The Light Shines On

This morning i am on a bus, in between trains from northern California, to tucson for the tucson spirit science crystal quest. I was dropped off at 2am by Ray and Alexandria, and I miss them so much already. I have urgent spiritual work I must attend to, else I would not have left so abruptly. I haven’t felt called to go and do something with such force in a long, long time.

Theres crazy stuff on the horizon, but i wanted to take a moment to write about the experience I had when the bus stopped for a 30 minute break at a string of bathrooms disguised as restaurants (mcdonalds, taco bell, etc).

It was interesting to notice the difference between the behavior of the passengers… It was made clear to everyone that I am the odd one out.

Where mostly everyone got out of the bus and slowly made their way to get some ‘food’ from one of these bathroom-restaurants, I ran. I ran way into the distance, through a big field of gravel and then into a big grass field far off from the bus, or anyone. I just ran around back and forth, thinking, meditating, praying for the strength complete my mission… I was talking to the sun, (the son), and soon my clothes were off and i was basking in the glory of the holy light which gives life to the whole planet. (For those less spiritually inclined, the layman version is I ran around in the field with my shirt off, enjoying the warmth of the sun).

It was really, really nice…

I eventually returned to the bus with a couple of minutes before it took off, I tried sitting down but i was just too hot to sit in the bus and wait, so I went just outside of the bus, took my shoes and socks off, and spun poi with my socks to air them out as my feet enjoyed the small patch of cool grass for a few minutes while we waited.

I told the driver ‘just holler when your ready for me! The moment your ready to go, I’m on!’, he was pretty cool about it.

It was so refreshing to stand there, spinning, twirling around, accomplishing 3 things: cooling myself down, airing out my socks, and providing a ton of fun spinning sock-poi in the shade for a couple of minutes.

And then, once everyone was on the bus, the driver comes out and says ‘hey man! Were ready for you!‘ And then noticing what I was doing, says very earnestly ‘hey! Thats a great way to air them out!’.  I appreciated his vibe on it, and I grabbed my shoes and started to walk in.

Heres the funny part.

When I got into the bus, there were a string of old, obese people who had taken the drivers cue as if he was making fun of me, to point and laugh. A lot of people were staring at me, as if I was this strange creature from outer space…

Literally! There were obese people making fun of me for moving! Or, for airing out my socks…?  It was such a strange feeling. I have a ton of respect for these people just for existing, I love them because they ARE… I didn’t quite understand the story playing out at first.

I smiled and walked past them, I was feeling too fresh to really let it bother me, but I did take note that it still happened, and it did trigger an interesting emotional resonance in me. If I hadn’t just got my adrenaline going from the run, I might even be a little bit miffed about it.

It seems like… Whats the point of that, right? Is it a projected form of self consciousness? Do they just not see me, as I see them? Are these people just jerks? What is going on?

Upon my own investigation of the vibe what it seems to me is 2 things. The people who laughed were following the lead of the one who started laughing first, a lady who was very round in physique who probably had not moved like I was in a long, long time, since she was a child.

It was her own self conscience that caused her to feel so bad that she had no choice but to make fun of me, because her only other option is to feel really bad about herself. It was easier to put her emotional stagnation onto someone else so she didn’t have to feel it. Just laugh at him, and carry on with life being terrible.

Everyone else just followed her, like sheep to the slaughter. Well, there were a few who were staring just because they thought what I was doing was strange.

And don’t get me wrong, I would have known the difference if they were like ‘haha, wow! Thats awesome!’ In their vibe. I wish it was like that. It was definitely “hahaha omg you freak“.

So strange, this world.

And I sit here in the bus, smelling wafts of taco bell and mcdonalds while I drink water.

And truly I need to express, I am not implying anything like I am ‘better‘, but rather, taking very special care to notice the difference in peoples actions. I haven’t connected with anyone on this bus, and I doubt that I will. There is a gap between our collective consciousness so great that I’m not sure what I would even do, and a conversation would likely end up with me going to great depth to explain concepts that in the end, I wouldn’t even know if they were listening at all.

Its the age old concept, don’t cast your pearls before swine…. (Thank you Jesus, lol!)

The light shines bright through you, but if nobody is listening or paying attention… The light just keeps shining. Its when you turn to the light and say ‘hey omg thats beautiful! I wish to learn more!’ that facilitates the healing growth of connection.

I cant go out of my way to ‘enlighten‘ someone. I just have to act with light, demonstrate love through my actions, as much as I am able, with a striving to do better every day, and it will be seen and received by those who pay attention.

Man that taco bell smells good though. Its a shame I know whats in it, if I was ignorant too, I might even have some myself.


