Why we need thought-based computers

I mentioned in a recent video I made – The Debunker Showdown, that I was interested in pushing forward technology that was thought based, so that we would be able to think our commands into the computer, and watch them happen right in front of us.


Today in particular I’m especially feeling that desire, for several reasons.

The first, is that one of my best friends Marie just moved in with Ray and I. She’s been absolutely incredible in supporting us in getting Panic to Freedom moving, as well as cleaning up all sorts of old mess that’s been lying around and creating a huge energy-strain on all of us in the house. 

So along with all of her books, crystals, computers and what have you, she also brought in like 40 of the best xbox games that are out there!

If you didn’t know, I practically grew up on video games. I love em! And if you sit me in front of a game that was made with heart by a team who LOVES what they do, you won’t be able to get me off the couch for a VERY long time.

Having said that, I also have hardly played any games in 2 years now ever since i started traveling. That world got bumped to the back seat of my life while I explored spirituality and the connections between all of us.


And yet, there’s something magical about just jumping into a world you know nothing about to run around save the world from a horde of angry pigs, or opening up space-time portals for you and your friends to escape an evil robotic factory hell-bent on crushing you…for science!

I truly believe that with the right implementation, Video-games can be one of the most important transition points for us as a species. We can use the examples of the interactive stories we create to move ourselves forward, to push new technologies, and gamily our world!

Speaking of which, if you’ve never seen Extra Credits before, this is probably one of the most incredible video-series out there! I would love to work with these guys one day to make some really amazing new technology 😀

 ~ ~ ~

Recently I imposed a rule of “Zelda Mondays” where I would play through Skyward Sword for an hour or two every monday, after releasing the new Pair O’ Dime Shift or Spirit Science video, kind of like a reward for finishing a new video. (By the way, SS22_3 – The God Particles is in production, it’s just taking a lot longer than 1 week to make… so it’ll be out next monday hopefully, unless it takes 2)

BUT NOW i’ve got to sit and look at a huge pile of Xbox games, from the full Mass Effect Series, a Sega Genesis Collection, Bioshock, Final Fantasy 13… My Goodness! Balance is going to be SO HARD!! Especially if i’m going to be finishing the new spirit science, as well as moving the whole Spirit Kingdom project forward too!

But as I love to say, Hard is just not knowing how to do something yet. I get to learn how now, and it’s going to be a blast.

And ONE DAY I will finish a zelda game! 😀

Even if i sound like i’m complaining, i’m really just having fun. I love it, this is part of what makes life fun. I’ll have to learn to find a balance here, I still want to enjoy being a 22 year old kid, despite having this whole ‘I’ve got to move the world forward seriously!” feeling… which is kind of a constant thing, you know?

I actually feel slightly compelled to go on to write like 500 more pages about intention and why play video games in the first place (lots of people do it to escape, rather than to grow and learn), and i’m also feeling like this is a good place to wrap up this blog, and move into what’s next.

To bring this full circle, why do we need thought based computing?

Isn’t it obvious?

futuretechnology3In the time it took me to write all this, with a thought-based computer I could have animated an entire video, posted it on youtube, wrote this entire blog, posted it on Facebook, and then be getting comfy to sit down on the couch and find out what Mass Effect is really all about…

…and then i could do THAT in a fraction of a second too because i can just download the game in my head and have the entire experience as if it’s actually ME, not just a guy sitting at a TV.

Instead, i’ve got a video to go make 😛

Think about it, with more advanced technology, we can compress far more information and “happening” into a unit of what we call “time”. Time becomes more irrelevant, because we can do an infinite amount MORE in the “time” that we have, during a single day for instance.

Okay, onto Spirit Science!
We are One,

Jordan Pearce


This is a drawing of the scene from Enders Game called “The Giants Drink”. It’s a fantastic book… the movie was okay :/

14 thoughts on “Why we need thought-based computers

  1. Jordan you shouldn’t feel guilty at all by playing video games not even a little bit when I listen to Drenmlo Melchizedek said he trained in the pladies constellation everything there was like a game if public schools and universities were like a big game more people would strived to work and learn yes it would be a competitive nature but what does that make people work hard then a little bit of competitiveness I know from a positive no with the knowledge of sacred geometry making any form of learning into a game is possible just look at what our Secret societies did with a generation of military brats nothing but call of duty years of war and shooting games drilled into their head subliminally why couldn’t of been years of harvest Moon and less corruptive gaming I think we all know the answer to that?

