The Parable of the Raft Story

Today I’d like to dive deeper into the Parable of the Raft. It’s a rather peculiar story, and i’m interested in what this parable looks like in modern day… in what ways does this story manifest for you in your life?

It just so happens that I have a recent story that happened to a friend of a friend of mine, and i’m excited to share it with you.

First, you should rewatch this video, or at least the first half. Don’t worry, it’s short.

Recently I observed this very parable happening in our modern world in its own unique way… That β€˜raft’ manifested in physical reality was with a business my friend started and some bank accounts that were connected to said business.

pp3_pic1The thing was, that the business got put on the back-burner several years before, and he hadn’t touched it in a while. He knew that he would be coming back to it in the future, and had full intentions to do so.

But what ended up happening was that for 2 years he had to pay the bank 25$ a month to keep that bank account open. 25$ a month for 2 years is a lot of money. He was carrying the raft all the way, with no river to use it on in sight.

How does the story end, you might ask?

You see, what he recognized was that in holding onto that raft, it was a representation of keeping the dream alive. The business was actually a passion project for him, something he is very serious about making and something that means a lot to him. To him, it felt like letting go of the “raft” meant letting go of the dream.

pp3_pic2Well, in the realization that letting go of the raft (the accounts) didn’t mean that he was letting go of his dream, he was able to cancel the accounts and still know and trust that he would still move forward towards that dream, and when the time was right, he would be able to build a new raft, and maybe even a better one than he had previously.

And he kept moving forward to make his dreams come true.

And that’s how the story goes πŸ™‚

I invite you to take some time to write the story of your raft in the comments. What have you held onto, what did you let go of, that perhaps was an extra weight on you for some time?Β 

I’m looking forward to reading all about it,

With love,

17 thoughts on “The Parable of the Raft Story

  1. I’ve done a similar thing. I paid for 2 years to host a website I wanted to create for blogging. It was $200+. This past November the renewal came up and I again paid for two years – but yet still haven’t create the home page and content. I do see myself in your friends story!

  2. Thank you for this Jordan. This couldn’t have come at a better time. You see, I have a dream of designing new and exciting technologies. I want to create things that the world has never seen before. So I’ve been in college learning about math and science to do that. I recently encountered a setback in that I can’t take the math course I wanted this semester and may not be able to take any math class at all. This means that I may not be able to learn all the things I want to know before I graduate. These classes are the raft. I’ve been in a panic the past few days because I thought that not taking these classes meant giving up on my dream of developing technology. In seeing this parable and what it means to you, I actually feel pretty silly for getting all worked up about these classes. I don’t know if I’ll be able to take math this semester or not, but that’s okay. My dream will stay strong, and there’s sure to be more rafts in my future. Thank you. πŸ™‚

  3. It’s funny you mentioned your friend and his bank account. Reading this just reminded me that I needed to close my bank account from my old tattoo studio! How synchronous! πŸ˜€ Thanks for the reminder!

  4. For me it had nothing to do with money, my old friends is what I was focused on. Growing up I did not have many friends and I wanted to have friends, laughing with people and building great memories and finally got friends that I had for over 15 years. All I wanted was to love and to be loved, but everyone I did so much for and leaned so far toward turned on me and wasn’t no longer my friends. The only person I had left was my ex-wife, when we got married I felt like I regained my self worth. With in a sort time it came out that she was seeing some one else the entire time and they were on drugs. So now after I lost every person that I was close too, I felt like I had no purpose or no self worth and nothing to look forward to. I always was able to what seemed to be like able to battle my own emotions through dreaming, but it seemed like I couldn’t completely emotionally heal. Early in this past December I was very depressed. I had and amazing dream that would be way to much for me to type right now but getting to the point, the only way I could describe it was facing my ultimate inner demon…it was my greatest emotional battle ever……..and I WON. After I woke up I felt like a new person every past thing no longer bothers me. So I moved on and I ended up meeting new people and made new friends, made a new best friend that is far greater than any of my old supposed to be friends put together, I even came a crossed old enemies that asked for forgiveness. Through this whole thing I learned that I don’t need some one to have self worth, I am my own self worth, and I had to let go what was no longer needed for me to dwell on and walk a new path.

    1. I have to say that i have beaten my inner devil 5 years ago too. Experiences that i have had with him over the past years in my dreams are mesmerizing and outrageous. Altough I have felt a complete freedom over materialism, selfishness, illusions, attachments and my body/soul when i overcomed my biggest fear off all time. Yuhu yuhu yuhu , i made it and i am happy i did it with a song that saved my life. It was a song that Kekec sung in a famous slovenian movie . . . Blessings to you all and take care…

  5. I feel like there is such a great deep meaning to this. In the bible the raft could be compared to the old laws and how Jesus fulfilled the law so that we could come to a better place. We no longer need to follow the old laws and ways because we are already in a better place and need to move on. Our oppsticals will be different but with the confidence now obtained from the completion of the raft we know we will succeed by the knowledge obtained and Gods guidance always within us.

    1. Trust your worth because you are on Mother Earth with a specific reason otherwise you would not be here in a phyisical body… spread the Ohmmmmmm and join the resistance ….hahahaha love you all

  6. Right now I’m struggling with my raft, and that is becoming a musician. I’m still in the early stages (been playing guitar again for 3 months or so) and I’m not entirely sure if the raft is even built yet as I don’t have the chops to sail said raft yet. But I carry the weight of the dream or the idea of this raft, and I feel almost as if I should let this raft go for now in order to spend more time with my family. My problem is: is letting go of this idea going to equate to me letting go of my dreams? Or am I simply prioritizing what’s important now, and maybe even growing into a better raft maker in the process? I don’t know, really. But letting go is appearing to be the harder of the 2 choices….

