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My name is Jordan Pearce. Right off the bat, instead of boring you with fancy details about me or my life or what have you, i’ll offer you this instead. I’m writing because I have something to say. Sometimes it’s goofy, sometimes it’s observations about the world, and sometimes it’s real serious business. All of it is important to me, and like everyone, I constantly flow between all of them.

If you’re expecting me to write about any particular thing, don’t be upset if I don’t, but don’t be afraid to ask me to write about any particular topic. Odds are i’ll do it eventually, if not quite soon too. Anythings possible.

Part of the reason I have this website is sort of a practice ground for the Spirit Science website. I’ve never really done blogs before, and in the future when I have some resources at my disposal, My friends and I are going to completely revamp the SS website and make it REALLY sexy and fantastic.

It’s a big job, and i’m not quite there yet, so in the mean time, this is what we have!

By the way, for those inquiring about my name. I wrote a blog about why some of the older videos say “Jordan Duchnycz” and now they say “Jordan Pearce”. You can find that explanation here. 

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We are One.

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  1. Define one. If everything is one then why are there many? Connection is not singular. Take the internet for example, since some computers are connected does that make it one computer? We all have spirits and all of us are connected in one way or another but does that mean we are one? Even if we all shared everything we knew with each other that would still only be a extremely** small fraction of possibility. One being ever string of possibility. When I imagine “one” I think of nothing, actually I think one is the wrong number altogether. I think its 0. God = 0. One makes no sense to me because if you were everything you really couldn’t exist. Anyways I think we have different definitions of one, I would like to know yours…


    1. I think what we/they mean by “one” is the connectivity. I know that is a cliche analogy, but think about the water analogy in a more deeper sense. When we look at water more deeply, really the water, even the smallest drop is made of bonds of water molecules and those molecules contain one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms connected by covalent bonds which all come together, forming one but one on many different levels; individual atoms coming together to form one molecule, one molecule coming together with many other collective molecules to form a drop, so on and so forth. We are the clusters of atoms coming together to forming bonds and connections; forming something greater than what we would normally be able to do on an individual basis.

      I hope this helps you.

      1. Hello,

        I concur with the above statement of “oneness” in the biological analogy. I think what happens is that people get scared of Orwellian “groupthink” and either shun or are confused by the idea of “oneness”. I wrote a piece about it in my blog. It may or may not shed some additional light on the subject but I offer it up in the spirit of sharing ideas. In any case, I hope that helps you as well. Please take care.


    2. Words are tricky when trying to communicate about such matters as oneness. They come with definitions, denotative meanings, and also with connotative meanings, any of which can prove to be helpful or they can be baggage in the way. The only way to get beyond this is to look beyond the words, look deep within, to see what they are pointing at. The real meaning can be found in what we share in common, even beyond our direct experiences in this material realm.

      Every being (and not only human beings) shares Life in common with each and every other being. What is Life? In a spiritual or religious sense, Life can be viewed as inspiration: the Breath of the One (God, Allah, YHVH, Great Spirit …) We come into this world on the breath and on the last breath, we expire.

      The Source and Sustenance of this Breath of Life is a Great Mystery, yet it is something common to All and Everything. Through this, we are intimately and inextricably interconnected and interdependent, even in all of our amazing diversity of manifestation which so greatly enriches our experiences of Life.

    3. Shadow Walker,

      William Kidd, Jr. replied with the analogy of water molecules and oxygen and hydrogen atoms. If we travel by imagination into the wavicles of quantum mechanics, what do we see? I see energy patterns, centers and waves, a spectrum of alive energy. There, in my imagination, distinctions between us soften. There are no hard boundaries. Travelling further, into consciousness, I feel the oneness of all that is, as consciousness is the essence of everything that exists.

    4. In the spirit of sharing ideas…sometimes I think about people as if they were computers (and who’s to say we’re not biological computers). Computers connect to one another through the Internet. The Internet to me can be a representation of space and time in a sense. Imagine you’re a couple thousand miles away from earth gazing upon it and you see all the stars and all the blackness around our earth. Well that space that you’re floating in and that the earth is floating in to me is a kind of Internet. Our earth is connected to other planets and stars not only because they all contain various amounts of the same ingredients but also because they share the same space. The same “internet”. In that respect we are all “one”. Other than that idea I agree that we are not all “one” (In this present moment) because our each individual experience is drastically different from one another’s mainly because we don’t all think the same way about the same things. I believe that we are all equally important because we are all “data”. The way we view life is “data”. The way we love or don’t love someone or something is “data”. All this “data” in and around us is gathered in “one” place and that may be “God”. An accumulation of all knowledge. All “data”. To me “God” has yet to “happen”. Or maybe “God” has happened…the Big Bang. Lol Maybe every Big Bang is an accumulation of all data exploding to spread the unified data and to gather more data and each time this happens the big picture becomes clearer and clearer. I dunno. Now I’m just rambling. Lol namaste 😉

    5. I can’t speak for Jordan, but personally, when I think of oneness in a spiritual sense it’s completely different from 1, the number. “Unity” is a better word for it. The scientific reality is that the universe is made of both particles, and it is made up of waves. It is not made of both, but it is both. At any given time, you can look at it as being either but never both simultaneously. It is both, and they are one. To answer your first question, “how can there be many?” what I have to say is nothing anybody hasn’t said before, but “many” is a symbolic representation for a real thing that cannot be represented accurately by any kind of symbol. In fact, no thing in existence can be accurately represented by a symbol, which is what words are. “Many” is human contrived concept represented by a human contrived symbol, and symbols are not to be confused with reality. Now back to subatomic physics, when you view the universe as a series of wave forms, you have no option but to accept that all truly is a unified whole, a oneness. The wave forms in the energy body of the universe are akin to the wave forms in the ocean, with the appearance of being almost separate from each other, but all being only fluctuations on the body of the ocean. Each wave is the ocean, and the ocean is the sum of all the waves that form from it. They are distinguishable and they are unified, apparently contradictory but both views equally accurate. You are a wave form made out of the ocean of energy that creates all things. Only a wave, not a separate entity. But you are in a way separate from the waves around you, like the waves in the ocean. You can count them,l as if they are separate even though they are the same body.

      I hope I’m staying coherent here.

      As for God being zero, I actually came to this realization a while back on my own after contemplating the concept of Ain Sof and then watching a video of a mathematician talking about zero. Ain Sof is one of the Hebrew words for God, roughly meaning “God the unmanifest”.

      So, when you think of infinity, you most likely think of something incomprehensible vast. The sum of all numbers named and unnamed. Your concept of zero is most likely the opposite of your concept of infinity. Infinity being all inclusive and zero being non-inclusive. But when you add all possible numbers together, you have to include the negatives. It’s not just 1 plus all numbers greater than 1. It’s 1+-1+2+-2+3+-3 and so on forever. This means that infinity as a sum is equal to zero. The sum of all things is zero. God is everywhere, God is all things. The All with a capital A. The sum of all things is The Body of God, the sum of all things is Zero.

      1. Well said. Words can be such a tricky thing, in a society that is as predominantly “left brained” as the one we live in. Everything must be quantified in a presice, finite manner, or its’ entire validity is brought into question. The left, analytical, aspect of consciousness, is only half of the equation because we live in a Universe that is equally finite and Infinite. Without the right sided aspect of the brain, which is the creative, unlimited potential aspect of consciousness, we can’t properly nurture the world we create around ourselves. The outcome is the creation of seperation, solidity, time, and decay. The left sided aspect of our consciousness provides the basic structure of all things and maintains the original pattern, and without it there can be no completeness and everything will fall apart before it can even come into being. To cut off either side is to cut off that connection to that “One Source”. All things are manifested in this way throughout every dimension. Forgetting either part of the equation in any dimension creates their own different problems, in respect to the unique nature of the specific energy frequencies of the vibrational field that makes up each dimension. All dimensional frequencies have there own qualities due to the infinitely growing efficient nature that is a part of the pattern of creation, but they all still operate in the same the same basic contructs because they are still a replication of the same original pattern. The only difference is that each demension is moving closer and closer to the perfection that is the original pattern. This is refered to in mathematics as, “The Golden Ratio,” or Phi. Although they can be distinguished as having different qualities, they are the same in regard to the completely unique nature they share, along with being created from the same pattern, each becoming more efficient (moving closer to Phi) than the previous. Perfection can not be quantified, it must be continuosly maintained and nurtured through constant change.

    6. Actually the example you used was a perfect answer to your own question. Just as the millions of individual connections make up ONE networked internet, so is our consciousness. You have an individual body yes. You are unique, yes. What makes “we” is the singular “I am” of which we collectively are. Get it?

    7. 1 meaning whole . And what does a hole look like…O. Your both right. I heard this once and it made sense. A watch has many parts. All individual all doing their own part . But they can only be parts of a whole. Now let’s say I made that watch from a single piece of material. Are the whole the parts or are the parts the whole. Or are they both?

    8. He means we are many inside of one, which ultimately means we are altogether as one. Of course, at the level we view ourselves, we do not seem to be as one, but imagine looking at our existence from a higher level… such as… looking at a body of water. We know that it took a lot of little tiny drops to make that body of water, but the way we see it, it’s all one body of water. We don’t separate the drops of water by discoloration, content and forms. To us, they are all just drops of water… in one. Just as we are all just human bodies… in a giant ocean of human bodies, as one. I do agree with you on your notion that to be one is to be all of everything and everyone at once, which ultimate means you are 0. I explained this to my significant other last night and intriguingly she didn’t seem to understand at first. 1 is the number that comes after 0. God is, in fact, 0. In fact, numbers are an illusion. All there is and always will be is 0. We use numbers to bring the Universe down to a level to where, we as Humans, can understand and measure the Universe.

    9. ‘One’ means all and everything, infinite togetherness with every single minute particle ever to renew-ably exist. One is the only, we place further values to evolve our minds.

    10. When he speaks of one. He speaks of unity consciousness. Your analogy to the internet is not far off we are many people but with one consciousness found not just in people but in every. Plants animals. Rocks. Planets, galaxies and the multiverse itself. When at in scientific view we are made of atoms, which are made of ions which made of particles that nothing more than swirling vortices energy. What did you think the bang was nothing more than an exploding infinite sun of energy. When broken down to the simple parts we are nothing more than star stuff. And your ideal of god=0 isn’t far off either. Many bhramans believe once you know bhrama you know nothing. And here’s the real mind buster. You are god and you don’t exist ( not offensive just a technicality) but your ego will not let you believe that because it’s job is to keep you trapped in the illusion of you/I. When you get deep in the rabbit hole there are a lot things that get schrodinger-esque. You’re both are and aren’t. Thing can be and can’t be all depends on perspective.

