I started planting a garden… or rather, a precursor to a garden, it’s just a couple of pots right now with some tomatoes, some basil, and some weird things which I have no idea what they are.

Mmm… Tomato Basil…

That little basil guy, man I have high hopes for him. All of his leaves clipped save for one but he’s still going strong! He’s got gusto!

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  1. Hi Jordan <3 The succulent that's overgrown in the pot doesnt need all that much direct sun. It will turn a beautiful green in lower light. The red is a 'distress' color to help desert plants cope with the abundance of direct sun. They are lovely green as well. I keep some in direct, some in shade even <3 Namaste

  2. :(your throwing away all that fiber. Jucieing actually isn’t that great for you for that reason. That “pulp” is all the fiber from the veggie or fruit you juiced. So, when you drink juice your basically drinking vitamin sugar water. Without the fiber your body will break those sugars down as fast carbohydrates. Good for quick energy but not good if your drinking it all the time or replacing juice with meals.

  3. Hi Jordan, i recommend you to go to a animal husbandry, where there’s a lot of cows a goats, and take some dry poo on some pots and mix it whit some soil and you’ll see the difference in three days, maybe you will find some worms on that poo, that’s great news, if there’s worms, it’s good poo. Joust feel the plants, sit whit them and observe, breathe whit them, they will tell you what they need, and practice :D. Good luck.

  4. My first comment…to everything you’ve created that I’ve absorbed…
    Hope you are well! Best of luck to you and your new plants. I wish the day to be bright and beautiful for you all.
    I do not have the time or the brevity of words to express all that I wish to say. I feel I have grown very much in my understanding of things in my life in a very short amount of time. I often feel as though I am an overly-eager vine or weed, struggling and gasping for life and sunlight, from a very small, forbidding pot.
    I am very grateful for you, Jordan. I am grateful for your love and your devotion to spread your love, knowledge and experience to all who will listen. I am grateful for Ray and all others who contribute to your experience, my experience, and all experience.
    I anxiously await the return of the Panic to Freedom website. I feel it is my will to participate and offer my energy and existence (as much as I can) to this effort. I feel that it is very likely we will encounter each other in this lifetime, and all that I have to say to you, all my gratitude and love that I feel for you, for Ray, for everyone and everything, for life itself, will be expressed in one simple hug.
    With honest love,


    ~Learn with Truth~Live with Truth~Love with Truth~
    P.s. You will hear from me more

  5. Hi! Hey bring that worm to the compost you prepared… it will LOVED IT! and soon you will have more because they reproduced really quickly, the poo of the worms is a super powerfull compost, plants love it . Just make sure that you cover the worm with soil because the worms do not like the sunlight, maybe that is why it was moving weird…he. Also, I suggest you take the basil inside your house, vegetables need the same conditions as we do, like more regulated temperature. Put it next to your window and make sure it gets sunlight at least 4 hours.
    I just have one question, if you change that dessert plant to the other place… where are your gonna pee?

  6. hey Jordan, My name is Bella I’m from New Zealand and I would like to throw a possibility your way, now I’m not sure where you are now but I would love to meet you, so I guess I’m really just suggesting that you come to New Zealand there are so many people here who I know would love to meet you too. And its absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
    Namaste 🙂

  7. Hi Jordan,
    I am one of those many follower you have for being such and incredible and inspiring person. as well as you I have a mini of garden, my plants are also pot plants. Like you, I also have my own compost using all the peels and leftovers that are not used.
    In regards about planting your plant where you recently buried your veggie waste, I would suggest to wait for a little bit. The compost process hasn’t started and it will take a while before the plant is able to uptake the nutrients coming from the compost. The vegetable tissue has to be degraded before it is able to be used by the plants.
    Another thing you could do is include some worm friends to speed up the compost process 🙂 and once the compost pile start to have more like a soils smell than the decomposing one would be a good time to let plants!!
    I love seen this daily and human part of you, it’s awesome!!

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