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money-yangAhhh… Money & Spirituality. This is the big one, i love participating in discussions about this. I hope that you get involved in the discussion too, not just with me, but with those who are around you.

Show them the stuff I’m about to show you, talk about the stuff that we’re talking about. In order to break free from the bonds that bind us, we have to be open enough to explore ALL of the possibilities, and flow in the path of least resistance.

So, why are we talking about money? Perhaps it’s obvious that it’s one of the biggest bonds that binds us (it’s a self-induced trap, seeing as we were the ones who put ourselves there),Β but also, one of the main reasons that I’m writing about money today is that EVERYONE is talking about it!

By everyone, I mean that i’m staring upon a huge mass of people on facebook all sharing their thoughts, ideas, attacks and defenses, loving supportive words to each other and myself… and it’s getting crazy!!

Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself!

And if that’s still not good enough – Here’s an entire SECOND conversation about it!

What is really getting me excited is that people are getting really engaged with thinking and sharing around the idea of Money and Spirituality. I don’t feel good about the typical feeling that “If it’s about Spirituality, it’s supposed to be Free”..except for the donation basket at church, right?

add_valueFor me, I think what we’re really talking about here is Value Exchange.Β Taking the concepts of money out of the way for a moment, if you were a shoemaker, and you made shoes for people, would you be expected to do it for free because it’s “Spiritual?”. You are putting your time, effort, and energy into the shoes that you make, and you are doing it with love.

Perhaps if you’re a filmmaker, would you be able to make a movie for free with no exchange whatsoever, to share your creations with the world and not get anything in return?

It’s the same principle for anyone who is creating anything for anyone else. Exchange something of value for what that thing is worth. Equivalent exchange. I’ve had a really hard time creating equivalent exchanges in the past, as demonstrated by hundreds of youtube videos which i specifically uploaded with NO ADS, and thus, no way of making any money whatsoever through them.

Because of that, it’s been difficult. I haven’t had a means of receiving money other than donations, which came in at random times at random amounts. Some months i’d get 100$, other months i’d get $2.50. I’m not sure about you, but that kind of system just doesn’t work for me.

And that’s just me personally, but there’s something bigger going on here, and if we demonize money, we can never really explore all of the possibilities of what we can really do with it if we have it.

We’re all talking about changing the world… now just imagine what you could possibly do with a billion dollars? Just imagine that you had a billion dollars, and you were only allowed to spend it on changing the world, making the world a better place? What would you do with it?!

bowen_ellames_enviro_08Think of the possibilities. We could build a Laboratory and design a seed that grows into a giant house like Home Tree in Avatar. We could build cars that flew, we could build free energy devices, we could get the smartest people on the planet together and get everyone focused and on the same page to build something absolutely incredible.

We could build a healing facility that could treat anyone of any illness, and heal them for no cost! We just need the resources to make it happen.

When you come from that space, doesn’t it seem like money doesn’t have to be this horrible awful thing, but rather it is a tool, a representation of our time, effort, and energy that we put into things. We can take what we’ve created and put it into making even MORE amazing things!

Perhaps at the root of it, the badness behind money simply comes from ones own intentions of what they want to use it for.

free_tradeWhen we can come from a space that values the time, effort, and energy that anyone puts into what they do… then we can create that balanced equal exchange with each other, whether we have 20$, or 2 Million.

On that note, i’d just like to take a moment of gratitude for everyone who has decided to support me with their time, effort, and energy, by buying the book that I recently put out there. It means so much to me, so thank you.

Now i’d like to feature some of my favorite comments that i’ve been reading on Facebook from those conversations.