  2. First off, I would like to say thank you. About a year ago I began watching spirit science in a very trying time in my life. It is without a doubt my spiritual catalyst that put into words what I had been feeling for a long time prior. It literally created an explosion in my life and mind, and changed the way I view life. I have now dived within myself and have been on my own spiritual path ever since. Ever since, I have bought tons of crystals and have given at least half of them away to people who now buy their own crystals. It’s incredible to watch how one persons sparks another, who sparks another… which then sparks another. Teachings and love and ideas of unity should be passed along and shared. We are all one and in these trying times we need to unite more than ever. I have been working to bring people to awareness and I have shown countless people spirit science. I think it is a brilliant place to start. Recently I have been studying thoth’s emerald tablets, the kabbalah, and the gnostic gospels of St. Thomas. Now the reason I am sending this, is because of an idea. An idea my mother had actually. (She knows your name and you are the catalyst for alot of her spirituality as well… my whole family has watched it haha (: ) She had a dream that a deceased relative said I should be contacting you and telling you of an idea/movement I have been working on for over a year now. I think it may be something you may be interested in. If you are interested, send me an e-mail at nickjamestornatore@gmail.com I would be honored. I would like to tell you of the idea and if you like it and you resonate with it we can talk further about it! If not, I completely and totally understand. The idea isn’t fully fleshed out but it’s on the table and in bits and pieces. I honor that this may not resonate with you and that is OK! Just thought all of the seekers of oneness need to come together and pull the christ consciousness to us. It is up to the people to move forward, no one will do this for us. I hope you are having an incredible day and that you are focusing on light instead of dark. If this is the last thing you read from me, and you decide your soul has other plans, I wish you much peace, love, and happiness. You are doing an incredible thing and I believe you are doing more than you realize. Don’t even try going to bed feeling heavy.
    Always seek light.
    Namaste my friend,
    Cal Lehk Hehm

  3. Thank you everyone for the kind and helpful responses. I think the best way to put it is being on the same frequency for vibration as others.

    1. Hey Jordan ! I am from India . Since last 6 months I have been watching the spirit science series especially & all the other stuff u n ur frnz provide. I have so deeply fallen in love with this subject that I try n watch all the work u do & also watch the movies u suggest . I am dam passionate about knowing things but din get the right source but, thanks to u for such a wonderful contribution . Hey can i contribute also ? I’m very much willing to b part of this whole thing. As I’m a new lerner getting very enthusiastic to know more and more . Please tel me if i can contribute .
      A million thanks to u!!!!!

  4. Hello Jordan, my name is Adrian and I believe to be an Indigo. First of all I would like to thank you for what you do, I and many others have learned so much from Spirit Science and this Blog. The reason that I am writing to you is because I need your help. What I want, is for me to move to a place with people like you and me and start rebuilding,creating,help and save this world and also live the life to its full potential with people like us. For the past years I have attracting amazing people, I had amazing experiences, but it’s time for me to start a new adventure, a new ”chapter” in my life. You see I am very different than most of the people, I have a different perspective of life, I see things differently but in the good way. The thing is that I don’t know any groups or places like that, that is why I need your help. At the moment I live in the UK in London and it’s not the place I am looking to stay for the rest of my life. I would like to keep in touch with you and help me if you can. I am looking for a reply, until then peace and love.
    NAMASTE my brother.

    1. Hi, consequently im not Jordan, however I do want the same things as you. He wants those things to from the best oft knowledge but yet he himself is still learning and looking for a way to make that place real and possible. You, him, me and many others are looking for that same place for best sakes we can only hope to work together. The hardest challenge at the moment is how do we spread the information? That’s just it Jordan being one man can not keep up with all the people wanting to know and tell. We have to devise a way to communicate with on another on a larg bases. Telepathic would be a great way for us. The brain can process so much faster in thought, inside your brain you can put things togeather instantly. We could instantly send ideas, thoughts and images, so much more. There’s alot to be discovered the time I’ve spent writing this. It would take lifetimes to Scatch the surface of what is and has been and is being learned right now about the many mysterys.

  5. Jordan –

    My name is Emma Johnson and I am twenty years old. I was only born in 1993!!! I feel such a fragmented existence, I was barely even aware that I was on this Earth when computers started to become more prevalent – starting with silly computer games, and then the internet taking on it’s modern form (with a search engine and everything) when I was just a kid! When I graduated high school, I randomly took off to Spain for 9 months. At the end of these months, I walked the Camino de Santiago which many people call a spiritual pilgrimage, ending at a beautiful cathedral in Spain. On this walk I met the most amazing people, and had an extremely vivid awakening – only the beginning though. I have so much to learn. One of the people I met was very important to me.. and months later would send me a link to your Spirit Science video called “The Human History movie”. When I watched it, I was extremely sceptical.. and extremely open! I remember that feeling so clearly, not thinking you were crazy, but just letting my disbelief wash over me and just feel entertained.. and yet intrigued. At this time I was reading the Buddhist bible, feeling a little lost – but open to new ideas, trying to carve out my meaning. In the next months, I went into chaos.. and found the most amazing person. Following this.. I watched ALL the spirit science videos. It was like some magical journey… I felt like a child again. I felt like I was understanding your words, perspective, research, on a whole different level. I was able to make sense of so many things, so many broken areas of my understand.. what an acceleration of spiritual power!!!! For this reason, I feel very close to your personality, your giving nature, your cosmic understand – I feel very lucky. Many times I have thought about how amazing it would be to meet you and collaborate; I’m an artist, a musician, an academic, an aspiring politician, lawyer, anything really. I’m explosive. Anyway, perhaps our paths will meet (just like in the Celestine Prophecy)

    Hope you have an amazing day, I’m so happy for you and your success


    Emma Johnson, New Brunswick, Canada

  6. Hi Jordan. Im so happy to write to you.
    I was looking for any contact details,but I couldn’t find,so I write here. I feel like I have to write to you to let you know,from myself,that I admire the whole work you make on spirit science and website,and blog. I admire the knowledge,talent and gift that you have and its just amazing how such a young person could gather so many information,I love the way you present it, its cute,and the amount of information is just even overwhelming sometimes. I ve been interested in spirituality for few years (Im 27) but your knowledge,your information is just enormous. How did you do that?I guess you must have spent long,long time reading and studying the knowledge that isnt always easy to find. Its impressive and I dont know if I found before such a complex,understandable and funny source of information made by such a young person.Thank you for that. I wanna know everything. You help me with this so much, I feel very thankful for the dedication for making movies and sharing it with others.My soul had been waiting for something like this for a long time,because,as a female left handed energy,I have difficulties on being so organized with the knowledge 🙂 I feel like it would be wonderful to become your friend,but I guess so many people ask you for it and you are very busy so its ok if its not possible 🙂 I dont usually write to people from the websites,but you hit the spot in my heart so much that I had to write to you. Are you coming from the same place as Eckhart Tolle maybe?;) I dont want to finish this message 🙂 Please,continue your work. I love it. Best regards 🙂

  7. Hi Jordan,

    Thank you so much for your efforts and videos!
    Whilst not all would agree, stay positive as always, and focus on the journey.
    Along with a positive force, there always shall a balancing negative force which would approach to try set things back to equilibrium.
    Stay strong within the tides of energy, as more and more of us awaken.

  8. Hi Jordan…geographically in Atlanta and love all of your stuff…discovered you through beloved festival. In past few years I’ve been waking up….had a baby (naturally), got seriously depressed, then learned channeling and compassionate communication. I’d like to start a monthly meditation class for newbies interested but not quite awake. I’d love to incorporate your videos and other stuff for teaching purposes. I’ve learned more in watching your videos than in all four years earning a degree from Georgia tech. Let me know your thoughts. I know you’re busy! Blessed solstice and thank you!

    1. Hi Katy Jo l, I am not far from Atlanta (Georgia?) I would be very interested in your idea for a monthly meditation and could possibly bring some friends. I know this was a while back.. What’s going on my dear?

  9. Hi there,
    i recently discovered your Youtube channel and became so caught by your videos, that i had to watch them all in the past few days.
    Some of those things you talked about i already knew before, but i was searching for more information to get myself further. ‘Cuz the more we learn, the more we get to understand about life, about ourselves and so on.
    You and also your friends have shown me a lot of new interesting facts, inspiring things and topics to think and learn more about.
    So i just wanted to thank you really much for sharing your knowlegde and ideas!
    Your work is just amazing! Please continue 🙂
    Greetings from Germany and a Happy New Year,

  10. Greetings Jordan!
    It’s been a great experience ever since I found your videos and I’m just completely captivated by them. I always found myself interested in these topics for several years, and you’d be surprised to know that I’m a teenager. I’m honestly so grateful for the work you put into these videos to help expand our knowledge, so thank you so much.
    – Angel

  11. Hey Jordan, I love you sooo much! Thhhhhhhhhank (oh, I start spitting 😉 ) you so much 3 all !!!
    You and your friends and your creations – you enrichen the world. Not only with all your beautiful gifts, bur inspiring, you make others create and do nice things too and again and again… it multiplies! So thanx 2 U 4 Being such a fantastic SOURCE ENERGY!!!!
    Keep going <3
    Love from Germany

  12. YOU are on the right track But all the spirit science is helpful- is not new news and only explains meat body evaluations. You can imagine having to cart around meat body after a while believing meat body laws are the same as you. Yes the planet is in Bad shape and there is much to learn about human behaviour. I am currently reading Science of Survival by L Ron Hubbard and its full of human behaviour problems. There is a map to total freedom and its fraught with traps so we don’t make fully realised spiritual freedom. The universe is set up that way for short term wins. Also just listened to Anatomy of the spirit of man also by L Ron Hubbard. As a Thetan (spirit) the body is You. But we have taken a beating from the Physical universe and…… Next lifetime the person dosnt take their brain with them so that cancels out THE BRAIN THEORY BOYS. The MIND IS NOT THE BRAIN. You can hack and saw and shove electrodes in the brain and shock it but the brain does not think. It is a physical organ that operates the body. The spirit, soul or what ever you want to call it drives the body and when the body dies -spirit goes to next human body at birth and does not take brain with it. is impossible to know this without experience. You can experience through Scientology. The answers are there But the traps set by you to not make it are very powerfull.

  13. Just want to say thank you Jordan. Your somewhat funny approach to make this new age teaching on youtube impressed me a lot. I am an individual who somehow got the talent to read the God’s mathematics playout in the stock market and seeing your teachings and the bigger picture helps me to understand this moment of time, and this world a lot more than I could by myself. Thank you again, and you are doing a great job. Should there be anything that I could help to spread the message you are teaching now, let me know and I am pleased to assist.

  14. Hello jordan, my name is Jorge.
    and i am working on making a movement named , WE the change.
    and i just wanted to try to get ahold of you, to see what you think and if their is advice you are willing to give.
    please reply

  15. My question is more of a personal one. You seem very smart, very knowledgeable and I’m very lost…very disconnected from myself and my surroundings. I would very much appreciate the opportunity to email you my story and get your input on it and a way I could start to fix my spirit

  16. Reiki and energy flow/work of all kinds. That’s what i would love to see a post about. I’m 2 years into working with the Reiki practice/method of laying of hands. I love it and plan on doing it forever!!! Love brother!!!!

  17. Could you advise on what to do when having to deal with people (on YouTube for example) who are so incredibly materialistic and narrow-minded? I once encountered someone who simply decided to freely hand out a psychiatric diagnosis to me because it was impossible for us to understand each other. The question then is: why do we continue to do what we are doing even though it obviously doesn’t work?

