        So it would translate to english as “Spirit’s Jordan”. In other words as – “the One coming from the spirit” or “spirited One”

        I saw you have many new ideas for Spirit Sience (Duchnycz Sience:) but I was wondering if you ever considered going through gaia.com?

        I have always been thankful for your work and admired your skill to present complicated spiritual philosophies in a simple down-to-earth manner. I would much rather see your efforts put in this instead of building the whole new infrastructure that should support your message. Coming from IT, I can see the tremendous amount of work needed to make this work (and the time is rather short). On the other hand your skill could be of tremendous help if you would do, say, accompanying videos for Drunvalo books and distribute them via gaia.com as words are often not good enough.

        Anyhow, you have my big thanks for all you have done for us.

  5. The name Kerry literally translated to ‘child of the dark one.’ I would be willing to accept that ‘dark one’ may have once replied to exotic visitors on the irish shores but to my knowledge my heritage is pure, white, English as far back as is tracable. When I think about it I am uncomfortable with it’s meaning. Especially if it does mean dark as in evil. My mother was very unkind to me growing up and for my health I keep away from her (something I am often criticised for when with other spiritually minded people). I more recently found out that she kept a very dark secret about her husband (my step dad) too for many years – he is being punished but she is not. So in a way this meaning is right. But what does that mean for me?

    I do all I can to lead a spiritual life but do find myself switching from time to time. My thoughts can become quite disturbing at times. My actions are always aimed at good though. Mainly. Do i need to shed this identity by changing my name? Is this necessary for my spiritual development? What about the notion that we choose both our name and parents before birth. Also how should I chose a new name if so. I am used to this lable. All advice is appreciated 🙂 namaste

    1. I am not an expert and in fact I just have a similar problem. Kind of. My family always made me feel like I’m not good enough to do anything. Especially my mother. She would stand in the way of everything I wanted to do and persuade me it’s stupid, useless or I’m not going to make it. It took me years and years of learning and personal growth to deal with her and get my own way BUT… Somehow no matter what I do in life it keeps pushing me back to her. I moved out with a guy – he dumped me and I had no choice but to come home. I got a job abroad – there were some problems and I ended up spending more time at home than at work. I never wanted much, just a little bit of independence, and now I’m 30, still living with my mother.

      Because of life like this I dropped “self growth”, feeling like I have no place of my own to grow any roots. Now I realise I just believed I’m in danger and degraded myself to survival mode. But someone told me to check out some motivationa videos, now I found spirit science. A week ago I found videos of a witch, she claimed that in old times when childrem were born the person helping with the birth was usually spiritually advanced enough to separate the mother and the baby phisically AND spiritually. So that the child can be a separate being. Now we are born in hospitals and nobody does that and we are being spiritually connected to our mothers. She says this bond can be separated with just our own will (I haven’t tried that yet, I… obviously don’t feel confident enough). It doesn’t mean we should forget our mothers or cut all our bonds, rather make our spiritual bodies independent from our mother’s energy, since it can seriously restrain us.

      Jordan, if you happen to read it – I wonder what do you think about it? Oh, and lots of love and appreciation for what you do, you’re awesome!

  6. Another terrific blog!

    I took my mothers maiden name at 18, never knew my real father and my former step dad unfortunately was nobody to honor… I went from Barry to Moon to Treadway and I’ve been a Treadway for over 33 years and my grown sons are Treadway’s… Also want to say I love all your sites, blogs and video series. You and your friends show the awesome hope of this planets future!

