Daily Divination ~ You Cannot Force Providence


Reading of March 19th, 2016

0015 - Don't force Justice

Todays reading is a large celtic cross. Here is the simple version.

We are striving for the universal flow, but we are stuck by the need for justice. We have sacrificed a lot but received nothing in return for so long, as the hanged man describes, that it is time for that to flip. In the end, we must be the carrier of our thoughts, bringing them to our full awareness and charging into the fold with our crystal clear intentions leading our focus.

However, we must be careful, for if we rush into battle without full regard for every little detail, we will cause a great calamity.

Here is the long version:

Present Position:  The Hanged Man reversed. This is the representation of a period when you feel you are sacrificing a lot and getting nothing in return. You may have felt things were at an absolute standstill, with no movement or resolution.

What Crosses You: Justice: It represents the truth. In this case, it is the truth, equality, and fairness that crosses your path. This means simply that it in order to move forward, justice must be served. Balance must be attained.

Your goal or destiny is the Wheel of Fortune Reversed. Luck not in your favor, or the wheel spinning off its central axis and damaging something because it got out of hand. This doesn’t mean it has to be your destiny, but shows the current energy of the collective. The reason why this is important is because we can cause ourselves a lot of harm if we do not slow down, and stay calm through hectic periods of time.

Distant Past: The Hermit. He shines the lantern for others to follow in the light, but he is alone in his path. He has gone on his journey because of his own discoveries, and it is a very personal path. Not one that anyone else can take for him.

Recent Past: Strength. In your personal journey, you found the courage and strength which took you to the next level. Bringing you to what lies ahead…

What lies ahead: The Ace of Wands – The essence of Magic. The impulse of an inner spark of spirituality and awareness that is the compulsion of where you go from here.

The Questioner (You): You are in the position of the World. This is the embodiment of awareness, asking questions, and opening yourself to becoming one with all that surrounds you. This is a very powerful place to be.

Your environment (8) around you is establishing a grand domain. It is the creation of the kingdom of your creations. Others see you in this position, and you are seeing others in their own kingdoms, and identifying the difference between them.

Your inner emotions (9) are truly about the Spiritual aspects of the Physical. You want to have a meaningful, powerful spiritual impact on the physical world. This is what the King of Pentacles represents: The Spiritual Aspect of the Physical.

And your Final Result (10) is the Knight of Swords, the Mental aspect of the Mind. He rides into battle full swing, often unaware of the damage that he can cause if he is unaware of the actions that he takes.

 ~ ~ ~

This reading, as a whole, is a warning for what is to come. If we rush into battle, without regard for where things are, justice will be served and it will come smacking down on us with a vengeance. The wheel of fortune will fly off the hilt if we do not slow down, and go with the flow a little bit more. You cannot rush providence, you cannot force creation. Let it be created through your actions, but do not fight it. This will only cause havoc.

9 thoughts on “Daily Divination ~ You Cannot Force Providence

  1. The Tarot is referred to as the “Book of life” or “Book of Truth”. The oldest and most sacred tradition regarding self-knowledge and regarding the forces at work both within the individual unit of consciousness the soul. Some occult philosophers have called the “monad” or the individual unit of self-awareness of consciousness and how that relates to the forces that are at work in nature in the macrocosmic realm in the universe that’s what the tarot really teaches us.

    There are 22 trump cards or what is called the Major Arcana. Arcana is the word for Knowledge in Latin, this means the major knowledge, higher knowledge. The major Arcana represents the connection between the soul and the universe so this is the correspondence principle and the hermetic principle of that which is “above” is like to that which is “below”, meaning that the universe is self similar across all scales, that which happens in the microcosmic world where the small is reflected into the macrocosmic world with the very large to that which is taking place at a individual level is reflected outward into society and that’s what our society becomes like depending on how many people embody that particular modality of consciousness.

    Please listen to the What on Earth is Happening shows #43 and #44. The symbolism of each card of the Universal Waite deck is broken down and explained.


    Let me know if you find it useful. Cheers.

  2. Have not been able to get Daily Divination, all I have received is for March 19th?, what happened for the rest of the month? Please send me information.
    Thank You,
    Kathy Ackley

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