    Why do people still ignore or ridicule that which is so obvious (reincarnation, the Field, etc.)? Why do people give of the impression that they want to openly communicate although the only thing they ever want to do is to compete and to simply stick with their own stories without ever accepting anything that does not conform to their expectations?

    Rarely do I encounter people who are willing to integrate so-called conflicting information into their own usual stories. The illusion of conflict occurs because the dominant majority of people is not too intelligent as a matter of fact :-).

    My soul entity has probably asked for this experience to occur in order to learn and progress :-).

    1. All I can say in reference to your comments is that I agree with you though I will add my own point of view in reference to those people that are so intensely close minded. Sadly, those people that are always so strenuous in their rejections of our way of thinking that they know it all while we are just part of the lunatic fringe (totally freaking bonkers) but that is only because they are still asleep & they sleep through their day, preferring to live the acceptable lie along with not knowing how to survive without as I have begun to do. I am slowly beginning to minimize myself down to the basics, (Not going to give up the PC’s, NO WAY! LOL!) but I am willing to cut back while not being as materialistic as I used to be. I am also severely altering my diet to live healthier while exercising, something that the main stream will never understand as to how its all connected. My energy levels are much higher now & I feel much better for having gotten rid of a lot of the materialistic clutter in my life. The bottom line for sad people like those that attack us people that woke up is that they are all part of the system & will remain as such. Mind you, I may sound as if this is the matrix but I don’t see it that way & I DO NOT equate myself to the character “Neo” More specifically, I see it as us being awake & more in tune with “God- I AM” while the rest are all deaf dumb & blind. Basically, because of a second awakening that happened yesterday or rather a sort of breakthrough that led to an astounding revelation for me, I truly believe that I AM coming even closer to more fully understanding my inner self. Mind you, I do not agree with every last thing that Jordan says but I will give the guy A LOT OF CREDIT! If not for him to simplify it all, I never would have woken up in the first place & for a person like me that had a hard time grasping even the most simplistic math such as geometry & algebra, Jordan has brought it all into perspective for me with the method he used to explain Sacred geometry as he really blew the lid off my formerly small minded & very limited world view. The world is all around us but it is all math which makes so much sense now because as the title of the subject says, it is a sacred subject, more specifically, God used it to make the world & not one sleeping close minded person can see it! That is what makes it so ironic & also very sad but I have faith & I will do my part to help the world WAKE UP!!!

  18. Could it be that our existence in this “universe” that seems to be made up of clusters of our known atoms all which are recorded in the periodic table of elements which in turn cluster together due to the laws of attraction end up equating into molecules, proteins, tissue, organs eventually into different species of lifeform…. Could it be possible the same existence can be achieved in much larger plane of existence eg… clusters of galaxies are actually a precursor or part of a system that’s too big for us to comprehend when really its just another system that works along the same principles

  19. Hello Jordan,

    In one of the spirit science videos it was mentioned that something recently moved from Tibet to another place within the last 10 years. I believe it was talking about the Toroidal Flow. It mentioned that for the last few thousand years it has gone through Tibet and that is why they have been the guardians of spiritual guidance for a long time. I am sorry I may be miss quoting because I forget which video it was in that talked about this. Hopefully you can understand what I am asking, but I am asking where it has moved since?



  20. Hi! I was wondering, do you think ADD/ADHD is correlating to being right brained dominant? I saw what you were explaining about how being productive in society is no better than just letting it all go…. I always thought this too, that whether you have a successful 12 year education, or live your own way, they both have their own benefits and disadvantages, but i thought again, that society demands us to conform, and for those who don’t authority will find a way to sabotage you! What are your thoughts about this? thanks

    1. Dylan?? If you are interested in my opinion on the matter of the subject of ADD/ADHD. Mind you, I also had it though it is almost gone now because of my persistent practice of meditation & my belief is that as Jordan has said in one of his videos, humans are complex creatures, “like unions” LOL! I know that sounds like Shrek but where do you think the creator of the character got that quote in the first place?

      The entire point is that as humans, we truly do have many layers in our mental psyche & there is one layer left that I need to get past before I can finally reach the very core of my innermost self. Mind you, in attempting to get there yesterday morning, I caused my ego/inner animal/child… Well…? Whatever IT is, I AM so happy to have found it because now I understand why every time that I tried to focus my mind or to quit from a bad habit, “my wolf” within, did not like it one bit! Yesterday morning as is my habit if I wake up early enough, I stay in bed for a little while longer while just focusing my mind to meditate & because of one of the many methods that Jordan mentioned… { counting down from 100 to zero )… I discovered my actual inner self { the spoiled rotten self- indulgent animal side of me) AKA> my subconscious willful layer sitting just outside of the dead center of the core of my being & “it” tried to put up a mental block by causing me to have a song stuck in my head that hasn’t quite gone away just yet.

      I am getting there though & IT, being the inner animal ended up revealing itself to me. Of course, you are most likely wondering what any of this has to do with the matter of ADD/ADHD, right? Well, I used to wonder if I would ever succeed at breaking free from any of my addictions, even as frivolous & minor as they were, compared to the hard core addiction issues like gambling, drinking or using rec drugs as a form of escape. Mind you as I stress the word “rec” as in the drugs can wreck you life if you ever even dare to try them only once which I NEVER did but I have known many that did & they never recovered in spite of so many interventions as they lives went down hill in a never ending spiral as they destroyed themselves all in an effort to use an external substance as a means of escape. That is why I am a purist when it comes to real meditation which your body can & will achieve as long as you confront your inner animal & get it muzzled, leashed & caged until it gives up. You don’t need “shrooms” or digital drugs to get away from yourself. What EVERYONE NEEDS, that isn’t awake, is a good swift kick in the pants & the drive to find that inner self to get it under control so before they know it, they won’t need a single damned external distraction to help them deal with life’s tedious & often trying moments. The brain is a tool but the heart is where its truly at & you need to use both to succeed at gaining control of your entire mental self but you DON’T need to use any sort of drugs to get there. You just need to want to be a better person so badly that you will stick to the practice EVERY day!

      Of course, the point here is all about control & a VERY BIG CASE OF MIND OVER MATTER!!! IF you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter which is actually a VERY BIG problem for me because as Jordan has also said, “spirit does what it wants” & in my case, that is VERY BAD for me because until my inner animal finally tripped itself up, even now at the age of fifty, I still have trying moments when all it takes is one little distraction to pull me away from any task that HAS TO be done & then it is completely forgotten UNLESS someone pushes me back to it to finish what I started.

      That is what it is all about with your inner animal or petulant inner child. Now that I know that it is there, granted it is a part of me but becoming so consciously aware to have discovered EXACTLY where in my mind that it resides, I have taken to calling it out as if in a duel at high noon as I have put it on notice that “I AM”… (The conscious self ) not going to allow it to control me any longer. BEFORE I found it, I often had so little energy throughout the day. I would even go to bed early, wake up late & STILL, I felt as if I had no energy at all!!! The ADD/ADHD is also caused by that inner animal which even acts like one sometimes. BEFORE I found “IT” it would cause my mind to wander so much that before I even knew it, my legs were also causing my body to wander around the room & I was only barely aware of it, IF at all.

      The point I am making here is that my inner animal was acting out exactly like a caged animal & in a way, “IT IS” just as “I AM” IF you can understand my meaning ? However, when it comes to all of us, we are each human animals on the subconscious level in a sense of the word & depending on how awake “YOU ARE” or just the opposite, your body is still the vessel or in more accurate terms, it is the cage that your inner animal cannot escape. So, since it can’t, IF you don’t find it or you are not even aware of it, “SPIRIT WILL DO AS IT PLEASES” no matter what you try to stop it which is why every person that made a new years resolution to loose weight or quit smoking cigs, ect… Whatever goal is set, chances are, the inner animal (AKA – the subconscious ) won’t like it at all & it will do whatever it takes to stop YOU -(the conscious self) from succeeding at the goal that you set for yourself.

      Also, aside from my now gradually shrinking ADD/ADHD which, in the gradual absence of it, my mind is much sharper, more focused & my energy levels are rapidly increasing by the day no less! In the past: jogging + exercise = me thinking “Oh! what a drag of a painful chore!” but I know now that my inner animal was trying everything to stop me from committing to the actual act of finally shedding the unwanted 75 LBS which finally brings me to the purest fact that if we all just repeatedly indulge our inner animal, after a long enough period, us being aware of “IT” OR NOT, it will be so strong that it is going to take a Herculean effort to commit to the task of any self-improvement because we have already let our inner animal have its way too many times so we end up doomed to stick to a self-defeating pattern.

      So, there is a moral here to be learned & that is that unless you can see the problem on a ex-ray or MRI machine, chances are very high that since it isn’t a physical problem that can be seen, then logic simply states that it HAS TO BE psychological & the moral? You are the zoo keeper of your own body so nourish your body BUT DON’T FEED your inner animal! If you do, it may chose to devour you, not just the hands you used to indulge it! ALL PROBLEMS that have to do with mental issues that do not have a physical cause that cannot be seen by any imaging means or even any chemical imbalances that ARE NOT found in the average person who is having a problem, all those sorts of invisible issues are caused by the self indulgent inner animal & if you REALLY want to succeed at every task that you set your mind to doing, you better sit down to find your inner animal & get it back in its cage BEFORE it sabotages you right into an early grave! While Jordan is right that “SPIRIT DOES WHAT IT WANTS” ultimately, you are the one that should always be the responsible adult keeper of yourself to police your inner animal so that “spirit will only do as you wish of it” & not what it wants all the time without any sort of mental discipline!

      Of course, I could quote the fictional character “Sherlock Holmes” as I quote, “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth!” Thus, armed with much of the material that Jordan so graciously provided out of the goodness of his heart without ANY expectation of money coming to him, I took whatever of his material that I found to be acceptable to me just the same as everyone does with the many different versions of the bible & I drew my own conclusions. So far, upon doing that while using the same simple logic as Sherlock, I have only one layer as of yet that I need to peel back & then I will go beyond that IF it is possible. I an fairly certain now that it is in light of my more recent revelations so my spiritual journey continues.

      Nuff said & hopefully, I get to actually talk to Jordan one day because without him, I never would have made it this far. He has been a very big part of my life now since mid June of 2015 when I began to wake up. Love to all but especially you Jordan! I would call you a brother to me if we ever met in person

  21. Hello Jordan,

    I too would first like to thank you for your commitment to truth. What you and your team have already accomplished has given me vast encouragement. Thus, I felt compelled reach out to you. Do you have a direct email address that I can send inquires? I have a proposal for a collaboration that could further extend your efforts. Let me know, thanks

  22. First of all thanx in giving me a reason to believe theres people that are actually giving support to deeper understandings of our nowadays reality.

    and I’ve just read a little about yourself but i did saw that u managed and went on traveling the world… if I may ask, how did you managed it??? im so poor i can barely go out of my house, but im definitely interested in traveling the world and expand myself!!!

    thanx for helping me not feel so alone in my thoughts…
    ill be instructing myself with your videos THNXXX!!

  23. Wanted to thank u for ur amazing videos & wanted to ask, does tattoo affects the aura or causes any damedge on anyone who’s on the spiritual path??

