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What’s in a Name ~ Part 2


What’s in a Name? – Click to Watch

A year ago I made a video on my Youtube Channel called “What’s in a Name?”, it was essentially an announcement video to the world about my recent “name change”, which went around this big long list from the previous year all the way from “Jordan Duchnycz” to “Jordan SpiritPatch” and a few others I think… Finally culminating in Jordan David.

And i’ve been meaning to do another one, because shortly after making that video I had yet another awakening and realized my true name.

It’s my birth name. Continue reading

Love and Like

I don’t know exactly the right way to go about this, it’s an expansion into something I talked about before, of which i didn’t get a lot of feedback about.

Remember how i’ve expressed some frustration with some teachings in the ¬†Spiritual Communities on the internet and what have you..?

facepalmI recognize that my blogs are less appealing when I come from that space of frustration, and I am doing my best to shift my public expressions into a manner that is approachable and readable, without needing to create a war and separation between myself and the things I’m talking about.

And yet, just because I Love, does not mean I always have to like. Continue reading

My Inner Monologue

This blog is based on thoughts my mind puts together after watching 5 seasons of Scrubs in the background while i’ve been working on Pair o’ Dime Shift and Spirit Science (Speaking of which, i’m working on SS22_3, it’s a REALLY BIG ONE! So It’s taking a little more than 1 week…Stay Tuned!).

I saw something the other day that just made me light up inside! I can’t find it anymore… I think it was on Facebook, and you know how Facebook goes… You see it once, and then its gone forever.

It was something like “Jordan I really enjoy your blog, it flows really well and is easy to read”

It felt really good to hear, because for a long time i’ve been really afraid of expressing myself via writing (or even videos) for fear of sounding stupid or saying something that didn’t make sense.

So to hear someone tell me “Dude Bro I’m vibing with you!” just feels really great!…. Bro!


I wanted to share a little about that, and how it came to be the way it is. These thoughts are happening in real time, and they’re just pouring out, just like the way that JD in Scrubs constantly monologues everything! From that perspective, the show is brilliant. It creates a space of reflection for anyone who watches it to think about and reflect upon the happenings that go on all around you. And that’s a valuable piece of the puzzle.

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Why we need thought-based computers

I mentioned in a recent video I made – The Debunker Showdown, that I was interested in pushing forward technology that was thought based, so that we would be able to think our commands into the computer, and watch them happen right in front of us.


Today in particular I’m especially feeling that desire, for several reasons.

The first, is that one of my best friends Marie just moved in with Ray and I. She’s been absolutely incredible in supporting us in getting Panic to Freedom moving, as well as cleaning up all sorts of old mess that’s been lying around and creating a huge energy-strain on all of us in the house.¬† Continue reading

Inspire Me

It’s a regular thing that I get messages from people asking if i’ll participate in something of theirs, whether it’s an online video or radio interview, a project they want me involved in, or even a job they want to hire me for.

Several years ago, when I started Spirit Science (and people came flocking from every which way), I tried to do them all. I wanted to satisfy everyones desires, give everyone what they want. I think on some level that is part of the grand solution to all of the worlds problems. If everyone has everything they want, then what’s the problem?… right? Continue reading