    Thank you,

    Michael Treadway

  7. I feel what you’re trying to say. If one really looks at the meaning of even some everyday words, we can all be inspired :p
    So, after reading your entry, I decided I wanted to check out the etymology of my own birthname, which is Robby (Noël) Goetinck. I must admit that I like the energy of my names origins…

    Robby, my given name, is a diminutive form for Robert. This English name is derived from the Germanic Hrodebert, which is composed of ‘hrod’ (meaning fame) and ‘beraht’ (meaning bright)

    Goetinck, my surname is derived from the English Godfrey. This also finds its roots in Ancient Germanic as Godafrid. A name composed of ‘god’ (meaning god, and to each his own understanding of god :p) and ‘frid’ (meaning peace)

    I AM Robby Goetinck
    I AM bright/famous for peace of god

    Something like that I guess, but nevertheless still being the little me that I love and hate with all of its dualities both in and outside of life :p
    Greetings from Belgium 🙂

  8. In my case, Andres, means manly, an Pinto means Painted, or spotted and is related normally to horses….Does that mean I am manly stallion? LOL.

    Peace folks

  9. Jordan,

    Don’t ever feel bad about talking about yourself. This was one of your most powerful blog entrees, in my opinion, because it felt more concrete by you telling us of a personal experience. I loved this. I just felt compelled to tell you this because I too feel bad about talking about myself but sometimes it helps other people to see how you handled the situation ya know? keep talking about yourself because you’re awesome!

    all my love,

    1. Lol, thank you Mel <3

      I'll try and lighten up on myself in that regard, though i'll always pay attention to WHY i'm talking about myself. If i'm doing it for attention or because i want to be loved... i should just say that. If i'm telling a story to share an important idea... i can see some value in that 🙂

  10. Has anyone heard of the concept that our date of birth represents our inner potential and our names represent our outer potential and if the name is in conflict with the numerological representation of the date of birth then life may not be harmonious.

  11. Hi Jordan, I think your name is pretty good.

    Jordan = source of nourishment, or source of life
    David = beloved
    Pearce = rock, strong enough to withstand adverse conditions.

    So, to my eyes, you are the strong and beloved source of life. And I think your name rings true to you; you inspire a lot of people (giving them life), you are strong enough to withstand criticism (gracious even), and a many people love you.

    Now if we could only know the meaning of Duchnycz. 🙂

    1. Whoops didn’t read the other replies before posting 😛 Now that I’ve got an idea of the meaning of Duchnycz, I guess to me you name means the strong and beloved source of spiritual life, which I think fits you even better 😀

  12. @Jordan “I tried looking up Duchnycz but nobody on the internet seems to know.. I”ll have to ask my dad about it.” :
    If it’s a polsih surname it may come from polish “Duch”, which may mean ghost, soul (greak psyche, latin anima).
    It may come from old polish word, not used anymore “Duchna”, which means eiderdown (duchent, duchet in old german). It may mean air, blowing the air.

    source: Aleksander Brückner-Słownik etymologiczny języka polskiego (Etymological Dictionary of Polish Language) p.101-102
    original text:
    “duch, duchowny, duchowieństwo, duchnik: w znaczeniu przenośnem (o »Duchu św.«, »do św. Ducha«, t. j. do Zielonych Świąt); w pierwotnem: »duchem wrócę«, »duszkiem (‘jednym tchem’) wypić«; »poddać ducha« (‘pary’ w łaźni); macierza duszka (‘macierzanka’), której napar dla macierzy (‘macicy’) zdrowy;
    żywego ducha nie było«; dusza (od dychania, jak łac. anima od an-, ‘dychać’, grec. psychē od psyche, ‘dmucham’). Pień ten sam co w dech (p.); samogłoska jak w lit. dausos, ‘kraj obłoczny, kraj duchów’ (ik pacziu dausu, ‘do samych obłoków’, u Wajczajtisa); natomiast ‘duch’ nazywa się u nich dwase (dwasna, ‘zdechlina’, dwasintis, ‘zdychać’), a dwesti ‘zdechnąć’. Ze złożeń por. zaduch albo zaducha; zaduszki albo »zaduszny dzień«; duszkoż, wykrzyknik, ‘oby!’, ‘gdybyż!’: »niejeden rzecze: duszkoż znowu być młodzieńcem* (17. w.); dalej duchna, ‘pierzyna’, duchenka, ‘pierzynka’ i ‘czepiec (nocny, puchowy)’, po-duszka (a więc nie poduszka, niby franc. oreiller); niem. Duchent, Duchet, ‘pierzyna’, jest pożyczką z duchenka, nie odwrotnie. Wszystko to prasłowa; cerk. duch, ‘dech’, duchayti, ‘wiać, wŭzduch, ‘powietrze’ (rus. wozduch, wozdusznyj, ‘nadpowietrzny’); »Zielone Świątki«: rus. duchow dień, serb. duchowi, czes. swatoduszni; ogólne naducha, o ‘katarze’, rus. duszit’, ‘dusić’, dusznyj, ‘duszny’, dusznik, ‘lufcik’, słowień. ducha, ‘zapach’ (rus. duchy, ‘perfumy’), duszec, ‘zły zapach’ (rus. duszok), czes. dusznost’, »wypiti douszkem«, materzi duszka, duchna, poduszice, ‘poduszka’. — Pomijam ciekawe ale wątpliwe zestawienia dalsze: grec. theos (stąd teolog),’bóg’, t. j. ‘duch’, z* thwesos (lit. dwesiu, ‘oddycham’, dwasē, ‘duch’ i ‘oddech’), theejon, ‘siarka’ (od zapachu); niem. Thier (goc. dius, z dheus-, łac. bestia).”


