The Artist and the Engineer

Today I woke up and had that “compelled to write” feeling, you remember, the one I wrote about in this blog.

And as I was thinking about what I wanted to write about, I suddenly remembered that I had several draft posts saved up in this here website establishment which had titles, but no content. One of which was this one, aptly named “The Artist and the Engineer”.

Similarly named to the previous discussion about the Author and the Character, this concept is somewhat opposite of that one.

left-brain-right-brain-3What I mean by that is, the concept of the Author and the Character spans between the idea of the Ego and the Spirit. The all permeating all knowing everything that You are, and the human body that You inhabit, struggling to make its way in a devastating, confusing, and sometimes messed up world.

The Artist and the Engineer on the other hand, applies to both the Author and the Character, as the stories are being written, as well as being experienced.

Surely, by now you may have made the connection to the Male and Female duality. It seems pretty obvious that the Artist is Female, and the Engineer is Male. Please understand that as I say that, what i’m describing by “Artist” and “Engineer” is more of an archetype if anything. There are male and female engineers as well as artists, and there are engineers with artistic minds, and artists with engineering minds, and all of the combinations thereof.

In fact, what i’m describing is the recognition of all of those balances, within people individually as well as the balance between people when they come together.

Usually, in creating a Vesica Pisces with someone, there will always be a more dominant trait for each individual. The energies will usually align for one or the other to be Male, or Female. If both are both strong male energies, they will still relate through a male and female balance, as well as a male – male balance, and (perhaps a very small) female – female balance. Likewise, if both are very strong female energies, they will still relate through a balance of all of the possibilities. Male-Male, Female-Female, and Male-Female.

If you were to look at the geometry of the Brain, you would see the same thing happening. This is a graphic from Drunvalo’s Flower of Life book 1, where he describes how the brain is essentially a mirror of itself in a myriad of ways, all coming together in the center – the Pineal Gland.


You have a Male side, and a Female side, and the Male side is split up into Male and Female as well. The female side does the same. So within each Male component, there is a male/female split. And within each Female component, there is also a male/female split. Does that make sense?

Now that we have that framework, what exactly is the balance between the Artist, and the Engineer?

Well very simply, the Artist is the imagining of all of the possibilities of what could be, and the Engineer puts the structure on it to make it a real, tangible thing. They need each other.

It’s in the mind of the artist, the dreamer that imagines putting a man on the moon, and it’s the Engineer’s mind that says “How do we make that happen?” 

Part of the problem we’re facing in our modern world (which I believe I described pretty well in the video “Male and Female Energy”) Is that there is simply too much male energy dominating the way of doing things. There is a surprising lack of female energy, which is why most buildings are boxes. It’s why we don’t have cross country bullet-trains. It’s why we don’t have flying cars, because Male-ness has taken a strong hold on things, in “protecting and sustaining the previous infrastructure”, instead of building something new and expanding into new territory!

Symbiosis-Gathering-CoverAnd that’s where Female Energy comes in. I’ve been to a number of Festivals the past year and one thing I notice and love is that there is a huge push on art. Artists gather from all over to make incredible things together, paintings, clothing, geometric structures to house concerts, it’s very very cool! There’s some powerful vision for bringing artistry and engineering together, because when you do – magic happens.

And just think… what would it be like to take things to the next level? What would it look like to bring artistry and engineering into a post-modern world?

I imagine that’s where the Roly-Poly Cars and Dragonfly-Planes would come in! When Biology and Engineering can come together to create a new type of bio-engineering, how exciting would that be!

And remember, you are not one, nor the other. You are Both! And Neither simultaneously. You are the awareness of the Male and the Female, and through your awareness of these thoughts and ideas, you can decide how you want to put them together.

It’s my artistic mind that says I’d like to build an eco-dome on the moon… and it’s my engineering mind that asks “How do we get started?”

Hmmm… How about an Art Contest? 

11 thoughts on “The Artist and the Engineer

  1. Great post, interesting points. Good to revisit these thoughts every so often. I propose more of an art “showcase” rather than “contest,” simply to make it a pool of art rather than a competition. There could be prizes, but not ranks, so like an “outstanding accomplishment” prize, a “most abstract representation” prize, and of course, “participation prizes.” Just a thought! Great article.

  2. i heard the phrase great things happen when the artist and the engineer work together” i think on a car commercial. Do not misinterpret me as a damper, im only saying that the leaders of the world must know of this nexus this relationship and how it works. The age of aquarius must be us mastering the female energy as we’ve clearly already master the male energy. or maybe this is the time where we are allowing them to be together and allowing the redicule to bubble up in order to be popped and released thus to allow a free-er Earth. wow we are carving quite a path

  3. Great article! I have a question. So I believe my male energies are stronger. How does one find balance and increase female energies?

  4. Yes i absolutely get this……the merge between art and arithmetic as it were …… all things were given to us – both yin and yang – so far we have managed to master these individually BUT all things are a mysterious duality of BOTH and yes imagine the magic and miracles if we can combine both. The overdominance of the MALE in society has much to do with EGO … the hunter gatherer still finds it difficult to accept that women too hunted and gathered and today is much more capable of this. What a blow to that EGO this must be as the male dominants find it difficult to let go and let flow. All things find there own balance ……. eventually. But I say to the female energy,,lets not wait , lets go add more of that energy into the mix to help that balance along. Lets do it, if not for ourselves, for the next generation. Lets show them HOW.

  5. Why do you say we are both aspects at the same time? When did those aspects ever become separated to be considered two? Aren’t I/we playing as two (or many), yet deep down, secretly one?

    1. Yes! I personally believe This is the tragedy of this particular existence. The path to discovering unity, our true nature and the nature of existence itself, is shrouded heavily by a myriad of influences, imbalances, and confusion that surrounds us and builds up over time as we live. However just as these obstacles are voluntarily created, they can be deconstructed through freedom of the mind and discovery of the true self, and it’s relationship to everything else as both an individual and unified consciousness. I just wish I knew how exactly to apply that knowledge to my daily existence hahaha thus, another tragedy. But all is well!

    2. My opinion is both descriptions are correct because they are, essentially, the exact same thing, described from different angles. On one hand the two energies complement and balance each other because of their differences, and the reason they do this is because they are one and the same. The illusion of separation is trying to put into words the uniqueness and individuality of both on their own which completes the other perfectly no matter the possible variations because they are reflections of each other because there is no “they” just the one. I like these two descriptions because they use the illusion of the two parts of duality to explain the infinite various perceptions, important and wondrous in its diversity and unique individuality, created through and with the source, which is one single entity. It appears contradictory, because there is no “different” or “separate” just infinities of the one that exists as one of the potentials of the infinite. If that makes sense lol

  6. Jordan, you have such an amazing mind! I totally agree. I believe that we really need to learn how to imagine a bit more. Many of us are simply used to following the written rules. We need to write our own. It is people like you that change the world. Spirit Science has changed my life, I literally take notes! I can’t thank you enough.

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