Spirit Science 22_4 ~ Source Energy

Spirit Science 22_4 is sort of a step SS224 - blogpic1back to the first episode of Episode 22 of Spirit Science, covering some of the basics and stuff that we looked at over a year ago in fresh light and also perhaps to expand on some ideas about what “Source Energy” actually means.

I see a lot of stuff about “Source” from the perspective of the Grand Unified Field, this all encompassing Field of All-ness that is so “Everything” that if I told you otherwise, I’d be lying.

And while this is a wonderful description of “Source”, it certainly leaves almost everything to the imagination, and it doesn’t really give us anything solid or tangible for right here, right now, on this dimension. You know, the physical one that we live on?

Granted, a lot of our thinking and emotions take place on what would seem to be a less-than-physical plane, and that’s an important discussion too. Questions like “Where do the source of our emotions come from?”Β pose as real pieces to the grand puzzle that is the “Who are we, where do we come from, and why are we here?”Β Mystery of the Human Race.

So, in today’s Spirit Science, what I want to discuss is “How do these ideas of “Source” and “Grand Unified Field” apply to this Physical Reality that we live in?” I think that by opening up THAT discussion, we can then take it one step further and relate what we find to our emotions and thoughts too.

All that’s left… is to watch the video πŸ™‚

What is a Soul?

SS224 - blogpic5I know a lot of people are probably gonna egg me to death for not having any “peer reviewed journals demonstrating the soul” in this video… To which I have to apologize. It’s incredibly hard to find many scientists working on stuff like this. There are some, but they are far and few. It’s kind of a taboo to talk about anything pertaining to the Spirit or Soul in the Scientific fields..

I would love to change that paradigm. I would absolutely love to work together with a group of individuals who were so “On it” that we could make anything happen, and we got enough resources and build a super high-tech lab that was free to use by anyone with good intentions and who knew what they were doing, and we could pour our resources into really exploring and publishing all of our data about what a Soul was, what is Spirit, what is Consciousness?

All of these questions, I believe they have answers, answers that will satisfy the masses with the right information and point us in the right direction as a species…

We’re getting there, but we’re not there yet. Right now, I’m a kid with a laptop and a dream for a great future for everyone. One where everyone can win… We’ll get there.

In the mean time, there are some sources which point to this information that i’m speaking about in today’s Spirit Science. Let me share them with you πŸ™‚

SS224 - blogpic4This is an article from my friend Steve’s website – Spirit Science & Metaphysics. He’s got a few other great articles about the Soul as well, it’s well worth checking out. The blog is called “Is this Proof that the Soul Exists?” and explores some research that is being done upon the consciousness in the brain, and the possibility that it can exist outside the brain as well.

This is a video called “The Extended Mind”, an interview with Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, a scientist known for his study in the field of Consciousness and Neural Kinetics. In this video he shares his research and evidence to suggest that thoughts exist outside the brain, as a field that is interconnected with everyone, rather than being isolated to each person.

Now, there’s plenty more that I could share here, but there’s something important that I feel I need to say first. Maybe it’s just me, and maybe i’m crazy, but doesn’t at least some of what I talk about simply validate itself as self evident?

Like, the fact that the Sun is a source of energy for the whole planet… Do we REALLY need peer reviewed journals to validate that that’s true? Or that without our relationships with each other, our world would be empty. There’s a lot of people who live like that now, so isolated from everyone because they have no-one in their lives they can talk to.

SS224 - blogpic2We shouldn’t get caught up on the fact that there aren’t scientifically published papers about a soul, if anything, that should be the motivation for us to get some scientists working on it and publish some papers!

To bring it all around, I guess what i’m saying is that honestly, no. I don’t have very much scientific documentation to validate that we are all connected. I’m speaking from what I see, from what I feel, and from what I know. This is what’s important to me, and It’s just as important that these explorations have validation in all fields, scientific, philisophical, spiritual, all of it.

In some ways, we’re simply not there yet. It’s my hope that through this work and the works of so many other incredible individuals out there working hard on pushing new ideas like this forward, it will propel us to take action upon them, and make some real headway on developing new technologies, new ways of being, and new understandings that will forever change the way we do things on this planet.