Anyway, this is a pretty good bus ride so far!

Ill keep you posted on the journey!


With love,


8 thoughts on “The Light Shines On

  1. I envy you, I wanted to go, but was restrained by my own lack of ambition and the distance that it would take for my to travel to Tuscon. Wish you all the best, and enjoy !!!

  2. Loved it. Challenging experience you seemed to take in stride. I think you are right in your interpretation. I like you for being yourself anyways and am grateful that you shared. Thx.

  3. What a disappointment it was to hear you pointing out ‘old’ and ‘obese’ people and call others ignorant for eating Taco Bell. If you really were this creature of love and light that you claim to be, you would have sat down with them and laughed together, broken bread together. You claim that we should love each other and that we are all connected. Yet you say you doubt you would connect with anyone on the bus. Rather than a spiritual leader, you actually seem more like a little boy who got laughed at for being different and then felt the need to lash out and go cry in the corner about it. You really think Jesus meant for you not to engage with overweight people when he said not to throw pearls to swine? Wow. Way to demonstrate love through your actions.

    1. You know??

      I kinda side with Jordan on his choices in this matter. He was just being himself but he also wisely chose to keep his distance because our lot in the entire collective of religions, is often persecuted for our very different point of view & I don’t blame him for not being more social with those people.

      In my eyes, Jordan made the right choice & it was the smart one to just play it safe when you consider the fact that he was traveling alone without any companions for backup protection.

      I can relate to him in that respect since my own internal alarm would have been screaming at me to keep my distance from those people & not for the matter of their being fat.

      More for the cold-hearted attitude towards Jordan because he openly displayed his difference of behavior though he could have reigned it in. On the other hand, those fat people can’t hide what they are so Jordan is right.

      They needed to make themselves feel better so they all picked Jordan to be the lamb lead on by Judas goat.

      Lastly, having looked up what exactly is in those different products from the fast food places mentioned, once again, I side with Jordan. Water & fasting would be preferable to consuming all the poisons in those fast food products & also a lot of will power in my case since I am still not fully broken of the habit of going to those places yet, LOL!

      Basically though, I am openly declaring Jordan to be a spirit brother to me so please lay off of him or you will have me always defending him for every negative comment made against him. There is constructive criticism & then there is outright negativity. Even the Buddhist monks that pick the bus as a long distance mode of travel, tend to keep away from the close minded just as Jordan did so bravo to you Jordan!

      Peace & Love to all,

  4. Shame on you for calling people old, ignorant and fat while calling yourself enlightened. You have a LONG way to go my friend.

  5. I believe what Jordan is stating here is that it hurts him to see people act so low, careless, and separate.
    The reason he feels he would not connect with anyone on the bus, I feel, is because he can see that no one on the bus would be truly interested in connecting with him.
    Maybe to him connection is sharing, exchanging ideas, and getting to know another on a deeper level. If that is a brief conversation or a long one, if its not real then it’s not happening. And that don’t have to be Jordan’s fault. He is open.
    I think what Jordan is saying is that he loves himself enough to not allow himself to be in a position where he feels unseen and unheard.
    This does not mean one has to be separate and judgemental. He is open, ready to connect if anyone was to desire it. He is not separating himself and closed off. He can see that they are. Observation.
    He see’s them, hints the pain and confusion. There is a difference in frequency(energy, tone)
    You can not say that it is untrue and that he should have connected with these beings because the opportunity for connection was there. You was not there and if he stated it then I am sure he was sure that this was the case.
    I can relate to the confusion and pain felt when seeing such brilliant and amazing inner entities treat their bodies and minds so horribly.
    Food and belittling thought, judgement. Yes they did it and Jordan stated it compassionately. Facts are fact, anyone can state their observations without having to hold stance in either side of the equation.
    Look around.
    I am sure you do not realize that what you said, both Krista and Kanjan, was incredibly hypocritical. For your typed words held judgemental inflection.
    If you truly read his words you would see that Jordan is not of this world, it is confusing and painful. He wishes to live in unity with everyone, It seems his sadness comes from not being able to really LIVE right now in a world riddled in separation and judgement. It’s a truth, but it’s difficult. Especially when you have so much love to give, an imagination to think of a wonderful compassionate equal world, and the desire to be able to play without being weighed down in the heavy seriousness of our current world.
    Maybe feel where you think, and think where you will. But be aware of what you truly say. It can be quite hurtful.

    1. Bravo to you, my spirit sibling! You knew & understood from Jordan’s relation of events that he had a reason for not making that connection. So, thanks for being there for him.

      Love to you,

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