To my younger selves…

I’ve been thinking… If I could go back in time and communicate with my younger selves, i’d have a lot to say… And for that matter, I believe you can actually do that in a way… not in a literal physical going back in time (at least not yet), but revisiting all of the events in your memories and recognizing a greater truth about what happened, and growing from it? Definitely!

So anyways, I was thinking about who I was when I was younger, in contrast to who I Am now, there’s a pretty remarkable difference, at least it feels that way to me. I wasn’t spiritual, I was rather mad at everything, and I almost always had my head in a computer or a video game.

I didn’t have many friends, and I pushed away on getting close to anyone pretty much all the time… If I was to be able to re-live high school with the level of awareness I have right now… Well I gotta say, it would be interesting for sure. I’m not even sure if I would be able to go. It’s all so boxy and yichk…

convo across timeAnd this brings me to the message of today’s post. If I was to go back in time, and talk to my younger self and explain some things, this is the 3 most important things that I would tell myself.

I’m writing this so that perhaps my other younger selves, those of you who are out there who are reading this, can take some of these ideas and information and use it to make grade school just a little bit better… This applies to everyone I suppose, but i’m specifically writing to younger kids too.. because I know what it feels like. It’s not easy.

1. Pay Attention to what’s happening all around you.

It’s super easy to just tune everything out, put on the headphones, slip away and not worry about the mess of energy that’s happening constantly on a daily basis. And yet, it doesn’t lead to any growth or change in awareness.

As you’re beginning to pay attention, begin to recognize patterns of behavior. Ask questions like “Why do people do the things they do?” “What must they be feeling in order to act like that?” “What am I feeling that I acted like that?”.

As you start to recognize the patterns, both in yourself and others, you begin to recognize what certain things mean. What you once thought meant someone was mad at you, really means that someone likes you and they’re really frightened to show it. All sorts of things like that begin to pop up… it’s kind of crazy.

When you start to recognize the patterns happening all around you, and realizing what things actually mean – you begin to naturally adjust and change your attitude to match a higher level of awareness about things. Instead of getting angry and tuning out, you might try something different instead.

2. The Labels aren’t real.

label-makerWe’ve collectively put labels onto everything, the nerds, the jocks, the smart kids… I don’t know if it’s REALLY that defined in schools in America. In Canada it was a little more blurred… more like a slushy liquid that all blended in a weird oozy colour, rather than a collection of different segregated solids in isolated containers…

But recognize that those bubbles and cliques exist only in your head, well, everyones head… and they’re projecting it and creating it every day. And yet, they’re not real. By that, I mean you can change them. You can actively change the rules by doing something different, thinking different and doing differently than you’ve done before.

There’s a great video about this which was a part of Ray’s blog yesterday. I highly recommend checking it out here. 

It takes a lot of courage, sometimes it’s hard to believe you really can… But trust me on this one. You can. I know you can. Sometimes you just need a nudge… and a friend.

3. It doesn’t last forever.

No matter how bad it gets, no matter how horrible it is, it doesn’t last forever. Maybe it’s important to recognize that this system is entirely broken and we need to fix it, but in the mean time, it’s stuck like glue and it’s going to take some serious energy to uproot what we have planted.

Perhaps uproot is not the right word, what we need to do is plant a new seed that just takes over the old one and transforms it from the inside.

calvonschoolBut as it goes, the School System is one of many trials that we are facing as a human race, and if there’s one thing I know, all things can be transmuted, and you can be a seed for that change to happen.

I know, you don’t have all that much power in this system, because the ones who are putting on the show are the teachers (Or really the computers now) and we don’t let the students do very much except sit and be bored – but with your awareness of what is real, your awareness of what is important, you can have an impact on the lives of everyone around you by talking about it and sharing what you know, and listening to what they know.

Likewise, if you’re a teacher (and you’re reading this? awesome!), I know that it’s not your fault things are wonko. It just happened that way, and it’s likely that you’re doing the best you can with what you’ve got.

And when everyone around you begins to change, begins to see what you see, and you all begin learning and growing together, it may just create a ripple effect… who knows what could happen.

Remember, the real paradigm shift is the one that happens when we create a positive, powerful and true transformation from within, and share it with each other. This means a change in how we act, how we respond to the problems we’re having, how we deal with things in general, how we communicate with each other.

Pushing away on it, rioting, having “Marches against anything bad” is old paradigm. It’s a pushing, a fighting, a kicking-and-screaming mentality, which is what we’ve been doing for the past thousand years…

No more.

handsBe the change of Ghandi, of Christ Consciousness, Be the change of new ideas, new ways of thinking, coming together with friends and family to make something new happen that everyone else told you that it was impossible.


As I finished writing this… I thought of a few more things i’d tell my kid self. Popularity is a tool, and something that totally needs to be discussed… like, what even is popularity? It drives people insane, and maybe that’s a blog for another time.

Oh, likewise, finding friends in school that you resonate and bring you to a space of connection and comfort, rather than pushing and bullying… Okay, that’s on my list too! I’ll get to it, promise!

For now, this is me signing off!

