How to be Heard on the Internet

Todays’ blog is a response to those of you out there who love posting comments! To be honest, I love reading them, but sometimes readability can be a little hard. No, not any person in particular… this is kind of a general writing tips n’ trikz post.

See, I’m actually writing this in the first place because I see it happening all the time, and with a little awareness of structure, readability and responsiveness to comments go a long way!

walloftextSee, everyone wants to be heard. It makes perfect sense, of course we do. We want to be heard, we want to be loved. It’s the lack of love on this planet which is causing all of our problems in the first place, and it shows up everywhere.

Not only that, but we have things to say. Not me or my friends specifically, but all of us. We have a message we want to get out there, or sometimes it’s a message to a specific person we want to get to them directly.

And sometimes making that message be clear can be a challenge, which is why I’ve written this blog today.

We’ve all seen the walls of text. We’ve also often been the ones who wrote them.. You know, the WAAALLLLS of text. You know what I’m talking about.

Sometimes these walls of text can have some of the most wonderful information written within, but the problem is- is that if you can’t read it, how are you supposed to connect with the message?

Now, the structure is very simple. Keep paragraphs to 2 to 3 sentences. Use that enter button all the time!! If paragraphs are kept short, each one can have their own “thought”, it can be kept to the point, and the reader goes ‘Oh, that paragraph is short! I can totally read that”. Anything longer than 3 lines long and those reading start to feel like “ohh.. That’s really long, i’ll skip that one”. It’s subconscious, but it happens, even for me.

And that’s all there is to it 🙂

Happy commenting!


25 thoughts on “How to be Heard on the Internet

  1. Thank you for sharing this, Jordan. 🙂
    I’ve tried refining my commenting in the past 5-6 years I’ve been a YouTuber and a Facebooker, and I’m still learning what NOT to do. 😀
    I especially liked the way you described the “each paragraph can have their own ‘thought’ “, which is the way I see it, really. 🙂
    All the best!

  2. Thank you for sharing this jordan I will work on keeping my paragraphs short perhaps I should work on keeping paragraphs with a single thought within the paragraph I also think I need to work on my use of CaPiTaLiZaTiOn because when I CaPiTaLiZe things incorrectly it can be hard to read another thing I am working on is my use of sentences. Now I will use sentences. Now, I will use punctuation. Now, I will use paragraphs….

    I’ve seen writing in the form of how I just wrote above. It’s so hard to read.

    Something worth noting is that if you use ‘enter’ once, you need to hit enter again or hit tab. I just wrote something where I didn’t do that. It turned out to be a wall of text. This is a very timely article.

  3. And don’t forget to be concise. Nothing is more annoying than reading a paragraph that could be summed up in like 6 words. (People are really bad for this. REALLY bad for this.)

  4. Jordan! You have saved me again this time on myblog! I knew I needed to make it easier to read but I’m really new to blogging. Reading your post made me realize all I had to do was space it better!

    I’ll be doing an insane adventure and in my blog I will be mentioning SS a lot seeing how it is the closest thing to a religion I believe in. is the website I’m using for people to follow my journey. Much love to all

    -Shane Wright

    1. I am a new blogger, and i read this out of curiosity, and in return it’s helped me be able to write blogs.

      The universal power is out there!

  5. If your audience requires succinct statements and paragraphs to “get” you then they aren’t worth the effort. Especially if your statements are intelligent and intelligible. Sometimes statements outside of your stated guidelines are incredibly thought provoking albeit off putting to some. That’s okay. Thinking about perspectives beyond your natural tendencies is the only thing you have to grow beyond your own ability. Cherish them. And remember that secrets are kept because idiots will successfully use them against you. Pearls before swine.

  6. Great advice, I think I should use it myself! I’ve noticed my posts can get pretty long winded, sometimes even I have a hard time reading them. 😛 Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hey Jordan,

    Thank you.

