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Previously I wrote a blog about being Engaged with what you’re doing, or just being out of it as you go along. I’d like to share with you today a new concept which has been emerging the past 10 years which will completely change the way that we do things. It’s already taking root, and will continue to the more we grow as a society.

Yesterday, I spent a portion of the day reading and watching TED videos and Extra Credits to get as much information about “Gamification” into my head all at once. Gamification is one of those topics that, while the idea is still emerging in our culture, it has yet to reach the masses in a big way that works for everyone.

Gamification is essentially taking the principles of what makes Video Games fun, like leveling up, experience points, connecting with other players, and applying them to our everyday lives and world.

In order to explain this, i’m going to cast a summon of Extra Credits to explain this. I absolutely LOVE these guys, so much so, that their series was my biggest inspiration for Spirit Science. It was a model that inspired me to build off of it in developing the layout and framework that Patchman uses in the SS series.

I want to see Gamification take hold in our world, and one way that we can all do that is by applying it to what we’re working on. It works particularly well if we’re actually working on something. I recognize that for people still in school, its’ a little hard to apply it when the teachers are the ones calling all of the shots.

Now, i’m sure there’s a lot more I could write about here… but to be honest with you, there’s some crazy things happening in my world right now and I’m just not really feeling up to it. So please, enjoy that video, post a comment, share it with someone who you think will find it interesting, and we’ll see you later! 🙂


19 thoughts on “Gamifying our World

  1. hey jordan.
    again great work! thanks for sharing this. i never knew gamification was a thing! lol
    I work at a salon owned my regis corporation and they have actually done things to gamify the work place already.
    after each pay period they share our ranking in the salon by how much in sales, etc. we did. they even rank our salon with all the other salons in the district. and ill tell you what, if they didnt post our ranking like that i probably would push so hard to do good! lol
    also each week we have to pass out 10 buisness cards and make 10 calls the our guest then we keep track of this by putting stickers on a bored.
    we even have contest each month. like last month we had a decorating contest between 10 other salons to win a pizza party. the month before who ever in the salon sold the most retail they one a flat iron. they had like 5 other contest last month to win $200 but that one is a little harder to win.

    anyway i thought todays blog was a great one! and im glad i know what gamification is. cause it works and im living it. lol

  2. As a new and young teacher, this one of the things I want to incorporate into my classroom. I have heard of others who’ve tried similar things with great success and am confident that this is something that could make society better.

  3. Interesting read. Seeing it happen bit by bit (no pun intended, or is it!) It will be a complex thing to implement. It takes the concept of happiness into question, and to answer that people have to know what they want- both the individual and management.

    You need a clear ladder from A to Z, and when you get to Z you have to have a sense of accomplishment that makes you feel you are on a higher level than other people- or else it doesn’t reaaally feel like you got anywhere. What’s the use of having the most powerful sword if everyone else has it too?

    Taken from a psychology talk on happiness at Yale: Consider this. You have the choice of either making;
    $30/hr while everyone else in your office makes $40
    $20/hr while everyone else makes $10.
    It may seem easy to say, “Well I want the one that makes more money” but as you went in to work every day and saw everyone else being rewarded more than you, even though you are making more than what your alternative choice would be, you would feel inferior by comparison.

    Yet even then, buying new things, upgrading, and so on- does not necessarily make one happier, in the long term. It will for a short time, but then it becomes to feel normal, average. We feel happy when we break away from the average, achieve boosts in self confidence/self image, and earn long term substantial gains.

    If a job can cater to this then you have something meaningful.

  4. I just watched a Ted talk on this and implemented it into my life. I love that you posted about it! I need to read more into it and get more ideas. It’s such a great tool and I’ve definitely felt the changes along with increasing my motivation and enjoyment of life : )

  5. Jordan, I would like to hear more about your thoughts on gamification, I’ve begun thinking of useful ways society as a whole could implement this idea but I’d like to hear some of your idea’s… maybe you can write a followup article when you have less going on?

  6. This is why I’m a fan of you Jordan, a new series to watch along with an idea and thought process of system building that helps everyone level up, nice summon! Hope all is well!!! I will share. Peace Brother!!!

  7. Hey Jordan! I want to invite you to explore the world of HuMandalas and maybe incorporate this real world game into your life! Document your experiences and connect the planetary vortex grid.

  8. I sad a post last night online that showed a gamification type leveling system for exercise. I had heard of one before from years ago but it really appealed to me. Depending on how many sets you can complete of the entire work out depends on what level you are at. I think I am going to try it and see what level I can get to. 🙂 Thank you Jordan for spreading this knowledge.

  9. Hey Jordan,
    Thanks for keeping up on all of this. It really helps a lot of people, myself included. It’s an exciting time we live in. I hope you get sorted out whatever is happening in your life. I really wish you all the best. Take care, man.

  10. Nice article, gaming is good when it’s in balance. The people who run the world are playing a couple games metaphorically at least . . . .a twisted combination of Risk and Monopoly. Game theory is, of course, widely used by them, sims are run all the time. That is a fact. Good to be aware of it and put it to some practical . . . and ethical . . . use.

  11. I accidentally watched an episode in Extra Credits. I was suspecting that Jordan is also behind that thing. I wasn’t wrong. I was an avid fan of Spirit Science, having found this channel, it inspired me to continue creating games. 😀

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