  24. iv bin on the path for sometime and spirit science has helped me put peace’s together, confirm the fact that I am not crazy and helped me open up the minds of people around me. I recently went to India searching for answers and got slapped in the face with information. Together my soul tie and i have started building a collective consciousness constantly sharing information with everyone open to learning or hearing what we have to say.

    i want to publish a book full of esoteric poetry layered with subtext for anyone looking for it. I believe that i can effect positive change, iv already filled a book full of it. Any help or advice you could give me on spreading it would be amazing. It would mean the world to me if you would read some.

  25. Hi jordan!
    I learnt so much from you and specially your youtube’s videos. Tho I’m not fully agree with everything, i feel like it’s the right path and the right way.

    I wonder if it’ll be ok if i will translate some of your videos, thoughts and ideas.
    I do appreciate everything you do and make. Your contribution to this world is far beyond what i think you could have imagine.

    All the best,
    A council member. 🙂

  26. First, the reason i post this here is because i have yet to find any way to contact the board administer on the community forums, given my situation.

    Why is it that to contact a board administer about receving no registation email, to log in on the community forums, needs you to be loged in? If i can’t log in because i got no activation email (i am above the age 13) how will i contact any administrator to get this sorted out if i need to be loged in to contact them? I can’t make a new account because my emale is being used by the one that i never got an activation email for. I added the address to safe senders and everything, used the resend activation email about 10 times, and still nothing. I want to post and comment on the forums but i can’t, at least not in the preferred way.

    Besides that, love the videos, they are amazing.

    1. You’re absolutely right, that’s ass backwards. We’re working on getting a board administrator… we don’t really have one just yet 😛 We are building a development environment to be able to make it really easy to make new things without breaking everything, and it’s just taking some time.

  27. hi jordan ,i am really impressed by your work i would really like to talk to you personally asap very imp..thank you for all the love and insight good work pls pls try to contact me i will help you know more about what you are learning as i come from hindu family and with many gurus really you need to know more thank you

  28. Since the first day that a friend of mine turned me onto you I have been a follower and a fan, every human that comes into the house is brought in and turned on to it and everything else that you have available. It is the perfect time for a program like this….it brings hope and smiles to everyones face who has had the privledge of watching. We discovered you after watching a you tube video called sacred vibration and emotion…..it was magic to have you waiting for us at the end and for someit has been the very begining of their journey…..Brandon thank you for the gift of all theis good information and Jordon thank you for understanding the importance of just such a wonderful spiritually charged program what could be better at these times, full of fear and deception…………..a sweet little cartoon to help change and super charge the earth. Karla

  29. Thank you for your work, your efforts to change the world, and the inspiration you are to others. I discovered “spirit science” a few months ago and finally decided to leave a comment .. here are your blog site rather than the other locations you appear to pop up 🙂

    While I am often surprised by the conclusions (or suggestions, or ‘ways to consider’) you make, I am always impressed by the diversity and openness you bring to each topic. Many of the subject areas or topics you bring forward have crossed my path – I am very curious about many things.

    Since I have noticed you have asked for suggestions, you may wish to check out the work by Louise LeBrun and the WEL-Systems Institute (www.WEL-Systems.com). I believe you may find some interesting insights and some very practical approaches to transformation, changing your life, your world and the reality you experience.

    Once again, thank you for continuing to create works of interest, questions and insights.

  30. Whatever i have experienced from your videos is unexplainable , i never in my life could think that there could be stuff’s like u say through ur videos. It really did change my way. i maybe immature , but my mind’s mature enough to know there is something mystical about you. Thank you for your mind opening thoughts. i just wish i could be like you. Truly awesome work. 🙂 . the closest thing i have experienced to being whole is through your videos thank you for that ^_^

  31. Hi…should I start with “u might think I’m crazy but…”……….isn’t there a saying about there being a thin line between crazy people n exceptional ones???
    Anyway…..my mom is rh neg…… I’ve always thought we were different……ive had as long as I can remember….dreams…..some clear as day…some “clouded” leading to deja vu moments all about my life….I knew things young….. I knew I would love n have children with a twin…but I could not see his face… Other things I can not even speak of….I want to establish my ancestry… I feel my children
    N I were meant for something great

  32. Dear readers,

    Even with all this beautiful and good intended info, you are still eating a big EGO poo sandwich that’s keeping you separate from your one source. Just how the EGO intended it to do with all it’s trick’s…..

    Openminded, and want to get closer to the truth? Check out the following book;




  33. Dear Jordan, I have been trying to get a hold of you for quite a while now. Do you have an email address I can email or something? Mine is rickybrooksri16@gmail.com if you want to reply to this. I really would like to talk with you and get to know you more. I share similar interests and believe in similar things. However, I do need help in many aspects of spiritualism. Also, I have many suggestions for you. Please do reply to me as soon as possible. Yours, Ricky

  34. Hello Jordan!
    I am One, of the Many, who would like your email address. Such a thing is dangerous for One so popular to give out, i understand. I assure you two things should you decide to reply; 1) One long email 2) To keep my contacts addresses private.
    If your wondering why I ask, I want your opinion on moving forward with a goal that defeats itself, brings about happiness, but at the cost of losing it. Confused? It’s paradoxical in nature, not that I am trying to be confusing, it just is. If you want to see something first, I have left comments on a couple of your videos under the screen name of Cantwealljustgetalongnoimsorry. Its a depressing name, but I am trying to promote harmony in chaos, civil discussion between warring factions, expressing oneself, and standing up for your beliefs while never bringing down the beliefs of someone else.
    So I know your a busy guy but send me a quick message if you can, I hope we can open each other’s eyes.

  35. I figured I’d send a message to you as I’ve been paying a lot of attention to Spirit Science for the last couple of years. For one I already know that I’m an Indigo, although I never knew it had a name. I was diagnosed with ADHD when I younger because I couldn’t sit still in class and listen to the monotones and needed to move around and explore objects rather then just reading about them. Although I’m not sure if I fall into the other category, but I may have picked up a few tricks that seem to be learned almost naturally. Just by looking at someone I can determine if that individual is a “bully type” and so far I haven’t been proven wrong on those determinations and I’ve made hundreds. But that is not all, I can also tell if they are willing to learn or if they will simply ignore it. As for the indigo part, every single thing mentioned as an indicator I recognized right away as being part of my self. When I’m alone and uninterrupted, I can disassemble, diagnose and reassemble engines, computers and various other things with a high level of success, put people with me and then things don’t get accomplished. I also apparently see things others don’t and it gets very troubling when I try to point it out. I’m very detail oriented and have a high level of situational awareness, even in a crowded shopping mall when I RARELY visit them. A few close friends mentioned that I could of been a spy…right.

    I would like to have a discussion about these things if you are interested.

  36. Hi Jordan! I LOVE all your Spirit Science Lessons. Thank-you for bringing this to the world. I just saw the clip on the recent summit of world leaders. So weird… there was a holographic image of a triangle floating in the middle of a circle and all the world leaders except Obama was wearing a triangle on their lapel. It’s so creepy! I just wanted to know what your take on it is. I know I shouldn’t be worried because that doesn’t serve me or anyone else but it’s hard not to be when it appears we are at the mercy of a select group of powerful world leaders.

    I so appreciate you and what you’re doing. Again, THANK-YOU!
    Sending some love from Canada to you, Robin

  37. Thank you for your blogs and videos. I’ve not only learned a lot, but I’ve come to realize that I am not alone in my ideas and thoughts. You’re amazing, keep up the good work.

  38. Some time around December, my friend read an article about the discovery of some kind of red substance which inhabited South America, Africa or Asia; she can’t remember which. The article she read said that this substance was living, would spread unless contained and whatever this life form was, it was not carbon-based like the rest. If you can dig up any information about this, could you please either write a post or make an animation about it?

  39. Hi Jordon,
    i watched the videos which u post in youtube (Hidden human history, Spirit Science). I wanna make this a book. Can i do it.

    Thanks and regards

  40. Hi Jordan,

    First, I want to thank you so much for your videos! They have been very helpful. I am leaving a comment because I am pregnant and would love to have a ‘metaphysically fit’ pregnancy. Do you know of any metaphysical books on pregnancy. Thank you!

  41. What would happen to the living being of water if millions of us UNIFY with the water in our own bodies and shift our relationship to all water everywhere? Unify.org Asks Us On Saturday March 22 to #LoveWater and Join Them at 3:00 PM in Your Local Time Zones to create a wave of intention moving across the planet.

    The Global Synchronized Moment for the World’s Waters
    Begins @ 3:00 pm US PST:

  42. On Saturday, March 22nd, World Water Day, There Will Be A
    Global Synchronized Water Ceremony Put On By Unify.org


  43. Greetings everyone.
    I’m new here, but have been watching the Spirit Science videos (which I love!), and I had a question. I am a very spiritual person, on disability recovering from an AIDS diagnosis, and while I’m doing great now (looking in to starting a new career in nutrition) I live in a rather bad part of San Francisco (the Tenderloin) where just recently 8 people where shot not far from my apartment. I have noticed lately the energy around where I live get VERY negative. In fact I was assaulted by a neighbor for trying to get him to keep the noise level down at 2 in the morning just a few days after the shooting! I’m wondering if anyone knows of a place where I could get a piece of orgonite (the larger the better) for next to nothing, as I’ve not been very successful in manifesting any extra money lately. If anyone would be so kind as to donate one, I would be forever grateful, as would my neighborhood! Please email me if you can or know someone who would. I really hate asking, but I am not sure where else to turn, so I’m calling on my spiritual brothers and sisters! my email is leobilly69@gmail.com.
    Many thanks! Peace&Love!

  44. Any plans on creating a Roku channel so we can watch the videos on tv?
    Jut thinking that it will be great. Thanks, be blessed.

  45. My spiritual path has led me to many of the same conclusions you have made here also. All our paths are so separate and diverse and yet lead to the same places! A few years ago I was following the tenth dimension site and have not been engaging for a long time. I found your site while revisiting there. I now know that my opinions are just a part of my heart and I meditate on the fact that we are so insignificant physically to the all of creation but are connected so as to be as one with it all. It creates within me a hemi-sync like physical feeling that I felt the first time I connected with God and knew. I don’t know if I would be at this place if I did not have the knowledge that’s available today that continues to inspire me.

  46. I neglected to tell how much I enjoy your presentations. My carrier was in animation and know how much work you need to do in making these. Good work and God bless.

  47. Hey,

    I was hoping to get in touch. Email me back or add me on Facebook: Nasser Qabazard.

    I’d really like to talk about possible collaboration.

  48. Jordan, on names and synchronicity: I loved your bit about names, btw. Today I saw your Spirit Science on the history of earth. (13 i think?) Anyway, I paused and gasped at the bit about Kryst hla, took a quick pic and sent it to my daughter, Krystal. Her first and middle names, given her when I was a good little Christian, is Krystal Indigo. And boy is she ever!!!!!!!!! So today I discovered that she and I in our higher consciousness chose an even more sacred and ancient moniker for her. wow. she was blown away too.
    I almost named her Jordan! lol!!!
    and my name means little gift of god innkeeper. I also wanted to tell you that you are, in my very ancient system of the cards, the King of Clubs. I have studied this system for 20 years or so, and would love to talk with you about it sometime. I also have a blog: clu4earth.wordpress.com
    cheers, and thanks, and keep up the good work. you are such a blessing.

