What does “Within” mean?

I like the phrase “Truth Comes from Within”, I think it speaks a profound truth that you have the ability to recognize Truth within your Heart. That’s that point of infinity, between you and between everyone else’s infinity. That space, the phi ratio between your infinite within and your infinite with-out… well, that’s a whole ‘nother blog on its own.

But let’s think about this a little bit deeper too. Don’t mind the gamer-talk, It is relevant, just go with it… you know you want to 🙂

I recently beat Zelda: Skyward Sword and moved on to my next game, Final Fantasy XIII. I don’t know if you remember this old blog where I expressed my enthusiasm for our new friend Marie moving in, who brought with her a bajillion and a half Xbox games… Well, i’m slowly beginning my plow through them to get caught up on what I’ve been reading have been some of the most remarkable and popular games of the past 5 years.

On the back of the box art for Final Fantasy XIII, it says this…

“The fight within begins”

withinNow, this strikes me as odd because as i’ve been playing the game, i’m not seeing a large amount of internal dialogue and dilemma, and yet there is a large amount of drama between the characters in the game and all of their personal agreements, disagreements, ideas, and what have you.

But upon recognizing perhaps what this means is not that each character has to have their own internal struggle (which of course they do), but they also altogether have a struggle between what they are trying to accomplish as a team.

Perhaps “within” doesn’t necessarily have to mean ONLY inside yourself, but it is an invitation to see that you exist “Within” a family, “within” a society, “Within a network of people online”. The truth exists “within” any particular group, and sometimes it takes some effort and energy to recognize it for what it is.

See, I’ve read all kinds of new-age stuff that “You have to find out what’s right for you personally”, I get that, I really do. For a long time I had my personal truths and I held onto them because I didn’t have anything else.

sharedWhat happens though, is that as you grow and begin to open up to new ideas, expanding your awareness beyond what was right in front of your nose, You began to realize that what was true for you personally is not necessarily true for everyone.

In fact, if you became aware that that “personal truth” is not in service to the greater good of mankind, and was actually taking away from others so that you can have your own personal thing… It ceased to be a truth, and your actions change.

I think that if we can become aware of each other on a grand accord, our “Personal Truths” will become our “Collective Truths”. There will be no need for “Personal Truths” anymore, because there will be no need for secrets with each other. Everyone can just be, without the fear of anyone using any information against each other….because there’s no need for it. Everyone simply understands, and can do whatever they really want to.

It’s a dream… yeah… But i’ve seen dreams come true before… and i’ll see to it that this one does too, in this lifetime, or the next.

We are One,


14 thoughts on “What does “Within” mean?

  1. So what is truth? “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life” (John 14:6). There’s your answer. And Jesus also said “I have come so that u may have Life in abundance”. Doesn’t get better than His free gift of Life

    1. hahahah hold on let me look for a quote from all the other 3,000 religions in this world that include the word truth in it. Lmao please my friend please, dont be so naive

  2. Very nice :3 I do agree with most of that, to become more united. It is a difficult dream to accomplish but it is possible. I’m studying about non violent comunication techniques and I think it can be usefull.

  3. Loved your words man (as usual hehe), recently I had a discussion with some friends about what you just said, there is no need for secrets as if we are all one, we all are the same truth and there would not be any fears. I try to make them see that there’s no need for keep some things for our own only, as this idea is based in what we actually are, a complex group of molecules apart from the rest, this idea of separation of in and out makes us human and leads to think we must be separated by keeping things for our own. If we could only see we are not just part a whole, of an amazing huge thing, we are that thing, we are all the same then the idea of secrets does not have any sense. Either way they can’t understand it. I believe in that dream and I will do as much as I can in this lifetime to be part of it.

    We are definitely one 🙂

  4. i would say within is everything that is outside, the universe is infinite so at some point it goes all the way round to being within us we are were it starts and were it finishes.
    So everything is within

  5. A very transcendent article!
    As far as I am concern, the problem of humanity is the non acceptance of the truth that all is one!
    This oneness isn’t something that we must bring about, but that it is existent!
    The human nature cannot accept this truth, only the spiritually minded can embrace this truth as the reality!
    It is not so much a dream, but a vision for us to express our belief without an intent of trying to convince others!
    God is One! The Father and the Son is One! The Word is One with God! All who believe in the Word is One! We are in Christ in the Father and the Father is in Christ in us!
    This is the Rest: we are not each a drop in the whole, but we’r each the whole in a drop – same – One!
    Thanks, I’m greatly edified & nourished by this post of yours!
    look forward to enjoying more with you!

  6. That is the only thing that we are here to do.T o realize that we all function together collectively as one.I have been talking about this for a very long time within friends as well,it seems like every thing becomes easy and peaceful when you speak the truth.I have come to realize how every body communicate with body expressions without using words,shifting and shuffling places between one another withing a particular place.It was so nice and amazing,i saw myself and everyone and accept every body as one with me and the creator,i feel so much in the mist of happiness and abundance…..wow Truth is the only way and Love is God.

  7. What was just sparked for me, within (hehe), is: there is this idea of doing personal work, growing internally and putting energy into oneself, which is contrasted with this idea of doing collective work, growing the external world and putting energy into the environment. They are complementary and dynamically bound. The thread which connects them is this concept of “within”. Viewing within oneself, one can find answers. But, in viewing oneself as one within something larger, instead of being that which is larger seeing within, one can find different answers and have different truths. There come differences in perspective, but each one is valuable, and they are intricately interrelated. There is often a strong focus on doing work within because an internal understanding needs to come first. We grow up being taught to focus on ourselves in relation to that which lies without, often worrying about what others think of us and judging too much. like evil versions of the individual/collective dichotomy: applying first what lies without to some form of identity within wholly dependent on what lies without. But we need to understand that which lies within first and can then approach that which lies without, not focusing on the fact that it lies separately, but on the the fact that we are one within it. This then implies an inherent connection to that which lies without. By looking within, we gain understanding of what lies within all consciousness, we gain a that-which-lies-within-ness.

  8. Where does the opening picture comes from? The guy flying in his room looking at the strange black thing? I dream the exact same thing a few years ago..

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