Happy New Year!

Thank you for all of the comments and responses! It’s so appreciated, I learned a lot, and I got some great direction for moving forward πŸ™‚

In case you missed it, here’s a link to yesterday’s post.Β 

Today’s post is sort of a checklist for me in creating a foundation for moving forward and the growth of my blogs and what have you.

So, as of today, January 1st, I’m going to be making posts on the days of the month that are Odd numbers.

In addition to that, i’ve got some posts lined up already, I’m going to write about some more things that have practical application in making the world a better place, at least from my experiences.

podman2I also would like to celebrate the new year by explaining last years new-years video about the Man in the Pod.Β That will be a post on its own, so expect it over the next week or two.

Speaking of which, i’m not doing a new years video this year (I know, I did them 2 years in a row now!), however I do have 2 cartoons in the pipe which should be out over the next 2 weeks). One of which is a Spirit Science and the other is a PTF cartoon.

I’m also going to write about resolutions, but what I mean by that is resolving vibrations, bringing events and vibrations to a close, in order to free up your own energy to do more important things.

After I wrote my “Growing from Disagreements” blog, which was relating to several experiences i was having with numerous people, i’ve found that in one particular case we actually had to close it with a great strength and power, where as other ones seem to close naturally, and one in particular that I honestly don’t know where it’s at…

Needless to say, I get the feeling that If i’m going through something, surely there are many more out there who are also going through the same stuff, and any and all discussion about it might be useful in some way, shape or form.


ego eco

Also, I wanted to let you know i got your message. A ton of people commented in the previous blog asking for me to write about the ego, and I think it would be fun to explore what my feelings are about it… so i’m putting that on the list too πŸ™‚

I would also love to put together a few F.A.Q. or A.M.A posts.. that sounds like fun, and would probably keep my writing on focus rather than lollying around with how much I enjoyed Zelda or Mass Effect… but who knows, some people probably enjoy those posts too πŸ˜›

Okay, have a great happy new day!

We are One,

17 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Hi jordan
    I will be the new leader of the free energy party uk this year and i am.working with Dave Parker leader of FEP in USA your work has inspired me and many others and we are very interested in having your views and perspectives on the free energy devices we are manufacturing and intergrating under and over ground.
    Some very good friends of mine at applied sacred geometry have posted they would like an introduction to you and i feel with your knowledge we could build a more credible manifesto both here in the uk and the US. It is upto people like us to make the changes needed and wondered if you would like to become involved
    Much love to you and keep up the amazing work ..the effects are far reaching xx
    Love lisa fb (leasa nolson )

  2. Jordan u have helped me on my path to peace and spiritual enlightenment. Thank you. I would like to discuss some of my ideas with you when you are not busy. I left a message here and on spirit science on fb. Thanks

  3. What are your thoughts, feelings & experience with Reiki? I’m going to be doing Level lll classes this month from my wonderful teacher Donna. Finding and practiceing this healing method changed my life and helped me find my path. I’m exited for where we are headed & in my opinion the thing this world need most is healing. Love & Hugs!!!

    1. God don’t play dice. I think we must not modify or manipulate the Karmic aura or change the RESULT OF THE KARMA of someone else, it can change temporary but sooner or later he has to face the karma .

  4. Jordan,

    I’m always ready to help contribute to your blogs, videos, or in any small fraction of a way to keep the momentum that you started a few years back. I know this post response was originally in the Resonance post, but seeing how this post is about new beginnings and how you can better focus your energy with helping the world (Not to mention there’s only a handful of comments so far) I figured I would re-post it here. Feel free to respond and find me on FBook or anywhere else in the social media world if you find a need to.

    Personally I read your blogs because I’m an avid follower of all you do with Spirit Science. From the beginning, when I first found you I knew that we resonated with the same intentions. That was an amazing gift that I could find after travelling the vast arrays of confusion that is the Interweb.
    When I saw that you got it then I knew that I got it. Forgive me for the cliche, but it was a beautiful reflection of what I had been understanding over the course of many years. You were a shining light when I needed it most and it gave me more and more encouragement to keep moving. Each lesson that you made a video on was that much further into the mystery that I myself was gifted to discover.

    So I follow you because I know that some day we will be working together to build this world that our heart has shown us. The one where we know that we’ve been working on it the entire time without us knowing we both were working on it. I know that anything is possible and that is something that is hard for many to believe, but the reflection that you represent is a representation of the truth itself. Everything you have created from it is nothing less than a testament of it.

    I’m not sure you will read this message, but I do know that the resonance alone will bring such evidence. And those who look at the lines themselves will see nothing more then that. Between the lines is where the truth finds us. Another example of our vast inner selves.

    God bless, light and love, and Happy New Year!

      1. YAY! You got my message. Awesome. Thanks for reading it. I hope it helped and I promise not to double post again. Keep doing what you are doing. It’s not only getting better, but it’s reaching further. Your growth has inspired me to grow myself. Thank you. God bless and of course lots of love and light.

  5. Jordan I just want to say thank you for your spirit science videos & your blogs. I resonate with with your teachings and I feel like I belong to your tribe. You are a very wise young man who is making a positive difference in peoples lives.
    I am so grateful that I came across you.

  6. thank you for taking your time at doing everything you do, such as making spirit science to writing blogs, and even making powerful shirts! you truly are an amazing bight light brought to this world and you have opened so many other peoples eyes to the truth which is very hard to do so thank you for that! each and every person who follows you is just another helper in opening the full awareness of the world. and i hope they realize how much they help you by just having awareness! so thank you everyone also for being a part of everything you do! keep up jordan you have so much to offer! and so does every other person you may come across in life! <3 peace!

  7. I Jordan. I read your blogs, and I’ve followed a lot of your work with spirit science and panic to freedom. I haven’t done much commenting on them though, I’ve mostly been a lurker. I decided with the new year I’d step out and say thanks for sharing! I also wanted to tell you that you and others have been a huge inspiration for me when it comes to taking a long hard look at how I was living my life and making some changes for the better. I’ve had a blog for a while now but I’ve decided to start using it more, after seeing how helpful it’s been for me following other people online. I’ve also found it’s a good way to organize thoughts and ideas, and elaborate on things you have been learning and thinking about. I would have been less likely to share my experience if it weren’t for you sharing yours. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

  8. I’m glad you’re going to explain to everyone about the Man in the Pod. I hope you tell everyone the truth and who it really is. I know it’s a bold claim but trying to tell a side story that it’s Ray isn’t going to rub people the right way either. Remember that very few people will accept this at first but the truth is coming to light. This message will give so many hope. You were given this knowledge for a reason so don’t back down.


    He’s back! Happy New Year!

  9. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get several
    e-mails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service?
    Many thanks!

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