22 thoughts on “Money & Spirituality

  1. Great food for thought, whether people judge money positively or negatively, you sure stirred up quite a conversation in the spiritual community πŸ™‚ a great thing really, it’s like a melting pot for new and great ideas, I can’t wait to see what comes out of this box :p

    Anyway, on a more practical note, I would love to support and buy your book. Unfortunately I don’t have a paypal account, nor do I own a credit card, so unless I can wire it, I can’t pay for it :/
    But not that I really need another book, I just love what you and your company (as in ‘the people around you and those you create with’) are doing for a whole lot of seekers out there. To be honest, I’m amazed that you even find the time to write a book.
    Good luck and my blessings, Namaste πŸ™‚

  2. It is a tool and one thing that has had my attention is how the system that governs the financial world is being examined and reformed by the masses. BTW Go Seahawks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I feel the exact same way about this issue, though maybe for different reasons. For years, I felt bad about the idea of accepting money for readings, guide meditations, healing, etc. Then, I realized that if I really wanted to dedicate my life to helping people in the ways in which I am skilled and talented, I had to be able to leave the corporate culture, and to do that, it would mean taking money or trade for my time. I also found that people who are sincere about their journey who approach me for help on their way feel guilty for not offering something in return for the use of my time and energy, and that often those who don’t wish to pay or work out a trade end up back where they started because they aren’t taking their journey or the help they receive seriously. A sad truth, but I keep up my faith in humanity, and remind myself and others that equality in any relationship (work, romantic, spiritual, etc.) only happens when all parties involved commit to the arrangement. This is not an unrealistic expectation in any area in my opinion.

  4. There is a lot to say on this topic. We have to look at our current monetary system and how it functions along with the philosophies behind it in order to understand how money works in today’s world. The money that is used throughout most of the world is created artificially through fractional reserve banking and lending. Money is created out of thin air through deposits and loans and not backed by anything other than the value people mentally and emotionally put in it. It is the fundamental basis of money. Money, in and of itself, is not “bad”. It is the modern philosophies behind its movement and regulation, along with the restrictions of today’s “economy” that make money such a sensitive subject. If it weren’t for the need for money, people would not have to do things like get a job or charge for goods and services and things like hospitals that provide actual cures can become a solid reality rather than the utopian pipe dream so many people think it is.

    Mentalities have to fit the mold of money and modern economics in order to get through this life. That is why “spirituality” comes with a monetary cost at times. People have to eat. Unfortunately, the modern standard for economics and money makes people have to do things and live lives they may or may not want to just so they can eat and provide for themselves. People can justify any of their perspectives in various ways. If we lived in a world where control and restriction were not a factor, all of what Jordan talks about can be achieved without the need for restriction through economics or acquisition of currency. But because we do, we need to look at ways in which we can a) ween ourselves out of it so that we can achieve an abundant and healthy society or b) make the current system work so that we can achieve that abundance and health.

    I wrote a post entitled The Money Effect which gives an opinion on the money mentality and describes money as merely an idea which, like any idea, can be changed.

  5. Hey Jordan,

    Thank you.

    Call me crazy but I’ve been incredibly drawn to contact to you for the longest time. Your work is inspirational and has changed my life and opened my eyes to a truth all along. πŸ™‚ All that considered, my heart is sure that everything is out of the divinity of love. This seems to be the easiest way to contact you since you respond to nearly every comment, which is very respectable as most people usually don’t make the time. πŸ™‚ Anyways, like I said, I really feel the need to visit you and just simply listen. I have had a lot of growth in my life, some bad choices and some great, but suddenly that growth came in so rapidly I can barely keep up and now I’m in need of help. I have devoted my current life and beyond to changing this world for the better and hopefully I have a plethora of help that I could provide for you. I have HUGE visions, big picture dreams that make me want to cry tears of pure joy when giving the thought that they could become a reality. I will stop at nothing until they come true either! πŸ™‚ I really want to spend the time sharing them with you and helping you to further yours (and everyone’s) endeavors for a much brighter, loving world. I dedicate every hour that I’m not at my regular job to manifesting ideas, developing concepts, and trying to make them a reality. Something tells me that you can do things that I can’t. I need help, guidance, and answers to a lot of questions and everything tells me you are the key to activating all that and helping me change the world into one of light, love, and true oneness. There’s just something that tells me that you’re someone very, very dear that I need to meet. You are an inspiring, engaging, heartwarming person and I’d want nothing more than to, at the very least, engage in conversation and learn as much as I can from you. If I’m right, we should even be in the same state! I hope me asking this of you isn’t considered strange or too much but if you’d like please contact me at my email that I provided and we will see where this goes, who knows, we could truly change the world!!! <3

