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How to be Heard on the Internet

Todays’ blog is a response to those of you out there who love posting comments! To be honest, I love reading them, but sometimes readability can be a little hard. No, not any person in particular… this is kind of a general writing tips n’ trikz post.

See, I’m actually writing this in the first place because I see it happening all the time, and with a little awareness of structure, readability and responsiveness to comments go a long way!

walloftextSee, everyone wants to be heard. It makes perfect sense, of course we do. We want to be heard, we want to be loved. It’s the lack of love on this planet which is causing all of our problems in the first place, and it shows up everywhere.

Not only that, but we have things to say. Not me or my friends specifically, but all of us. We have a message we want to get out there, or sometimes it’s a message to a specific person we want to get to them directly.

And sometimes making that message be clear can be a challenge, which is why I’ve written this blog today.

We’ve all seen the walls of text. We’ve also often been the ones who wrote them.. You know, the WAAALLLLS of text. You know what I’m talking about.

Sometimes these walls of text can have some of the most wonderful information written within, but the problem is- is that if you can’t read it, how are you supposed to connect with the message?

Now, the structure is very simple. Keep paragraphs to 2 to 3 sentences. Use that enter button all the time!! If paragraphs are kept short, each one can have their own “thought”, it can be kept to the point, and the reader goes ‘Oh, that paragraph is short! I can totally read that”. Anything longer than 3 lines long and those reading start to feel like “ohh.. That’s really long, i’ll skip that one”. It’s subconscious, but it happens, even for me.

And that’s all there is to it 🙂

Happy commenting!


Money & Spirituality

money-yangAhhh… Money & Spirituality. This is the big one, i love participating in discussions about this. I hope that you get involved in the discussion too, not just with me, but with those who are around you.

Show them the stuff I’m about to show you, talk about the stuff that we’re talking about. In order to break free from the bonds that bind us, we have to be open enough to explore ALL of the possibilities, and flow in the path of least resistance.

So, why are we talking about money? Perhaps it’s obvious that it’s one of the biggest bonds that binds us (it’s a self-induced trap, seeing as we were the ones who put ourselves there), but also, one of the main reasons that I’m writing about money today is that EVERYONE is talking about it!

By everyone, I mean that i’m staring upon a huge mass of people on facebook all sharing their thoughts, ideas, attacks and defenses, loving supportive words to each other and myself… and it’s getting crazy!!

Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself!

And if that’s still not good enough – Here’s an entire SECOND conversation about it!

What is really getting me excited is that people are getting really engaged with thinking and sharing around the idea of Money and Spirituality. I don’t feel good about the typical feeling that “If it’s about Spirituality, it’s supposed to be Free”..except for the donation basket at church, right?

add_valueFor me, I think what we’re really talking about here is Value Exchange. Taking the concepts of money out of the way for a moment, if you were a shoemaker, and you made shoes for people, would you be expected to do it for free because it’s “Spiritual?”. You are putting your time, effort, and energy into the shoes that you make, and you are doing it with love.

Perhaps if you’re a filmmaker, would you be able to make a movie for free with no exchange whatsoever, to share your creations with the world and not get anything in return?

It’s the same principle for anyone who is creating anything for anyone else. Exchange something of value for what that thing is worth. Equivalent exchange. I’ve had a really hard time creating equivalent exchanges in the past, as demonstrated by hundreds of youtube videos which i specifically uploaded with NO ADS, and thus, no way of making any money whatsoever through them.

Because of that, it’s been difficult. I haven’t had a means of receiving money other than donations, which came in at random times at random amounts. Some months i’d get 100$, other months i’d get $2.50. I’m not sure about you, but that kind of system just doesn’t work for me.

And that’s just me personally, but there’s something bigger going on here, and if we demonize money, we can never really explore all of the possibilities of what we can really do with it if we have it.

We’re all talking about changing the world… now just imagine what you could possibly do with a billion dollars? Just imagine that you had a billion dollars, and you were only allowed to spend it on changing the world, making the world a better place? What would you do with it?!

bowen_ellames_enviro_08Think of the possibilities. We could build a Laboratory and design a seed that grows into a giant house like Home Tree in Avatar. We could build cars that flew, we could build free energy devices, we could get the smartest people on the planet together and get everyone focused and on the same page to build something absolutely incredible.