    11 people with surname Duchnycz are registered on that page:
    so there are probably much more of them living in the city of Zamość in Poland.

  13. My name translates to “Black Man of God” 😛 (surname BLEK is a Polish transformation of BLACK, and Dominik is “Man of God” “Man focused on God” etc.

    Problem is – I’m Caucasian 😛

  14. “Duchnycz” ,I think is Polish Ukranian.

    Duch is Spirit, Ghost, Soul

    Nycz is simply Night….

    Dark Night of the Soul immediately comes to mind :)))

  15. @Jordan Vowels are assigned elements there are 5 elements 5 vowels
    A is for ether/life (all 4 elements)
    I is for Fire
    E is for Air
    O is for Water
    U is for earth
    Y is for fire/water

    If you have an A in your name it amplifies the other elements found in your name

    My name being Thomas it was very significant to have a Water name and a Water sign (cancer). When i figured this out it had a lot of meaning since both A and O appear in my name it seemed to have further weight in terms of my connection with the element of water. so I say to those who read this look at the vowels in your name and see what this means to you, also check your astrological sign. People have said you choose your name before your life begins. Meaning that, should your find connections it’s more than a co-incidence.

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  17. When I became MirrorLiving was the same moment when everything in my life started to have a clarity that before alluded me night and day.
    The name formed from my own realizations, my own complicated comprehensions of what I experienced in my personal life growing from a child to now. When I saw the truth of becoming a mirror which lived the true reflection of it’s essence in it’s daily life as well as spiritual pursuits is when I knew this wasn’t just a name, but a challenge that my purpose asked me to take on. A challenge to utilize the qualities and virtues that glowed from within my own truth.
    To use the name as a sign of faith and hope that maybe we can transform the world when aligned with our true purpose, while at the same time it was enduring my scientific experimental creativity to prove that this wasn’t just some idea, but actually existed as a reality all it’s own. This was my beginning.
    Before spirit science came online to assist me in my quest without me ever knowing that my reflecting heart was shining into the world around me, revealing any type of assistance.
    Forgive me if this message comes off in a tone of ego, for it’s far from such trivial mannerisms and filled instead with the gleaming knowing that for once at least I understand that I was never alone on this journey. For once I recognize the dazzling displays of truth that I spend much of my own time alone with, now being shared through the universe through all those who can read their own hearts. And have the almighty courage to listen and to follow them.

    God Bless

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  19. Hmmm…Miriam can mean either ‘Beloved’ or ‘rebellious’ or…..”SEA OF BITTERNESS” but i’m kind-of attached to it either way 😀

  20. I researched the meaning of names extensively when choosing names for my daughters, dismissing names I liked but did not like the meaning of.

