Where is Spirit Science 23?!

ss23 pic2Last year around June I made a new Spirit Science video called Episode 23 ~ The Big Picture. Ray and I went to the Sonic Bloom Festival in Colorado put on by Jamie Janover, and showed the video on stage there.

People loved it! There was a huge buzz about it and everybody expected the video to be posted on Youtube shortly after the festival…

And it never happened. The video was nowhere to be found, and In the past year since June i’ve received a gargantuan amount of emails and comments asking the same question..

“Where is Spirit Science 23?!”

So I thought I would break it down for you all 🙂

ss23 pic6We’re not ready yet. The video was made very early, and paints a picture of the big picture of what’s happening on this planet, the separation, pain and suffering, and then the reason why, and also how to fix it.

It’s actually sort of a break-down of the movie “Home” if you’ve seen it, which explores all of the ways that things have gone terribly wrong… In fact, the first half of the video is rather depressing, followed by an explanation and resolve at the end.

But it’s just not ready. First, very simply, because Spirit Science 22 isn’t done yet. SS22 is the Movie of Light. It’s a multi-part series that in the end will be made into a full length feature film, something i’m very excited about. Doesn’t it make sense that SS22 finishes before SS23 comes out?

ss23 pic5Secondly, at the end of SS23 there is sort of a “Call to Action”, what I mean is, I’m working on something that could potentially be a way that anyone who wants to get involved – can. And i’d like to have all of that finished. We’re still working hard daily on Panic to Freedom, and getting organized with different people and trying to get this technological infrastructure built. It’s not ready yet, but I feel the posting of this video will be a sort of “unveiling” in a way for the massive undertaking that we’ve been working on.

I guess I really just want it to be something special, and so i’m putting an extra special care into it’s release on the interwebs.

I hope you understand, I really do want to share it with everyone, and in the words of Jack Sparrow…

“Just wait for the Opportune Moment…” 

All of my love,

ss23 pic4

30 thoughts on “Where is Spirit Science 23?!

  1. Couldn’t imagine a better explanation. Also, I doubt the “call to arms” is going to be massive and life changing…
    But please prove me wrong! It’s time for some real changes!

  2. I came across your videos today. Just finished watching Spirit Science 5 ~ The Keys of our Past, so I still have a way to go. But enjoying them very much. Thank you Jordan 🙂

  3. I cannot wait for it to come out! Don’t rush it, though, obviously. Just expressing my excitement!

    Request: you have some WONDERFUL references that you make to videos, books, and concepts in your videos. I was wondering if you would consider making a master list of things to read and watch while we wait for your videos? That would be great. I’ve watched Spirit Science again in order to write them all down, but I fear I missed some.

    1. I second the request for a “master list” to read and watch. Also a list of everything you’ve done. It seems a little spread out. 🙂

  4. Your intuition will tell you the exact moment that we are supposed to start hearing what you have to say, we will be waiting =]

  5. Thank you Jordan for all of the work you have put into the Spirit Science video series. My 14 year old son turned me on to these and I am thrilled that he has connected with them. These are concepts that I have known for lifetimes and it is wonderful to now have even more in depth conversations with my son because of these. You are doing amazing work and I am forever thankful for that. We look forward to seeing these new videos. Nameste

  6. Since ive seen these videos its opened my eyes to a whole new world that i have just found fantastic. At first i would just know about all these things, but now im proud to say that im living in it. Im living in the peace, the love, the NOW!!! haha and i suppose if it weren’t for these videos i wouldn’t have ever learned about all these things as fast as i did. Much love to everyone! thanks

  7. After a year of watching your brilliant creative work and hating with others. I can’t hold it in after reading this. My goodness I love you! Finally deciding to introduce myself to you. There will be more to come. But let me just start this interaction with I love you and everything to do and are doing and the “call to action” I’ve been waiting.:) pretty sure just saying you were going to have it… Was… I’m here on this planet to wake up and help darling. Thank you!:) I’ll be connecting in more. Continue to Breathe love light 🙂

  8. Looking forward to seeing it,( I was looking for it). Also thank you for taking the time to give an explanation.
    As for the projects you have started, many thanks to ( and for) you and everyone else who gives their time and energy. Many of the things you talk about I knew intuitively but never put together, thank you for that step. I know many people feel the way I do from the comments I’ve read.

  9. let me just say……i am so freakin excited to see what this video is all about. and i trust what your guys have in store for us and i can’t wait to see!