We could build a healing facility that could treat anyone of any illness, and heal them for no cost! We just need the resources to make it happen.

When you come from that space, doesn’t it seem like money doesn’t have to be this horrible awful thing, but rather it is a tool, a representation of our time, effort, and energy that we put into things. We can take what we’ve created and put it into making even MORE amazing things!

Perhaps at the root of it, the badness behind money simply comes from ones own intentions of what they want to use it for.

free_tradeWhen we can come from a space that values the time, effort, and energy that anyone puts into what they do… then we can create that balanced equal exchange with each other, whether we have 20$, or 2 Million.

On that note, i’d just like to take a moment of gratitude for everyone who has decided to support me with their time, effort, and energy, by buying the book that I recently put out there. It means so much to me, so thank you.

Now i’d like to feature some of my favorite comments that i’ve been reading on Facebook from those conversations.

The Parable of the Raft Story

Today I’d like to dive deeper into the Parable of the Raft. It’s a rather peculiar story, and i’m interested in what this parable looks like in modern day… in what ways does this story manifest for you in your life?

It just so happens that I have a recent story that happened to a friend of a friend of mine, and i’m excited to share it with you.

First, you should rewatch this video, or at least the first half. Don’t worry, it’s short.

Recently I observed this very parable happening in our modern world in its own unique way… That ‘raft’ manifested in physical reality was with a business my friend started and some bank accounts that were connected to said business.

pp3_pic1The thing was, that the business got put on the back-burner several years before, and he hadn’t touched it in a while. He knew that he would be coming back to it in the future, and had full intentions to do so.

But what ended up happening was that for 2 years he had to pay the bank 25$ a month to keep that bank account open. 25$ a month for 2 years is a lot of money. He was carrying the raft all the way, with no river to use it on in sight.

How does the story end, you might ask?

You see, what he recognized was that in holding onto that raft, it was a representation of keeping the dream alive. The business was actually a passion project for him, something he is very serious about making and something that means a lot to him. To him, it felt like letting go of the “raft” meant letting go of the dream.

pp3_pic2Well, in the realization that letting go of the raft (the accounts) didn’t mean that he was letting go of his dream, he was able to cancel the accounts and still know and trust that he would still move forward towards that dream, and when the time was right, he would be able to build a new raft, and maybe even a better one than he had previously.

And he kept moving forward to make his dreams come true.

And that’s how the story goes 🙂

I invite you to take some time to write the story of your raft in the comments. What have you held onto, what did you let go of, that perhaps was an extra weight on you for some time? 

I’m looking forward to reading all about it,

With love,

Where is Spirit Science 23?!

ss23 pic2Last year around June I made a new Spirit Science video called Episode 23 ~ The Big Picture. Ray and I went to the Sonic Bloom Festival in Colorado put on by Jamie Janover, and showed the video on stage there.

People loved it! There was a huge buzz about it and everybody expected the video to be posted on Youtube shortly after the festival…

And it never happened. The video was nowhere to be found, and In the past year since June i’ve received a gargantuan amount of emails and comments asking the same question..

“Where is Spirit Science 23?!”

So I thought I would break it down for you all 🙂

ss23 pic6We’re not ready yet. The video was made very early, and paints a picture of the big picture of what’s happening on this planet, the separation, pain and suffering, and then the reason why, and also how to fix it.

It’s actually sort of a break-down of the movie “Home” if you’ve seen it, which explores all of the ways that things have gone terribly wrong… In fact, the first half of the video is rather depressing, followed by an explanation and resolve at the end.

But it’s just not ready. First, very simply, because Spirit Science 22 isn’t done yet. SS22 is the Movie of Light. It’s a multi-part series that in the end will be made into a full length feature film, something i’m very excited about. Doesn’t it make sense that SS22 finishes before SS23 comes out?

ss23 pic5Secondly, at the end of SS23 there is sort of a “Call to Action”, what I mean is, I’m working on something that could potentially be a way that anyone who wants to get involved – can. And i’d like to have all of that finished. We’re still working hard daily on Panic to Freedom, and getting organized with different people and trying to get this technological infrastructure built. It’s not ready yet, but I feel the posting of this video will be a sort of “unveiling” in a way for the massive undertaking that we’ve been working on.

