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All of this really happened.

My journeys took me southerly into the lands known as Los Angeles. It was a mystic place, filled with concrete, and sad faces, and then, sparks of awareness, of love, connection… And maybe one time, a spark of RAAAGE! (Foronlytwoseconds)… It was sort of my fault, but the guy was already volatile. Ill tell you about that one at the bottom.

My experience throughout the day has been one of extreme observation, as i havent been out in public with nothing but a backpack for some time, and when your in it… Your IN it. You dont get the whole vibe when you have a car to drive around in, because in a car is actually a strong vibration of safety…. Unless its a really dangerous broken down car, or if the people inside the car are filled with torment.

Anyways, I rode the rest of the way to LA in the bus looking out the window, napping, and mostly looking at funny pictures on oddstuffmagazine. I saved a bunch, heres my favorites!!

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How to be Heard on the Internet

Todays’ blog is a response to those of you out there who love posting comments! To be honest, I love reading them, but sometimes readability can be a little hard. No, not any person in particular… this is kind of a general writing tips n’ trikz post.

See, I’m actually writing this in the first place because I see it happening all the time, and with a little awareness of structure, readability and responsiveness to comments go a long way!

walloftextSee, everyone wants to be heard. It makes perfect sense, of course we do. We want to be heard, we want to be loved. It’s the lack of love on this planet which is causing all of our problems in the first place, and it shows up everywhere.

Not only that, but we have things to say. Not me or my friends specifically, but all of us. We have a message we want to get out there, or sometimes it’s a message to a specific person we want to get to them directly.

And sometimes making that message be clear can be a challenge, which is why I’ve written this blog today.

We’ve all seen the walls of text. We’ve also often been the ones who wrote them.. You know, the WAAALLLLS of text. You know what I’m talking about.

Sometimes these walls of text can have some of the most wonderful information written within, but the problem is- is that if you can’t read it, how are you supposed to connect with the message?

Now, the structure is very simple. Keep paragraphs to 2 to 3 sentences. Use that enter button all the time!! If paragraphs are kept short, each one can have their own “thought”, it can be kept to the point, and the reader goes ‘Oh, that paragraph is short! I can totally read that”. Anything longer than 3 lines long and those reading start to feel like “ohh.. That’s really long, i’ll skip that one”. It’s subconscious, but it happens, even for me.

And that’s all there is to it 🙂

Happy commenting!


The Hobbit 2 ~ Movie Review

The Hobbit was one of the biggest anticipations of mine for the year! It was like a grand finale for the year and everything that’s been going on. 😀

The Hobbit 5See, for me the movie isn’t just a movie… it’s a reflection and representation of what’s going on in my life. When I first started working with Ray and building Panic to Freedom, that was right around when the first Hobbit came out, and we both went super stoked to go with each other because we’re two of the biggest nerds on the planet!

In addition to that though, afterwards we also read the book together, usually reading a chapter every time one of us would make meals, and we would alternate back and forth on reading. (We also read PatternMaster and Enders Game this year). I absolutely loved the book, it was a whimsical tale, very innocent and playful, and a very easy read at that.


I have a new rule for movie books

It’s better to have two enjoyable experiences, than one great one, and one that feels disappointing. 

If you haven’t read the book already, and there’s a movie coming out… watch the movie first. The book is always better… but the movie always seems enjoyable if you have no idea what it is going into it… So simply save the best for last, and both experiences are great! 

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We’re all Human

You know… Today, I just want to be short and sweet.

We’re all Human.

Can that be good enough? We’re all learning, we’re all growing, and most importantly, we’re all doing the best that we can with what we have.

I do my best to try and live by what I talk about, being connected to those I interact with, being loving and kind, reflecting on everything to see how my interaction was, and how it could have been interpreted differently in order to grow as a person, and be able to share and do more with everyone i’m working with.

Have your own experience when interacting with or reading any of the stuff that I post or create, i know i’ve said that a lot, and i’d like to re-iterate it one more time 🙂 Continue reading

Merry Christmas

Lol, i had a placeholder blog here this morning that just said “Merry Christmas Blog”, I meant to set it to post later in the afternoon at 1pm, but i think i goofed and had it set to 1am!

Silly me 😛

rubik-originalChristmas this year has been really hectic and busy, mostly because we’ve been trying to create so much with very few hands and sometimes no idea about what the next step is and what the next “thing” is that we need to put into place… It kinda reminds me of a Rubix Cube.

Speaking of Rubix cubes, i found myself playing with one this morning for several hours. A very fun christmas morning indeed! Continue reading

Love and Like

I don’t know exactly the right way to go about this, it’s an expansion into something I talked about before, of which i didn’t get a lot of feedback about.

Remember how i’ve expressed some frustration with some teachings in the  Spiritual Communities on the internet and what have you..?

facepalmI recognize that my blogs are less appealing when I come from that space of frustration, and I am doing my best to shift my public expressions into a manner that is approachable and readable, without needing to create a war and separation between myself and the things I’m talking about.

And yet, just because I Love, does not mean I always have to like. Continue reading

Why we need thought-based computers

I mentioned in a recent video I made – The Debunker Showdown, that I was interested in pushing forward technology that was thought based, so that we would be able to think our commands into the computer, and watch them happen right in front of us.


Today in particular I’m especially feeling that desire, for several reasons.

The first, is that one of my best friends Marie just moved in with Ray and I. She’s been absolutely incredible in supporting us in getting Panic to Freedom moving, as well as cleaning up all sorts of old mess that’s been lying around and creating a huge energy-strain on all of us in the house.  Continue reading