  49. I love what you and your family have been working on. Thank you for sharing new and old ideas. I would love to see you guys do something on motivation, perception and action. I am an artist and I see creative struggle to fit in and be understood. Most seem to not be able to find their voice. I share your videos along with motivational speakers work like Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, Anthony Robbins and many TedTalks to help get people to think and find the resources available to them. I am not sure what to say at the moment, but I wanted to share my appreciation for what you are doing.

    Traditionally I have been known for my work as a photography and body painter, and in an effort to connect back to spirit and substance and figure out what success is I started to ping and round my studies. Your work has helped me think on things on new perspectives and the lives of myself and many friends and colleagues have changed. Now I am working on a new title of Transformational Specialist. My goal is to get people to see what they may be possible of and how they can find resources. I want to continue sharing your work as I believe you are sharing light. Thank you…

  50. Hi, I’m Completely new to my Spirit, I’m just looking forward to let myself loose in this beautiful world but I have a big barrier…. Every one here in my country is a religious maniac… I was trying to find schools from meditation, Reiki healing but nothing… I’m from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico and sorry for not introducing my self, I’m Salomon Behar and I would love to let my spirit free, I really don’t know anyone that could help me here but, if you have a contact here in Guadalajara or you know a School please let me know. Thank you for your help and enjoy life my brother 😀

  51. “I would love to change that paradigm. I would absolutely love to work together with a group of individuals who were so “On it” that we could make anything happen, and we got enough resources and build a super high-tech lab that was free to use by anyone with good intentions and who knew what they were doing, and we could pour our resources into really exploring and publishing all of our data about what a Soul was, what is Spirit, what is Consciousness?” This is exactly how I always felt would be the best way and time spent in my life. The problem is I just have not figured out how to do so. With all different individuals by themselves thinking and creating ideas but usually do not have anybody around them to bounce and vibe ideas on this subject with. Very likely individuals have similar wonderful ideas on the subject but they are not used to there full potential because unlike other studys on subjects we do not have a place for group research n studys. unfortunitly I am not a rich individual so using money as a source to make this happen isn’t currently possible. I WOULD VERY MUCH LIKE TO GET THIS IDEA IN MOTION SO IF ANYONE HAS ANY INPUT PLEASE FEEL FREE.

  52. Hi there fellow spirit people of this Eart.
    I’m wondering how do i get involved in this project of making this chaotic world a better place. We’re in desperate times where all the help is needed where ever it’s needed, i just feel helpless just by myself and need someone to do this with because i can’t do this alone, no one can…..
    ~I’ve been watching you series and episodes for a bit time now, almost two years but none doesn’t show nor say how anyone can get involved even though the big picture episode says we’re all involved…
    This is why i’m searching for help and giving out a helping hand to make this project a reality, as i said i can’t do this alone witch makes me believe neither can you…
    You can contact me on my Email or my facebook page wich is Daniel Jæger Knudsen…

  53. Hello,

    My name is Alain, I work with the Resonance Project team (Jamie Janover)
    We want to subtitle in French some of your Spirit Science videos talking about black holes.
    If we send you the subbed videos or the subs in .ssa, could you upload them on Spirit Science in a new Playlist: Spirit Science in French? Then we put a link to your channel.

    Please contact us via email.

    Million thanks in advance,

  54. I do trust all the concepts you’ve introduced on your post.
    They’re really convincing and will definitely work. Nonetheless, the
    posts are too quick for starters. Could you please extend them a bit from subsequent time?
    Thanks for the post.

  55. Hello Jordan Pearce! I love your work! Is there a faster way to talk to you or your team? Do you promote meetings? Thank you for everything! Daniela

  56. Hi Jordan I would like to connect u with someone in Poland so I would be very glad if u send me your details I’m very exited what u already done ad your lovely team I would also want some good contact with Drunvalo and Other ‘ Key ‘ players
    in transformation that’s My friend website and his work
    He was born with Master Number 33
    http://www.violetflame-merkaba.com/en/your-place-force.html I would Love to connect as much people as possible with all environments But soon I would be daddy 😀 I really believe in synergy of all us 😀
    Have great Day
    Greetings from Scotland
    Michal Wolicki
    150 Market Street

  57. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied
    on the video to make your point. You definitely know what youre talking about,
    why waste your intelligence on just posting videos to your blog when you could be giving us something informative to read?

    My page: Click here now

  58. Jordan, i am writting from México city. I had the call 6 months ago to contact you but i got today the second call. I hope in my heart this post will be seen.
    I am part of a great movement of light in México and It is time for us to connect for our greater good.
    I am big fan and love what you have done.
    Namaste 🙂

  59. Greetings,

    I have recently stumbled across your blog and saw that you often blog about confirmation and spirituality. I find topics like this to be completely enlightening. I don’t know if you have ever heard of Kirk Nugent, he is an incredible Light Worker. He writes and lives the same spiritual lifestyle that you write about. I think you may find him interesting. Take a look at the video I have attached and you will understand how life changing he can be. Thank you for your time I hope you find Kirk Nugent as inspirational and life changing as I do. I’d love to know what you think about him.

  60. I recently saw your “Do something rant” and I’ve got to say, that you make quiet a few mistakes in your video, with many in your spirit “science” channel. First off the video wasn’t even a rant at all as you clearly expressed no anger nor vigor in the case of an argument, which an actual rant does. Second off the entire video was pretty much an over-summarization of “honesty is the best policy” and “the truth will set you free” which a lot of people have heard, rendering the video to be pretty much pointless. Third off and this is my opinion here, it appears that your not taking these videos seriously, or what you say for that matter. I have to a agree with Martymer81 that what your doing is tricking foolish people to believe in your Pseudoscience and BS theories with what you claim is right. Jordan, if you are going to do something and or rant about it “DO IT RIGHT” and be truthfully honest with your viewers and not bias. Spirit does not equal science as it is a complete oxymoron. Leave out the oxy and your left over with the moron, which would be you.

  61. My email to Mr. Tornhill:

    Hello there,
    this is year zero, day four.

    These days you have seen many unnatural appearances of “godly” presence.

    On a day one, female plants were released of their karmic burden.
    On a day two, female animals,
    on a third day, female humans.

    Now is a day four, this is now up to us, to explain to them, that they have to trust us on us having this sensetaion of smelling the pollen.

    Hence pollen is a male component of a plant life, you will today realize releasing of the karmic burden of those, tommorrow I would say we will see the male animals releasing their karmic burdens. On a sixth day, You will be releasing that as well.

    On a seventh day – I will either release command of the Sun, or become a new ruler of the Universe… 😉


    PS: Don’t have a static address, and no regular income, [homeless], so can not join internet discussions over “skype” or phone at this moment.

    PPS: Will try to release more informations as often as possible…

    PPPS: Send Your Love to your Wife,
    also send my apology to Mr. David Talbott, as i have unfortunately remembered his name first before yours…

  62. Hey man, could you please spare a few minutes and e-mail me (the same one I used to post this message). I have some questions about an experience I had with someone about a year ago that I still haven’t been able to really figure out yet. However, I feel like I am on the right track now which has brought me to here and now. I am not sure what this person was able to get me to do but it was an entire “environmental” experience. I’d tell you the whole story in an e-mail if you’d like. I’m just wondering what may have happened; was I astral projecting without even knowing it? or through meditation was she able to get us into the 4th dimension (Astral Realm) specifically the middle frequency. From what little knowledge I’ve just recently gathered, both of those things are not considered “easy” to do so you may have your doubts as I have never really attempted either of these things (yet) on my own…BUT they are the only things that could at least somewhat explain the night I had with this woman. Let me tell you what happened and you can give me your best opinion please. Also, sorry for contacting you this way but it seemed like the only way I could find? Thank you.

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  64. Howdy! Quick question that’s entirely off topic.
    Do you know how to make your site mobille friendly? My blog
    looks weird when viewing from my iphone. I’m trying to find a theme
    or plugin that might be able to fix this problem. If you have any suggestions, lease share.
    Appreciate it!

  65. Hey Jordan,

    Love you! Love your videos! I was asked by Thoth about a year ago to play the next video i pulled up once, it was a spirit science video. That’s how i found you. I have been trying to reach out to you but haven’t had a chance to. Thoth is my spiritual teacher because I am the physical reincarnation of Anubis (you be the judge on that one). We have come to finish what we have started here on earth and you, so far, have the most accurate Historia Crux. Please check your Facebook messages Jordan, I used some negative energy then boosted up through the kabbal chakras et ect to the highest point i could yesterday to bring you the true sincere message i have for you at the end of my IM. Im sure you will understand, i tried to keep the negative energy funny for you, you may get a good laugh out of my final fantasy jokes and intersteller punchlines =p

    We are the Dragons, Alpha Draconians, Thubans from Draco, read the astral chart i sent you. You dont have to be afraid, we just need guidance with our “properties” we own. We gathered them up from the end of planck time and omniversal data (edge of universe en total) and i can teach you all about them ^.^ Remember, Anubis was the God of The Other Side. You thought the Jews were impressive, just look what we can show you. Look up Ron Van Dyke’s messages with The Red Dragon or The Dragon News Network (DNN) for more details ( http://darkphipps.tumblr.com/ )

    As always, have fun on the great path!

    Morgan Fates Anubis De Whynot

  66. Thank you!

    You are an incredible inspiration. You’ve changed my life and way of thinking profoundly. For me, your videos took endless chaotic and conflicting scraps of information, mythology, religious beliefs, and even fantasy worlds of fiction and swirled them together into an elegant, beautifully complex pattern that now serves to color practically every thought I have.

    Your words cheer me when I feel troubled, and add to my ecstasy when I am feeling perfectly at one with my path and the whole of everything.

    I hope one day, when I have ascended enough, I might meet you and embrace you as a brother, but regardless, I take great pleasure in knowing I have true purpose in helping your mission to enlighten the world, in such ways that I know how (mostly by talking people’s ears off in coffee shops, and whenever it seems like I am dealing with an open mind, by sharing your videos!)

    Thank you so much!

  67. Thanks for the marvelous posting! I genuinely enjoyed reading it,
    you might be a great author. I will always bookmark your blog
    and definitely will come back in the foreseeable future. I
    want to encourage that you continue your great posts, have a nice day!

  68. Hi there Jordan!

    You have been hand selected by our team to be one of the first instructors of Creator Course! We are inviting you to be a part of something exciting and unparalleled.
    First, we need to be able to send you the invitation and prezi explaining what we are up to! Please send your email address to: CreatorCourse@gmail.com

  69. Hi Jordan.
    I have been led to this ‘site trying to contact you. I have seen your Human History video as well as Spirit Science 1 and 4 or 5, (the one with keys to past). But I am amazed as to where and how you got all those info in HH video. I know its based from D Melchizidek (channelings) and Edgar Cayce, but what got me interested is the fact that the video explained about the 4 major religions we have today, and maybe some more. You said its only a theory. If this is not true then what is, knowing that people normally say that their religion is right and that is wrong. This one explains everything… What religion are you most associated with? Obviously you are not alone in making the video. Are you being supported by someone or a group? If so who are they? I have met an Indian Sikh who told me things kind of similar to the video.. and its very interesting to know about ancient times, our history..