19 thoughts on “To my younger selves…

  1. I thought there wasn’t going to be a post today and after seeing it I thought, oh s**t today is an odd day 😛
    I think a lot of us have dreamed awake or asleep sometime about what we would do if we wake up the next day and we were 10 years old again but with the same mind and awareness of course, I think It would be an amazing experience.
    Some times I think about situations and what I could have said instead of what I actually said at that time.
    I would tell my self to relax and don’t take everything that serious, to do what I wanted to do instead of what others wanted me to do and maybe some tips for the future 😛
    I’m glad you made a choice about when to post, I will read you anyway 🙂

    With love

  2. Thank you for taking the time to write this, Jordan. For I am in middle school and this advice is useful for someone like me. Your younger selves may not be able to benefit from it now, but people who are in their younger states certainly can.

  3. Funny about this one. I wrote letters to my past selves a couple of months ago.
    After hearing all this crazy stuff about talking to your future self or selves, I attempted to do this for a while when I realized, why don’t I just talk to my past self?

    I mean, my past self needs more healing than my future self, that is for sure.
    As I have finally come to the realization that I have a high degree of control in my life, and that I can simply choose joy, I now understand that my life will only improve from here.

    So I picked a moment in my life when things seemed the hardest, when I was looking at suicide as a way out, because my life just wasn’t working.

    I opened the portal myself, and told my ‘dark Krystal’ that she is perfect as she is, and not to worry because the future is full of marvellous surprises, happiness, love, adventure, and a multitude of possibility that she just can’t see right now. And especially I told her to love herself, and smile, because I cannot become balanced and happy without her, and she is a part of me that I hug in my mind every single day because her strength has made us who we are today. You are beautiful in your darkness, and you have been so valuable to our evolution.
    I told her thank you, love you, don’t worry… Life will become grand. I promise you.
    And something strange happened…
    I began to feel my past heal!
    So yeah! write letters to your past selves! It is a marvellous exercise, and if you allow it to, it can heal you.

  4. I really think there are so many things wrong with the schooling systems all over the world. I live in the UK, and I went to a “Grammar School” which basically brainwashes every pupil that they are better than everyone else, they are told they are “top 5% of people”.

    I couldn’t stand it, and even with the support of my friends I found it extremely hard to cope. There were quite a few labels flying around, but mainly everyone was so cliquey. There seemed to be a whole hierarchy in the school, and me and my friends were below everyone. We were the “weirdos” who couldn’t even eat in the same hall as the rest of the school without someone bullying us. We were only treated this way because we were different and didn’t conform to their rules and egos.

    By the time I left school several years ago our small group of outsiders had grown into a larger group of about 20 people, and I’m convinced that if far more people tried to be themselves rather than trying to work up the hierarchy then the whole system of it would crumble into something much more positive which celebrates unique qualities in people, rather than trying to fit them into a box.

  5. Found this very interesting. I’m in high school right now, and I totally get the struggles you’re on about. I try not to block everything that annoys me out with my head phones anymore, as that is quite ignorant and I’ve found myself caught in a circle of focusing only on the dark side of life when my headphones are off, not in life you have to grit your teeth every day to get by, it flows… very well really! When you stop resisting. I’m opening up to school because I see it as a ‘tool’ to get a ‘job’ I really want. Never have i had any ambition to work in an office like they preparing you for, but really, I think high school’s great if you know how to manipulate it, it’s a contrast that’s giving me a rise to so many ideas of who I am. Not a bad prerogative to have for a while, and It maybe significant to focus on going my own flow of the winding river of the future. thanks Jordan, looking forward to you expanding on this!

  6. Hey Jordan, thanks for this one. I am currently a freshman high school student and well this was a very nice post that came by. Though all that I got out of it was to not worry and that it doesn’t last forever, because really I am aware of all the things going on but I just feel soo drained and tired of it that I just ignore them all, they just represent a bad aspect of life for me that I regard as hurtfull and sad. But I kind of feel that feeling of enduring it because there are people and kids that I have met and am going to meet that have a bit of a relation to me and my interest and more so my feelings. So I can look up a bit more. Aswell thank you Krystal for your charming beautiful story of your writings to your self in the past, I will try it may does cause healing.

    1. Your world will absolutely just keep blossoming. Think about it in terms of chaos… right now you are probably barely getting to experience the world, You’re in Highschool? so everything is basically set on this standardized cycle, your life has rare opportunity for much change right now. So it’s hard to really change when nothing around you changes too much. At least for a few years typically. A long and adventurous journey awaits my friend. Give yourself to those who may need you and the universe will give to you what you need.

