Intimacy, Sexuality, and Ellen Page

So it’s twelve thirty at night, flipping around the “channels” of the internet, because you know, TV is becoming more and more obsolete, and there’s way better stuff to watch on the internet anyways… and suddenly I find myself watching this short 8 minute video of Ellen Page speaking at the “Time to Thrive” Human Rights conference.

And I am absolutely blown away. It is such an inspiring speech, and opens up a very important discussion which we need to be having, especially in our modern western world.

Without further adieux, here is the video. I’ll tell you my thoughts about it afterwards 🙂

I don’t know if Ellen Page has any interest in Spirit Science or the stuff that I’m doing, but if you do read this, I want to say thank you for having the courage to stand up and speak the Truth. It was a very powerful experience to watch that, and was the inspiration for me to write the following 🙂

scrubsI think at the core of it all, what we’re really talking about is true intimacy. That’s the thing we’re all afraid of. Most of the time we like to make it about sex, the physical act of making love, but that’s not really where the problem is. The problem is that people are afraid of being intimate with each other.

We have forgotten what strong male intimacy looks like, and even female intimacy has become misconstrued.

Men, how many other men have you held? How many other men have you shown your emotional side to? How many guys do you share a close, intimate connection with?

Ladies, same question. Do you connect with your girlfriends in an open, honest way? (Something tells me the gender roles are a little bit different… I don’t think women have the same challenge that men do in this regard, but then again, what do I know? I’ve got man parts 😛  )

Because of these ridiculous social standards, we have decided that Love and Intimacy is for couples only. Thus, friends don’t go there, family don’t go there, and we all suffer because of it.

If I can inspire any action at all within you, let it be the act of opening up to the possibility that Love can truly look like anything. Don’t be afraid of being close to another man because of a fear that you’ll look “Gay”. What does that even mean anyways?!

Lets look past that. We’re all human. At some level of awareness we are all beyond gender itself. We don’t need labels, we can simply Be, and from that space we can simply Do – whatever the hell we want to, and that right there is Freedom.

With all of the love in the world,

21 thoughts on “Intimacy, Sexuality, and Ellen Page

  1. Jordan, from wearing a “gay” label so far in my life… and holding same values as you do about intimacy ( except in my case with girls)… I want to just send you some love for this blog entry.

  2. Jordan reminds me of someone like Michael Stipe. Someone a bit ahead of his time at the time. Stipe never identified as gay exclusively either. He was one of the most interesting and inspirational persons of my time ( 80s-90s and beyond). I know how it feels to be locked into an identity. I’ve alway rejected that myself.

  3. Thank you so much for this post Jordan! I have never put a label on my sexuality, but many others have tried to force labels on me. You can fall in love with anyone, people shouldn’t fight love when it happens 🙂 People are just people, it doesn’t matter what gender <3

  4. I love this article and I love this discussion on what is sexuality and where can we fit in all forms of love. Given some of the relationship goals jordan expressed I would recommend do sons research on polyamorous relationships. It really seems alot like what you described.

    Also I recommend everyone do some research on the abercrombie gender and how there are more than just make and female. It’ll also open up how really we just love people, it only our social constructs that get in the way.

  5. I love the fact that we are coming back to a world vision of true intimacy. I learned to embrace the sort of intimacy you are describing thru my relationships w my biological sister and brothers. When I opened myself up to that sort of open, no holds barred, nonsexual, agape love, I found myself naturally seeking others I could share the same sort of open, raw, honest affection with, a love that supercedes any romantic relationship that is based on sexuality. The passion and freedom that I enjoy are fed by these relationships, and every romantic relationship I’ve enjoyed has been enriched by this perspective. Love is not static, nor does it exist under a single definition. It exists within every encounter I have each moment of every day, and it is constantly evolving and growing. Groups like the community forming around spirit science show me that this is a collective growth, and I am far from a pioneer. It is just so beautiful. Love to you.

  6. Jordan, This article moved me to tears… We must be kindred spirits. I feel so deeply connected with your posts, videos, everything. If you are every in Virginia, it would be an honor to meet you. Namaste, Brad

  7. this was quite sweet jordan, talking about intimacy and relationship. afterall this is one important aspect of being alive and not a dead object. but looking at the reality at hand and thinking about what you are trying to express…its like i want to say something but my voice won’t come out. what we want to be is so far away from what we are wanted to be. and maybe its just a conception back in our own minds. a self imposed fear of being judged. ( a deep breath ) and for our own selves we must change and liberate ourselves .. I know a lot of other questions would be solved if we set this equation right. ” love makes the world go round ”

    and hey ! I Love You 🙂
    keep swimming .. keep drowning ..