  70. i am going to email you a vidio on crop circles that clearly shows the god particle. i was speechless. it will come to this channel directly from youtube.

  71. Hi Jordan,

    I wanted to thank you deeply from my soul for the videos you have made 🙂

    They have been an inspiration to myself and many of my friends as something positive to hold onto as we have gone through the painful process of “waking up” and coming to terms with the frightening reality we are currently facing in the world today.

    I would love to interview you. I’m an investigative journalist and activist based out of Toronto. My sister has recently started an artist’s group for positive change and we use many of your videos as educational tools for our meetings.

    Please let me know if you are interested. I’d be happy to work around your schedules and requirements and to compensate you for your time (or knit you a nice scarf or something 🙂 LOL.

    Thank you so much, Jordan. I am very curious to learn more about what inspired you to do this, how you went about your research and how you generally survived throughout this process. You are a leader and a hero. Not unlike Edward Snowden. Thank you so much for caring about something and not being afraid to say it.


  72. Hi Jordan,

    I work with Amit Kainth, the author of The Gift which came out about 8 weeks ago.

    I was wondering if you can get in touch with me, I have some business ventures to discuss with you! 🙂 Spirit Science is one of the best inspirations we find to finish his set of books. Currently working on the second one.

    Let me know!

  73. I would love to hear your thoughts concerning “coral castle “. Ever since first learning of it the “dots ” have been coming into my field of vision and are connecting and speeding up what I believe to be my own personal awakening . Ultimately the reason I stumbled onto/into spirit science. I feel something deep something different when I watch videos and attempted explanations about coral castle and its builder Edward Leedskalnin. please share what your thoughts are about this strange topic . Thank you for being you .
    John Moseley

  74. Jordan,

    I really appreciate your work. I have had the opportunity to study and watch, and re-watch, and re-watch the spirit science library and wanted to reach out to you.

    I am aggressively building and creating energy efficiency products that will make Tesla blush.

    My goal in life is to create an opportunity for people to be free from energy bills, free from debt, free from poor education, and free from the inside.

    They will all begin to work together, but my specialty and best way I have found is to lead with energy efficiency as a way to make a very large impact, build a network of people, and build resources to fuel change.

    I am reaching out to you, because with your mind, there has to be a way we can team up together even on a small project to begin making the positive changes we both want to see in the world.

    Is there anything specifically that I can help you with? Is there any guidance you can give me?

    If you would like to have a conversation, please email or call me and we can have an opportunity to see if we can make a difference together in a small or large way.

    Andy Bittner

  75. Hi Jordan! I really appreciate the videos you post on YouTube, they changed my life. After watching them, I feel uninspired to go to school and sit my desk and not even learn, and I’d rather watch your videos and learn even in biology which I used to love. But spirit has taken over. It just seems so profound. I have a question. How can I do what you did, and sell my stuff and move away and leave school. I’m considering it. I feel as though I’ve gotten caught up in not a good flow, filled with consumer culture and having way more stuff than I need. I just want to let it all go. How can I do this? Thank you again, you’ve honestly changed my life. P.S. You’re parables make me cry of realiation of what really matters.

  76. Hi Jordan,

    Thank you for the information you provide. You have really helped me better understand my purpose in this life. I’d like to share a creative video I recently stumbled upon on Vimeo about Fibonacci.

    Here is the link:

    All the best,

    Joel Gonzalez

    1. Hey man i agree but this guys so busy… Im of like mind… But maybe you and i could chat… I dont know about you but i want to do something at least spread the word…kraftdinner-guy@hotmail.com

  77. Hi, I think I met you in my dream last night. We spoke for a while. “Who are you?” I asked. “Call me Jordan,” you said. I woke up shortly afterwards to find a blizzard outside, so I stayed home today. The first thing in my email box was a link from a friend to the “hidden history” Spirit Science video. I watched it and I found a lot that was familiar, since I’ve done Drunvalo’s Merkaba workshop. Your name on the site caught my eye after the dream, so I followed my attention here. Great job! I’ll stay tuned for more of your work. I am a fellow lightworker artist who strives to connect spirit/analysis and soul/creativity, so I trust these kinds of connections. Please drop me a line if you are moved. Om tat sat!

  78. Hey Jordan, don’t know if you would ever have the chance to read this but I would like to let you know I have been listening to your YouTube videos for several years now I’ve never written to you before but I would like to let you know how much you have enlightened me through the years, you broden my prospective, this world could be such a lonely place when you feel like you are the only one listening and understanding why you are here.
    It is so good to see a young person such as yourself, leading others, finding your way through this insane world, I always thought if everyone would just come together with the knowledge they had and enjoyed we could most difinitly make a changing world,
    and there you were saying the same darn thing.
    You encourage me when I feel no one is listening.

    I like that video game you created, as I always told my 2 boys I wish you would create games that would enlighten and educate children instead of brain washing them and teaching them home to become killers. The mind is something that needs to be nutured in order to bring peace, a game that is created to teach children how to distroy and kill things are locked in th sub conscious until one day when ready to be used, why not games to teach love truth and understanding. I am so against violence in any which way or form as in games of any kind. Please I encourage you to continue to created your you tube videos into games my kids can play, they are the one who will create change they are the minds we need to work on because they grow up so fast and they are influenced so easily. I love you Jordan you are my hero. Ciara Sapphire.

    1. Hey man hes just a man…ive been watching him tio but we need to spreqd this stuff… email me lets do something too change this world…

  79. Hey Jordan Pearce my name is Blake I was wondering if I could talk to you directly so do you have an email or possibly any other type of social media or something I could talk to u on?

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  81. Hi Jordan,

    I would like to share an unusual article with you about aliens.
    If you’re interested, please reply to my email, I’m interested in hearing your thoughts about it and would be nice to even post it on Spirit Science page.

  82. Hi Jordan,

    Thank you for the energy you’re spreading to help evolve consciousness.

    I’d like to quickly chat with you about a book I’ve written “Ayahuasca: An Executive’s Enlightenment”. I’m launching a crowdfunding campaign April 14, and I’d be honoured if you would share it via your channels. I think the book will help and inspire a lot of people, and there are some wonderful perks for everyone who gets involved.

    If you’ll please reply via e-mail, I’m happy to share more information and hop on a quick phone call. I won’t take much of your time, and I’m confident you’ll see the value in this project. It’d be an honour to have your support.

    All the best,

  83. You are just the coolest guy out there :D!!! U should have been a billionaire by now with those cute ass insightfull videos, Number 1 FAN.. I admire you for all of your effort and witts and spirit, Looking forward to meeting you one day, if not here, over there 😉 You are the best , and i wish you even more greatness then you practice ,
    Love brother

    1. Andi90gl@hotmail.com

      Im starting to head in your direction and i dont have as much knowledge as u but i have the basics in order and its from personal experience so if u feel like u got to much on your plate and u could use some help contact me and we can figure something out, Im 24 and i wanna spread love <3

  84. Hey man i agree but this guys so busy… Im of like mind… But maybe you and i could chat… I dont know about you but i want to do something at least spread the word…

  85. Thanks for all of your insights and that of others you have shared, from what I have read about and felt in the world around me I have gained something that I know in my heart to be special for everyone. I really love talking to people about spirituality, what it has done for me and not justifying to skeptics but simply offering up how it makes me feel more special and connected everyday.

    Really enjoy all the spirit science stuff and love to converse with someone who has insights to share and might help with some of what i have experienced since my spiritual awakening.

  86. I want to be a part of spirit science
    Please let me know how I can be around such beautiful souls ☀
    Much love,

  87. Dear Jorden Pearce,
    My name is Meghan. I was 8 years old when i started to get my dreams. They were very vivid and real. It felt like I was actually there in my dream. Like it wasn’t a dream at all. They would make me wake up crying at night or make me wake up happy but they were always just a part of me.
    When j would try to talk to someone about them they would just shrug it off and sometimes I thought I was crazy because sometimes I would dream of the future and my dreams would come true.
    As I have gotten older my dreaming abilities have gotten more advanced. I have been able to astral project, meaning being able to travel outside my body, and I have been able to lucid dream, take control of my dreams and dream in the day. They have gotten more vivid and specific. It has always been hard to deal with them since it has caused me a lot of trouble sleeping. Making friends has also been sort of hard because my dreams make me different. Since I have gotten into college though I have found friends that take me as I am and don’t think I’m crazy.
    I have always been spiritual. My mother was Wiccan and we loved to talk to Mother Nature and be down to earth. I was never afraid to talk to her or listen to her speak to me. Now though I feel that Mother Earth is talking to me again. Only I feel she is panicked or upset. The messages she has been sending me in the last few months give me anxiety and are telling me she is not okay. I have been really worried..
    That is why I want to share my dreams and visions to other. For the sake of trying to understand them. I want to use my dreams to the best of my ability because I don’t believe in coincidences.

    i need to talk to you about what I see. Its a message. I feel it in my bones. I am meant to spread it. I know it sounds crazy but please. Listen to what Ihave to say.

  88. Our world today has evolved into a corner. We have an overwhelmingly large population with an even more overwhelmingly disccorded political systems in place. One which by nature causes fractures and rivalries, even a sense of ego. Sounds ugly, negative, and downright depressing even.
    But nothing can ever be entirely negative. What do we do when we’re “backed in a corner”? We strategize, we look for a way out or around, we consider what we might need to sacrifice… Some of this thinking is what got us HERE. But if we really start wisening up we might notice that resources are abundant especially if we stop thinking in terms of: what’s here on earth terms. If we do that we can stop processing raw materials here. In fact metal alloys crystallize in a more pure form in zero gravity. We could stop our carbon footprint on earth almost entirely. If we could just replace our primary forms of personal and good transportation with something like ion propulsion, or maybe even figure out how to manipulate gravity. That would open the door for instantaneous interstellar travel and communication. That last bits a long leap all of the sudden, but the thing is we’ve been waiting so long on a few key pieces to fall in place that all the theory is already there. We just need to get around this idea that people need religion, government, or even currency. These are not needs to life. Discovery, fulfillment, enjoyment these are needs to living.

  89. Jordan! I have some incredible pictures I’d like to share with you. Pictures I took of the sun a few days ago unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can I contact you & send them to you? I would love to hear your thoughts as well.

  90. Jordan,
    I am SO excited to see where Spirit Science goes, it has completely changed my outlook on the world and made me feel so much more connected with humanity, realizing that I’m not alone in seeing the connection between everyone and everything. I have always been an empath which has caused a lot of emotional trauma (I’m still learning to only allow in that which contributes to the highest good) and it brings me so much joy and so much peace to know that there are other people out there who have looked around at the state of the world and known that we can do SO MUCH BETTER!
    I have a background in finance and have been delving into programming the last 6 months and seeing you ask for help in these areas has been one of those moments in my life when all of a sudden, it feels like there was a reason for this knowledge. It’s difficult to lead a spiritual life while also learning the most logical and structured systems out there. Being able to help you craft the programs, websites, buildings (did I mention I also took interior design classes?), festivals, pay schedules, etc would be a dream come true. I would finally have the chance to use the knowledge I’ve gathered over these last 25 years, in all of the different areas that I’ve studied (however briefly), in a way that is helping to awaken the world.