    I just have a wonderful feeling…

    Once again Jordan, thank you. <3

    With all my love,

    Dakota Bramblette

  6. I guess what it really boils down to is, Money will always be a part of our Life here on this Physical world. History tells us that even ancient civilizations used them. The only big deal about it I think is that, some people want to control more money rather than let the rest of the world share it because of Greed. And I say control because let’s face it, They would rather put it in banks and keep it to themselves than use it to help people through services which would benefit every one in this planet. If we use money correctly, meaning, to help others, this world would be a much better place and I know a lot of people out there would say to me, “Get Real Dude” but I also know a lot will agree with what I’m saying because those people who thinks that services no matter which type should be kept for free really has to wake up. Spirituality doesn’t necessarily have to be free if people who offer Spiritual teachings to help others improve their lives also uses money to spend for the production of materials used to help serve others. What’s important is the value in honesty which people get in return for their money and that I think is True Spirituality. Jordan my friend, Keep up the good work and may The Source continue to flow in you so you can still serve others. ;D

  7. As a spiritual teacher of yoga, meditation, and learning then arts of reiki. I know that it takes energy to get energy. I have learned that money is a form of energy, and I learned to be okay with it. I do feel that we need to work as a society on making things fare when it comes to time and effort on the energy exchange. I believe that your book idea is a great idea to help sustain you and your work. It wouldn’t be fair to you if you didn’t have the energy come back to you in some form of money. You need to live… and until we are in the next dimension, we are going to have to deal with money as a source of energy. I am glad that you wrote your book, and I know I will see more in the future. So happy that you were able to put something together for us. I do wish it could have been something for iBooks or amazon, I do appriciate the smell of books, but I am trying to go papperless. One things for sure, in the future when our civilization is gone, archaeologist will find your book in the ruins! πŸ˜‰

    With Love


  8. There’s a lot of flaws with the idea of money. I’m sure the common ones have been mentioned a billion times, like how money is based on debt, bankers are evil, blablabla. I can explain all of them by heart, but I’ll just mention the least mentioned one.
    I guess this is the flaw, psychologically and philosophically explained.

    In the natural way of trade and interaction, the first step is actually not the ‘ability showoff’ like how we initiate the trade. For example:
    1. I’m a freelance programmer. I can code this this and that for you, it’s 25$ for this much work, etc etc.
    2. I’m a big food company. I’m gonna show the world that I can produce food, and by letting people know that there’s my food being produced around, it’ll make people want to buy my food
    3. Big banners and advertisers of everything clumping the streets.

    The problem with this is, there is bound to be products and services that may be produced for nothing. For example:
    1. Overproduction of food. The total consumers of the world is not buying the total produce of the producers.
    2. Some consumers are more environmentally aware of, say, plastic. The act of these people buying something with plastic is considered a waste of effort.

    Those are just some examples, but really, you can look at literally everything you see, even the computer screen you’re using, and relate this issue to it.
    The reason why we ended up with this ‘ability showoff’ attitude of how we should start the ‘trade'(or interaction, or communication. Social awkwardness also comes from this attitude, and everything is related), from the opposite that I like to call the ‘weakness showoff'(or ‘I need help’ call), is simply because we are lazy.
    Laziness is another big topic, but to put it simply, a long long time ago when we learned that we can extend our capability beyond our physical entity(we can use a stick, instead of just our hand, to extend how hard we can whack the cow), we realized that relying on machines is the way to go.

    Anyways, that’s it for laziness. Back to money.

    So, the natural method of the ‘call to trade’ is actually by showing off our weakness, or needs, or wants, or anything. It always comes from the consumers first.
    It’s like, the consumer ask the question first, THEN the producer(whoever is willing to help this consumer) answers with whatever ability they can help with.

    Money works the opposite way of that. The usage of the money system implies that we, –as beings that should be respecting connections, interactions, and supposed to always constantly be in search of this thing I like to call, the Collective Question–, don’t need to give a damn with what other people want. We constantly walk past hundreds or thousands of people on the street and all we worry about is if someone knows of your need or desire. Having a need or desire is starting to be considered as something bad, and no one should find out who or where I went to to get this bag fixed, or whatever.