  7. Love your posts, videos and website!
    Keep it up!
    I didn’t know you are from Canada! Where from?
    Ps I think you’re handsome 😉

  8. Popular is the misuse of intelligence, its also a distraction from inner issues and focus’ attention on the physical appearance of things reflecting into “every one thinks this or, everyone knows that he and her blah blah kinda fact” its an early power demonstration, reputation over enoughness the realistic fact is that we all mess up pretty bad a whole lot ,some publicly others through the vine but its the highschoolers that make it the problem… being 22 and having gone through it i know its hard not to feed into the monster of rumors and gossip even now out of school as these things make people become closer to you and make you seem interesting as well as wedging the opportunity of true friendships … just the important thing is to know what the important things are, ideas .. not things or people… time management not eventfulness you have all of college to figure out what your party persona is like just get the hang of home life and school before adding more ingredients to the balance you’ll learn the way you’re meant to learn either way so don’t worry

  9. This was a great post Jordan. I am experiencing literally all the things you mentioned that you went through in school. (i.e: feeling like there is no one in the whole school has a high enough frequency to be a friend) I have begun to realize that everyone is going secretly through whatever recurring problems their school label has assigned them to, but it’s still really hard to break the system! 🙂 Thank you for writing this blog, you always seem to know exactly what to say.

  10. I share this technique with people I coach (um, quietly) as a visualization to help release negative emotions stemming from trauma events. Sorta like visualize yourself in the event and go back and assure yourself that you are going to make it. Give yourself some love too, that helps. It helps loosen the grip that this events can have. I am not trained or anything. I got the idea from reading Lynne Taggert’s The Intention Experiment…a book I picked out of the bookstore with my eyes closed…I do that to keep life exciting…lol.

  11. Great advice man, I started reading this and instantly resonated. It’s basically exactly some of the same thoughts i have had about who i am now versus the me in another time and how i can see multiple universes play out because of the knowledge… or rather understanding through experience and awakening i have now. I believe by being able to “see” things differently and understand the mistakes you made it better prepares you to live NOW. As a child we are hammered with future plans and taught to remember meaningless things. This is a terrible way to set the mind up for the way life really is. Expectations are a very dumb way to spend thought. In my personal experience it sets the emotion up for failure and disappointment within the self and reflected through others ie. (relationships/family). Which are great things to have experienced don’t get me wrong, but i was just lucky to find my way out of the darkness. Some are still very lost. See when i learned that i didn’t know what i want, and that i accepted myself for that, and stopped caring what others thought and stopped letting emotions of others influence my thought process and feelings, life began to be a lot less stressful. My thoughts stopped getting cloudy i began to narrow my goals and actually feel in my heart what i want to do with my life, my “calling.” When i was able to do this, then the thoughts started coming in on how i could achieve this dream… and a lot of synchronicity just started clicking away to allow me to do the things i wanted, just by humbly putting myself out in the world, It’s amazing when you start taking advantage of every act of chaos (good or bad) that is out of your control accepting it as it is, because randomized chaos opens you up to a tremendous link of possibilities, you just have to open your heart to see where they lead. The universe giveth and the universe taketh away. So on and so forth. I think before i keep rambling on i’ll leave with this bit of advice, try it don’t trust me. RESOLUTION- Resolve what ever negative emotions or thoughts you have within yourself, truly find the source of what it is you feel. Realize that when someone else hurts you it is you that choses to feel the emotion attached to those thoughts that are causing pain. In mirror to that, I have realized that i am most happy when i feel appreciated because of a service i was able to offer to someone who needed my help. Not because of the way someone made me feel exactly. It came down to my actions first that sent the frequency to be returned so that i could receive the appropriate emotion. Think on it. I love you all infinitely. ~peace~

  12. Perfect topic! I was a shy, introverted, and sad kid in school (not at home). I was teased, bullied and unhappy. I had no friends. Instead of helping me when I literally begged for help, the school counselor was convinced I was doing something to provoke it. I grew up in Hawaii where prejudice was strong in the schools. The only provocation was to exist! I had a major INNER shift in my life in 8th grade. All of a sudden I had friends, became the “teacher’s pet” in two classes, started a group of my own, explained things to my math teacher, argued with the Principal on the behalf of ethical kids and had more fun in life. It had nothing to do with popularity, joining a group, or “rising above it.” It was 100% an INNER change.
    I later decided to home-school my own two children. I highly recommend it for any parent or child reading this. It gives you 100% control. It’s also WAY easier than it sounds.
    Thank you for being there Jordan!

  13. I love the fact that you are writing to some of the younger of us (like myself). It was to help Evan trought i have heard some of it before. But i would like some clerefications about Games (as you mentioned briefely) because i tend to play them quite a bit when i am bored and dont have anything to do (which for clerefications is almost from when i come home until I go to bed). So i was wondering if i Should stop playing Games or just play less, and what i Should do instead?

    That was all

  14. I can really resonate with this article especially because I’m 17 in highschool now and deal with mean kids at school everyday. I’m naturally a happy and crazy person around my family but as soon as I step on the bus ride to school, I start hearing kids talking terrible about others and it just kills me inside. I just pray one day we can all realize that no one is better than anyone else and there’s no need to compare because we’re all source energy and God’s ourselves. One by one we will improve this system and create a world where we will all love to just be alive and experience life. Let’s hope!! Thanks for posting this Jordan 🙂

  15. Same goes for me , I’m a junior in highschool ..this topic really stood out to me . As I ask myself these questions everyday . During school I usually block everything out with headphones, and I still am aware of what’s going on around me . But I think it’s time I let go o f the headphones and pay more attention to what’s going on around me. Thanks Jordan for this topic. It really helps .

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