    My own Christian names, Simone Gaye, mean “Heard by the Lord” and “Happy” respectively. (My parents wanted a girl, and they got one 🙂 )

    My daughters are Ariana Angelica (most holy angelic one) and Eva Micaela (life who is like God).

    I’ve recently reverted to my birth surname as well. It sits better with me… who I am. 🙂

  21. HAHAHA The hippy with the tie dye bandana giving the peace sign, I know him! He hangs out on Haight Street in San Francisco all the time, Fast Eddy…
    He’s not actually as “peace and love” as this picture makes him out to be, sadly.

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  23. Jordan, given the fact that in many or most animal species, there is a prey-predator relationship (a la glorious Earthly eco-system) even among the herbivores(primary consumers) and plants (producers), if the world is really waking up to our unhealthy appetites and the terrible mess we are creating on Earth (hurting our rain forests, excessive CO2, dairy farms, all that stuff) and we do make that leap into the 5th Sun, the next Golden Age, a better future for our children,–and let’s pretend EVERYONE were to go VEGAN– could there EVER be an imbalance in our eco system for us HERBIVORES to be able to live in abundance, in peace, and could we ever deplete the earth’s resources? is it possible for us to live without a PREDATOR? Besides the obvious parasites, and viruses that fluke around. ALL herbivores in some way or another NEED predators so that there remains balance, and so that plants won’t be eaten all up (right??!!) Or are we just amazing that we can eventually HEAL our soil, REPLANT the Earth, and live in love and joy and live a sustainable lifestyle? Will we ever reach over-population?? The energy of this coming full moon is making me THINK too many thoughts, and the questions that pop in my mind are starting to stress me out!!

  24. Hi Jordon,

    I’ve done some reading on your web pages and watched some of your videos. Some of them were quite brilliant, and some–I think–not so much. Your open comments sections suggests you might be interested in feedback. I found “Spirit Science Mailbag 2 Debunker Showdown” to be a most excellent and insightful piece of work. So here’s the thing, the “Debunker Showdown” video was an outsiders attack. Would you be interested in a more thoughtful and kindly critique by a “New Age” insider. (I’ve spent a long life dedicated to understanding things esoteric.) If you would like to exchange a few thoughts, please contact me directly by email.

    Kind Regards,


  25. Thank you for sharing, i can understand how difficult it can be to explain such things. I like yourself was brought up by my mum’s husband’s name. When i was 18 months my mum married & called me by the married name. Believe me but i dodn’t know that this name was not my actual name. Also my I never realsied that my 1st name was in fact my middle name. My birth certificate says Linda Kay Nelson, yet all through primary school I just knew myself as Kay Dingdale. To this day I still consider myself as Kay Dingsdale, I find it enotionally & mentally hard that anything legal is Linda Nelson as that is not who I am. I always make a point of writing Kay in the middle as i can’t even look at my name without it. The problem I have is my mum hasn’t been married to Dingsdale for 20 years! I can’t start using my legal name as Nelson isn’t my mum’s maiden name, it is her 1st husbands name. He is not my dad! Mum never married my dad. So as you can see I’m left with a dilemma when it comes to my name. I considered changing it by deed pole when I was 18, but I though there was no point as I’d get married, I’m now almost 32 & not yet married! I have however met my life partner & we have both contemplated the idea of coming up with a name we both like that we can both take when we do get married. I think in my case I should take on a new name. I mean I still feel like I need to find myself as i don’t believe that my name I was given at birth is right or a true reprsentation of me. Non of it feels right, not even my official 1st name. If I had my way I would simply just be Kay. Kay is me, it’s who I am. That’s all I need. I would love to hear your thoughts on this as it is something that has caused me great uneasiness. Having to explain to everyone I come across my name has been the biggest ball ache in my life. I can’t even tell you how embarrassing it was in high school to have to explain to every teacher that my name was Kay not Linda. Thankfully it wasn’t until I sat my final exams that my surname not being correct came out. Have to write a different name on my exam papers from the name that I was, was very confusing & upsetting. Anyway I think I’ve waffled on enough. Gosh I didn’t realise I had so much to say. I think I’ve waited a long time to get that of my chest!

