Connection Creates Culture

I’ve been on a Spirit Quest over the past 2 weeks and tonight, as I sit in the airport before my final flight, I’m thinking about one of the biggest and most meaningful realizations I’ve been having as a theme throughout this journey. It is literally what my trip was all about.

In a nutshell, its that we all need to cherish the relationships that we have with the world around us, especially those that mean something to us. In my past, I threw away and let go of some things that meant something to me, without creating a suitable transition for those energies as I let them go.

connectionandcultureThis idea applies to everything. Relationships with people, relationships with any aspect of nature, or even combinations of such things. If you consider, a friend giving you a necklace, and that necklace meaning something because it came from them. You have a part of them with you everywhere that you go…

To just give it away haphazardly, which is what I did energetically speaking with relationships with spirit family, crystals, and parts of myself, causes your spirit to disengage because the nature of what was done was disengage connections.

But beyond that, theres even more magic in the shared relationship that lasts a lifetime. When you’ve had a sacred abalone shell that went with you to all of the spiritual gatherings, and was there burning sage when all of those connections were made with all of your friends in your life… There is meaning in that.

As I write that I hear in my head ‘but what about non attachment?”

Well what about it?

Shouldn’t non attachment to physical things give birth to a healthy respect to the relationships between things everywhere? Non attachment is only half of the equation. Its a yin, and lets have the yang too. Healthy, and full of respect and care. I’m not attached to the relationship that I have with my family, but I cherish it dearly, for without it, I would be alone.

It is through the connections we create with each other that actually gives birth to culture itself. It is from people coming together and creating together, that creates new things to come into manifestation, and as more and more spiral around those creations, adding to it, thriving through it, culture is born.

nativecultureIs that not the process by which the natives of this world created the foundation for our modern world? Is this not the process by which we today continue to expand upon the creations of the past to forge new beginnings and take us into the future?

It is in fact, and that basis starts and ends with our connections with each other.

I met a lot of people on my spirit quest, and along that journey a lot of crystals were shared. Before recently, i didn’t even have any crystals anymore. At least, not ones that i really felt an emotional, spiritual connection to. They were just stones.

But as these 2 weeks have gone by I have made some brand new, bright and deep connections with people and have even shared some crystals back and forth. And as those crystals gets passed from hand to hand, a story begins to be created.

Now a part of my friends travel with me. And a part of me travels with my friends.

Don’t throw away your relationships haphazardly. Treat them well, and you will both be in service to each other.

7 thoughts on “Connection Creates Culture

  1. Looks like,dear Jordan, whatever was blocking you in those past few years, it disappeared when you moved away from it… Maybe is the time to reconnect with your family as well… It was so sad watching your talent being forgotten… But, you woke up 🙂 I hope.

  2. Dear Jordan, had you been my son, I would have been so so proud of you. You have given the world art, knowledge and wisdom. Thank you so so much!
    God bless you.

  3. I’ve learned this too in the past few months and also with crystals! YAY! Relationships and energy interactions are SO powerful! It’s a shock to be teared apart by physical bodies but it is also beautiful. I’m very happy to read you again. <3 Tons of light and love Jordan! <3

  4. It is the thime for re-tribalization. Relations are what making us who we are.
    When are you coming to Hawai’i?

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