All of this really happened.

My journeys took me southerly into the lands known as Los Angeles. It was a mystic place, filled with concrete, and sad faces, and then, sparks of awareness, of love, connection… And maybe one time, a spark of RAAAGE! (Foronlytwoseconds)… It was sort of my fault, but the guy was already volatile. Ill tell you about that one at the bottom.

My experience throughout the day has been one of extreme observation, as i havent been out in public with nothing but a backpack for some time, and when your in it… Your IN it. You dont get the whole vibe when you have a car to drive around in, because in a car is actually a strong vibration of safety…. Unless its a really dangerous broken down car, or if the people inside the car are filled with torment.

Anyways, I rode the rest of the way to LA in the bus looking out the window, napping, and mostly looking at funny pictures on oddstuffmagazine. I saved a bunch, heres my favorites!!

image image image image image image image

I started to wander through Union Station with the knowledge that I had a few hours to spare… And how detailed should I go with this? Hmm.. Lets do the meaningful stuff without excess.

First, their system is not as streamlined as it could be, but thats more of a common problem with society, let alone a train station. But you know, i got my ticket, i had to come back again in 2 hours to get my seat number, and then onto the train.

I had 2 experiences all at once involving people looking for something. The first one was here.

image The first guy wanted to buy a cigarette, I told him ‘if i had a pack i’d give the whole thing to you for free!’. He went on his way.

The second one asked me for a couple bucks to buy some food. In that moment i also responded no, i didnt have any cash on me. That was the truth. But then, after i declined, i saw it play out in my head ‘hey, i don’t have cash but i have a card, and i can buy something for you’, it actually works out better for both of us, because i get to meet someone new for a minute and practice reading their energy and understanding them as a point of existence manifest in a human body, and they get to have lunch!

Also, for those who often accuse homeless people for begging and then just getting booze with it, with this method, you can guarantee that theyre actually getting food, and hey, you might just make a friend in the process.

Okay, but i didnt do that.

She walked off, and i turned around and headed outside, puffing on my vape pen like shirlock holmes…. Yet, pondering the meaning behind these alternate realities playing out in my mind. This is the me that I want to be, and these are the experiences that are opportunities for me to be it. But i wasnt acting on them! I would surely go for it next time.

speak of the devil, it happened again!

First, this little blond girl who looks only a few years younger than me is walking the other way towards me, and stops me and asks: are you the spirit science guy?

‘I..might be…’ I sheepishly respond.

‘Wow!’ The girl exclaims, ‘I saw your video last night, but I’m not going to make it to the gem show!’

And then it changed again!! All of a sudden this woman comes right up to us, and she says sort of panicky but also very straightforward ‘is there a waterfountain in that building? I am pregnant, and i have to catch a bus over there!’ And she points in the direction completely opposite of where she was asking if there was water there.

In that moment, a series of things happened all at once In my mind.

First, it was clear that neither this girl, nor myself, had any idea about where this woman could refill her bottle, and that it wasn’t a safe trip for her to attempt to find one alone.

I suddenly became aware that I had a full water bottle in my backpack, i had finished off one, but had only taken a few sips from this other one.

Then, my mind had resistance to the obvious thought of giving it to her. Automatically, there was oposition, as soon as the possibility became a thing in my mind.

And I took a deep breath, and thought… What does this cost me? 3$ for a large bottle of water?

In truth, this experience never would have happened if I hadn’t gone to dinner with Ray the night before. Where he gave 25 bucks to some guys playing music in the street who just wanted to get pizza… With such genuine compassion that I couldn’t help to be like ‘wow… I am so amazed by you. I want to be able to do that, because my personal default response as trained by society growing up was ‘sorry, no’.’

And so, what I did next with the pregnant woman… I learned from him!

I reached to my back like a holster, pulled out that bottle of water, and then grabbed her empty bottle, and put the full one in her hand. ‘here, ill trade you for that one!’

She looked at me kind of surprised and shocked for a second…

Said ‘thank you! I really appreciate that!’

And i said ‘your welcome!’