    Thank you for listening

    Kay 😀

  26. You are very wise for for your age, I love reading your posts they are very raw, and being a NC native I see where u get your inspiration.. OMG Asheville… ***love ***

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  28. “I would love to change that paradigm. I would absolutely love to work together with a group of individuals who were so “On it” that we could make anything happen, and we got enough resources and build a super high-tech lab that was free to use by anyone with good intentions and who knew what they were doing, and we could pour our resources into really exploring and publishing all of our data about what a Soul was, what is Spirit, what is Consciousness?” This is exactly how I always felt would be the best way and time spent in my life. The problem is I just have not figured out how to do so. With all different individuals by themselves thinking and creating ideas but usually do not have anybody around them to bounce and vibe ideas on this subject with. Very likely individuals have similar wonderful ideas on the subject but they are not used to there full potential because unlike other studys on subjects we do not have a place for group research n studys. unfortunitly I am not a rich individual so using money as a source to make this happen isn’t currently possible. I WOULD VERY MUCH LIKE TO GET THIS IDEA IN MOTION SO IF ANYONE HAS ANY INPUT PLEASE FEEL FREE COMMENT OR MESSAGE ME

    1. I totally agree with you and feel the same way. But I have ran into 1 fork in the road, when we do all of that research it will be tied to an individual interpretation that may not fit each individuals perspective, unless we had the consciousness grid (assuming that would let us share perspectives and experiences again) and it is a very difficult thing to prove as we get more technologically advanced to “prove” this to people, there will always be nay sayers and sadly our psychology seems shifted heavily towards feeding the “non-belief” and “everything is a hoax”, which wouldn’t matter theoretically but if more people shifted towards that we would then look like *figuratively* “Westboro Baptist” and they would think we were crazy and push the idea off until it was forgotten then brought back up again by someone (I have a feeling that’d be quite a bit longer as our documentation seems to have improved since the ancient times, seriously try to put something on the internet then take it off, its almost impossible today.) But I think there is great wisdom in how Jesus did this, he was very pure and showed it and helped people out in ways that society thought was “crazy” but then society saw how big the impact was from emotionally/spiritual connection amongst one another. He did this on his own quietly and peacefully and while maintaing the uttermost honesty to anyone who questioned his actions. And he had a long enough time frame to then prove that he was true to his claims of just trying to help positively (which in modern times is more difficult to prove yourself, which is only something to help teach and to prove yourself worthy of followers/leadership/loyalty and virtues.) But if you could get enough people to see the truth then you’re idea implemented as step 2 I believe that we could achieve globalization or at least some direly needed steps towards it. I would love to discuss you’re ideas though and see if maybe we couldn’t start some sort of change, I already have started looking down a few different paths to see how this could be done, I’ve watched our society for a few years and wrote down my most true and unbiased thoughts for a positive change which I later found this website had many like minded people wanting the same change, definitely got my momentum back up, I thought I was the only person feeling that. But any suggestions or ideas that you want to bounce around, I would love to assist you with theorizing this movement and possibly planning some steps towards a brighter future.

  29. So with the polar shift coming up, does this correlate with the Tall Whites/Short Greys/Nordic Blondes who supposedly work with our government, Tall whites especially with the USAF… who today are being reported by the canadian defense minister as warning us that we’re destroying earth and it could cause a catastrophic problem… which seems to make sense but aren’t the grey’s/whites/blondes the ones we’ll have to vanquish… but they seem to be helping us? I could be totally off on this, but I didn’t know if that had been addressed or really looked at, I believe it was 1974 when the reports started, then of course there is the Alaskan town… I forgot the name, but it has more FBI visits than anywhere in the world, the movie “The Fourth Kind” was based off of this as well. Or could the short greys just be our bad perception and it actually is the children of the Khem/Sun/Light/Naagals coming back to help us, but our text was actually altered by the martians and they changed the descriptions to get us to attack the wrong group of people so they could control everything?

