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What does “Within” mean?

I like the phrase “Truth Comes from Within”, I think it speaks a profound truth that you have the ability to recognize Truth within your Heart. That’s that point of infinity, between you and between everyone else’s infinity. That space, the phi ratio between your infinite within and your infinite with-out… well, that’s a whole ‘nother blog on its own.

But let’s think about this a little bit deeper too. Don’t mind the gamer-talk, It is relevant, just go with it… you know you want to 🙂

I recently beat Zelda: Skyward Sword and moved on to my next game, Final Fantasy XIII. I don’t know if you remember this old blog where I expressed my enthusiasm for our new friend Marie moving in, who brought with her a bajillion and a half Xbox games… Well, i’m slowly beginning my plow through them to get caught up on what I’ve been reading have been some of the most remarkable and popular games of the past 5 years.

On the back of the box art for Final Fantasy XIII, it says this…

“The fight within begins”

withinNow, this strikes me as odd because as i’ve been playing the game, i’m not seeing a large amount of internal dialogue and dilemma, and yet there is a large amount of drama between the characters in the game and all of their personal agreements, disagreements, ideas, and what have you.

But upon recognizing perhaps what this means is not that each character has to have their own internal struggle (which of course they do), but they also altogether have a struggle between what they are trying to accomplish as a team.

Perhaps “within” doesn’t necessarily have to mean ONLY inside yourself, but it is an invitation to see that you exist “Within” a family, “within” a society, “Within a network of people online”. The truth exists “within” any particular group, and sometimes it takes some effort and energy to recognize it for what it is.

See, I’ve read all kinds of new-age stuff that “You have to find out what’s right for you personally”, I get that, I really do. For a long time I had my personal truths and I held onto them because I didn’t have anything else.

sharedWhat happens though, is that as you grow and begin to open up to new ideas, expanding your awareness beyond what was right in front of your nose, You began to realize that what was true for you personally is not necessarily true for everyone.

In fact, if you became aware that that “personal truth” is not in service to the greater good of mankind, and was actually taking away from others so that you can have your own personal thing… It ceased to be a truth, and your actions change.

I think that if we can become aware of each other on a grand accord, our “Personal Truths” will become our “Collective Truths”. There will be no need for “Personal Truths” anymore, because there will be no need for secrets with each other. Everyone can just be, without the fear of anyone using any information against each other….because there’s no need for it. Everyone simply understands, and can do whatever they really want to.

It’s a dream… yeah… But i’ve seen dreams come true before… and i’ll see to it that this one does too, in this lifetime, or the next.

We are One,


Gamifying our World


Previously I wrote a blog about being Engaged with what you’re doing, or just being out of it as you go along. I’d like to share with you today a new concept which has been emerging the past 10 years which will completely change the way that we do things. It’s already taking root, and will continue to the more we grow as a society.

Yesterday, I spent a portion of the day reading and watching TED videos and Extra Credits to get as much information about “Gamification” into my head all at once. Gamification is one of those topics that, while the idea is still emerging in our culture, it has yet to reach the masses in a big way that works for everyone.

Gamification is essentially taking the principles of what makes Video Games fun, like leveling up, experience points, connecting with other players, and applying them to our everyday lives and world.

In order to explain this, i’m going to cast a summon of Extra Credits to explain this. I absolutely LOVE these guys, so much so, that their series was my biggest inspiration for Spirit Science. It was a model that inspired me to build off of it in developing the layout and framework that Patchman uses in the SS series.

I want to see Gamification take hold in our world, and one way that we can all do that is by applying it to what we’re working on. It works particularly well if we’re actually working on something. I recognize that for people still in school, its’ a little hard to apply it when the teachers are the ones calling all of the shots.

Now, i’m sure there’s a lot more I could write about here… but to be honest with you, there’s some crazy things happening in my world right now and I’m just not really feeling up to it. So please, enjoy that video, post a comment, share it with someone who you think will find it interesting, and we’ll see you later! 🙂


Why we need thought-based computers

I mentioned in a recent video I made – The Debunker Showdown, that I was interested in pushing forward technology that was thought based, so that we would be able to think our commands into the computer, and watch them happen right in front of us.


Today in particular I’m especially feeling that desire, for several reasons.

The first, is that one of my best friends Marie just moved in with Ray and I. She’s been absolutely incredible in supporting us in getting Panic to Freedom moving, as well as cleaning up all sorts of old mess that’s been lying around and creating a huge energy-strain on all of us in the house.  Continue reading