Questions about the God Particle

I was reading some comments and criticism on the new Spirit Science video about the God Particles… At first I was kind of in shock at all of the negativity on there. Charlie said it right in the video I posted in this blog – Sometimes what people do when giving Criticism is take the most amazing advice, ball it up in a fist and punch someone in the head with it!

I mean, that’s the vibe all over the comments…


The fact that this has 18 likes has to mean something… but what exactly would that be?

And yet, even among all of the punching and kicking and screaming about how terrible of a person I am or how awful at science I am… there are still some wonderful comments and questions as well, and I’d like to do my best to answer them, sometimes with more questions that expands the thoughts more, and sometimes with some of my own theories and ideas as well.

Q1. How many papers on quantum physics has Mr. Evans had accepted for publication in a reputable journal?


Thank you for asking. If you looked at Michael’s website, you would actually see his work was mentioned in a scientific journal. You can find his Bio here, with links to the writings following that. In addition to that, he’s also been invited to speak at a number of conferences on Quantum Physics and Natural Philosophy. 

In addition to that, just because we don’t have a huge number of scientists exploring this today does not mean that it is invalid. It simply means that they are developing ideas, and we need more time, effort, and energy to go into exploring what they mean.

This video serves simply as an idea, an exploration into a possibility that if true – would be a large part of our evolving understanding of the universe. And even if it’s not true, there are still key-components of this that is important, that could still add to our greater collective knowledge. 

Q2. I have a question for you Spirit Science. What if everything you say is true? What if light is a solid based on the simplest forms of universal geometry? Wouldn’t this also mean that light has no specific speed?

colors-of-light1Let us consider what it would mean if what i’m saying is true… first we have to ask some questions – Which light are we referring to?

Perhaps the speed of light from the sun has a specific speed because it has a specific wavelength and vibration. But then the light from a lamp however, is a different vibration of light, so perhaps it has a slightly lower speed. Maybe the light from the center of the galaxy has an even higher frequency of light, but its not one that we can measure yet with our current technology.

Q3. We only perceive the speed that light is allowed to travel within this reality. If light has less information stored within it wouldn’t that make the light less dense therefore vibrating the light at a higher frequency than we (humans) can perceive?

I think I get what you’re saying, that if light is moving at such a high speed outside of this dimension, then we wouldn’t be able to comprehend it. Also, what kinds of information can light hold to create with? Perhaps there’s both dense information like bricks, or light information like feathers. You can have “A pound of bricks or a pound of feathers” and they both weigh the same…maybe Light is the same way? 

Q3 Cont. Wouldn’t this also mean that light speed travel IS possible but not by conventional internal combustion rockets…. but by a stationary craft that would vibrate in resonance to the light around it, thus moving space around it instead of physically moving. With out my babble my question simple is: Based on your postulations wouldn’t this mean that the speed of light isn’t finite but is a result of the vibratory frequency that the light manifests within?

Oh my god that’s so exciting!! Yes!! And most importantly, I think that using this information to create such technology is absolutely what we can do in this lifetime.

In regards to your question, yes, and with the same question as above. Which light are we measuring? The light from the lamp, or the light from the sun? Or perhaps the light from the glow on the fish in the deep sea. All different densities, yes – very similar, but different… How so? Might be an important question to ask here.

Q4. I do love your work but why wouldn’t space be the God Particle? With out space, nothing would exist. 

That actually reminds me of something I was taught in Art class many years ago… It’s a fundamental piece of information for aspiring artists everywhere, something every artist learns at some point.

negative space

The lines of what you are drawing and containing, are just as important as the space around what you’re drawing. It’s called Negative Space, it’s the space around what you’re drawing that gives weight, dimension, and perspective to the drawing. Without a proper negative space, the positive space likewise is out of balance by default.

So if you think about it, with this idea that “Light is a Solid”, just as important as the geometry of the solid itself, is the space in between the solids. The space in-between all of them is the Yin to the Yang that is the Particles. Perhaps you could see it as Space is the Waves, and Particles is the Points. The male and female.

It’s just an idea, and I would love to explore this further with everyone!

39 thoughts on “Questions about the God Particle

  1. What if less information stored inside more “dense” the matter is? I mean what we percieve as denseness is not a denseness of information? For example a cold object would feel denser and harder , a Warm object would feel more softer and less dense but the energy (as well as info) the warm object has is bigger.

    So what if the denseness we feel is not the denseness of info and energy?

    1. All of it is relevant and important. I believe that they are synonymous with each other. This “particle” or smallest geometry is the building block that creates the patterns that nassim talks about in the resonance project 🙂

      1. I like how you phrased it as “building blocks”. You’re up there. And humble to others. And i enjoy where your eyes are.