We are One,
Jordan Pearce

22 thoughts on “Spirit Science 22_4 ~ Source Energy

  1. In the last three months, my brain boiled with the question around: Water and life … (no water no life = water is God ~ I am God = my God )
    I also have tried to gather the thread between quantum physics and soul. I think it’s proofed a particle can appear in two places at the same time?
    So if you imagine that a thought can be formed within the individual human but also occur in another human, at the same time, one can then infer that the idea arose individually in the individual or one can imagine that it was one thought that was transferred to the other simultaneously with it arose in the first individual (quantum physics)?
    Maybe I’m becoming more brittle than usual, so there must like laughs!
    If one imagines a parallel universe where the same thought occur in both places at the same time , coming from one source, then it must surely be some sort of quantum physics come into play here ?
    I have for many years traveled the world thin, more than 60 countries on all continents, and has seen some inexplicable events. Often based on the fact that I possessed information that another was missing. Inexplicably, I found myself on localization, it could be a bar or hotel lobby, where I came into contact with an individual who lacked the information I possessed.
    What causes such options, if there is a meaning to these options?
    If I map to try to compile my religion / belief and our ability, by thought, that influence a situation or condition … it’s probably the starting point in that water is the source of life and if there is just something right about, the theory behind the power of thought can affect the water ‘s ability to crystallize ,in the dynamic beauty of form or the opposite of chaos and negative appearance. So it must be essential that you, as an individual, produces a positive mindset in the innermost thoughts to propel (the soul) in these pure thoughts opens the door to quantum physics where the idea here may be in two places at the same time. In the soul and in the water!
    Enough nonsense for today, of course I hope that you take nicely against my musings. Try to close your eyes and look for what you cannot see.
    With warmest regards
    Jan Martinus Flyvbjerg

  2. Ok I know I may have been really bothersome with my approach lately, but I promise it comes from a good place. I’m just a person trying to help others like yourself, however I haven’t had all the time and/or resources as you and many others online. However here goes nothing. I hope it helps.

    Rudolf Steiner-The original seeker of Spiritual Science (Proof) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXKSSBHTLzU
    Gary E. Schwartz Ph.D. – Book called The G.O.D. Experiments. A scientist who is changing the old patterns of thought. http://www.drgaryschwartz.com/Biography.html
    Eben Alexander-Book Proof of Heaven. Dr. Alexander, a renowned academic neurosurgeon, spent 54 years honing his scientific worldview. He thought he knew how the brain and mind worked. A transcendental Near-Death Experience (NDE), in which he was driven to the brink of death and spent a week deep in coma from an inexplicable brain infection, changed all of that – completely!
    David Wilcock -https://www.divinecosmos.com/
    Science Proves Reincarnation-http://www.collective-evolution.com/2013/10/29/science-now-proves-reincarnation-a-look-at-the-souls-journey-after-death/
    Dr Stuart Hameroff and British physicist Sir Roger Penrose-http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/quantum-scientists-offer-proof-soul-exists/story-fneszs56-1226507452687
    Psychology Today-http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/biocentrism/201112/does-the-soul-exist-evidence-says-yes

    I hope these help. The proof of the soul scientifically is definitely out there and regardless of what people think they will think just what they want to. Whether proven through science, experience, ideas, or read in a book. None of that matters unless the people who really want to believe, take fractions of the information that they don’t want to believe and study it in their own lives. Being the example proves the examples are living proof. Living as the proof becomes a truth no one can thwart no matter how much they try.


  3. The Book Of Brendan
    The Book Of Life

    1-1 Before the beginning, there was NoThingness.
    1-2 NoThingness permeated All.
    1-3 NoThingness was an Allness, a Oneness.
    1-4 This Oneness became Energy, already being Energy.
    1-5 Energy divided and became Love- from which All Creation sprang, and Fear- from which no creation grows.
    1-6 Energy became The Father Of All Creation, The Source Of All Creation, The Alpha and Omega, The First and Last.
    1-7 Love became The Mother Of All Creation, The Nature Of Heaven, The Root connecting The Tree Of All Creation to The Source Of All Creation.
    1-8 Fear became The Fallen, a negative aspect of the division of Energy when Love was realized, forever bonded from the action of creation, never continuing, always stagnant.
    1-9 Until Fear returns to Love, The Creation will know unbalance.
    1-10 Energy never dies, but Love continues on forevermore.
    1-11 May All Be In Love
    1-12 Amen