I guess I really just want it to be something special, and so i’m putting an extra special care into it’s release on the interwebs.

I hope you understand, I really do want to share it with everyone, and in the words of Jack Sparrow…

“Just wait for the Opportune Moment…” 

All of my love,

ss23 pic4

Spirit Science 22_4 ~ Source Energy

Spirit Science 22_4 is sort of a step SS224 - blogpic1back to the first episode of Episode 22 of Spirit Science, covering some of the basics and stuff that we looked at over a year ago in fresh light and also perhaps to expand on some ideas about what “Source Energy” actually means.

I see a lot of stuff about “Source” from the perspective of the Grand Unified Field, this all encompassing Field of All-ness that is so “Everything” that if I told you otherwise, I’d be lying.

And while this is a wonderful description of “Source”, it certainly leaves almost everything to the imagination, and it doesn’t really give us anything solid or tangible for right here, right now, on this dimension. You know, the physical one that we live on?

Granted, a lot of our thinking and emotions take place on what would seem to be a less-than-physical plane, and that’s an important discussion too. Questions like “Where do the source of our emotions come from?” pose as real pieces to the grand puzzle that is the “Who are we, where do we come from, and why are we here?” Mystery of the Human Race.

So, in today’s Spirit Science, what I want to discuss is “How do these ideas of “Source” and “Grand Unified Field” apply to this Physical Reality that we live in?” I think that by opening up THAT discussion, we can then take it one step further and relate what we find to our emotions and thoughts too.

All that’s left… is to watch the video 🙂

What is a Soul?

SS224 - blogpic5I know a lot of people are probably gonna egg me to death for not having any “peer reviewed journals demonstrating the soul” in this video… To which I have to apologize. It’s incredibly hard to find many scientists working on stuff like this. There are some, but they are far and few. It’s kind of a taboo to talk about anything pertaining to the Spirit or Soul in the Scientific fields..

I would love to change that paradigm. I would absolutely love to work together with a group of individuals who were so “On it” that we could make anything happen, and we got enough resources and build a super high-tech lab that was free to use by anyone with good intentions and who knew what they were doing, and we could pour our resources into really exploring and publishing all of our data about what a Soul was, what is Spirit, what is Consciousness?

All of these questions, I believe they have answers, answers that will satisfy the masses with the right information and point us in the right direction as a species…

We’re getting there, but we’re not there yet. Right now, I’m a kid with a laptop and a dream for a great future for everyone. One where everyone can win… We’ll get there.

In the mean time, there are some sources which point to this information that i’m speaking about in today’s Spirit Science. Let me share them with you 🙂

SS224 - blogpic4This is an article from my friend Steve’s website – Spirit Science & Metaphysics. He’s got a few other great articles about the Soul as well, it’s well worth checking out. The blog is called “Is this Proof that the Soul Exists?” and explores some research that is being done upon the consciousness in the brain, and the possibility that it can exist outside the brain as well.

This is a video called “The Extended Mind”, an interview with Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, a scientist known for his study in the field of Consciousness and Neural Kinetics. In this video he shares his research and evidence to suggest that thoughts exist outside the brain, as a field that is interconnected with everyone, rather than being isolated to each person.

Now, there’s plenty more that I could share here, but there’s something important that I feel I need to say first. Maybe it’s just me, and maybe i’m crazy, but doesn’t at least some of what I talk about simply validate itself as self evident?

Like, the fact that the Sun is a source of energy for the whole planet… Do we REALLY need peer reviewed journals to validate that that’s true? Or that without our relationships with each other, our world would be empty. There’s a lot of people who live like that now, so isolated from everyone because they have no-one in their lives they can talk to.

SS224 - blogpic2We shouldn’t get caught up on the fact that there aren’t scientifically published papers about a soul, if anything, that should be the motivation for us to get some scientists working on it and publish some papers!

To bring it all around, I guess what i’m saying is that honestly, no. I don’t have very much scientific documentation to validate that we are all connected. I’m speaking from what I see, from what I feel, and from what I know. This is what’s important to me, and It’s just as important that these explorations have validation in all fields, scientific, philisophical, spiritual, all of it.