    Point being,
    I would love to help in any way that I can, in any way that you need. All of my love to you and the rest of the Spirit Science team, and if there is anything at all that I may be able to help you with, please let me know. I have the skills, I have the experience, I have the passion and the drive and I am just aching to move this world forward into a new era of discovery.

    You are all AMAZING wonderful beautiful people and I can’t wait to see what else spirit science has in store 🙂



  91. Hi There,

    I’m interested in advertising my website content on your Facebook Fan Page. If that’s possible, I’ll be more than happy to discuss with you for the terms.

    Best Regards,
    Kire Zdraveski

  92. Are your books translated into Hebrew as well?
    I really want to read your books 🙂

    Thank you
    Honey Barell

  93. u copy’d ur story from Helena Blavatsky’s 1888’s book ‘The secret Doctrine’ ur not the inventor or writer at all, this is a big scam and this is btw also the bases of German Mystic Anti-semitism and National Socialism, ‘this bullshit killed 6 million jews” u punk

  94. hello Jordan I hope you get to see this. I am very interested in your work with spirit science and your videos have open something inside of me that I have never felt before given me a purpose when at the time I feel I have none. I know feel as though I can help in the change. Given the situation I am in at this time it restricts me from being any big help this is why I send you this message. All I ask is a chat with you personally I have had some great realisations personally which relate directly to your theory of spirit science. Please contact me I have left a post on your fb as well. Happy journeys

  95. Jordan, you’re an inspiration to me. I hope to meet you some day. You have a powerful voice. Thanks for everything that you do. Sometimes I feel like the quotes you put up go directly into my heart, speaking its language. You are onto the pulse, man. You’re a true inspiration and a rad person. Keep up the great work. It’s a special gift that you have. – Ben

  96. Jordon, you’re a creep, and I bet you even know it. Promoting woo and (grossly!) misrepresenting science is wrong and that’s about all you seem to do. Please stop.

  97. Jordan,
    I started watching spirit science videos in 2014. I felt an immediate connection with the information that I was being flooded with. It was all stuff I had been questioning and wondering about. Your little blue guy gives quite a presentation, I might add. I even let my 3yr old daughter watch the videos 🙂
    From this article about yourself I realized that you and I were both born in the year 1991. Also, the numbers 19 & 24 have always been prominent in my life.. Your Birthday is not only on the 19th but May 19th, which is MY DAD’S BIRTHDAY (crazy lifelong story about my dad I will tell you if and when we ever speak) being the person I have grown to love and kinda know I am sure you will find these “coincidences” as fascinating as I.
    Anyways I would love to join the spirit team and plan to do so, somehow some day!

    I know that you have tons of followers and get comments on your multiple articles, blogs, ect BUT I am willing into existence that you will read this… I don’t know when but I know that you will when the time is right. I love you Jordan Pearce, I appreciate you and all the you do. You and yours that is. I know you are not alone!
    Love &light

  98. Hi Jordan,

    Firstly thanks for all of the wonderful work you do – it is always inspirational to follow your work. I have been following Spirit Science videos for the last year and as the person above has commented I instantly felt connected to what you were talking about!

    I’m still on a big journey but I know that a lot of the ideas you talk about are in the direction of where i want to be in my life. I’m currently living in a different country with my partner for his work which means I’m lucky enough to basically work part time. I find whenever I work full time I lose that connection that I so badly require for life. I absolutely love my job working with children but I do feel like a robot that doesn’t ‘feel’ things. People tell me not to ‘worry’ about it but to me life is about feeling and being conscious?

    I was wondering if you or anybody else had some advice or guidance?
    Nicole 🙂

  99. So, i’m trying to register with the spirit science forums, because i thought this post probably belonged there. So, this is my last resort if you will, to convey this thought to you.

    All the pyramids in bolivia and egypt all line up with Orion’s Belt. That fundamental pattern is obvious. So, if you look at the earth on a 2d map, and you say ok, bolivia, there’s one star. Egypt, there’s the other star, then continue that pattern, proportionately, and you will come to a third point somewhere. I’m still contemplating where, but that’s not the point.

    Now you have 2 dimensional representation on a 3 dimensional globe. Oh yeah, it’s spinning to. Really really fast.

    Do you see the shape i am trying to describe?

    Feel free to add me on facebook if you’d care to chat more. Ron.palmer.121 the picture is a collage of cartmans 🙂

    Love your work sir, be well.

  100. One problem I have, specifically with Spirit Science ONE was the quote of “Those who speak of illness have it” and “whatever it is (and it’s hard to come to terms with) It’s your fault.”

    This made me incredibly angry as a person. I have said harsher things elsewhere but to you specifically I think you need to revisit that and at least word it better. I mean, by that logic everything that I have been through (And if you wanna talk to me personally about all of that stuff then by all means just prepare for a long life story) has been my fault and it’s horrifying to me. Please look into this sometime, I’m just very stressed from a lot of things including most definately what you said.

  101. I think ‘oneness’refers to the space beyond the space you can imagine. It’s much more plausible than trying to attach a biological explanation to the notion. The biological explanation can be broken down…a water droplet falls and ripples (yes, molecules/atoms and all), but the idea of this tying me to a person/place/thing in some far off land is subjective at best.

    Objective clarification (something we westerners covet) runs contrary to the notion of faith. As we are told by our indigenous brothers and sisters, just believing, feeling, knowing is plenty. We are connected, we are one. But to sooth the ever active western intellect (which too often gets in the way) try this…close your eyes….you see blackness, so do I. Clear your mind of thoughts (meditate). Now you/we/I are somewhere much deeper…a place of imagination, dreams. Far more is achievable in this realm of infinite possibility. I propose that ALL creations can arrive here…can we agree that an animal, a tree, an insect, can detach from limited sense and arrive in an inner universe? In a place of dreams? can this place then be described as a place where we are all considered as one? …In my opinion the answer is NO – there is far too much recourse here that is tied to our physical being/experiences.

    so, what then is beyond the blackness? what is beyond our capacity to imagine? What lies beyond the boundary of our inner universe? this in my opinion is where we are all connected. this is where we can describe the connection of ‘oneness’ inherent. a metaphysical place that cannot be confirmed nor’ denied…a source. a place that is most easily tapped (as animals) when the triumvirate of mind, body, and spirit work in alignment.

    Think of times when you are in ‘attuned’ (physically, mentally, spiritually) to an activity you LOVE and have committed to entirely. The mind is active and yet passive to your reactions. The spirit glows with excitement/joy for what you are engaged in. the body reacts with precision to the hundreds of hours you have committed to training it. You are focused…you are in the zone. You are tapping source.

    Great (timeless) athletes, artists, musicians have all tapped into this source and that is why the masses respond so favorably to their creations; because some part of us recognizes it’s connection to source…and thusly it’s connection to us. It’s also why a forest is so healing – it’s much more innate connection to source. oceans, the sky, the moon, the sun…all much more innately connected to a place beyond what we can intellectually comprehend. And yet we all know that they exert an influence on us…literally and metaphysically. If one can acknowledge it’s existence than one can more easily express the notion of oneness. here there are no dividing lines, no great distances, and no barriers to the notion that You, We, Us, I, All are connected. in this place (source) we are all very much ONE.

    I believe that the collective conscious radiates to source, which in turn spreads knowledge (in oneness) to our inner realms of knowing; this best explains why fire was discovered as a tool the world over (simultaneously) in a time when literal connection was impossible. I also believe it’s why ancient cultures were able to communicate beyond our present capacity – because of the acknowledgement and compliant desire to better understand and work with this source. Something that many of our cultures have lost as we revert to the ‘mind’ as the superior guide to knowing.

  102. Can this guy be any more full of shit? This barrage of pseudo science and wikipedia “research” is entertaining yet nonsensical as can be. Using a bunch of technical words you don’t understand in order to produce an interesting-sounding, pseudoscientific mound of gibberish.
    How can you talk “science” without speaking to any real scientist or quoting (accurately) any real scientific papers? Oh I forget, Wikipedia.

  103. Hi! I was just trying to find a place to send a short email with an interesting reframe I think spirit science would totally dig, but this is the best I could find.
    I recently found a man called David Wolfe who has amazing information on health, superfoods, raw foods, and he backs it with 100% science that he taken him years to uncover. Amazingly informative and I thought it would be something spirit science would be interested in I know you guys are super savvy and into optimal health!!

  104. Jordan!!! If you read this, please message me or email me. I have something I need to give to you and I need to know it’s you before I send it. Please, this isn’t a joke or to mess with you. If anyone reads this that knows or can contact Jordan, please tell him that I need to speak with him, I believe it’s very urgent!!!

  105. Jordan,

    I would love to talk to you and see if I can help you in anyway.

    I couldn’t be more impressed with your knowledge, hard work and dedication.

    Lets cut to the chase, you are a “player” in the shift. I want to help. I will tell you what I am doing and maybe we can work together. ‘

    I can’t believe it took this long to find you. I am totally impressed with you.

    Let me tell you about me and I would like your opinions on things.

    If you would like references, go talk to our friends and see what they say 😉

    If they don’t get back to you let me know and I will provide them to you.

    My number is 215 808 0503

    Call anytime

    Great Job Jordan!


    1. Hey dude,

      I know I’m stepping into someone else’s conversation here, so forgive me if you feel like I’m overstepping my bounds, heh.

      I feel a lot like you do, I feel like there’s a critical time approaching, and want to do something about it. People like Jordan have been immensely useful in helping me to give order to the ideas I was already developing, and give a new …cipher…?* for understanding the world that’s in front of us. It’s awesome. Even if the specifics are very different, it’s awesome.

      But if we really want to work on making the upcoming tipping point of human experience as painless as possible, maybe we should all try to be advocates. Let’s all try to become players, starting from scratch and listening to ourselves first and foremost (while avoiding unintentional insult, which is something I and a whooole lotta people still kinda suck at, heh :p). We’re all blindfolded people trying to describe an elephant through touch. No one person’s perspective is going to carry us through, no matter how insightful; we’re all going to have to help try to work this thing out, even if our observations and insights end up wildly different to each other’s. Only the combined whole of everybody’s experiences, all at once, seems to be really, objectively true. So let’s all keep working on our own ideas and keep listening to everyone else’s!

      Awesome job Jordan, and awesome job Larry Frascella. Keep it up, both of you. 😀

      *best word I can find to describe it succinctly. I could write an essay trying to describe accurately that point alone, heh.

  106. hello. I would like to ask you and the core team of spirit science project, why they decided to threw away all the credibility of the whole project by posting on facebook “tips how to put out pimples” etc. I thought this is a site about spiritual stuffz, not some kind of “press like and win i-phone” .
    The fact that you started posting this kind of posts, posts about beaty tips for teen agers, it realy … it broke my heart . I feel horrible for believing you. I hate myself for being so naive.