  8. I like that way you see things. I wanted to add a couple of ideas here.
    It’s not a secret that social tags and labels are pushed by the information we have in front of our faces at all time. One needs to see where all of our ideas come from. At this point, a high percentage of our perception of collective reality comes from the entertainment industry. TV, or internet, it doesn’t matter.
    Hollywood movies, TV shows, Talk shows. It doesn’t matter if you watch TV or not, the agenda is being pushed.
    Gender paranoia is a big one here. Racism, Religion, you name it. It is a plan for people to be afraid of each other. Even Law is crooked when it comes to equality between man and women. They want to make us think that being a man is being against women. They make you guilty for all the crimes committed against women by a man. Nobody talks about the Man that loves his women, it’s not interesting news. Manly man treats women like objects, when in reality the manly man should love and protect women.
    Being that said, I think that there is a collective confusion when it comes to fusion male energy with female energy. It’s not only about sex, is about ideas, thoughts. There is nothing wrong about creating unity between male and female energy between people of the same sex. The best projects come when this is consciously taken in count.
    That all couples need to come to sex to create that unity? I don’t think so, I don’t think that sex (or intimacy) needs to be brought to the table for every single interpersonal link that you create with your others. Sex is a tool, and that tool is being used right now to keep us drained from energy. It is also being used to manipulate us into buying anything or behaving one way or another.
    As a man, I found it sometimes unbearable to go through life being bombarded with sex objects. By the time you get home, you don’t know if you want to have sex with your partner because you love her/him, or because you have been exposed to so much hollow sexual energy from yogurt advertisement.
    Look at the type of sex education we have? Instead of using sex as a tool for unity, we use it as an award system with all its labels. And it’s all because of the Adult entertainment industry. It’s all entertainment. And soon is not going to be just for adults, kids are being targeted right now. See the Lunacek report controversy in Europe, where they are pretty much legalizing pedofilia under the LGBT rights flag.
    While I think that we need to be more open when talking about the different forms of interactions with our female and male inner energies with our others. We need to pay attention to external catalysts that makes us use those important tools for agendas that bring suffering to other people.

  9. I’ve got a friend that I’ve had since 3rd grade and whenever we see each other its always hugs and I love you brother!!!

  10. that’s cool that you like boys and all but let’s focus on some change. spirit science and metaphysics has 514,000 followers on facebook and we all know that it takes 100,000 signatures to get the attention of our senate. find the issues that need most attention and get crackin.

    1. I’m going to say something most people around you are probably afraid to tell you… “You’re fuckin annoying”

      Have a nice day.

  11. I’m all for change and I’m exited to see it happen. I know that I can be annoying, my wife reminds me from time to time, but so was the way I was dismissed of to talk about getting signatures to play the government voting game. No need for potty talk, can’t we all just get along? Hugs!!!

  12. I was just talking about that with a friend like some days ago, and I was saying that it has become very hard for me to says to some of my friend that I loved them,in the Agape/ unconditional/ nonsexual love way Jocelyn was talking about, just to says to some people that I dearly love that I loved them had become something weird for me to do because I guess that as you says in today’s society maybe we’re afraid of being really close to people or that yeah we consider love to only be for couples when there’s so many different type of love ( and it’s sometime sad that we have only one word for it in the english language,in greek there were at least 3 (if not 4) word to describe love ). While with some friends I really feel like I can feel that true connection and I can just out nowhere be like ‘hey I love you thank you for being here’ and give them a hug with others it’d really be a sort of ‘keep away’ vibe that I would have in reaction if I acted like that, and some of theses friends were the ones I have had since childhood so it’s really not like because of how long you’ve been friend with the person,it’s just like I guess that some people allow us to love them, to be close to them and to have that true connection and accept that Love exist in so many different type from Agape (universal love) to Eros (romantic love/sexual attraction ) and everything in between. if we could all allow ourself to go beyond theses social standards that teach us that love is just for couple ,I agree the world would be a much more amazing place to be.
    This video of Ellen Page is amazing,I didn’t had the opportunity to watch it yet and just did and wow, beautiful ! Thank you for sharing .
    “This world would be a whole lot better if we just made an effort to be less horrible to one another.If we took just 5minutes to recognize each other beauty instead of tacking each others for our differences,that;s not hard […]and ultimately it saves lives.”Powerful.So Powerful.

  13. I remember hearing that it takes somewhere around 40 years for humanity to fully restructure itself socially in order to accommodate a shift in awareness. Steps like this is what leads us to change. Funny how on a smaller scale of existence, it takes 15 minutes to fully rewire a brain and change a belief. Go up a couple of scales and you have this human collective mind that also has a time period for readjusting beliefs. As above, so bellow. Magnificent!

  14. 6 second hugs releases Oxytocin which is the hormone of love and trust!!! We should all hug each other much more and DAILY 😀 It’s good for everyone!
    Huge hug

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