    2-1 When Energy came to know Love, Energy knew its true self, “I am(Love)”, Thought was born.
    2-2 Thus the duality of the yin-yang spiral of creation emerged.
    2-3 When Thought opened the key to LoveEnergy, Light was born, “I think so I am.”
    2-4 As Light was born through Thought in the image of LoveEnergy, Light was born already knowing LoveEnergy.
    2-5 As Light was born, Light knew LoveEnergy and created Sound, “I am so I am.”
    2-6 Sound knew LoveEnergy already as Light did and together formed The Physical Creation.
    2-7 Light became The Father of The Physical Creation, Sound became The Mother of The Physical Creation. The Breathe Of Life and The Womb Of Matter ever creating the physical extension of LoveEnergy, All Being an extension of LoveEnergy.
    2-8 The Trinity of Energy, Love, and Thought guide the trinity of Thought, Light, and Sound as The Spiritual Creation guides The Physical Creation.
    2-9 As Is Above In Heaven, So Is Below On Earth. As Is The Spiritual, So Is The Physical.
    2-10 May Love Guide Your Way.
    2-11 Amen.

    3-1 NoThingness was. Energy became, being All. Love created Thought, Thought created Light, Light created Sound. They formed The Creation.
    3-2 Everything is an extension of LoveEnergy, The True Self. The True Self is You, You are Love.
    3-3 Love- Love Your Neighbor As Your Self. Peace- Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You.
    3-4 May The Peace Of Love and The Love Of Peace Bless All The Creation.
    3-5 Amen.

    4-1 NoThingness was an Allness, a Oneness.
    4-2 This Oneness experienced Loneliness, and thus was condensed to an inner feeling.
    4-3 From Loneliness came Fear.
    4-4 This state expanded and became the knowingness of Love as The True Self.
    4-5 From Love, All Creation sprang.
    4-6 May All Be In Loves Flow.
    4-7 Amen.

  4. Words just can’t seem to express how i feel…or i can’t seem to put the right words together. But spirit science is something i have pondered on since i came into this world at the age of five. I’m lost and found at the same time. Born on the day of discovery nov 7th. And far from but close to my scorpion persona. Not sure what i am asking or saying. Torn between worlds i am stuck. They say the word is more powerful than the thought but my thoughts are sealed and yet the seem to transpire into the physical world. In the 31 years of my body’s life i have spent collectively about 25 years in silence and about 20 in solitude. ???

  5. On the extended mind theory – thought being a pooled collective – any artist or writer would tell you that while there are times the story or inspiration is one you feel YOU are creating, there are times when the story or piece of work seems to be creating itself – and it does truly feel like you are tapping into something BEYOND yourself. Many of us debate the theory that all thought already exists – that an idea will present itself when it’s time to be KNOWN – rather like being handed a college textbook once you finally passed high school.

  6. This is byfar the best video in the series. It answers the question we all ask. What makes us alive? What makes us human?

    Jordan, your work touches my heart, where I will keep it always.

  7. Lol.. No need to sign up. Gone through a few blogs. Always nice to find more, and very good work sir. I have another question for you, if anyone else has a valid answer let me know. Is part 4 the last part of episode 22?
    Much love

  8. A thought, if I may. With stories of fantasy, dragons, orcs, elves, dwarves and so on, would it be possible that the human body truly is a vessel carrying energies that don’t necessarily fit the body? I ponder this in that I see so many people daily, same body with same layout of organs and bodily functions, yet so very different perhaps even influenced by the soul within. Some so thin, frail while others tower over many and then you come upon the “nature” of the person, some being peaceful while others are not. Perhaps at some point the human body became a means of unification by common trait? I myself am still learning, not quite past meditation for beginners ^^; But it is a thought that occurs to me, as I work alongside people who are so robust and intelligent at half my age and others who are older than I and lack such wisdom.

  9. Dear Jordan,
    I love your your Spirit Science series. Deeply enlightening and your animation concept entertaining to watch. It would be great if you could make a new animation series based on Andrew Bartzis Galactic History. His information could expand our awareness a million times. Continue your good work.

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  11. i love your work you have helped me a lot when i first discovered spirit science… i usually believe like everything you say but i need you to expand on this man you found in a cave/pod

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