  107. My anus chakra is stucked, i have heard that big black cocks helps releasing stressful and negative vortex on the anal chakra, is this true?

  108. Jordan. We need to talk. “I’m coming to get you!” Please find me. Soon. We must connect. It’s very important 3082331319. Please find me. I’ve been looking and waiting for you all my life.

  109. Save me. They are trying to destroy me. I’m so scared and alone. No one believes me. Only you can save me. I need a superhero and my spirit said your the only one. I love you.

    1. P.s. I like to be called snowvixen or snowy for short. I recently went through a Jesus Christ reincarnation vision during the Feb full moon. You’ll want to hear this story.

  110. Fact Correction: In the Spirit Science 5 video it is mentioned that the reason why Egyptology Specialists do not accept that the Sphinx is 8,000 years old is because most of them are Muslims, and that the Quran says that creation started 6,000 years ago.

    Firstly, that is FALSE. The Quran mentions NOTHING about how old creation is, and Muslims believe that the age of creation is GOD’s business, and could be trillions of years old.

    Secondly, most Egyptology Specialists are NOT Muslims… most are Europeans of Christian and Atheist ‘beliefs’.

  111. Did the Facebook Spirit Science get hacked? I’m really bummed about the nonsense posting that are no where near relevant. I hope everything is ok.

  112. Hello Jordan,

    Im too excited to be writing here, all the way from the beloved lands of Africa, my fiance and i had decided to started on a spiritual journey about two years ago, we were tired of the tightness in the traditional religions we just couldnt understand the lack of “love”, and so we went off into a completely blank search not knowing where we would end, but not afraid, one random afternoon on youtube, i saw this little cartoon like video among recommended for what i should watch, and well i do love cartoons, it was the video of Our history is not what we think, i was in the salon as i watched the video,and alot of it seemed really to twist my mind like a pretzel as Dolores who i now know would say, but at the back of my mind i felt a stumbling on some sort of truth, i mean if the world we were living in wasn’t providing any real answers, the possibilities could be anywhere, i told my fiance about it, and we watched on, i must say we were entertained and inspired and we laughed and learned A LOOOT about our spiritual nature more in a space of 2 months than we would ever have, the provision of references, allowed us to continue probing other corners, and continuously arriving at the same picture again and again, and its a beautiful picture, WE SALUTE YOU AND YOUR CREW JORDAN. And Ofcourse we have several topics we would request you to speak on whenever you have a minute eg. Extra terrestrials, Angels and Guardians. You will be hearing from us soon.

    Bri and Nikos

  113. hello Mr. Jordan Pearce,
    I love the videos you make with your friends and every time I watch those videos, especially the spirit science series, it somehow gives me a new light into my life and that I learned that we should all live our lives in peace and love. Though some people in this earth may judge you and think you are a phony or whatever,but I think your one of the most awesome people I know and also one of the people I trust that I have never met before. Good day and thanks 🙂
    Sorry, Im having a hard time conveying my feelings into words and my english is really bad.

  114. G’day, I’ll leave a comment here, because obviously, there aren’t many contact details for you. After interacting with even just a couple of your haters, I can understand why completely (man, don’t people have anything better to do than obsess over something that obviously causes them so much distress and hatred?! If you don’t like something, move on I say, don’t just hang about being a childish, insult-spewing drain on people who just want to discuss something…)

    It’s been very cool watching your videos lately. I’ve only been interested in spiritual matters for maybe only a year and a bit now, after a bunch of uninvited life changes, but I’m re-structuring my own narrative for the world, using all this new information I’ve stumbled across, both here and in other places. And it’s been incredible watching your videos, seeing that someone else has come to a lot of the same conclusions as I did (even if some of the details are different; we’re all stabbing in the dark and, y’know, each take our own path to get somewhere, that’s just natural. Different approaches don’t worry me, they’re all just means to an end).

    …And is apparently my doppleganger, because goddamn dude, we look nearly identical! :p

    We’re approaching the same issue, albeit from slightly different directions; ‘humanity’s waking up’. My view is that maybe it’ll go well, maybe we’ll rip ourselves apart in an orgy of irrational hatred if we’re not careful. It’s really awesome to see someone else wanting to talk about it. I’ve been thinking about making my own content for a long time, but have been reluctant to start, because my ideas aren’t really fully formed yet, and trying to stay civil with internet people just looking for an argument really hits my rage button and generally kills my calm. Perhaps it’s time for me to re-think that, though.

    Obviously, I’d love to be able to talk a bit more about it, but I get that you get a lot of attention and requests nowdays, so no biggie.

    Also, as some others have said: the cartoon format was a really good idea for spirit science! I freakin’ hate looking at a real person’s face as they lecture at a camera. I work in human services: I have to look at real people’s faces every day and they’re usually assholes, so I hate to do it in my recreation time. I probably would never even have clicked on that youtube video if it wasn’t drawn the way it was. :p

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  116. Hello Jordan:

    Do you know of θέλημα, thelema, as described by Aleister Crowley, who some call The Prophet or The Beast, but who I recognize as a fellow-traveler, researcher, colleague and predecessor in the tradition of spiritual science?

    I aim to engage in productive, civil, and open discussion of spiritual science with like-minded people as a step towards achieving the great goal of global socioecological restoration. This is a very realistic goal, and we can do it.

    Happy, healthy people make a better world. How can we, whoever we are, those of us who have experienced the impossible, embraced the sublime, and have searched for others like us, how can we work-together to realize a great, beautiful world?

    That’s the question; it’s been on my mind since I can remember. Would you like to discuss this? That is, would you like to initiate private correspondence on any and all subjects, especially ‘ esoteric ‘ or spiritual science?

    A few initial questions:

    1. What are several basic, subtle practices that lead to the ‘ rectification of spirit ‘, also known as the Philosopher’s Stone?

    Examples include smiling, breathing fully and naturally, sleeping enough and when needed. Simple changes, leading to a better life, through emergent effects.

    2. Mind is a complex waveform, existing in a multidimensional ‘ mind-field ‘ ?

    I suspect that we can describe consciousness according to its form and vibration, similarly to how we describe light as both a particle and wave. Think of chakras, the kalachakra mandala, the hypercube analogy: we see multidimensional structures as 3D structures here, and 4D processes, with time tracking change. The more change, the greater the rate of time-experience, as suggested by both Einstein’s Relativity and McKenna’s Timewave Zero.

    3. We can shape the mind-field, using various and sundry techniques, to influence mind on a transpersonal scale?

    Meditation, speech, essentially all forms of expression, ordered following intention ( Will ).


    Thanks for considering these thoughts! I genuinely would like to discuss these, and many other question, with you. I want the world to live, and I have a few ideas that I think might work. And I get the sense that you must too.



    93 : 42

  117. Jordan,

    I am just finding new information and I have a long way to go. Thank you for everything. I know this will be an odd question. Have you ever been in Memphis, TN and stayed at the Double Tree hotel? I have gone back to that memory, so many times. I felt as if I met an angel there. I have tried to explain what was drawn for me on a napkin that day, but it was so beyond my understanding I never could. Even if it wasn’t you, I’m quite sure I’m on the right path.

    With respect, R.

  118. Hi Jordan,
    My given name is Nicholas. I have watch most of the spirit science episodes, briefly looked over this blog space of yours. Whilst watching the spirit sciences in particular I feel encouraged to see your open mindedness and passion for evolving human community towards peace and healing and other adventurous explorations of the universe. And I share your… sorrow[?] for this kind of stuff not happening faster in the world in general. I am a family man with wife and four children ages 3-11; so I have my hands full and sometimes wish I had more time and energy to put towards helping to evolve the adult side of human community towards peace and healing. Anyway, I wanted to share with you about a communication method and philosophy that I strongly believe can helping us with getting us [humans] “there” faster. “Nonviolent Communication: a Language of Life” by Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D. “Waite a minute. I’m not a violent person. How does that apply to me?” you might wonder. “That’s for fixing those violent people; not me.” others might say. Or maybe, “Hey maybe I could use that to learn how to change those violent folks.” After reading it, and more so, continuing to practice it, I have realized that it can only be used to change myself. And actually “Compassionate Communication” would describe it better.
    So why am I wanting you – Jordan, to read this book [assuming you haven’t]? Besides it being an awesome book that I think you would enjoy in the same way I have for myself; Quite frankly, I imagine you taking this and creating a video series where the characters and/or stories show this “nonviolent” communication method in action. And as I have notice a practicing evolution in myself; there is great potential for an evolving set of stories, character development, even just individual stories created or re enacted from people with real experiences with it. An animated series would be really cool. Thought you might enjoy to play with that idea as well as the reading material. You are welcome to email me about whatever. Cheers.

  119. Hello Jordan!
    I have no idea if you will see this message or if he’s really you or whatever but as I didn’t find another way to express my deep vision and feeling, i will do it here, just the expression will help…
    I have a deep feeling that there is a soulmate connected to me. It’s a person so shinning and so pure. I really have the feeling how he is phisicaly and spirituality. Once I had a vision that he was taking care of my lovely passing out dog. And one day, I was sleeping and then was a mix of a dream and vision and feeling, i can’t define it. But in that ‘vision’ I saw that guy smiling with a beautifull green aura all around and in that moment i had such a peacefull feeling and a huge feeling of love. I have no idea if this person is real in this phisical world, or if it is my essence being in a image or if he really exist in another dimension. I really wanted to share this with you because and I have a feeling about you. its a little embaring because maybe this person is you, or maybe you can help me in some way in my search. I don’t really know what i looking for, but I feel that to know this person is for real is really important for me. Do you want share any thought about this? Did you ever had a feeling like this? Now this feeling has a form in this words so it’s up to the universe . Thank you Jordan for reading my thoughts from the heart.
    Bem Haja,

  120. Hi Jordan!
    I thought now about “The doom’s day seed vault”, and wondered if there is a similar arrangement for all the spiritual, scientific, technological and anthropological knowledge?
    i mean something tangible because government will surely some day find the reason and time to erase all the frickin’ internet..
    If there isn’t – feel free to post something about this idea.. start some wheels turning 🙂

    nice job on your life’s work so far

  121. You are such a beautıful soul. I can feel it behind miles and also in Youtube video share. It is a pleasure to meet with someone like you. This is from Turkey and how it is similar story of mine as now you are in reality and spritual balance. As always, wish you prefer to have strong and healty body, bright and free mind, satisfied and creative soul… remember your way and vision in every breath you take 🙂
    Cheers. Gökçe Kuntay Er, Breath&Meditation Trainer and Personal Coach, İzmir, Turkey

  122. Wow… Love your stuff! I was you 30 years ago. Sans youtube. Happy to be watching. Ultimately I realised it’s all about shedding identities to remain present. Understanding that we create an identity for each new situation we encounter in life… New school, new job, new partner, the role of son or daughter, parent or teacher, etc. Then we try to maintain and live through these identities… But if we can’t manage to shed these identities as we no longer need them, we end up overwhelmed, anxious, depressed etc. Always asking, who am I? In reality, we are no one, but we are known.

    Great passion… Love it

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