    P.S. I would still love your synopsis on human evolution 666 carbon 12 transmutation into 616 carbon 7 thank you

  2. Thought based technology could be used for evil purposes as television is being used to manipulate people into consumerism. I believe we need to use more our brain and reduce our dependence on computers.

  3. Wow you just blew my mind on how mature you are for your age. I’m 28, married, have a great son, and you’re still more mature than I am, especially with all the work you’ve put out.

    On this post, I think it’s great how you know that there’s a time to work and a time to rest, and that we humans wax and wane in our efforts, and that we strive to achieve balance. I look forward to you developing more and sharing more of your perspective.

    p.s.: Oh when I read that you’re 22 a Taylor Swift song suddenly played in my head, and now it’s stuck 🙂 haha! 😀

  4. I just wanted to say i have been a big fan and supporter of your work. I just wanted to say that I have a sort of connection to tech. its on like a spiritual or magic, physic connect. I really hope one day to be able to manifest it into something fully creative of my own. rather then something that creates with already present media/ data formats.
    such as video or music. Its kinda the eye of the beholder, if you know what that means.

    I would very much love to discuss this further with you and maby it can help you some how achieve, your dream of thought based computers xD.

    Love and peace to you in your journey

  5. Jordan, my friend. The fact that you are writing is just amazing. It is like talking to you and I can help sending you some information that your thoughts are triggering in my head.
    I have lost my interest on playing video games, not because I don’t like them but because the time that they consume. But I think that I will give it a try. My 4 year old son loves “little big planet”, and I almost cry every time I see the intro video.

    In my office everybody plays the sad video games, you know Call of Duty and all of that. It makes me so sad to see excitement at that level.
    Well I wanted to ask you, if you have read or heard about Peter Russell? He is very smart and talks about consciousness and meditation. Some essay that he wrote for a 2012 compilation book really came to me when I was reading you about fusion tech to our reality. I hope you like it. He has it on his website. Its called: “A Singularity in Time”.


    With Love and Respect,


  6. I almost choked laughing when I saw your comment on extra credits! I remember being into them a while ago, then they moved their work to another website and I kind of just stopped. But what really got me was my experiences connecting the two series! There are so many comments I remember seeing on YouTube asking if you did Extra Credits, or if they did Spirit Science, and even some comments talking about spiritual experiences on Extra Credits videos! I don’t know the exact time when both series started, but after reading this post I can safely assume you may have drawn some inspiration from them? 😀

  7. Your idea is similar to what was presented in a video game RememberMe – it was a distopia (because of some crazy doctor) but the idea of changing and sharing memories in an instant was interesting 🙂

  8. Certainly a subject that resonates with me, I thank you for articulating, from another perspective, the potential of interactive mediums to positively affect our collective consciousnesses.

    I’d love to introduce you to the sound team from Journey! 😀

  9. For anyone who hasn’t spent hours reading random things on the internet and subsequently ended up buried in conspiracy and conjecture regarding technology and extraterrestrials, the theory goes that certain flying objects are thought controlled, as well as certain reverse-engineered technologies involving the relocation of matter. Sci-fi or sci-fact, it only makes sense. Just imagine what one could do with a thought based computer… If you had one, you would have just done it!

    As a side note: Yes I see it Jordan. You should center the letters better though… 😛

  10. It was just this Monday when a friend referred me to your Spirit Science videos. The Chakras video made me have a chain reaction of thoughts that will inprove my mom’s health. Although I’m not much older than you, I think it’s fantastic to see young people, barely out of their teens and early 20s, tackling such interesting topics. Atlantis, for example! I know for a fact it existed, as it’s current location is below the sea near the country where I live. Kudos to you, Jordan and the whole Spirit Science team, and I would be honored if I could work with you guys. Again, thank you.

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