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Safety is a Requirement for Growth

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It’s the fundamental Principle of the Root Chakra. In order to evolve into what is known as the Lower Centers, and of course the higher ones too, we must have a Root that functions properly.

What this means is that we must have a solid platform by which to grow. It’s like a tree, how can a tree grow without roots? How can those roots thrive if they don’t have the ingredients that they need, like water or nutritious soil?

Truth is, they cant. Those plants will wither and die, which will then become ingredients themselves for something new to grow in its place.


And, as equally true with us, we need a solid Root in order to grow. This is of course, difficult (to say the least), in a world that has been overrun with the business mind, extorting wealth from everyone in order for the few to feel like they have everything. In doing so, our Root gets ruptured, and we have this unstable structure we’re trying to grow on.

Try following your passion and living free when you have to work a 9-5 job to take care of the ones you love. Right? Let alone pay bills, do taxes, hire attorneys and do all of that little minutia that just simply doesn’t exist in nature.

Yes, we (as a species) created those things for a reason. It was an attempt to put structure and organization to our thoughts and civilizations, based off of the designs of those that came before us.

It’s just simply that, as we have evolved, we are now seeing, without a shadow of a doubt, that this system is way #!$%& beyond belief, and its time for a new system.

How do we get there? What can we do?

The Root has to thrive, for us to feel free to evolve.


We all have to create new sustainable ways of living. Owning land outright and growing gardens. Taking care of each other in a balanced way so that everyone is happy. Living in a way that is in service to all, including the environment around us.

If we do not fundamentally shift our way of living, we will get swept up in the downfall of the old system, as it topples. It cannot be saved. Capitalism will go away, and in the future we will look back and laugh at how arrogant and barbaric we truly were.

For if we can establish a new way, a way that is geometric, harmonic, and works in service to everyone, all of us can live together with peace and freedom.

And the idea of limitations, along with the old system, will fall away too.

We can be, do, or have, anything we want.

With love,

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Connection Creates Culture

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I’ve been on a Spirit Quest over the past 2 weeks and tonight, as I sit in the airport before my final flight, I’m thinking about one of the biggest and most meaningful realizations I’ve been having as a theme throughout this journey. It is literally what my trip was all about.

In a nutshell, its that we all need to cherish the relationships that we have with the world around us, especially those that mean something to us. In my past, I threw away and let go of some things that meant something to me, without creating a suitable transition for those energies as I let them go.

connectionandcultureThis idea applies to everything. Relationships with people, relationships with any aspect of nature, or even combinations of such things. If you consider, a friend giving you a necklace, and that necklace meaning something because it came from them. You have a part of them with you everywhere that you go…

To just give it away haphazardly, which is what I did energetically speaking with relationships with spirit family, crystals, and parts of myself, causes your spirit to disengage because the nature of what was done was disengage connections.

But beyond that, theres even more magic in the shared relationship that lasts a lifetime. When you’ve had a sacred abalone shell that went with you to all of the spiritual gatherings, and was there burning sage when all of those connections were made with all of your friends in your life… There is meaning in that.

As I write that I hear in my head ‘but what about non attachment?”

Well what about it?

Shouldn’t non attachment to physical things give birth to a healthy respect to the relationships between things everywhere? Non attachment is only half of the equation. Its a yin, and lets have the yang too. Healthy, and full of respect and care. I’m not attached to the relationship that I have with my family, but I cherish it dearly, for without it, I would be alone.

It is through the connections we create with each other that actually gives birth to culture itself. It is from people coming together and creating together, that creates new things to come into manifestation, and as more and more spiral around those creations, adding to it, thriving through it, culture is born.

nativecultureIs that not the process by which the natives of this world created the foundation for our modern world? Is this not the process by which we today continue to expand upon the creations of the past to forge new beginnings and take us into the future?

It is in fact, and that basis starts and ends with our connections with each other.

I met a lot of people on my spirit quest, and along that journey a lot of crystals were shared. Before recently, i didn’t even have any crystals anymore. At least, not ones that i really felt an emotional, spiritual connection to. They were just stones.

But as these 2 weeks have gone by I have made some brand new, bright and deep connections with people and have even shared some crystals back and forth. And as those crystals gets passed from hand to hand, a story begins to be created.