    1. Hey Hunter πŸ™‚

      I thank you for shere this to us. It helped me to understand, thank you also for this. I would love to help you with your struggle, so i try and hope you find it estimable πŸ˜€ .

      I would state you should hold on your dream to become musician. If this is your desire it is meant to be yours. If you not supposed to reach it you couldn’t bring it fort in the first place.
      Only if you are not fully honest with your self there could be a posibility that your desire is not ment to be become true. In this case you hold as your desire is actualy a misapprehension how to reach a “true” desire of yours.

      To connect with “The Parable of the Raft”, the raft is the “tool” or “thing” who serves the monk to reach the farther bank “secure and without fears” in this case his desire.
      Your dream correspond to the farther bank, therefore not the raft.

      At the end of your response you present your current perception of your problem. You present it with two completely binary solutions, who in this way deny each other. And also each of the two solutions harm you in one or a other way. I would suggest to search solutions away from this two. Such who you not force to sacrifice a part of you.

      To encourage you furthermore, i sent you an TED-Talk i have seen recently. It’s about learning and its time consumption πŸ˜‰ :

      I hope you find your way, to do exactly what you want.


    2. The raft is almost ready for use and take off to Pleiades or somewhere else in prosperous future if WE Together really wanted to cooperate for bringing the dawn on Earth.Be sure about it even if you dont see it. Nothing can stop us now. We are 4ever & ever, cheers….mwa

  7. I have been a single Mum for the last 14 year’s and its been a real struggle. My son is now 14 and he has so much anger towards me and is constantly abusing me. Last night was the last straw when he broke out into a fit of rage cause I would not pick his friend up for a sleep over. He ended up trying to push me in front of a moving bus when I was running away from him.

    I have always tryed my best to bring him up, but after he tryed to kill me I finally realize its better I let him go and his father care for him. It’s the hardest thing to do. I’m all alone without him. But if I keep trying to hold onto him I will not only be distroying my life but I could end up dead.

    1. Free will free will free will is our birth right. Trust your intuition and everything will work out eventually…stay focused…, peace & freedom….namaste

  8. I had so many rafts in my life. My gemstones for example. I had this Lepidolite, beautiful stone which I programmed for healing, good sleep and was quite using him that period, cuz after all he came to me just in time. So one day, we were up for some hang outs with friends and a storm caught us, we were soaking wet so in that time I was like ‘I don’t care got my healing stone right here for protection, so no matter how much soaked I was I should be fine’ so as I thought that I was wondering for quite some time now in the back of my brain, whether I was clinging to much on my stones and not paying enough attention myself. And the answer came soon enough. We were running toward bus when I discovered that the pocket I held my stone was ripped and that he fell somewhere along the way. To my surprise I was not feeling down but thought to myself ‘so that’s how the universe showed me that I had finished with that stone, and since I had him and we were buddies *I love to call my stones buddies* ^ ^ his energy will be always with me. The same with the person, it doesn’t matter if it no longer exists in the physical realm, it’s within us always, intertwined within our energies and consciousness. So yeah that’s one example, NAMASTE <3

  9. I hold on to the books I’m going to write and the inspiration that they can bring to others. This isn’t a self quest.

    As I held onto that raft I found that it kept changing it’s form and expanded. All I did was hold the dream clear and with a diligent heartfelt focus.

    No they aren’t here yet. Not all of them, but the channels are opening. The paths are forming and as I walk down each one I’m able to familiarize myself with the channels presence and whether or not I feel the spirit present in them.

    Some paths I drift for miles while others I can tell the spirit left the path immediately.

    It’s the paths that have a constant current flowing through them. That’s where I feel the most comfortable.

    Sometimes even that can split off into another curving bumpy river.

    But if I focus on the dream, even through all the bumps in the river, I find that I’m taken back to where I feel the most comfortable again without me ever having to control how it was done.


  10. Heyy had my own too πŸ™‚
    Thanks to a dear friend of mine , I knew a very interesting person, a Quite worker senior named Peter.
    mr Peter runs his own business , he is an apicultor and sells out a lot of products made out from honey. a Very nice person indeed,
    I decide to put myself a retailer buisiness in order re-distribute those products trouhg a website over a major scale! Mr Peter does not know too much about computer and internet stuff, and he is confortable just with local sales. So i visualized a lot of opportunities to make a whole new distribution business by joining these two worlds together.
    Honey is one of the most amazing foods people can consume, neverthless not all peaple are aware of this… Hehehe. Once I started it was very difficult to maintain the site , contracts , etc. I really tried a lot!! but at the end it was not the outcome i was specting. So I let go my raft.!! Soon enough I will be able to build a new one, merchant blood runs trough my veins .. heheeh My grandpha and dad made it! … my big chance is right out there , i can feel it!! πŸ™‚

    Love to all-

  11. Not quite sure why I read this or am i. πŸ˜‰ To me this is saying that if I hold on tight to the things I think I need it will be that much harder to see the things that come from within. Basically the whole reason I read this is because I was feeling “alone,” but it was me separating myself from me therefore everyone and everything.It’s about moving forward and finding the answers from within and taking responsibility for your choices. πŸ˜‰

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