    I’ll make sure to make this much more readable and sorry for the wall of text! Anyways, here you go:

    Call me crazy but I’ve been incredibly drawn to contact to you for the longest time. Your work is inspirational and has changed my life and opened my eyes to a truth all along. 🙂

    All that considered, my heart is sure that everything is out of the divinity of love. This seems to be the easiest way to contact you since you respond to nearly every comment, which is very respectable as most people usually don’t make the time. 🙂 Anyways, like I said, I really feel the need to visit you and just simply listen.

    I have had a lot of growth in my life, some bad choices and some great, but suddenly that growth came in so rapidly I can barely keep up and now I’m in need of help. I have devoted my current life and beyond to changing this world for the better and hopefully I have a plethora of help that I could provide for you. I have HUGE visions, big picture dreams that make me want to cry tears of pure joy when giving the thought that they could become a reality. I will stop at nothing until they come true either! 🙂

    I really want to spend the time sharing them with you and helping you to further yours (and everyone’s) endeavors for a much brighter, loving world. I dedicate every hour that I’m not at my regular job to manifesting ideas, developing concepts, and trying to make them a reality. Something tells me that you can do things that I can’t. I need help, guidance, and answers to a lot of questions and everything tells me you are the key to activating all that and helping me change the world into one of light, love, and true oneness.

    There’s just something that tells me that you’re someone very, very dear that I need to meet. You are an inspiring, engaging, heartwarming person and I’d want nothing more than to, at the very least, engage in conversation and learn as much as I can from you. If I’m right, we should even be in the same state! I hope me asking this of you isn’t considered strange or too much but if you’d like please contact me at my email that I provided and we will see where this goes, who knows, we could truly change the world!!! <3

    I just have a wonderful feeling…

    Once again Jordan, thank you. <3

    With all my love,

    Dakota Bramblette

  8. Jordan I have started something myself and I would love it if you could give a listen. Like attracts like and I think that’s why I’ve been following the work you have been doing for many months now. It would mean a lot to me if you would listen to the first episode of the podcast I have started and tell me what you though of it. Your the first person on this crazy thing we call the internet about what I’m starting it’s called Joe’s Forrest episode-1 first steps into the forest; its 45 minutes long and you can find is at there is a link to the audio at that site. I’m excited for this Spirit Science Toolbox thingy BTW!!!

    Peace, Love & Understanding Brother


  9. Hi, I have just a quick question about crystals that I was hoping someone could answer. Is it the mass or size of the crystal that determines how powerful they are. Could I have many small crystals instead of one large but still get the same effect?

    Why I wonder is that my new age shop is very much more expensive than my jewelery store when it comes to crystals. The difference is that in the jewelry store, you buy “chips” so you should be able to slip on them on a necklace and in the new age shop you buy larger stones but if you think mass are the chips very much cheaper.

    Where should i buy from?

  10. Why I whant it cheap is because I was planning to give them away to people, maby make jewelery and just give to everyone i meet 🙂

  11. Hi jordan, i have started a total campaign to get your attention, for a few years now i have been working on a kind of diagram that if used correctly can bridge the gap between science and spirituality. it is a kind of self correcting system much like the scientific theory but applied to spiritual exploration, please contact me, it is my next dream to work with you on making this idea come to life, i know you will love it, and no doubt help me expand on it.

    so i scream to you from half a world away, please contact me about working on spreading this new idea, its my lifes work

    1. Hi Johnny, want to have a chat about your idea? i have recently started making my own blog, using Jordan’s spirit science as a inspirational reference.

      I also, within the last 2 months, have began to connect the dots between science and spirituality. Kind of like how everything works in together, DNA, Parents, Spirals, etc…

      Anyway, i’d love to have a discussion about it, so send me an email if you like, and perhaps instead of your dream working along side Jordan, you can put your mind to working alongside another underdog mind. 😉

  12. I’m with Johnny, hit me up too. The new SS22 part 5 was special to me because my wife is 16 weeks away from bringing our second son into this world we all share:)

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