Now a part of my friends travel with me. And a part of me travels with my friends.

Don’t throw away your relationships haphazardly. Treat them well, and you will both be in service to each other.

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Deep Water – Adventure of a Lifetime

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I asked God recently to help me… To lead me down a path to whatever it was that would invoke a deep, emotional healing within me, and those who I have hurt.

It came to me in a vision, a spirit quest. I needed to travel, it would only be a quick journey, but I had to go now, and if I didn’t, i would regret it for the rest of my life.

It was a really big pill to swallow, because I had already made agreements to be somewhere else… But as the mind of God flowed through my head… It was not something to refute. I would jump… And so i jumped.

The journey had 3 aspects.

First, the crystal quest. I was to find a radiant, divine crystal at the tucson gem show, and bring it to my friend the sage in Asheville, NC. While i was at the gem show i would connect with people there who i needed to connect with, and I would find those people by posting about it publicly and inviting them to come out.

Second, in Asheville there were several relationships with whom I had tarnished our relationships through negligence and lack of participation… Regardless of who did what in the past, I needed to set things right.

And finally… I needed to reconnect with Teal, in Utah. Her and I had a big falling out after December 21st, 2012, and it was time for me to reconnect. More importantly though, I crafted an invitation for her to, at her leisure, come out and visit my family and I in Avalon.

The message seemed pretty clear… With the way the world is right now, it is a requirement that we come together in spiritual union to reach as many people as possible to open the collective heart and move humanity forward through this transition.

From my minds eye I saw the rift that lay between us, my emotional body frozen over with ice, and my spirit unable to go to the depths of that emotional place.

And so I began thawing it, opening up my heart, connecting in spirit to all of those who I intended to heal with. Sage, Holly, and Teal..

And it seems as though the emotional pain that I had my hand in ran much deeper than i had previously even been consciously aware of. It was made clear to me… I am not very emotionally sensitive… And I want to be.

In fact, it had hit me in that moment that this is what I actually am going to see Teal about. She is a mature female, matching the energy of the Queen of Cups, the emotional aspect of the emotions, as depicted by the Four Elements through the Tarot.

My connection with her, when it was severed, a part of me went into hibernation.

And now, opening that part in me again, has brought a torrential flow of water, emotion, connection happening in me alone…it has exploded from me in so many forms, but it will not be complete until her and I can talk, connect, and open up the channels for open communication once again.

She is the master of that realm… And I can learn a lot from her.

In this moment… I have actually been denied access to visiting her. It was my fault, as the torrent of flow poured from me I sent her some messages that, out of context of everything I was going through, sounded as though I was coming to take her away, or cause problems in her world. It was a very big blunder, and came from my own lack of temperance to my newly opened emotional body…

I respect their decision, and thus I am praying that my message is heard. I have only the purest intents of reconnection. I am still coming to salt lake city… And I hope that I am received by them and the grace of God.


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Adventures in Tucson!

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If i was to write a blog about my experience the last few days… Right now… Heres what it would sound like.

I got here very early in the morning. This happened:

So heres the energy of tucson, so you can get an idea of where we’re at.

The vibe of tucson feels like being stuck between a crystal and a hard place. Obviously, the system exists down here in its broke-ass state, just as it does everywhere else, so alot of the problems are the same across the board. Low income jobs, nobody feels like they can do what theyre passionate about, stress of money is bringing everything down…

But much like with many other places where spirituality has room to grow, there is a very interesting spiritual dynamic that is happening here, in between the cracks of the system, in the grooves of the crystal theyre stuck against.

Yet, even at the gem shows, there is still a heavy set weight of unaware consciousness, even in the presence of all of the crystals at the show. Its almost as if people are drawn like magnets to the crystals, (all of the shows are packed!) yet they have no idea about why.

I started to feel really depressed halfway through the afternoon today, because it seemed like everywhere i went, there was about a 90-10 split between vendors who were selling crystals to make money, and those who venerated these brilliant pieces of gods creation, and selling them because they genuinely love the crystals.