  10. Hi Jordan,

    I have watched your videos and ready a couple of your blog posts. You guys seem to be the type that wants to work together and create something amazing. Based off my understanding from the blog “the time for separate movements has passed”. You also are very open about having discussion and sharing ideas. Would like to talk to you about Manifesting your dreams into Reality. I am commenting here because you say that you wanted the do something that get’s more people involved. One thing I learned from listening to people is that that they already have many things they want to do. What kind of work can we do together to help people Manifest their Reality? Let me know. I would really like to listen to you all, and see how we can collaborate 😀

  11. Thanks! for the updates and the god work your doing let me know if you need any help on anything that is based around free energy generators or religious studies and esoterica i have a good library of books some of which i have uploaded to my website listed here. cant wait till next panic to freedom chat namaste

  12. Hello Jordan,

    I’ve become a fan of yours recently. I’d like to start a dialog with you about more than just one topic. More than just a question and answer…and actual friendly conversation, about how several things you’ve shared here and on spirit science have resonated with me. I’d like to keep my comments here as short as possible…but I am curious if there is a place where it would be appropriate to write more. I understand you’re busy. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

  13. The Spirit Science made sense. I usually question everything and analyze it but I had no need to. I have started my own practice and will expand it on a much larger scale when able. I plan to write a book which I am slowly starting and plan for it to be a decently large book. Jordan, my friends and I are creating WE NEED LOVE. Please email me so we can discuss further plans of the future. Not only that but I have questions for you which you will be able to have answered. I have been awoken.

  14. Spirit Science has been the opening to all things… The format speaks to me and the ‘snippets’ allowed me to pursue topics relevant to what was occurring at that time. Absolute brilliance … you are an extraordinary human being Jordan. Thank you!

  15. Hi Jordan & Co. Thanks for spending time on creating this fascinating flash series.
    For creative people like myself spirit science is a intelligent booster of thought, I actually bought a book and began meditating (something very new to me). Got really hooked on crystals aswell. Lately my life has begun flowing like water in the direction of my thoughts and time and time again whenever i search for information it seem to magically appear!

    And a detailed horoscope I tried using reconfirmed me of my purpose in this life, to inspire others with art and music. Which i already knew deep inside, apparently my throat chakra is indeed my strongest one i believe.

    Let me know if you need any help, ive been producing music for almost 10 years and recently begun creating binaural beats.

  16. Thank you so much to you, Jordan and everyone involved with the development of Spirit Science. I just discovered you about 24 hours ago by stumbling across the Human History video on msn.com and I have been glued to my computer ever since devouring all things SS. What a beautiful, concise validation of everything I’ve been studying for the past 20 years! (and not one moment too soon!) I want to ask you guys what you think about the problem of cell phones and wireless devices disrupting the electromagnetic field of the planet and all of us living creatures. The science behind this seems to be overwhelming , and downright scary. Has mankind gone too far this time?

  17. I must say, Jordan, you’ve been nothing short of amazing! I have recently finished what’s available of your Spirit Science series and WOW. Completely changed the way that I look at what is going on on this journey through this life. It has opened me up to receive true insight from within myself in a way I never realized was possible. I look forward to more of your articles and videos. Keep up the awesome work brother!

  18. Thank you for all the efforts.
    We are all connected and willing to work this out!
    Greetings from Brazil!

  19. Jordan,
    I am glad you cleared up the name thing. Do you still check your e-mail under Jordan D.? I agree that we can save the planet together and create a world worth living in. I would like your and your group’s opinion on this idea.
    The White House has a petition site. You need 150 signatures on a petition to get it to the public part of the site. You need 100,000 signatures then for the administration to have to deal with it.
    What if all of us spirit science folks created a petition for an amendment to the Constitution that does away with the House of Representatives (except for when more primitive times prevail) and give the people their votes on every issue directly?
    Every person in the country would have a say on every issue and our votes would actually matter again. This country would truly have a government for and by the people. This would come as a severe blow to the top 1% I am sure, but it is a start that could spread around the world till every citizen of Earth could have a say in world affairs.
    I know it is a bit ambitious, but there is one such country already and it seems to be doing pretty well. Estonia has a true democracy and it is becoming a beacon to the rest of the world.
    There are enough of us to get this idea out to the world through the White House petition site and get the idea that we are all one out there to a new level. I have tried it before alone and never got the 150 signatures to get it to the public part of the site. I know that together we could do it and might get millions of signatures on one.
    Let me know if you guys think it is a project worth doing. I think it is. I can also share how I think that it could be set up to work, but many minds would create a more perfect system.

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  21. Hi, and thank you all for being you and getting involved in this.
    Do you have an update from Jordan and team recently for this website?
    Light and Love.

  22. Dear Jordan

    i recently came across your videos on the spirit science web page, i have known drips and drabs of some of the information given in your videos i can honestly say in watching all 6 hrs of them it has pulled it all together and made complete and utter sense for something so complex or is it just easy now i have seen your videos..?

    i feel like you have changed my life perception and sent me on a new journey of discovery within myself, other peopel and the world

    thank you for my true awakening #wakeupworldJordanpearce

    Regards Joey Payton

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