She turned around, and hobbled over to the bus, and that was the last I saw of her.

Okay, so turning my attention back to this girl, she tells me her name is Savannah and she is 14!!! It blew my mind! She had the energy of a VERY mature woman, her eyes were very naturally aware, and it was clear she was incredibly intuitive.

Anyway, she only had a few minutes to talk because her train was leaving. I actually gave her my copy of the Hermetica, it just sort of happened, she needed it, and i knew that id be buying a handful more in the near future.  If theres ever a book to gift to someone… Well, thats it right there.

She left, but told me in parting that if im around for a couple of hours, i should go over to little tokyo, only a few blocks away!!

My childhood anime-and-all-things-japanese-loving self came to light! And I eagerly went on my way.

So i took my empty water bottles (for i still had the empty one from the one i had finished earlier) and filled them up in the sink of the bathroom. ‘Someone can use this’ i thought.

And what ensued was a long string of mental thought discussion about whether it was a good idea to give homeless people bottles of water that i wouldnt drink myself. I cant drink tap water from a city, i mean, i can, but i would feel terrible after.

I guess at the end of that train i really just decided that i was going to give them out anyways to people who looked like they needed it the most.

There was this one guy who was looking at me and saying things, but i couldnt hear him. I went closer and asked if he wanted a bottle of water, and he told me he had just become completely insatiably drunk and was doing quite well on his liquids. We parted.

I left one outside of a guy who was pitching a tent on the side of a road under an overpass.

And i left one with another guy who i THINK saw me do put it down, but it was hard to tell.

Finding myself at little shibuya, well, this:

image image image

There was a lot of godzilla.

I managed to tell one girl to watch spirit science, who was working in a shop where there was a ton of local art on the walls!

Got some boba tea, 2 more bottles of water, the total purchase was 7.77, and i began heading back to Union Station.


In line at union station to get my ticket, the line is rather long, and i eventually reluctantly go stand in line.

Such an inefficient system. (I got that from Ray too).

Theres a dude in front of me whos got a big bag from carls jr. Hes hounding on some fries.

The bag reads… Well, see for yourself.


I just sort of stared at it for a while… Pondering how this piece of non-food masquerading as food was doing so well at convincing everybody that its edible!


I thought ‘yeah… Its LIKE you mean it. Not that you actually do…’

Feeling a little depressed about the state of the world, i stood in line in what played out like a long timelapse in my head, and eventually got my seat number.

And headed for the train.

Now, all this time, for those who have made it this far… Kudos to you! Quite really! Truly really! Not many folks get this far reading anything on the internet.

Remember that thing about a brief moment of utter rage and hate?

Okay this is it.

Im walking down the long aisle, my train is at the far end, but no worries about it. Im walking along, and theres this little taxi man carting some folks down the way! Its a smooth ride, everyone is calm.

In a moment, and completely without thinking, as he passed me as if by instinct i just reached out and jumped onto the moving cart! It was very graceful too, i mean, i didn’t miss or cause the cart or anyone any problem…

The driver i roll for about 2 seconds, and the driver SLAMS down HARD on the brakes!!! The moment he does i gently jump off, it pretty much doesn’t affect me.

He looks at me without actually looking at me, you know, like hes looking AT me but hes not actually looking, a pure look of hatred glowing in his eye.

‘Never do that again.’ He says, seething with anger ‘NEVER’, and veers off with his passengers.

Now, my reaction, as this was happening, was first noticing that ALL of the passengers lurched forward when this happened, and all looked really confused and suprised.

My second reaction was to apologize quickly to the driver, and then i turned and said ‘oh my god everyone i am so sorry! I didnt mean for that to happen to you all!’…

I was responsible. Regardless of the drivers part in it, if i hadn’t jumped, he wouldn’t have stopped.

And i mean, he could have slowed down first before launching grandma through the window, but hey… He was really volatile. He didn’t really have a choice but to take out his anger on anyone that pissed him off that day.

I wish them all the best.

I calmly walked to the train, boarded, and i thought… and we were off. Into the california night.

Next stop: Tucson



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