Equally so i saw a lot of customers wandering the gem shows that literally just weren’t paying attention to whats going on. Perhaps i’m the weird one, I try and take in EVERYTHING .___.

I made a video about it too!

Heck, I even saw a few hippies who gave me looks of disgust like I just wasn’t good enough for them… Not many tho. I mostly got good vibes from hippy folks!

The good thing was that being around so many crystals, my feelings were able to resolve just going to a place of supreme humility and asking all of the crystals around me for help in my feelings. It was a very interesting experience, and I started paying attention even more…. Interesting how that works.

Then, not long later, this One crystal told me to take it! (And yes, One is capitalized like that on purpose), to which I stood there contemplating the morality of such an act, (i heard in my head that the guy was a swindler and that I needed to put it in my pocket right now…), but i continued to stand there until the guy came over and changed the moment into a new one, where i walked away empty handed wondering if I actually did the right thing by leaving it there.

In fact, I made a video about it.

The resolution to this story was that the next day my friend Ken showed up with that crystal in hand. He bartered with the guy and got it so low that it was practically free. Thanks Ken!

But theres something else thats been going on, much more amazing.

Its the connection with the brilliant folks who live here, and in the surrounding area, and then even some who came to visit from afar!

I had several people come to the spirit science gathering, at one point a crowd of at least 10 stood in a circle gathering in the morning! Of course, people get busy, so through-ought the day we had everywhere from 8 people to 3 or 4 walking around together looking at all of the crystals. Grand total at the end of the experience, there were probably about 20 people who came out for the gathering, and another 10 that we met along our journeys who recognized me.

I had a really great time with all of them. Its clear that while they all come from their own worlds with their own worldviews, they really all share the same core that, at the end of the day, they’re very caring people.

All of them have brought something new into my life as I hope I have done so for them, and I am excited to say that upon my return to tucson next year, I will be thrilled to meet up with them all again!



Look I’m going to blog about the crystals more I am sure, but for right now heres some pictures!



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All of this really happened.

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My journeys took me southerly into the lands known as Los Angeles. It was a mystic place, filled with concrete, and sad faces, and then, sparks of awareness, of love, connection… And maybe one time, a spark of RAAAGE! (Foronlytwoseconds)… It was sort of my fault, but the guy was already volatile. Ill tell you about that one at the bottom.

My experience throughout the day has been one of extreme observation, as i havent been out in public with nothing but a backpack for some time, and when your in it… Your IN it. You dont get the whole vibe when you have a car to drive around in, because in a car is actually a strong vibration of safety…. Unless its a really dangerous broken down car, or if the people inside the car are filled with torment.

Anyways, I rode the rest of the way to LA in the bus looking out the window, napping, and mostly looking at funny pictures on oddstuffmagazine. I saved a bunch, heres my favorites!!

image image image Continue reading

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Jogger running alone with sun on horizon. Image shot 2010. Exact date unknown.

The Light Shines On

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This morning i am on a bus, in between trains from northern California, to tucson for the tucson spirit science crystal quest. I was dropped off at 2am by Ray and Alexandria, and I miss them so much already. I have urgent spiritual work I must attend to, else I would not have left so abruptly. I haven’t felt called to go and do something with such force in a long, long time.

Theres crazy stuff on the horizon, but i wanted to take a moment to write about the experience I had when the bus stopped for a 30 minute break at a string of bathrooms disguised as restaurants (mcdonalds, taco bell, etc).

It was interesting to notice the difference between the behavior of the passengers… It was made clear to everyone that I am the odd one out.

Where mostly everyone got out of the bus and slowly made their way to get some ‘food’ from one of these bathroom-restaurants, I ran. I ran way into the distance, through a big field of gravel and then into a big grass field far off from the bus, or anyone. I just ran around back and forth, thinking, meditating, praying for the strength complete my mission… I was talking to the sun, (the son), and soon my clothes were off and i was basking in the glory of the holy light which gives life to the whole planet. (For those less spiritually inclined, the layman version is I ran around in the field with my shirt off, enjoying the warmth of the sun).

It was really, really nice…

Continue reading

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It’s about being a good person

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Art used with permission and featured by Archan Nair!!

