Adventures in Tucson!

If i was to write a blog about my experience the last few days… Right now… Heres what it would sound like.

I got here very early in the morning. This happened:

So heres the energy of tucson, so you can get an idea of where we’re at.

The vibe of tucson feels like being stuck between a crystal and a hard place. Obviously, the system exists down here in its broke-ass state, just as it does everywhere else, so alot of the problems are the same across the board. Low income jobs, nobody feels like they can do what theyre passionate about, stress of money is bringing everything down…

But much like with many other places where spirituality has room to grow, there is a very interesting spiritual dynamic that is happening here, in between the cracks of the system, in the grooves of the crystal theyre stuck against.

Yet, even at the gem shows, there is still a heavy set weight of unaware consciousness, even in the presence of all of the crystals at the show. Its almost as if people are drawn like magnets to the crystals, (all of the shows are packed!) yet they have no idea about why.

I started to feel really depressed halfway through the afternoon today, because it seemed like everywhere i went, there was about a 90-10 split between vendors who were selling crystals to make money, and those who venerated these brilliant pieces of gods creation, and selling them because they genuinely love the crystals.

Equally so i saw a lot of customers wandering the gem shows that literally just weren’t paying attention to whats going on. Perhaps i’m the weird one, I try and take in EVERYTHING .___.

I made a video about it too!

Heck, I even saw a few hippies who gave me looks of disgust like I just wasn’t good enough for them… Not many tho. I mostly got good vibes from hippy folks!

The good thing was that being around so many crystals, my feelings were able to resolve just going to a place of supreme humility and asking all of the crystals around me for help in my feelings. It was a very interesting experience, and I started paying attention even more…. Interesting how that works.

Then, not long later, this One crystal told me to take it! (And yes, One is capitalized like that on purpose), to which I stood there contemplating the morality of such an act, (i heard in my head that the guy was a swindler and that I needed to put it in my pocket right now…), but i continued to stand there until the guy came over and changed the moment into a new one, where i walked away empty handed wondering if I actually did the right thing by leaving it there.

In fact, I made a video about it.

The resolution to this story was that the next day my friend Ken showed up with that crystal in hand. He bartered with the guy and got it so low that it was practically free. Thanks Ken!

But theres something else thats been going on, much more amazing.

Its the connection with the brilliant folks who live here, and in the surrounding area, and then even some who came to visit from afar!

I had several people come to the spirit science gathering, at one point a crowd of at least 10 stood in a circle gathering in the morning! Of course, people get busy, so through-ought the day we had everywhere from 8 people to 3 or 4 walking around together looking at all of the crystals. Grand total at the end of the experience, there were probably about 20 people who came out for the gathering, and another 10 that we met along our journeys who recognized me.

I had a really great time with all of them. Its clear that while they all come from their own worlds with their own worldviews, they really all share the same core that, at the end of the day, they’re very caring people.

All of them have brought something new into my life as I hope I have done so for them, and I am excited to say that upon my return to tucson next year, I will be thrilled to meet up with them all again!



Look I’m going to blog about the crystals more I am sure, but for right now heres some pictures!



2 thoughts on “Adventures in Tucson!

  1. Oh, c’mon, now I’m curious about the crystal you got. Would you mind sharing a picture? c:
    Btw, I really love SpiritScience and all that comes with it.It helped me realize things I already somehow knew, but did not care about. Jordan, thank you for being such an amazing person. ^^

  2. Hey Jordan,

    First of all, I want to express my gratitude towards you and spirit science. I’ve been foloowing you and your spirit science adventures for about 1.5 years now and you really helpen me awaken spiritually and be conscious about a lot of stuff in my life. I’m a fellow crystal enthousiast and live in The Netherlands.
    I hadnt seen any of your videos for quite some time. My own life is unfolding at an immense pace and keeps on transforming and changing for the better. It took me a lot of hard work and soul searching, which is really starting to bear fruit! 🙂

    Anyway I felt like writing you this comment because of your video at the tucson gem show, that struck me in the heart. I can feel that you had quite a lot of setbacks in the recent past, which saddens me. You spoke of the collective heart consciousness closing. And I would like to share my opinion on this matter. Because I think that that may be the case, but that doesn’t need to be a bad thing. About half a year ago I broke off a relationship after 5 years with the love of my life. Instead of falling into a hole of depression and sadness, I started to celebrate my own life. And now, about half a year later im on top of my world. Doing stuff I love with people I love and feeling better than ever.
    What I’m trying to say is that I think the closing of the collective heart is kind of like the end of an intense romantic relationship. Yes it was great to experience those feelings, but now it’s also great to have a time of remembrance and integration into what people really want for themselves. Once awakened, one cannot go back to sleep. So even if it feels like hearts all around are closing, I experience a lot of them opening up in different areas of life. Coming summer will bring an explosion of hearts opening and I’m sure you’ll get back into the groove or the high you experienced before 🙂

    We’ve had a strange autumn and winter, but we need it for the seeds and buds to integrate in the ground and our hearts for them to sprout anew in spring and bloom in summer again. And if you don’t feel it, think of joining us in the north of the Netherlands some time to see how we use our hearts and love for the planet and each other to build our own paradise and inspire others to do the same 🙂

    Man this turned out to be a long comment, I hope you get my intention of writing this and that you can find your second wind to keep up your wonderful work. If you would like to receive some more inspiring ramblings, feel free to email me and ill be happy to supply 😉

    Thanks for all that you do, keep it up and shine bright!!


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