Safety is a Requirement for Growth

It’s the fundamental Principle of the Root Chakra. In order to evolve into what is known as the Lower Centers, and of course the higher ones too, we must have a Root that functions properly.

What this means is that we must have a solid platform by which to grow. It’s like a tree, how can a tree grow without roots? How can those roots thrive if they don’t have the ingredients that they need, like water or nutritious soil?

Truth is, they cant. Those plants will wither and die, which will then become ingredients themselves for something new to grow in its place.


And, as equally true with us, we need a solid Root in order to grow. This is of course, difficult (to say the least), in a world that has been overrun with the business mind, extorting wealth from everyone in order for the few to feel like they have everything. In doing so, our Root gets ruptured, and we have this unstable structure we’re trying to grow on.

Try following your passion and living free when you have to work a 9-5 job to take care of the ones you love. Right? Let alone pay bills, do taxes, hire attorneys and do all of that little minutia that just simply doesn’t exist in nature.

Yes, we (as a species) created those things for a reason. It was an attempt to put structure and organization to our thoughts and civilizations, based off of the designs of those that came before us.

It’s just simply that, as we have evolved, we are now seeing, without a shadow of a doubt, that this system is way #!$%& beyond belief, and its time for a new system.

How do we get there? What can we do?

The Root has to thrive, for us to feel free to evolve.


We all have to create new sustainable ways of living. Owning land outright and growing gardens. Taking care of each other in a balanced way so that everyone is happy. Living in a way that is in service to all, including the environment around us.

If we do not fundamentally shift our way of living, we will get swept up in the downfall of the old system, as it topples. It cannot be saved. Capitalism will go away, and in the future we will look back and laugh at how arrogant and barbaric we truly were.

For if we can establish a new way, a way that is geometric, harmonic, and works in service to everyone, all of us can live together with peace and freedom.

And the idea of limitations, along with the old system, will fall away too.

We can be, do, or have, anything we want.

With love,

6 thoughts on “Safety is a Requirement for Growth

  1. I definitely resonate with this. As a person experiencing life through “trans-culture” antisistemic movements and all that stuff. Focusing and building everything in myself through my spirit, love and energy. Has been sooo helpful with growth and thriving. And it’s also helped with my connection to others and the thriving of their own lives! I trully thank you and myself for that! I love you! <3 Tons of love and light to you and the spirit team <3

  2. This morning I was talking to someone about pretty much exactly these thoughts; and now I just saw this blog post, love it when the universe flows like this !

    ” We all have to create new sustainable ways of living. Owning land outright and growing gardens. Taking care of each other in a balanced way so that everyone is happy. Living in a way that is in service to all, including the environment around us. ” Yesss ! May it be ! [ and so it is 😉 ] 🙂

    I think we are many around the world working on this,believing in this… I’m kinda curious about how the future will go, but I’m pretty positive about it !Thank you for sharing your truth and for this reminder that we can ‘We can be, do, or have, anything we want.’

    Much love to you and all the team’

  3. Jordan, I am seriously looking for a community to embrace. A friend that I met at Arcosanti looks with me. We believe we must live and teach sustainability…practice truthfulness and brave interpersonal work with everyone in our lives. It is hard but I am convinced that now is when we should be looking for others…in earnest. The “fruit loop salad” show in Politics?!!! We are excited to know more about what you are doing and feel it is fortuitous to have found this email tonight. I hope this format is not in poor taste. I am a creative spirit and take into consideration every coincidence in my life and do not label the outcome of acting upon them. They all move me forward. Thank you for what you do and share with your research. Your writings have helped in my awakening. I have saved every one of them that I have read. I await your response. Stay strong. Carmen

  4. I agree! Its just we need to have a shift in the way we think and view things. AKA shift in consciousness or we will fall right back into what it was before. Lets grow together and show that there are also good people waiting to show the way to others who may need it when the time comes.

  5. Hello Spirit Science Family. I came across your Team Spirit Science video asking for help from programmers. I truely believe that my path was guided to you for that very reason. I have a master’s degree in computer science and I’m an expert in web based systems with 5+ years of experience. And, of course, it goes without saying, but I’m more concerned with helping Spirit Science help the world than financial compensation.

    Please contact me through my email address so that we can connect.

    With love and light,

  6. Hi
    Well, if we do not have the root, how can we then be unconditional? Living in a way that is in service to all is a hard thing to do if there is conditions. And something tells me that everyone belives that their root chackra is open, but I don’t think so – yes it is there but is it fully operating? If you read this, can you explain to me why I can se thought bubels, and why people change faces? The chakra colors I see, that I can understand – but everything else? It seeams that our 5 senses melt together into oneness aswell, excperiencing more fully… well would be nice to hear from U, if there is such a thing as time. Movement, light and wisdom hugs Di.

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