I was 5 or 6 years old, and I was sitting in a car driving down henderson highway in winnipeg manitoba. I saw suburbs, housing departments, tons and tons of houses. I remember the moment explicitly, the moment I realized that inside of those houses there were people LIVING there! Not only did they live in them, but they had their own crazy lives filled with adventure and drama and sorrow and joy! It was a unique transition for my heart and mind, to understand how much bigger the world was than in the small family bubble that I had been raised in.

There is a big world out there, and I mean BIG. There’s a lot of people, and everyone experiences their life through their own unique lens.

Sometimes, those lenses are shared, such as in my family. I grew up in a family of 6, and to me that was my lens, the closest people in my life that helped sculpt me who I would become today.

I got to see what life was like from the close reflections of my family, so even if I wasn’t looking through their eyes physically, through my eyes I saw theirs, and through my connection with them I would be able to understand them in ways that was more whole than most of the other connections that any of us had with the outside world… That is, until we leave the nest.


So… how does a human mind quantify the idea of “life through the collective eyes”. This is what I have come to think about often, the expansion of that thought since I was a young boy. My family was once my lens, where now that is changed through experience. My lens are the people who I have met in my life, and even the people that I haven’t met yet, things i’ve seen on digital media or elsewhere.

Now I see everyone is my lens, I have something to learn from everyone. This is the mindset that allows for rapid development of the conscious mind. The more you look with an open mind, the more you can understand which increases your ability for comprehension of greater and greater thoughts.

By listening in thought to what others are saying, you begin to understand what the collective human mind “looks” like, and by looks I mean literally “how it looks in your 3rd eye”. I’m not even sure that I can describe it yet, but that is something I have been practicing. Wait till you see the new Hermetica series.

This whole process is ultimately what takes me down the rabbit hole in my own spiritual evolution, and I share it with you today so that it too may be beneficial to you, whether your new to it or you just love hearing another way to describe the same thing that your going through. Now, I can be your lens, as you have been mine.

We may have 2 physical eyes, but all of the data that goes through them belongs to all of us.  It is beyond ownership. It is the stuff that we are all made up of, and a controller for the greatest holo-reality game ever created.

And we are the characters.

But there’s something important to know about all of this, something that goes beyond looking through each other to see life bigger and grander than you did it before.


It’s about the awareness of the other and having respect for the differences between the lens. This can be represented in the most practical of examples, such as: You don’t take advice on how to lose weight from a fat man, or perhaps the gentler version: You don’t go up to a nascar winner when you can’t even drive, and start telling them how they could race better.

But in the largest, and perhaps the most simplest form, it’s truly about one very simple, and yet all encompassing idea.

It’s about being a good person.

Good, of course, meaning:

good (adj.)

Old English god (with a long “o”) “excellent, fine; valuable; desirable, favorable, beneficial; full, entire, complete;” of abstractions, actions, etc., “beneficial, effective; righteous, pious;” of persons or souls, “righteous, pious, virtuous;” probably originally “having the right or desirable quality,”

Did you catch that?

The origin of Good was god with a long ‘o’.”


Shouldn’t that pretty much tell us everything we could possibly want to know, about what it means to be a “good” person?

Striving for that, whether solo or in community, makes creators of us all. For what is more excellent, fine, or valuable, than one who strives to be excellent, fine, or valuable? If you create things of value, you become valuable to those who receive your gift!

If those things are “beneficial and effective”, as described in the definition, then it is truly YOU that are beneficial and effective, and your creations are filled with your love.

And it is then that we transform life on earth as we know it, into one of collaboration, and celebration.


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The Steve Jobs Dilemma

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Some people run around doing things that might appear to be inconsiderate or insulting… They are simply unaware, they mean no harm.
This is something i’m slowly starting to get used to, as much as I dislike it, it appears as though there is no other way around it at this point in time. The consciousness of the planet is simply not high enough for everyone to operate at a level that is sensitive and compassionate to the space that everyone around them is at.

Usually it’s a matter of focus. If you’re focusing really hard on getting something done, and someone comes into your space and starts doing their own thing, it sometimes has a tendency to leave you in the muck for the duration of the engagement.

It’s often what I like to call “The Steve Jobs Dilemma”.  Continue reading

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