      2. I have a random question for Jordan. I’ve been having the same spirit science idea/concept years before coming across your’s. As a Pentecostal Christian that studied other practices before becoming, I wanted to come up with a means of explaining to both sides my thoughts on spiritual mechanics and dynamics, our resonance plan unraveling. Or “spirit science”. Due to both sides having issues with me or my concepts, kind of feeling like a wander of sorts. Anyways… with that global consciousness grid thought, information radiating along the ley lines, coupled with Tulpas and psychic imprints, I questioned if this unbuntu was sharing in some spirit nexus information node. That at least I could access dimensionally. After reading and/or watching articles you’ve written, and Michael Tellinger and Nassim Haramein, I’ve seen more with a similar flow happening than just myself. Which lead me to question if you 3 at least, were working in tandem, would it bring about a new shift and elevation? Leading to: Have you gotten to interact with them? Sorry this was lengthy.

    1. In what sense? Free to chat? Free as in the modern definition? The etymological definition? My own understanding? Giving out Free things? Giving myself for free?

  2. Well handled Jordan, I wouldn’t let the negativity get me down either and you’ve done an excellent job in your personal discovery of the worlds information so never be hard on yourself I’m sure most people are a little afraid and concerned with the loads of information they’re opening there minds to in such a short, precise and unjargoned style of education. I too have been doing a lot of research with light however I have absolutely no sources to back me up.

    I find that when astral projecting the most effective way to remember your dreams is to sleep outside under the stars with no roof. My theory is that solid objects although are no problem for the soul to get through they provide an intense journey back through i.e. more dense thoughts therefore dreams become more intense and harder to remember. I have been doing a bit of trial and error with leaving my lamp on and off at night. When on my lucid dreaming is like a bug flying around dazed and confused with no clue what is happening, and when in darkness I feel serenity, I am able to communicate in my sleep, interperate what is happening and wake up with clarity and a clear concise memory of what spoke to me. I believe the effects of artificial light is one of the biggest mysteries of our time. I’d love to see some research on its effects on our eyes physically. But trust me, go sleep outside for a couple of nights with a bug net if you’re that scared of creepy crawlys but what i’ve found is that they’re never in the dark, they’re just like us…. Flying around with no clue blinded by the articfical light. mmmm, what do you think?

  3. Hi Jordan. Please don’t get discouraged by negative comments. While it is true that what you’re talking about is considered “fringe science/physics” by mainstream physicists, it doesn’t mean it’s invalid or whatsoever. Alternative ideas and view points are appreciated because human consciousness is always expansionary, not restrictive. You may also be interested in the work of my physics lecturer who invented ‘Process Physics’ check it out here
    A lot of what he says sounds a bit like your ideas, except the focus isn’t on light but on space… He claims that space is constantly moving like light, moves in and out of matter…
    Also your Yin and Yang theories sounds a lot like Johan Oldenkamp’s ideas which is also fascinating check him out here
    thank you so much for all your work… it has been significant part in my life journey
    cheers, Hafiz, australia

  4. Your work is very appreciated Jordan. Maybe surround the Nay-sayers with light and love and let them be…. Do they have the following that you have? Do they try to take complexities in the world and make informative videos at a level that all can understand in a very enlightened and inspired way that is also entertaining? Maybe the negative marks are your way of inspiring you to create more? Perhaps you could re-write that script. Just a thought. You are doing good in my book and I think that you have a lot of positive feedback that is another way of drawing feedback from. I don’t get to read everything or follow along like I would like to but I appreciate the work I see and feel blessed that I found your channel… I am sorta old but kind of have a hard time with complexities. You make it easy and that makes me breathe easier! 🙂 Maybe you could start a new trend in only letting the positive comments affect your soul…. (of course this sounds a little PolyAnna but who cares, thats how I roll! 🙂 )

  5. Hello Jordan

    I have been following spirit science since for a while. A lot of the ideas you put across resonate with me.

    An idea I have been following side by side with spirit science is digital physics which postulates non-locality, non-materialism and most importantly it can turn the paranormal into the… normal.

    I’m not sure if anyone has ever pointed out to you ex DoD and NASA physicist, consciousness explorer Tom Campbell. He has a richness of information and ideas that I think you will very much resonate with.

    The understanding I have gained from him goes something like this.

    Reality is information. We are basically in the equivalent of a simulation, but that is still real/reality. The basis of this hypothesis sits on certain interpretations of the delayed choice quantum eraser experiment, that to many physicists seems to show that it is experience or consciousness that actually collapses wave functions into particles. Reality doesnt actually exist objectively between experience, only as probability.

    You could liken this to MMO’s where the server doesn’t continually render all areas of a world, only the parts that currently have players. All “mobs”/AI positions and actions exist as probability functions and when you enter the area the server decides the state you see at that point in time.

    So with calculations of information as the fundamental reality, things that seemed strange and impossible before become quite logical.

    I now see all forms of spiritual healing, praying, psi phenomenon etc as metaphors for the same process of modifying probability through intention. This includes chakras, telepathy, psychic readings etc. We seem to have the ability to modify probable outcomes of reality with our intention, but only by the amount of uncertainty.