    The point is, the usage of money kills our natural instinct of helping each other, because before someone can help, that someone needs to know what needs to be helped first. People are becoming more individual, and the use of money promotes this individualistic life of “oh, you have this this and that problems? That big corporation can help you with that. I know that they don’t handle things as personal as your friends, but they have the latest brain scan technology and so on. Certified. Insured. Everyone goes there, so why don’t you go too?”.
    Imagine if, instead of big corporations shitting out their big banners and advertisers here and there, make a more local network where the advertiser is PEOPLE and their WANT/NEED LIST.
    I don’t want to write too much for a comment. Thanks for reading, if any.

  9. If love and fear are opposites? And you are afraid of what you dont understand? And what you know or undertand you have control over? Shouldnt learning new things was one of the most important things? Have love and learning some kind of connection? And when we die do we still have benefit from what we have learned in this life?

  10. Money we were taught is the medium of exchange of goods & services, which transcends Barter!
    There exist a clear dividing line between Spirituality & Money, as far as I am concern. For Christ expressed this thought when He states concerning Money, “Whose picture is on it? … give what belongs to Caesar to Caesar and to God what belongs to God.”
    We are in the World but not of the world. Money, I dare say is the representation of the principality that governs a people who fail to subject themselves to the Truth.
    Everyone in the world needs Money in Order to live life meaningfully. Nevertheless, we are to earn our living instead of depending on any other man.
    The two beasts as seen in the Scripture called Revelation is to me: The principle or idea of man ruling man in whatsoever form of government. While through second beast is all false religion, which nonetheless has a form of being real.
    Money serves a purpose since all things are now ours. It is to serve mankind and not the reverse. But how?
    Money or no Money, we have sought & found the Kingdom of God, which is eternally in Spirit, because God is Spirit; as such our focus now is on: every other things added to us!
    It is a pity what the unenlightened do for Money and the length they would go to suppress their fellow human, all in relation to Money.
    Money has become an Idol to so many!

  11. Hi Jordan,

    Great article! I stumbled across your Facebook page today and it felt rather synchronistic to find this article about Money and Spirituality as the humanitarian foundation that I work for (Children of the Sun Foundation) is preparing to launch a Prosperity Campaign to help shift the illusion of lack in the collective consciousness.

    It’s a proven fact that we have the collective power to be a major economic catalyst for the multitude. The only real way that we can most effectively serve the unfolding Divine Plan in this regard is to have as many of us as possible perceiving and educating from levels of unlimited plenitude. To have the ability to realize wealth, whether we desire it or not, is to walk our talk as the wayshowers of the new planetary consciousness and its boundless nature.

    There is a Prosperity Code in every person that, when activated, hands over the papers to our divine inheritance, free and clear. Embodying and radiating this code is more important than the current method of monetary exchange or any new system developed around it.

    Anyways… I share this with you today as I felt a resonance with your writing and after reading this blog post of yours I thought you might like to check out the Prosperity Campaign (I shared the link in the website field). Feel free to pass it around if you like! And feel free to shoot me an email if you’d like more details. I would have sent you a personal email but couldn’t find where to contact you. πŸ™‚

    It probably goes without saying.. but.. keep writing! It’s good science! πŸ™‚

    Many blessings to you!