  30. Also one more thing to bug you if you get the time to read this haha, I remember the videos mentioning consciousness in terms of “telling yourself to slow down” if you take that theory but then make it full scale to all life on earth and see how our discoveries are exponentially increasing in terms of speed and not always thinking through the cause and effect (BP oil-line, Cell phones and electromagnetic radiation… always makes me think brain pollution my AM radio goes nuts if my phone is receiving any data or sending any, which it almost always is with these “smart phones” And our brainwaves are also electromagnetic so…. do they interact?) So would that mean that the entire earth could be either lacking the connection to the consciousness or could it be that we missed it happen but we did indeed start a lucifer experiment in our present age, either by a secret society, or by the “great whites”. And I can’t find much on it besides Nostradamus but he does say that in 2000-2001 something along the lines of the greatest trees will fall and cause many deaths and I forgot the rest off hand, but it has been speculated to be the twin towers, leaving me to question could that be part of the consciousness grid that is missing now? I’m sorry I have no direction for these questions but this is something I could totally study (and have studied since I was a child on my own, just not knowing what I was doing) and I think I could make an impact and really help the research for this, but if there is a way to meet other people I could discuss or ask these questions to I would really appreciate anyone who could let me know about that!

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  32. Hi,
    I am compelled to reply simply because I have the same last name and there are not many people out there with that name. Please email.

  33. Jordan, how are your bosses in the Vatican and Georgetown University doing? Everything going well for you? Just wanted to say, great job distracting our youth from the BANKSTERS DESTROYING THEIR FUTURE RIGHT NOW, as you post feely photos that cloud their judgement and make them FORGET ABOUT THE BANKSTERS and POLITICIANS RUNNING THEIR LIVES. Keep up the good work and say “Hi” to Adolfo for me… hahaha, just kidding, I know you’re just a muppet and nothing more!

  34. Jordan, I know what you mean… my last name was Wozniak, and I got so tired of teachers not being able to pronounce my last name in class, it was so mortifying (this was in the days BEFORE Apple Computers 🙂

    I was lucky… when I got married, I took my husband’s last name, which is “Day”.

    I didn’t feel much of a connection to the name “Wozniak”. My dad and I were never close, unfortunately.

  35. Jordan, thank you for everything!! You have no idea how important you are to us!! I wish my english was better for me to express my gratitude!
    You are an enlighted person!

  36. this was really interesting. I’ve been enjoying your YouTube videos and now will be poking around your blog 🙂 btw, happy birthday.

  37. hello. I would like to ask the core team why they decided to threw away all the credibility of the whole project by posting on facebook “tips how to put out pimples” etc. I thought this is a site about spiritual stuffz, not some kind of “press like and win i-phone” .
    The fact that you started posting this kind of posts, posts about beaty tips for teen agers, it realy … it broke my heart . I feel horrible for believing you. I hate myself for being so naive.

  38. My name translate to

    The fair one powerful leader


    The fair one waterfall/Lake powerful leader. (Using my middle name in there.)

    Like you I was teased in school for my last name. So, I changed my name the first chance I got. Legally. I was ashamed of the name I was given at birth. Furthermore, I didn’t feel like a leader at the time. After many years, and much healing from the teasing, I learned to embrace my last name and love it. I eventually changed it back.

    My father was also happy and proud that I stopped running and trying to hide in shame.

    On a side note I think it suits me and I am honored to have it.

  39. I just found your website and it’s awesome! Unfortunately I haven’t been able to come in contact with you. I think we’re very like minded. I also am writing a book at the moment. I am interested in sharing knowledge, perspectives and experiences.

    Thank you very much in advance

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