The Steve Jobs Dilemma

Some people run around doing things that might appear to be inconsiderate or insulting… They are simply unaware, they mean no harm.
This is something i’m slowly starting to get used to, as much as I dislike it, it appears as though there is no other way around it at this point in time. The consciousness of the planet is simply not high enough for everyone to operate at a level that is sensitive and compassionate to the space that everyone around them is at.

Usually it’s a matter of focus. If you’re focusing really hard on getting something done, and someone comes into your space and starts doing their own thing, it sometimes has a tendency to leave you in the muck for the duration of the engagement.

It’s often what I like to call “The Steve Jobs Dilemma”. 

You see, Steve Jobs was a brilliant man. There’s no question about it, he designed and created some of the most amazing and incredible “things” that we use and experience today. Of course knowing this world – those creations were not without their limitations and syphons and all of the stuff we are notorious for in the business world, but ultimately Steve brought a level of innovation to the world of computing. That was his goal, and his ultimate intention. To create something absolutely MAGNIFICENT, and to share it with the world.

In order to create something amazing however, especially at a very large scale, you gotta work together. You gotta work with a team. Steve Jobs was notorious for being an asshole, because he saw the vision for excellence, and he saw a lot of people who ultimately were just not doing their best, or perhaps its safe to say – simply didn’t have the capacity to work at the high level of standard that he held himself, and his employees to.

The reason Steve was an asshole was because he was trying to get across a particular vision, an idea, and share it with the world. He wanted the world to experience something that was made of genuine excellence. But how could excellence be achieved if not for every single person fueling excellence into the creation of the thing to begin with?

In order to create excellence, a level of excellence must be put into it.

The Asshole vibe came into play when people would NOT create at the level of excellence that he asked for, and it would drive him off the walls crazy.

All I can say is… brother, if you can hear me…. I feel you man. I know what that feeling feels like. The desire and wanting to be an asshole because some people just don’t get it. Some people just don’t see what’s going on and don’t take the time to find out, and it breaks the whole flow of everything.

How do you do it? How do you create a shared awareness with those working with you to create excellence? I want this thing to be created RIGHT. I want to create it so that it is unbreakable, so that it is a growing organism. I want to create something that changes the world and solves the problems of the world, or perhaps, creates a foundation for everyone to participate and change the world as a result. That is what I want to create, and quite frankly at this stage of the game, I don’t have time to be working with people who don’t see the vision.

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  1. praise steve jobs. or not. a master is not measured by the amount of students but by the amount of masters the master creates. some people are perfectionists. thats okay. others work with what they have and still create masterpieces. jesus came looking for those who were far from perfect and gave them hope of being able to create a new life. be that light and inspire other yet be aware of what you are putting out there.

  2. I have this same dilemma in my life. I have always been a glass-half-full kind of girl. I look at the world through rose colored glasses and nothing gets me down. Even when things aren’t so great, I take it on with an internal belief and a vision that everything is going to turn out good in the end…and it always does. However, these strong internal beliefs have also led me to take on things that those around me would not…and I take them on with every intention of succeeding and going above and beyond what anyone would expect the outcome to be…and again, it always works out. However, these traits of mine also cause me to be the the type of person who is a loner, a one-man team, because no one else can achieve that level of “excellence” that I expect (that and the fact that it’s incredibly difficult to feel connected to people in this world who are not yet awake – and sadly, I don’t know many people who are.) As much as I want to have a shared awareness with people around me and work as One to create a better world, I find that I am still working my one-man team, trying to a accomplish big ideas in a sea of idiots. I, like you, don’t have time for that. We have a world to change and it is incredibly frustrating to work with people who don’t have the same vision or ability to produce excellence. So, although I am not an asshole, I can completely sympathize with the “Steve Jobs Dilemma”. Thank goodness there are people like you out there who are making such a positive difference. I might be physically alone in my fight, but with all of us together, we can make a great team. Best of luck in all you strive to do. You are already changing the world!

  3. For most people I am the weird one or the crazy one. As one of my youngest sisters put it “you are almost half a century old and still act like a child”. I used to be too naïve and believed in everything people said. Because of this tendency, I got hurt and used by so many people. After I went through all the pain and hate, I realized it is a blessing.
    Thank you for your beautiful insights. They ring true to me without you trying to force or claim that everything is an absolute truth. I have been following your Face Book page for a long time and I am glad I have an opportunity to support your work.
    God Bless you.

  4. im a consoltent (a guide?) for groupes for about 8 years. i totely get it.. i had this problame alot.. (now less) caz i try to get from myself the maximum i can give and get other ppl to give their maximum.. sometimes i ask to much and push my kinds or myself 2 much… insted of getting the up result i get the down one 🙁 well gladly im more in controle now..

    copied from pair o’ daim profile.
    “i write here and i will also write on jordens blog.
    I want ur help and i want to help u achive the “change the world” ep 10. i had the same idea and understanding any way 🙂 lets work toughter. im haveing a hard time doing it on my own any way and a hard time finding partners. (thought i know im not alon on this one) i would like to help mainly in: finance, loseing weight and visions ideas.. thingy…
    my personal email please contact me ^_^ :-)”

  5. Belief is a wise wager. Granted that faith can not be proved, what harm will come to you when you gamble on its truth and it proves to be false ? If you win, you win all; if you lose, you will lose nothing. Wager then without any hesitation, that God exists.