In some ways, we’re simply not there yet. It’s my hope that through this work and the works of so many other incredible individuals out there working hard on pushing new ideas like this forward, it will propel us to take action upon them, and make some real headway on developing new technologies, new ways of being, and new understandings that will forever change the way we do things on this planet.

We are One,
Jordan Pearce

Loved and Lost…

Is it really better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all?

is-it-better-to-have-loved-and-lost-a-poem-by-pookyFor when that moment comes when everything that was so real just a moment ago is ripped away from your heart and you are left feeling cold and alone… in that moment… You know what it means to suffer. You know what it means to hurt.

In that moment is where you feel the depth of where emotions can take you. The feeling of wanting to throw a chair through a window, or tear down a telephone pole and smash it against things. That feeling of wanting to crawl in bed and never come out, because an important part of your world was connected to the one that you loved, and now that they are not there… an empty space remains.

And the forest burns.

Sometimes, the forest has been dead for a very long time… and it’s burning simply the required action in beginning anew.

002_2In other times, the forest is fresh and lush… and what must have happened for such a piece of majesty and beauty to have befallen such pain and suffering, that it must burn in its entirety…for what reason?

In that moment, as the forest burns, or as you stand at the edge of the field of empty, gray ash… in that moment you ask the question… did it really have to be this way?

Could it have gone differently?

Is there anything we can do that can bring it back to the way it was?

Is it really better to have loved and lost… than to have never loved at all?


It is only when the new seedlings begin to sprout up that you begin to relax. That empty feeling begins to vanish in place of a new-found love for what now emerges as the next thing. The next love, the one that rises from the ashes NEWSEEDSof what lay before. New understandings, new friendships, new abilities…

Maybe part of the forest remains, and simply needs continued nurturing to grow. In taking up that task that phrase begins to make sense… It really is better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all… The love was important.

Losing it was just as important, there is something more to learn. Something more to see. Did it have to be that way? Maybe not, but since it did, lets take what we learned from it, and turn it into something new.

That’s how we learn. That’s how we grow.

I love you,

Now onto the next thing.


Gamifying our World


Previously I wrote a blog about being Engaged with what you’re doing, or just being out of it as you go along. I’d like to share with you today a new concept which has been emerging the past 10 years which will completely change the way that we do things. It’s already taking root, and will continue to the more we grow as a society.

Yesterday, I spent a portion of the day reading and watching TED videos and Extra Credits to get as much information about “Gamification” into my head all at once. Gamification is one of those topics that, while the idea is still emerging in our culture, it has yet to reach the masses in a big way that works for everyone.

Gamification is essentially taking the principles of what makes Video Games fun, like leveling up, experience points, connecting with other players, and applying them to our everyday lives and world.

In order to explain this, i’m going to cast a summon of Extra Credits to explain this. I absolutely LOVE these guys, so much so, that their series was my biggest inspiration for Spirit Science. It was a model that inspired me to build off of it in developing the layout and framework that Patchman uses in the SS series.

I want to see Gamification take hold in our world, and one way that we can all do that is by applying it to what we’re working on. It works particularly well if we’re actually working on something. I recognize that for people still in school, its’ a little hard to apply it when the teachers are the ones calling all of the shots.

Now, i’m sure there’s a lot more I could write about here… but to be honest with you, there’s some crazy things happening in my world right now and I’m just not really feeling up to it. So please, enjoy that video, post a comment, share it with someone who you think will find it interesting, and we’ll see you later! 🙂


Engaged or Out of It

Have you ever had an experience where you were super engaged with what you were doing? How about an experience where you were just out of it and didn’t really care?

I’m sure this feeling isn’t a stranger to any of us, although some of us may be more engaged more often, or perhaps more out of it, more often. It’s that “Working Hard or Hardly Working?” Yin and Yang duality. In truth, there’s nothing wrong with taking a rest and zoning out for a while, but it’s when we stay there (or too far on the other side) for too long that we cause problems in our personal lives.

Lately for me there’s been a rather clear distinction between the two, where in the past it may have been a bit blurry. You know, you’re “into” what you’re doing, but you’re not super INTO it.

