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How to Change the World

This post comes as a “Part 2” to “The Time for Separate Movements has passed.”

seedI had a lot of struggle writing this. Struggle can be a very good thing, the seedling struggles to break through the earth and into the sunlight for the first time…perhaps that’s what’s happening here.

I’ve been trying to frame and discuss in writing what it is that i’m working on..  what our plan is, our intention, what we’re trying to create, how we’re trying to do it. What’s important in creating it, what the big vision is in the future, what the short term vision is too…. And of course, doing it all without trying to say “This is my thing!” or making it seem like i have anything more than a small part in it all happening. I’d like to be a part of it, that’s it… And unfortunately after writing and writing, all I was left with was 5000 words of word-salad, which left me feeling uninspired and useless. Continue reading

The Time for Separate Movements has Passed

VesicaPiscisAll of my blogs are inspired by something. Something I read, a conversation I had, a video I watched, something someone did, or often said. It’s a Vesica Pisces, which I wrote about in this blog. 

Todays blog is a combination of several of these things. You see, i recently watched a video on Youtube of a Q&A with a man I have grand respect for, talking about the shift in consciousness that we’re experiencing on this planet. I don’t want to say who it is, for i’m not sure that’s important.

What is important that what he said was basically that the shift is going to happen sometime in the next few years, and we pretty much just gotta wait for it, and if nothing happens, then all of the mayans and prophecies are wrong.

As I was sitting there, listening to that… It got me thinking… I need to write a blog about this.

I know, I used to say the exact same thing, and as i’ve been growing over the past year, my understanding of it has changed quite a bit. Yes, I do believe we’re in a window of opportunity, and yes, I do believe that the world is going to change, but not because some grand mysterious force in the universe said so… but because I said so, and You said so, and together, we both did something about it. Continue reading

The Author and the Character

This is sort of a thought experiment that I wrote a while back in response to something on Facebook… it was something about how you create your own reality, and you chose everything that happened in your life, even the bad stuff like when you were attacked or what have you.

I didn’t like that… so i thought I would explore it with a dialogue about Spirit, and Body.

An interpretation of what is, based on the awareness of the Author, brought up through the character Raymond, in a discussion with the character Jordan, which is then read by you.

We’ll leave the Reader out of this one for now… I want to think about it more, because I hadn’t thought about it until Marie brought it up.

…Get ready for a doozy.

(but if you can make it all the way through, you totally win!)

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Means of Creation

This morning I was thinking of what it means to be a creator, and it sparked an idea which I thought would be perfect for a blog.

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A beautiful painting by akirakirai on DA

First, what does it mean to be a Creator… and Second, how does one Create?

I have an idea you may already know all of this, and yet, it can’t hurt to integrate just 1 more perspective, right?

So here we go!

To see where the modern world was at, I checked out the modern definition of “Creator” just to see what they said. Pretty spot on, i think.

a person or thing that brings something into existence. Continue reading

Truth is Truth.

After looking at some of the past few blogs i’ve written, I feel like i’m on a sort of a streak of sharing my perspective about some of the teachings in the spiritual communities.  An objective view, for sure… I haven’t seen many people speaking like I am, save for the people I live with. Maybe we’re just crazy, I’m open to that possibility 😛

Speaking of spiritual teachings, here’s one that always drives me bonkers!! “Find out what your own personal truth is for you!”  Aghh, that one always drives me bonkers.

Truth is Truth. It’s True regardless of if you want it to be or not. I think Ghandi said it best here…

“Even if you’re a minority of One… Truth is Truth.”

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Why we need thought-based computers

I mentioned in a recent video I made – The Debunker Showdown, that I was interested in pushing forward technology that was thought based, so that we would be able to think our commands into the computer, and watch them happen right in front of us.


Today in particular I’m especially feeling that desire, for several reasons.

The first, is that one of my best friends Marie just moved in with Ray and I. She’s been absolutely incredible in supporting us in getting Panic to Freedom moving, as well as cleaning up all sorts of old mess that’s been lying around and creating a huge energy-strain on all of us in the house.  Continue reading