    -Blaise Pascal

  6. [one without black hole]
    Prime numbers:
    -1,0,1,inf. = 0 being even, infinity being odd, infinity + 1 being negative number, infinity – 1 being positive number

    1D – real part of complex time
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    TWO parallel multiverses, dont’t look for the other one [the one where our physical reality does not exist]

    in our multiverse, all separate universes are in right angles to each other, therefore the real time flows to all synchronously, but they may have an infinite space for expansion/inflation in their own imaginary time.

    universe looks like a homer’s donut – has two bariers [r1,r2]
    you can build hypercube by using the donut as base.

    3D – physical space – may contain any number of dimensions [use fractals]

    there’s nothing above neutron – this is the first universe that came to be
    after a certain amount of time it dissolves into proton electron and antineurtino.

    CENTER OF GRAVITY – monopole [Black hole], then neutrons order themselves in spiral way aroung that in one axis plane, then protons arrange themselves in another axis plane, and electrons in last plane. Then we have this neutrino – this is [stream of entangled photons] taking away the momentum? ]is that possible, do we need something more].

    then you have 3generations, and please do not create a black hole in CERN.

    btw: hi there from czech

  7. I believe that we are all on one big collective journey, yet, simultaneously, on our own personal journeys. I love being around people who “get it,” and I agree that there doesn’t seem to be many who do, but everyone has something to offer . . . something to teach. When I find myself getting frustrated, I try to remember to reming myself that what I focus on, I make more of. That helps me to focus on whatever good I can find in others. Other people don’t have to be on the same level of consciousness to be of value, to share love, or teach us new things. When I was in my 20s, I had a sewing business in my home. One day, this old, kinda fat, country-talking guy in dirty overalls brought me a sweater that his wife had knitted and asked if I could put buttonholes in it. Well, I accidentally stitched them on the wrong side. I almost had a stroke, but then I realized that I could fix it, and I did. When he came to pick it up, I felt compelled to confess, even though the mistake was not visible. This is what he said, “Well, if ya aint makin’ maistakes, then ya aint doin nothin’.” Then, he happily paid me and left. I never saw him again after that, but I have carried that little gem of wisdom with me ever since. It was one of the most important lessons that I ever received. I guess the point I’m trying to make is that you never know where wisdom, inspiration, etc. is going to appear. If you are focused on how “unaware” the rest of the world is instead of the positive stuff (no matter how small), you could miss out on some pretty spectacular shit.


  9. i see your vision but it will not work unless you make it work do something big take a chance as Steve jobs did got fired came back and accomplished his goal he was the asshole and you are the crazy. you are smart and wasting your time you have not done what you came to this earth for i believe it is more please read my comment above and take the other comment into consideration i have commented on manny of your things right now appearing to you as a crazy. just like you do to others i know i am nobody but hear me out SAVE THE SEEDS

    1. Did you read about Seve Jobs’ last comment as he was dying, surrounded by his family? ” WOW! WOW! WOW!,” repeated three times. I think he had a glimpse into the fourth dimension. I have done a lot of research/experimenting into the fourth dimension and am now working on the fifth dimension with my co-researcher, Randy Eady. I have just learned of Jordan Pearce. Very interesting. I am looking forward to knowing him better.

  10. I just today, was contemplating a similar conundrum and came to the conclusion that it’s the curse of a gift. When someone is gifted with great foresight you are cursed in a sense because others don’t understand or see your vision however I realised that my curse isn’t actually a curse just an indicator that I have to work on my patience. So every time I find myself getting frustrated at others for not being able to “see” my vision, I am going to try and use that as a reminder to practise my patience and try and be thankful for the opportunity to do that.

  11. Jordan, is there any change that I can have a chat /skype with you?
    I come from the Netherlands and I think (know) we’re on the same mission. I would love to share my thoughts with you. Hope to hear from you

  12. There is no right and there is no wrong, in any situation…..
    Praise and blame, as formed by thought, are forms of manipulation………….
    There is no boarder and there are no fences,
    but we’ll have to lose our minds, before we can come to our senses……….
    The first shall be last and the last first. Ponder these words, if for wisdom you thirst.
    Deprogrammed your mind and it’s easy to see, the you that I am and the me in thee.
    This world was not created by a fool nor just by chance,
    and everything’s related, to the cosmic tune we dance.
    All there is is kept in check though some ego’s claim control.
    Our lives are nought but tiny specks, as eternity evolves…..PeaceLoveAndLight

  13. Jordan:

    You’re a class act. Keep doing what you’re doing. If there are people that do not like/agree, they don’t have to follow, read or listen. It’s too bad they feel the need to attack or ridicule your efforts. I guess when they know better, they’ll do better. Love

  14. Have we not been sharing this energy for like a year or so? I get you Jordan, I think the fact that we are split in these bodies has a lot to do with it: It hurts and I know you know what I mean. But we’re closer and this year there’ll be a lot of union between all of our communities in the world. We are making it! Love you! Tons of love and light to all the spirit team and specially from my heart to you! :3 see ya!

  15. be equally yoked, we are individuals. align youself with like minded souls. “if you are not for me, you are agaisnt me”. always walk in love.

  16. Jobs was brilliant, genius and all that’s related. But I think mentally he imploded and by doing so limited what else he could have down. A mind so obsessed on x he forgot to see the rest of the alphabet, his value and all else he could have contributed to his family and societies.

  17. You Jordan, are one of the most amazing persons I have ever seen. You turned my whole life inside out upside down it a wonderful way. I don’t ask for anything, but that you really believe me when I say that you have put so much LOVE in my life and people around me its absolutely ridicules.


  18. Being myself is all I should do, I recognized.. and I should not hesitate to share my opinion clearly.. my problem was I was giving up trying to explain myself thinking that they would not understand….. this is where reading and watching plays, cinema or even tv series come into play 🙂

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