It may be because I’ve been waking up early, and when you’re up between 4, 5, or 6, odds are that you’re going to be either working passionately on something right when you’re up (something you’re really excited about), or spending a few hours laying on the couch slowly waking up with the day.

There’s a blog I found on Forbes that describes some of the research that is going into this. You can read it here, it’s a little businessy, but just go with it.

bored-studentNow, I’m not sure exactly why it’s even up for debate, it seems obvious to me that if you’re engaged with something, of course you’re going to put more energy, time, and effort into it. If you’re not engaged with it, you’re going to diddle about until it gets done half-assed, or not done at all.

Whether you’re in school or at work… does that not just sound about right?

There’s a few directions I want to go with this… I’ll have to remind myself to write a blog about Gamification, because that’s by all standards a likely solution to the problem of a lack of engagement in our world. I’m very interested in that topic, and in the mean time, there’s something else i’m very interested in as well.

I have a feeling that a lot of people may ask “Well how do I get engaged in doing some stuff that I flat out don’t want to be doing?”. I’m asking myself that same question right now, reflecting back on times when I wanted to learn how to program with Actionscript and just couldn’t bring myself to do it because it wasn’t engaging enough.

There are two things that come to mind.

The first is, is what you’re doing really all that exciting to you if you’re not engaged? Are you genuinely interested in doing it, or are you doing it for some other reason? Are you only doing it so that you can make money? Are you only doing it so that you can afford to do what you REALLY want to do?

Kevin GallowayWhat if we were able to merge both what we wanted to be doing, as well as ways of supporting ourselves, into the same thing. We could be engaged with the world and our reality on a regular basis.

The second… is what’s stopping you from being engaged with what you’re doing right now? Maybe it’s not the most exciting thing right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be engaged with it. Maybe you want to be engaged but there’s a block. Perhaps you are trying really hard but there’s something missing.

Sometimes, getting the flow right is all about finding the right ingredients. Find out what ingredients are missing in this delightful dish that you are creating that is your life… and add them in. Is it new people? Is it a new piece of technology?

Whatever that ingredient is, might just be what turns your brothy water into a delightful soup.

As for me and actionscript… Back then, I decided it wasn’t quite time yet for me to learn it. I was very interested in making movies, and I didn’t feel as compelled to sink in all of that time, effort and energy to learn something I wasn’t going to use.

Today, I am still assembling the ingredients necessary. I would love to have a studio where I could be free to spend my days drawing, learning code, making games, movies, art, and all kinds of things like that. I’m looking forward to learning how to program with a bunch of people who simply know how it works and can show me the ropes. It’s going to take some time to compile these particular ingredients, but when that day comes, I know it’s going to be a blast 🙂

We are One,

ps. I’m looking for feedback on this blog… Were you engaged while reading it, or were you just out of it?



Questions about the God Particle

I was reading some comments and criticism on the new Spirit Science video about the God Particles… At first I was kind of in shock at all of the negativity on there. Charlie said it right in the video I posted in this blog – Sometimes what people do when giving Criticism is take the most amazing advice, ball it up in a fist and punch someone in the head with it!

I mean, that’s the vibe all over the comments…


The fact that this has 18 likes has to mean something… but what exactly would that be?

And yet, even among all of the punching and kicking and screaming about how terrible of a person I am or how awful at science I am… there are still some wonderful comments and questions as well, and I’d like to do my best to answer them, sometimes with more questions that expands the thoughts more, and sometimes with some of my own theories and ideas as well. Continue reading

To my younger selves…

I’ve been thinking… If I could go back in time and communicate with my younger selves, i’d have a lot to say… And for that matter, I believe you can actually do that in a way… not in a literal physical going back in time (at least not yet), but revisiting all of the events in your memories and recognizing a greater truth about what happened, and growing from it? Definitely!

So anyways, I was thinking about who I was when I was younger, in contrast to who I Am now, there’s a pretty remarkable difference, at least it feels that way to me. I wasn’t spiritual, I was rather mad at everything, and I almost always had my head in a computer or a video game.

I didn’t have many friends, and I pushed away on getting close to anyone pretty much all the time… If I was to be able to re-live high school with the level of awareness I have right now… Well I gotta say, it would be interesting for sure. I’m not even sure if I would be able to go. It’s all so boxy and yichk… Continue reading