  12. I believe the key to transitioning out of our current paradigm is to use the most effective tools available to us within it. The greatest source of materialistic power known to man at this point in our existence is money so why aren’t we creating systems to accumulate and re-allocate this great source of social power to those that need it? We do, but the current models are sluggish, difficult to use, and downright inefficient. We need to approach this “money problem” from within the paradigm of business, commerce, and currency to exact the fastest and greatest change.To use the currently most effective source of social change we must shed the negative value we place on money acquisition to see how the same catastrophic processes used that resulted in such global crisis can also be used to heal it…. and us! What I mean by this is let’s stop demonizing money, and big business, and the societal structures that support them such as government. Money is just a concept given physical form through societal structures such as government and made powerful through the collective consciousness’ agreement to make it so. With a concept and model for concentrating and acquiring social power already available to us why not use it? Why are we not utilizing business to fund social change? Why are we not becoming entrepreneurs seeking spiritual profit? This is all very abstract so let me break it down. I propose this: A parent company that owns and oversees other businesses with various products, services, etc. The core responsibilities of this parent company is to start new businesses, expand current businesses, purchase other existing businesses, to oversee the operations of these businesses, consolidate the profit from them, and finally re-allocate that profit into community development, charity organizations, and developing new sciences and technologies not supported by the current power structure. One company, that owns a bunch of companies, with the sole purpose of acquiring money as quickly, effectively, and positively as possible to re-allocate in beautiful and wonderful ways. In this model you can engage large groups of people in positive global change without requiring their attention or intention to do so. In this way the parent company and daughter businesses are just re-directing the money/social power from the individual consumer into the larger over arching society in a positive way and indirectly making that individuals lives better. Let’s use business and money to help people help themselves. Create a board of similarly minded, love oriented individuals who also have knowledge of business, social influence, and technologies and use that knowledge in a positive way. Write social responsibility into business the plans. designate profit for positive change. That is the future I see. Lets stop rebelling and cooperate. Change doesn’t have to be painful, chaotic, and terrifying. Change can be enlightening, gentle, and full of love if we can just transcend the biologically/physiologically/socially contracted mind to see solutions that are otherwise too enmeshed in the problems to be able to discern. This is my truth and this is the path I have chosen for myself, any who wish to join me are welcome to do so πŸ™‚

  13. Hey Jordan! It became a routine for me and some of relatives to read your posts daily. It gives me a boost on my day before doing my job as a designer. Before I found Spirit Science, I am very interested on Sacred Geometry / Proportion. After watching your series for almost 2 years, I felt that I am a different person now. I would like to give you my deepest gratitude and support for the SS series! overpouring love from the Philippines πŸ˜€ Mabuhay! (Long live)

  14. I am challenged by the same issues as I build our spiritual/educational website.

    I do have a question about your logic in thinking. You are okay with creating a value for spirituality but the want to give free energy. How do you value money in one area, but not the other?

    I believe we all have a job to do on this planet. Until we get to a sharing community economy it seems to me that we will have to work to create fair value for the exchanges we create.

    And thank you for your brilliant work.

    Phyllis Rawley
    Goddess University

  15. Hey again,

    Just thought I’d weigh in on this discussion.

    Money is a tool of valuation and exchange. Value is based on the perception of those involved in the exchange, whether directly or indirectly. Without money aspects of our life would before inefficient, or more expensive. So its value is affected by time, or rather it effects the speed at which value is applied to time.

    So we can’t yet get rid of it, until we’ve found something better. For now, you have to rely on other peoples perception of value. That is what defines market prices, that is what defines how much credit based on current assets you can award (current assets include information about the formation of future assets, which is the function in which credit is really interested (haha pun)). Therefore use money as part of the karmic force that it is; generate energy in whichever direction your heart desires. As the Dalai Lama puts it, just be stoked! =)

    Take care y’all.

  16. Good job Jordan! Money can be used for good or in the case of the cabal, evil. Money is just another form of energy. Energy can be misused or used correctly. The current world monetary systems have been used to enslave. The very same system could pivot 180 and be used to uplift mankind. Google: Lee (leo) Wanta.

  17. Recently I wrote the article 7 Reasons Why Money Is Important for Awakening Souls, which to my surprise, stirred the hell out of heaven!!

    Here’s the thing. We’ve been trained to be slaves to money, and to live in a scarcity mindset. God didn’t create scarcity. God never told you you should live poorly. Money impacts EVERY aspect of your life, and you can only do very limited good without money. Money is power, and you need power to do good. The only way the planet will transform is for more conscious people to start taking ownership of that power.

    Congratulations to Jordan for raising your standards, for making the decision to make your life sustainable, and for stepping up into a larger vision. For those who believe “spiritual knowledge should be free”, how about this deal. If you work full-time at your job 3 months for free, he gives you his life-work written in this ebook for free?

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