    There is far too much to talk about I’ve realised now that I have delved in. But if you would like to talk about this more, you can email me on the address I have provided.

    I would love to converse and discuss ideas with you, as most of my day is spent thinking, analysing, considering and feeling all manner of this realm of ideas.

    Tip of the tip of the ice burg.

    Cool. Much peace and love and compassion.

  6. So how can we tap into this light? I’m intrigued, and I guess it takes research and thought and brainstorming to be able to create a foundation for light travel. Are we shifting our reality simply by tapping into the frequency of light. Do we need separate machinery to tap in or can we do it solely with our human bodies? What are the capabilities of humans in regards to light work? Do we use light while astral projecting? What is the best practice to understanding and testing this principal further?

  7. Where do you believe this inspiration and these ideas come from for you? Was it simply shedding your resistances., were you urged by something? I’m curious about how to shift my perspective as you have.

  8. Hey Jordan! I just wanted you to know how much I love all that you do. you are a big inspiration in my life. ive been following your videos and information since about the time you released spirit science 5 or so. I have learned much about myself and the world around me all because of what you wanted to share with the world. and for that I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would not be the person I am today if not for your help. I just want you to know that no matter how much negativity you may get, don’t stop. cuz what you are doing can, and has, change lives.

    also, tell Ray that he truly is a ray of light. I have never seen so much wisdom and understanding from one person. Pair-o-Dime Shift and Panic to Freedom have both had huge impacts on my life.

    I would also like to say this about Ray’s blog, “What is your Super Power?”: Thank you for sharing this information. I too would love to help in any way possible I just don’t know what I could do. I am searching for my super power. when I find it I will let you know.

    In love and light,

  9. What if our understanding of space and time is actually wayyy off from it’s true nature. What if nothing really ever moved and to get from one place to another what really happens is that the vibrational resonance changes. What if to travel to a distant star system all you had to do is somehow match your frequency to the frequency of that space and then you just appeared there. What if…but I don’t know. 😉 What if’s are fun though.

    I once had it explained to me from a religious leader/seer from an indigenous tribe that this vibrational reality is the true nature of reality. He also told me that his people traveled to earth this way over 20,000 years ago from the Vega system…and have since forgotten how to journey. I don’t believe it, and I don’t disbelieve it…I’m open to it…and I’m probably explaining it wrong…but I believe that the human mind may be incapable of understanding the true nature of absolute reality.

  10. for question 3, there is already mathematics for it as shown in this video

    for question 4, i know physicist already have this standard model in particle physics where the Higgs is suppose to be the missing part of the puzzle. But contemplate this, particles can be subdivided in infinitely many more ways right? For example before they only have molecules, then atoms, then electrons, protons, and neutrons, then quarks and as soon as technology allows it, ever more smaller particles. But what is constant in all this particles with mass or no mass? The constant is the space they occupy? I believe gravity is not caused by the Higgs but by the space, matter occupies.

  11. We support and love u Jordan ,!

    Thanks for spreading information/truth/light.

    Pay no heed to nay sayers and doubters; keep up the fantastic work.

    Love and gratitude!

  12. Jordan,

    On my many trips to Spirit my guide “Angelique” explains it like this: “Earth is a very low frequency dimension, whereas Spirit exists in a higher frequency dimension.”

    That understanding really helped me to understand a few things. It’s kind of like sound waves. Frequency affects what we hear. If there are various frequencies of light, wouldn’t we also only see certain frequencies? What about the frequencies we can’t see with our physical eyes? How many worlds exist around us that we simply cannot see? That’s why it’s important that we, through meditation, hypnosis, etc. elevate our minds to a higher plane/frequency. That’s the only way we can “see” what else is out there!

    Keep up the good work Jordan! You’re doing great!

  13. Jordan,I love how you keep your composure when these people blast you as if you were an evil dictator. Its very inspiring and you are better for it. Keep on keeping on lol:)

  14. I actually really liked your video. Many great ideas are shunned because they are so different from the current beliefs of society. I have actually always believed that the most fundamental particle is light. It makes sense from a spiritual perspective, at the very least. I really think you are on to something and you are following the same line of thought I had but taking it further. I look forward to further information on this subject. It is one that particularly fascinates me. Thank you for your insights.

  15. Jordan! I’ve gone through every video you’ve made and been following your ideas for some time now. I must thank you for all the work you’ve done as I had been so lost before I stumbled blindly upon it. I still am skeptical more than most, and therefore do not take anything anyone says as fact (including your insights, as much as i love them), I believe reality is unique for every individual based upon their own beliefs and experiences, though I do not wish to get into a discussion on that at this time. I just felt urged for some reason to thank you for your inspiration, positive outlook, and overall attitude towards this existence we all inhabit together. You’re reaction to these negative comments is, for lack of a better word from my tired mind, incredible. I enjoy everything you’ve shared with the world and look forward to your future thoughts and ideas! As I’m probably rambling by now, I’ll thank you again (thank you!) and take my leave.

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